Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1961

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  23 April 2019
School Year Topic Notes
1956-1957 8th grade group photo 46 students, Eighth Grade graduation, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr MEIER, CSsR.
1957 - 1961 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
2 0 1 1 50th Reunion AROUND AUGUST 1. -- See updated info.
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class secretary 12. Born at Cd'A to Nels (1916-2008) and Mary (McEVOY 1909-1985) ANDERSON. Married August 1964 to Bob (CHS '61) HATHAWAY. Three children. More family information.

BERTSCH George Alfred

Born 1 Sept 1943 at Bremerton WA to Wendelin P & Mildred (ANGEVINE) BERTSCH. Brother of James, Robert and Renee '57 BERTSCH. Lived 721 Indiana. George died near Farragut on 8 Dec 1960, while on a hunting trip with classmates Mike'61 GIESA, Bill'61 BLESSING, and Tom'61 PETERS. News article / obituary. Buried in St Thomas Cemetery. See Renee listing for additional family information.

St Thomas:
George '61

Born to Walter Philip and Norma ('39 CROWLEY) BLESSING. Brother of Linda'67 and Robert'69 BLESSING. Cousin of a half-dozen CROWLEY graduates, and tangentially related to several PETERS graduates.


class president 12. Brother of 'Salie '57, Susan '59, Mike '63 BOUGHTON. Don earned Eagle Scout rank in 1957 in Troop 2 (along with Fred McMURRAY, Phil ERICKSON and Bill GREEN). See more family information. Don married 26 Dec 1966 at Spokane to Diane Del CUNNINGHAM, lives in Los Angeles where he is a professional actor. Children include: Sarah J & Megan Victoria.



DOBROSKI Sandra Born to Richard D (1917-2006) and Mary Clara (POWERS, 1917-1986) DOBROSKI. Boarding student (grade 12) from Whitefish MT, along with her sister, Judith '62 DOBROSKI. Married --- RINGHOFER. Died 2003, buried with family. Whitefish:



Born 20 Feb 1943 at Butte to Emil Leonard & Mae (LYNCHEHAN) FREDRICKSON. Entered St Thomas in 1955 from St John's in Butte, graduated 8th grade #1 in class. Married c1967 to Ronald E NEUHRING of Madison WI. Lived (1967) Sun Prairie WI.

St Thomas:
Emil (dad)
Mae (mom)

Daughter of William and Carmen (SERVICK '37) GALBRAITH. Niece of Luverne '35, Gwen '41, Eloise '45, and Sr Jaqueline '49 SERVICK, IHM. Sister of Jim '60 GALBRAITH, and Bobby (1943~1951). Married Robert THOMPSON, lives Crosby ND. See more SERVICK & GALBRAITH family information.


Boarding student (grade 12).


Born to Luke & Catherine M ('36 WILLIAMS) GARRON (1918-1960). Lived 627 Lincoln Way (1954). Brother of Mike '64 and Joan '57 GARRON. Cousin of Melvin '57 GREEN.

GARVEY Eleanor

GIESA Michael

Born to William M and Margaret (GRIDLEY) GIESA (parents' obituaries). Brother of Kathy '63, Pat '67, and Jim '68 GIESA. Married Audrey LONG, lives Sheboygan Falls WI.


Son of Clarice '30 (STREETER) HALLGREEN. married 1969 to Linda '66 STOCKWELL.

HARTZ Robert E

Son of Clinton J and Margaret '33 (WARD) HARTZ. Brother of Arlene '55 HARTZ. Married Betty ----. Lives Cd'A.



HILL Doris

4-year boarding student from Bonners Ferry. Sister of Lois '60 HILL Joined Sisters of St Joseph of Newark on 22 Aug 1961 at Bellingham WA, as Sr Mary Lucia. Later, married Denny HARROLD.

HOLZER Richard

Twin of Tom '61. Born to Rita '37 MULLER and Fred G HOLZER. Brother of Tom '61 & Jo Ellen '63 HOLZER. More Family Information.

HOLZER Thomas class vice-president 12. Born to Rita'37 MULLER and (IHM coach) Fred G HOLZER. Brother of Richard '61 & Jo Ellen'63 HOLZER. Attended Carroll College. More family information.
IRONS Sharon

Born to Helen ('40 MOATE) IRONS. Sister of Beverly '60 IRONS JUSTUS. Married 12 May 1962 to Chuck DORISI.

JOLIN Ronald



non-graduate. Sharon was a boarding student from Blackfoot ID, joining this class in January 1959 (sophomore), from St Mary's at Wasatch UT.

KOEP Blaise

married to Suzi, has three children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. Lives 212 E 10th, Post Falls 83854.
KOM Katherine

born at Sandpoint to Peter (1914-2000) and Vera (SAUNDERS 1917-2002) KOM. Sister of Donald '58, Robert '60 & Thomas '69 KOM. Married on 27 Oct 1962 at St Thomas to Jerome GEHLEN, brother of Judy '64 GEHLEN. Worked at General Telephone (1961). Father's obituary. Also see More KOM family information.

LARSON Sharon Ann "Sherry"

Born in Spokane to Charles T "Bus" LARSON and Bernice (CHASTEK). Sister of Judy'60 & Mary Lou('64) LARSON. Enrolled IHM grade 5 in Sept 1953, from Spirit Lake elementary. Lived on a mink farm on Spirit Lake.
Married --- MUDD.. Married Bryan ROSS, lived Spirit Lake (1976). Married --- HAISLETT (by 2018).

