Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1932

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  14 March 2020
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ASSAD Sarah Josephine (Sadie)

Sadie was born 28 Apr 1914 in Spokane to Joseph and Alice M (AYOB) ASSAD. She married Kenneth E BROOTEN Sr on 22 July 1940 at Kellogg; widowed 1958; mother of Ken'60, Barbara'62, Bernadette J('69) & Kent'72 BROOTEN. Graduated 1971 North Idaho College. Honorary degrees: 1985 U of Idaho College of Agriculture; 1986 NIC.
Journalist and correspondent for many newspapers, including Kootenai County Leader, Cd'A Press, Idaho Catholic Register, Kellogg Evening News, & North Idaho Senior Review. Executive Director 1971-1980, Kootenai Co Senior Citizen Services. Served on many committees in arts, health, humanities and education. State President, Idaho American Mothers. Regent, Catholic Daughters Court OLoL 1447 (57 year member). President, Idaho Writers' League. State Chair, Idaho Sr Citizen Festival of Heritage Arts. Grand Marshall, Cd'A Days Parade, 1978 & 1985. Member, St Thomas Parish since 1930.
Sadie died 2 July 2007 at Cd'A; see More Family Information.


St Thomas:

BRAUNE Paul Joseph

Born in Idaho 19 Mar 1913 to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE and Genevieve GARVEY. Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Edmund'45, Genevieve'34, John'40, Mary'29, and Virginia'36 BRAUNE. Obituary: died 27 Jul 1998 Tacoma WA, buried in Mtn View cemetery, Auburn WA. More family information.


Auburn WA:

EARIN (Mary) Jeanette

born 1914. Sister of Douglas, Robert '39, Dorothy '31, Jean '41 and Barbara '47 EARIN. More family information.
Married William Howard KILBORN. Jeanette died Dec 1982, buried in Forest cemetery.


Born 7 Oct 1914 (bapt 15 Nov 1914) in Cd'A to John B and Evelyn Lida (PICARD) FELDHAUSEN (both of Wisconsin). Died 29 Nov 2003, buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane. Lived Spokane, worked as a salesman (1940-42), KHQ technician (1950), KZUN engineer (1959-60), Washington State Police (? took Oath of office in 1951; son John M also filed oaths from 1963-1978 for WSP), married Pauline C LITZENBERGER on 7 Aug 1937 at St Thomas, Cd'A. John's sister Margaret also married there, in 1924.


born 19 Sep 1914 to William and Teresa (SCHEIDECKER) GRISMER. Died of pulmonary thrombosis shortly before graduating, on 6 Mar 1932 at Coeur d'Alene. Brother of Viola '32, Howard '38 Robert('42), Adelyn (GRISMER '36) ENQUIST & Frances (GRISMER '33) KRYGER. Uncle of Joanne'55 RONDEAU . More family information below [Viola]. See obituary and Death Certificate.

St Thomas:
GRISMER Viola Theresa

Born 29 March 1913 in Mullan ID, to William and Teresa (SCHEIDECKER) GRISMER. Died 9 March 2006 in Puyallup WA. Obituary.
Married Charles P RONDEAU, brother of Nora '21 & Mildred '31 RONDEAU. See More RONDEAU family information.
Viola is sister of Eugene'32, Howard'38, Robert('42), Adelyn (GRISMER '36) ENQUIST & Frances (GRISMER '33) KRYGER. Mother of Joanne RONDEAU'55 and John RONDEAU.

William (Joseph) GRISMER, born 4 Oct 1879 in Perham MN to Joseph & Margaret GRISMER, died 20 Aug 1931 at Cd'A. He married Teresa SCHEIDECKER on 19 Sep 1912 in Perham MN. Probably a son of Joseph Sr (1821 France-?) and Sophia (1830-1870) GRISMER, whose family lived nearby. (A sister of Joseph Sr is married to a SCHEIDECKER). Sophia died in childbirth of Anton GRISMER. William GRISMER registered for the draft on 18 Sep 1918 in Mullan ID, where he was a carpenter for the Morning Mine.
Teresa Mary SCHEIDECKER, born 16 Aug 1888 in Perham, Otter Tail, Minnesota to Christian (1855-1902) & Theresa Catherine (DOLL 1857-1891) SCHEIDECKER, both of Mercer county, Ohio. Teresa died 4 May 1960 in Cd'A, buried with husband and children in St Thomas cemetery. For ancestors and siblings, see WorldConnect SCHEIDECKER information.

