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 13 Jan 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1955-1956 8th grade group photo 45 students, Eighth Grade graduation, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr MEIER, CSsR.
1956 - 1960 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
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BROOTEN Kenneth E Jr

born 17 Oct 1942 at Kirkland WA to Kenneth E Sr and Sadie ASSAD '32 BROOTEN; brother of Barbara'62, Bernadette J ('69) & Kent'72 BROOTEN. Ken earned Eagle Scoout rank in 1957 in Squadron 4. Class president 12. Golden Gloves boxer. Military veteran. Married 14 Jul 2001 to Judy ROBINETTE, Times-News Publisher (1987-2003), Hendersonville NC. Served as Special Counsel to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976-77, investigating the MLK Jr & JFK murders. Retired attorney, from practice of International Law and other specialties in Bascom FL. Author of (medical) "Malpractice: A guide to avoidance & treatment" (1987). Ken died 17 Jan 2020 in Winston-Salem NC.More ASSAD and BROOTEN family information.


Brother of Francis '47, Patricia '49, & Twila '53 CROWDER.
Attended NIJC and Univ of Idaho. Married Eileen RUBOW of Hayden on 1 Feb 1964 at St Thomas, Cd'A. See additional family information.


Born 31 July 1942 at Portland to Robert Monaghan and Marjory (CURTIS) CROWLEY. Married 8 Jun 1963 at St Thomas to J J '59 BRODERICK.
Attended Marylhurst College, in Oregon, with classmate Maureen McMAHON. Lived Lake Oswego OR (until 2014). Died 17 July 2018 at Cd'A. See obituary.
Robert Monaghan CROWLEY married 21 Aug 1936 Marjory V O'NEAL at Spokane, by Fr John PRINCE, in the presence of Mr & Mrs Edward J CROWLEY. [Bert D O'NEAL was Marjory's stepfather; he married Ethel (WEBB) CURTIS on 3 Feb 1920 in Kittitas Co WA.] --WA digital archives, certificate    |    Bob CROWLEY, born 2 Feb 1904, died in Aug 1984. Marjory died 15 Jul 2007, see obituary. Bob & Marjory are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Marjory CURTIS was born 19 Nov 1915 in Wasco Co OR to Harold Kinzer & Ethel (WEBB) CURTIS. Ethel WEBB m 26 Sep 1913 The Dalles OR to Harold K CURTIS, b 31 Dec 1894 IA to Joseph & Christina (DEARDORFF) CURTIS. They divorced in 1918 in Clackamas Co OR. Harold re-married in 1923, and died 13 Apr 1970 Los Angeles CA.
In 1900, Harold, age 5, lived with his parents and brother at 313 Main St, Boone, Boone IA. The family comprised: Milton, b Jan 1867 IL (parents b VT, IL), contractor, married 7 years; Christie, b Dec 1866 IL (parents b PA), 2 births/2 living; Harold K 5 IA, Ralph C 3 IL.
In 1920, Harold, single, 25, was a sign painter, rooming in Portland OR. He married#2 Ena Gladys HASELWANTER, on 16 Jun 1923 in Hollywood CA. Ena, b 9 Apr 1898 in CA to John and Bertha (BENNINGER) HASELWANTER (immigrants from Austria & Switzerland), died in Los Angeles on 10 Feb 1988 --CADI, 1900 census L.A. ward 5.
Ethel M WEBB [CURTIS, O'NEAL, RHODES, Van AVERY] was born 13 Apr 1895 in Athens TN, to Moses L and Ida (GOUGE) WEBB, and died 24 Aug 1978 in Cd'A. She married 1913 (Oregon) to Harold CURTIS; 3 Feb 1920 (Kittitas Co WA) to Bert D O'NEAL; then to --- RHODES, then to --- Van AVERY. Ethel (Peggy) Van AVERY is buried in St Thomas cemetery, Cd'A. Also see WorldConnect genealogy for Ethel.