McCOMB Paula

Boarding student at IHM in 9th, 10th & 12th grades. Married (1) Carl E SIMPSON on 29 Dec 1962 at Boise; (2) Bill BAILEY

O'CONNELL Sharon Anne

Born 2 Feb 1944 in San Diego to James P and Ona Marie (WHITNEY) O'CONNELL. Sister of James '60 and Gary '65 O'CONNELL. Cousin of Kathleen '60 (O'CONNELL) NEESER. More family information.

PAUL Lenore

Married Lloyd DONNENWIRTH on 8 Feb 1964 at St Stan's in Rathdrum; divorced in 1982. Two daughters, (Lorraine and Laura), four grandsons. Retired in 2011 from Brown & Haley/Almond Roca, located in Tacoma after 46 years as Corporate Credit & Finance Manager.

PETERS Thomas Charles

Born 30 Jan 1943 at Cd'A to Lawrence & Marjorie (BONALLO) PETERS. Lived at 1223 Garden. Married 1975 to Carol OHRN. Brother of David('66) PETERS
Tom died 17 Nov 2016 at Brighton, Colorado.

RARICK Mary Dell

Born to Douglas '40 RARICK & Mary '40 BRODERICK. Sibling of Tim'64, Jim'67 & Bob'63 RARICK. Niece of Mary'37, Madeline'39, & Carmel'41 RARICK. Cousin of Edward'60, Thomas'61, Carol'64 & Fred'67 SCHAFFNER.


Married 11 Nov 1961 at St George, Post Falls, to Arthur Raymond ENGEN Jr. 3 children, 5 grandchildren. Sister of Philip'65 RASSIER.
Daughter of Martin Joseph RASSIER (b 20 Mar 1894 in Spring Hill MN, died 2 Mar 1975 in Hayden ID) and Margaret Mary SIMONEAU. ( see mother's obituary). Martin J is the eldest child of Matthias Joseph RASSIER (1864-1950) and Elizabeth Barbara AIGNER (1873-1945). Matthias is the eldest child of Joseph RASSIER (1839 Germany - ) and Anna Mary GAU (1845/7 WI - ). RASSIER family genealogy.
In 1870 and 1880, Matthias and siblings lived with their parents in Stearns Co MN.
In 1900, Matthias RASSIER family lived in Stearns Co MN, and comprised Matthias (carpenter, b Jul 1864 MN), Lizzie (b Dec 1873 MN, parents b Germany; married 6 years, 4 births), Martin J (b Mar 1894), Maggie (b Oct 1895), Phillip (b Sep 1897), & Valentine Joseph, b 18 Oct 1899. Joseph (b Aug 1839 GER, immig 1855, naturalized) and Anna Mary (b Dec 1847 WI, parents b GER), married 34 years, 12 births, 7 living, reside in Buffalo, Marshall, SD with several children and grandchildren.
In 1910, the family lived in Williams Co ND. In 1920, Matthias and family [except Martin] lived in Williams Co ND.
In 1930, Martin RASSIER, 36, and his brother, Walla(ce) 30, both single, were farming in Fertile Valley, Divide Co ND.


Born to Frederick and Veronica ('35 HEALY) SCHAFFNER. Siblings include Edward '60, Carol '64 & Fred '67 SCHAFFNER. Cousin to many IHM grads; see list at Edward '60 and More HEALY information.

SELZLER Elizabeth



Boarding student at IHM in 9th, 10th & 12th grades.


born c1943 to Herman P "Dutch" and Jean (PETERS '42) WILHELM. Father's obituary.
In 1920, Herman P, age 1 month, lived in Hettinger Co ND with his family which comprised: Michael, 30 Russia, farmer, immigrated ?; Monica (DENIUS), 27 ND; Francis, son, 7 ND; William J, 6 ND; Leo, 4 ND; Constance, 2 ND; Herman 1mo ND. --28 Jan 1920, Indian Crk twp, Hettinger Co ND, ED83 p11A.
In 1930, the family still lived in ND, and comprised: Mike, 40 Russia, immigrated 1891, farmer, married age 22; Monica, 37 ND (par b Russia), married age 19; Francis, dau, 17 ND; William, 16 ND; Leo, 14 ND; Connie, son, 12 ND; Herman, 10 ND; Rayman, 8 ND; Harold, 6 ND; Bernice, 3y5mo ND; Louis, 1y10mo ND. --19 Apr 1930, Hettinger Co ND, ED24 p2B.
More PETERS family information.


class treasurer 12. Born 24 May 1943 at Cd'A to Clinton B '27 WILLIAMS and Theophila BRAUN. Died 4 Sep 2003, Cd'A. Niece of James '30 and Catherine '36 WILLIAMS. Sister of Fred ('66), Gary '68, and Pat WILLIAMS. More family information. Also see Theo Ann's obituary.

St Thomas:
Theo Ann'61
C B (dad)
Theo (mom) /td>


Twelve-Year Seniors Joan GALBRAITH, Eleanor GARVEY, Sharon IRONS, Sharon O'CONNELL, Mary Dell RARICK, Theo Ann WILLIAMS, Jim GARRON, Donald BOUGHTON, Robert HARTZ, Richard & Tom HOLZER, Blaise KOEP, Tom PETERS, and Tom SCHAFFNER.

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