St Thomas:
KELLY Florence Genevieve

Born 5 Jan 1915 at Cd'A to Michael Joseph & Lillian Margaret (SIMMONS) KELLY, who married 2 May 1905 in Missoula MT. Lived 902 Front, Cd'A (1920, 1930, 1940), sister of T Gilbert, Mary Aleen'25 and Howard Joseph KELLY (b 12 Nov 1919).
See additional family information. Florence married in 1942 (Cd'A) or 30 Jan 1943 (St Maries) to John Wiman TRUEMAN (born 1912 St Maries, died 19 May 1990), who had previously married Dorris HUTCHINSON in 1935 in Council ID.
Florence died Oct 1985 in Pima County AZ.

Latah County
MAHONEY Francis John "Frank"

born 28 April 1914 at Hayden Lake to Mike M & Elizabeth (REAGAN) MAHONEY. Brother of Katherine '29, Ezella '22, & Thomas '31 MAHONEY. See More family information. Died 22 Sep 1991 at Spokane.

Holy Cross:
MARTELL (Katherine) Leona

Did not graduate IHM, but attended grades 4-through-8 in 1922-1928. Lived at 1310 Lakeside. Born to Leo F & Catherine "Katie" (REAGAN) MARTELL. Sister of Alice'38, Gerard'33 and Gertrude'34 MARTELL.
Married 5 Apr 1934 at St Thomas to Clarence R VEDDER, (born 6 Apr 1903, died 14 Nov 1994 Cd'A). They are parents of Darlene'54 (1936-2014), of Colleen'55, Anna Marie'60, & Clarence('68) VEDDER. Cousin of ============HEALY, REAGAN, RARICK, SCHAFFNER ===================
Leona died 16 Dec 1976, buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
McCOY Dorothy Ann

Born 2 Dec 1913 to Mason Spenser & Mary Rose (HECKER) McCOY. Lived 1604 Lakeside. Married 19 Feb 1934 to Donald E WILSON. Died 11 Mar 1992 at Spokane. Buried in Kellogg. Sister of several McCOY alumni, including Milton'32, and Robert ('35).

St Thomas:
M Rose(mom)
McCOY Milton Thomas

Born 2 Nov 1910 to Mason Spenser & Mary Rose (HECKER) McCOY. Brother of Dorothy '32 (above). Married Delia Teresa PARSONS on 3 Sep 1939 at St Thomas. Delia was born 21 Jun 1920 in Idaho to Charles A & Odella (LAVERGNE) PARSONS, lived in Murray (1930) and Wallace. She died 7 May 2008, buried in Cd'A. Milton died Nov 1978.

Cd'A Memorial:
O'NEIL John Patrick

born 7 Jun 1915 to Claude J & Catherine (CARMICHAEL) O'NEIL. Brother of Catherine'29 and Mary'30 O'NEIL. Aunt of Claudia'57, Judy'59 and Alice'62 WAYNE.
Married 13 Apr 1940 at St Thomas to Kathleen Violet TENDALL, of Wallace ID. Six children. Died 17 Nov 1989 at Eugene, Oregon, buried at Mt Calvary cemetery, with his parents and wife.

PEONE Loretta Catherine

Born 13 Jul 1914 at Marcus, Stevenson, WA to Gilbert & Elizabeth F (HILL) PEONE. Married 16 May 1944 at Boise Cathedral to Wilbur GALIK. She was a secretary to the Selective Service Board there. She died 8 Nov 1995 in Marion county, Oregon. Buried in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland.

St Thomas:
PURDY Mark Raymond

Born 27 Dec 1912 in Washington to Raymond Joseph and Hazel Estella (RAND) PURDY, who married 9 Feb 1912 at Spokane. Raymond J, a Railroad Brakeman, was born 10 Sept 1890 in Milwaukee WI to Mark and Margaret (LYNCH) PURDY. Mark Purdy, b Feb 1860 in Massachusetts, was a locomotive engineer, and died 2 Feb 1918 in Portland, Oregon. Margaret was born May 1863 in Wisconsin. Mark and Margaret lived in WI (1900), Cd'A (1910), Portland (1916-1918). Margaret and Hazel moved back to Cd'A after Mark's death, and she kept the grandchildren after Hazel re-married. (1920, 1930 census)
Hazel was born 16 Sept 1893 in Hood River, Oregon to Andrew Jackson & Jennie (BARRY) RAND. Andrew was involved in logging and sawmills in WI, MT, ID & OR. He was born 1854 in LaCrosse WI, and died 1932 in Hood River. Jane, born 1870 in Wisconsin, died 1937 in Oregon.
Raymond and Hazel lived in Cd'A at the time of their marriage. By June 1917, they lived in Mt Angel, Oregon, and Ray worked for the Willamette Valley Southern Railway, a short-line division of Portland Railway Light and Power Co.
Mark had a brother, Charles, born 1915 at Cd'A. In 1920 and 1930, they lived at 317 & 407 Wallace, Cd'A with their grandmother, Margaret PURDY. By 1935, Mark lived in Portland, Oregon. In 1940, he was with an aunt in Shorewood, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He enlisted in the Army 29 Apr 1941 in Wisconsin.
Raymond died 11 Nov 1918 in Marion county, Oregon, and is buried next to his father in Portland. Hazel remarried on 27 July 1924 in Vancouver WA to Curtis John POTTS. Hazel died 5 July 1969 in Hood River, Oregon.
Mark died 8 Aug 1987, and is buried in Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee WI. re: brother Charles A: NFI.