St Thomas:
Mary Beth'60
DUTRO Barbara Anne

Born 14 Feb 1941 at Hungry Horse MT to Bryant & Marguerite (DUTRO) RIDENOUR, who married 9 Nov 1948 in Seattle, lived in Great Falls MT. Barbara married 15 July 1960 at Wallace ID to Patrick Robert MAHER of Post Falls. Parents of Tamera Michelle MAHER, who spent first grade at St Thomas in 1968-69.
Sister of Elizabeth'60, Anne Marie ('65), Mary Kay'63 DUTRO, and Michael ('64) DUTRO (now YOUNG).
Barbara died 5 Feb 2017 at San Antonio TX. See obituary.

DUTRO Elizabeth M

See family information, above (Barbara).
Attended NIJC. Betty married Ralph VICKARYOUS, lives Watrous SK CAN.  


Born 1 October 1941 at Fargo ND to Clarence (1909-1972) and Dorothy (PARSONS 1905-1990) EICKSTEIN. Attended College of Great Falls, Montana.
Married Gerald W LEESON of Great Falls MT, on 23 Mar 1963 at St Anne's, San Bernardino CA. Married second to Jame RAMEY on 23 March 1963 in Minot. Marsha died 23 March 2002 at Minot ND.

Marsha '60

Son of William and Carmen (SERVICK '37) GALBRAITH. Nephew of Luverne '35, Gwen '41, Eloise '45, and Sr Jaqueline '49 SERVICK. Brother of Joan '61 GALBRAITH, and Bobby (1943~1951). Served as Electronics Technician in US Navy. Attended NIJC (1961). Married, lives Novato CA. See More SERVICK & GALBRAITH family information.

GALLIVAN Michale Kahryn

Born 17 Nov 1942 at Helena MT to Edward L and Ellen M (SULLIVAN) GALLIVAN. Grew up in Helena.
Played a child in 1953 production of "Cheaper by the Dozen" in Helena. Married Lt jg Eugene '57 KRYGER on 28 Dec 1963 at St Thomas, Cd'A. 1 child (Teresa) born & died 1965 They divorced in June 1974 in San Diego. She married #2 Robert BOONE. They operated a painting amp; decorating company in Carlsbad CA (1990).
Died 7 Sep 2023. See

St Thomas
Teresa (dau)
GIOVANELLI John Adrian "Jack"

Born 10 Nov 1942 in Plains, Pennsylvania to Cesare and Adrienne Adele (SABATINI) GIOVANELLI, as the oldest of 11 children. The family moved to Cd'A in 1948. Jack served 20 years in the US Navy (ret'd), and another 20 years with the Idaho State Police. He married Karla SECAUR and had two children. Brother of alumni Mark'70, Jill'72, Cynthia('67) and Paulette'62 GIOVANELLI. Lived 1504 Cd'A Ave (Feb 1950, entered grade 2; father was a railroader), then 1515 Montana (by 1955; dad worked at sawmill).
Jack died 27 Sep 2017 at Cd'A, cremated. See obituary. Karla died 25 June 2018 at Cd'A. Karla was a cousin of the GARVEY alumni (her father is a nephew of Mrs Wm J GARVEY).

St Thomas

Boarding student from Bonners Ferry. Sister of Doris '61 HILL. Attended St Patrick's School of Nursing, Missoula. Married in 1967 to J Richard (Dick) EMMEL, Seattle WA.

IRONS Beverly E

born Jan 1942 to Eldon Ernest and Helen Eliz MOATE>'40 IRONS.
Sister of Sharon '61 IRONS.
Married Charles H JUSTUS, on 3 June 1961 at St Thomas. Bridesmaids included her sister, and classmates Marsha ERICKSTEIN & Judy LARSON. Lives Cd'A.

KOEP Suzanne

Born to Ray and Connie (READ) KOEP. Sister of Blaise'61, Ruth'73, Phoebe Julie'73, and Amy KOEP. Niece of Ralph'40 KOEP, Court'71, Roch'72, Mary "Coco"'62, Deborah'65, Thomas'51 KOEP, and Jeanette('47 KOEP) McKIMMEY.
Attedned Gonzaga University. Married --- RIPLINGER.

KOM Robert Marvin

born 13 Feb 1942 at Sandpoint to Peter (1914-2000) and Vera (SAUNDERS 1917-2002) KOM. Brother of Donald '58, Richard '67, & Thomas '69 KOM and Katherine (KOM '61) GEHLEN. Retired US Navy. Died 24 Apr 1998. Father's obituary. Also see More KOM family information.


Sister (Miriam Roberta) Linda KOONTZ, SNJM; born c1942 to Robert M and Marian Agnes (McMURTREY) KOONTZ.
Siblings include Kathleen'62, Suzanne'66, Christine'67, & Melanie'70 KOONTZ, and others. Mother's obituary, more family information.
In 1930, Robert M, age 7, is the only child of Mark M KOONTZ, 27 WA, parents b MO, meat cutter, and Isabelle A, 28 WA, parents b WA; married at age 19, own home and radio. --9 Apr 1930 Spokane ED71 p16A, 2123 Third Ave.

LARSON Judith Bernice

Born 27 Mar or 11 Sep 1942 in Spokane to Charles T "Bus" and Bernice (CHASTEK) LARSON. Sister of Sherry'61 & Mary Lou('64) LARSON. Enrolled IHM grade 5 in Sept 1954, from Spirit Lake elementary. Lived on a mink farm on Spirit Lake.
Married Valent M KOEBERLEIN (b 6 Dec 1936) of Rocklin CA, at St Rose of Lima, Roseville CA, on 3 March 1962. Val divorced someone else in 1980, and married #3 in 1982. Judy married Roger FULTON by 1976, lived Lewiston. Judy married Alton Jay HASSEL III in 1982. Al served on the Cd'A city council, snd as mayor. Al died in March 2020 at Cd'A.
Judy died 30 Dec 2021 in Dalton Gardens.

Judy '60
Al (husb)


MACY Alice A

Sister of Rosemary '56 & Jean '58 MACY. Born in Chicago to George E and Marie Ann (BLOCK) MACY. Moved to Cd'A in 1951, lived at 1913 Pennsylvania. Additional family information at Rosemary's listing. Also, see mother's obituary. Married 1968 to Wally LEFFLER, lives Ft Myers FL.


Born to Louie M & Alice Marie (HOWARTH) MARCHAND, in Ferry county, Washington. Sister of Joe'65 MARCHAND. Married Larry Burlon MILLS (1940-2012).

McCORMICK Katherine

Born 22 Sep 1942 in Bonners Ferry to John Hamilton & M Aileen (CONWAY) McCORMICK. Lived at 835 W Garden (1954, 1964). Sister of George J '72, Margaret '64, and Patricia '66 McCORMICK. married 1968 Merle OLSEN, lived near Bonners Ferry, worked for USFS. Kathy died of cancer on 1 July 2009. See obituary. Kathy's parents, grandparents (from Ireland), aunt and uncles are all buried in Grandview cemetery, Bonners Ferry, as are her CONWAY grandparents.

Moravia cem:
McMAHON Maurine (Maureen)

Sister of Kathy'63 McMAHON. Attended Marylhurst College, in Oregon, with classmate Mary Beth CROWLEY.

MOSMAN Marilyn

Aunt of Linda'66, Dan'73 & David'71 STOCKWELL. Married Terry FROST of Lewiston on 4 Jan 1964 at Holy Family, Clarkston WA.

NEESER Michael Louis

Transfer 11. Born in Burbank CA to Louis J and Verda (PENDER) NEESER. Married Kathleen '60 O'CONNELL on 11 Sep 1962 at St Thomas. Attended NIJC and University of Idaho. Lives Reno NV; 8 children. District Governor, Serra Reno. Senior Racquetball competitor, court sports developer, President Nevada Racquetball Assn. Structural Engineer. Brother of Pat '63, Tom '65, Gerald "Jerry" '67 and Susan ('71) NEESER.

NIELSEN Margaret Joyce

Born to George Hans & Esther (STREETER '28) NIELSEN. Sister of Helenmarie'50, Esther Marlene'53, George'54, John'56, & Richard '58 NIELSEN. Niece of Lillian'32, Rose'34, Irvin'37, Delico'38 & Irene '40 STREETER   More STREETER family information and More NIELSEN family info.
Attended St Elizabeth's Shool of Nursing, Yakima.
Margaret married Ed '60 SCHAFFNER on 20 June 1964. Registered Nurse; commissioned 1Lt USAF.
Margie died 25 July 2017 at Cd'A. See obituary.

St Thomas:
O'CONNELL James Patrick

class vice-president 12. Born 1942 in San Diego, to James Paul and Ona Marie (WHITNEY) O'CONNELL. Brother of Sharon '61 and Gary '65, and Susan M '70 O'CONNELL; cousin of classmate Kathy '60 O'CONNELL. Married Julie LADESIC on 29 Dec 1966. Julie died 8 Dec 2010.
Jim attended NIJC and Gonzaga University. Three children; 8 grandchildren. Retired dentist in Spokane Valley WA. More family information.

O'CONNELL Kathleen Marie Born 11 Mar 1942 in San Diego CA to Felix Daniel and Lucille (BRUNNER) O'CONNELL. Cousin of Jim '60, Sharon '61 and Gary '65 O'CONNELL. Married Michael '60 NEESER on 11 Sept 1962 at St Thomas. Eight children, lived Reno NV. Died 4 Jan 2013. See obituary. Also, see more family information.
Felix (dad)
Lucille (mom)

Born 6 Jun 1942 in Sidney MT to Stanley Merico & Alice (WEEKS)(CRUM) PRIMOZICH. Entered 8th grade (transfer) from St Ferdinand's, San Fernando CA in Sept 1955. Attended IHM through 11th grade, did not graduate IHM. Brother of Jacqueline '58 & Mary Leigh '65 and Duane '63 PRIMOZICH. Lives McMinnville, Oregon, where he is a Board citizen and County Commissioner See Vote-4-Primo.
Father's obituary, and mother's death notice. Alice was born 2 June 1921 in Melstone MT to Harry E and Grace Marie (JOYCE) CRUM.

Forest cem:
Stan Sr(dad)
ROCHE Agnes Marie

Daughter of Josephine Ramona (FLYNN '33) and John ROCHE. Spent several years as a Holy Names' sister, until 1972. More ROCHE relatives, census records.
Sister of Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry, Theresa'69 & Kevin '71 ROCHE. Mother's obituary
Agnes had a variety of careers, (see her obituary in FindaGrave memorial, right>) and died 28 Dec 2020 in Shoreline WA.


Born to Lee V & Mary K (CARLSON) RUSSELL. Brother of Sharon '56, Ja-Nee '59 and James '67 RUSSELL. Enlisted in US Navy. Mother's obituary


Born to Frederick and Veronica ('35 HEALY) SCHAFFNER. Siblings include Edward '60, Thomas '61, Carol '64 & Fred '67 SCHAFFNER. US Air Force (ret'd). Married to Margaret '60 NIELSEN on 20 June 1964.
Cousins include Mary '37, Madeline '39, Doug '40, and Carmel '41 RARICK, and Bob '63, Tim '64, Jim '67 & Mary Dell '61 RARICK. They are also cousins of Sandra '56, Margaret '58 & Barbara '65 WHITELEY and Kenneth '62, Ronald '68, Melanie '69 and Julie '73 KOEP.
For more family genealogy, see cousin John DOBSON's website. See also More HEALY family information.

SCHLOSS Gloria Jean

Born 18 Sept 1942 in Glendive MT to John & Marie Antoinette (RUSSELL) SCHLOSS. married 5 Aug 1961 at St Thomas to Raymond Leroy TISDALE. Lived Washington, then moved to Rancho Murieta, Caliornia in 1988. Gloria died 25 July 2023.


Judy was born 19 Nov 1942 to Edward C and Mary Amelia (BOUCHER '25) SCHNEBERGER. She married Howard Jack SMITH (b 25 Feb 1941) on 19 Aug 1960.

VEDDER Anna Marie

Born 23 Dec 1942 at Cd'A to Clarence R and Katherine Leona ('32 MARTELL) VEDDER. Sister of Colleen'55, Clarence('68), & Darlene'54 VEDDER. Cousin of ============HEALY, REAGAN, RARICK, SCHAFFNER ===================
married [1] --- BOREK; married [2] in 1972 Arnold "Red" HALPERN (1923-2003).

St Thomas:

Born Hirschville ND to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Served in US Navy. Married 1965 to Kathleen Elaine HARDING, two children; divorced. Married Donna ---. Brother of Celestine'57, Othelia'55, Joseph'56, Lillian'59, Frances'53, & Linda'65 WALTER.

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