PYERS Helen Elizabeth

Born 11 April 1909 in Idaho to William M & Grace V (HOFFMAN) PYERS, of Mica Bay. Her brother, Robert William PYERS, born 14 Jan 1907, married 4 Jun 1938 at St Thomas to Gladys DELYEA.
Helen began IHM in 8th grade, age 16, in Sept 1925. The family lived at 606 Gov't Way.
Helen appears to have joined the Sisters of Mercy, and was known as Sr Mary William Jean, RSM when she died in January 1999, possibly in Omaha NE. She is buried in Forest cemetery with her mother, and next to her father and brother. Her sister-in-law, Gladys, is buried in the DELYEA plot at St Thomas.
In the 1930's, the family lived at 1217 Park, Cd'A. Grace, born 2 Nov 1872 NY, died 25 Jan 1937 at home, buried in Forest cemetery with husband. Bill, born 13 Mar 1872 MI, died a month later on 25 Feb 1937.

REAGAN Patrick John

Born 1 Dec 1914 at Sturgis ON CAN to William John & Mary Elizabeth (MADDEN) REAGAN. Brother of Alice'26, Margaret'28, Agnes'30, Theresa'37, Gertrude'38, and William A'44 REAGAN.
He emigrated to the US on 8 Dec 1924, as "Patrick L REAGAN", and applied for Naturalization on 2 Dec 1946, listing children Timothy James, Janet Marie and Patrick John. He served a year in the US Army 1940-1941. See more family information.
Patrick married 21 July 1942 at Spokane to Marie Anna NEALEN, by her brother, Rev Joseph P NEALEN, SJ.
Patrick died in April 1990. Buried in Calvary cemetery, Seattle, ยง3, Lot 89A, site 17. Marie A REAGAN is buried in the same site. She was born to Peter John NEALEN and Anna ---.

Fr Joe, SJ
RYAN George Hayden (Jr)

Born 1913 WA to George (Sr; b 2 Oct 1880 NE) and Anna (b 12 Apr 1888 ID) (HAYDEN) RYAN, who married on 4 Jun 1912 in Cd'A. 1900, 1920 census; WADI; IDDI; SSDI; Kootenai Co Marr Rec vol 8 p290. He served in the US Army in WW2.
George died 3 Apr 1979 in Flathead county, Montana. Buried in the Montana Veterans Home cemetery, Columbia Falls.
In 1900, George (Sr), 19, is living with his family on a mortgaged farm in Rock Creek Precinct, near Spokane. The family apparently moved from Nebraska to Washington in 1885. The family comprised: William 63 (b Sep 1836 Ireland, immigrated 1859, naturalized); Anna E, 51 (b Apr 1849 Canada; married 26 years, 9 births/living); children: Mable N, b Jan 1879 NE (not in school or employed); George, b Oct 1880 NE; William, b Sep 1882 NE; Alice, b Apr 1885 NE; Marie J, b Jan 1886 WA, student; Robert B, b Jan 1889. The girls attended school 9 months; the boys, only 4 months. --26 Jun 1900, Spokane County WA, ED51 p7A.
In 1910, George Sr, 27, was a laborer in a logging camp, living with his sister, Katherine DWYER, in Mission precinct. --4 May 1910, Kootenai Co ID, ED165, p9A [45]. He married in 1912.
In 1920, the family lived at 408 Fairview Ave, Spokane, where George Sr farmed stock. In the (owned, mortgaged) home: George, 39 NE (father b Ireland, mo b MI); Anna H, 31 ID (father b Ireland, mo b NY), Georgia H (sic), son 7 WA, Robert E, 4y 8m N ID, & James M, 2y 6m ID.
In 1930, the family lived and farmed (renting, $7/mo) in Cd'A, and comprised George 42 (sic) (first married at 20), Anna 39 (first married at 24), George 16 WA, Robert E 14 ID, & James M 12 ID. --5 Apr 1930, Lakeshore pct Cd'A, ED12 p5B.
George Sr died in Spokane on 14 Jun 1967. Anna (HAYDEN) RYAN died 5 Apr 1951 at Kellogg ID. --IDDI, WADI; SSDI Robert Edward died 9 July 1977. Robert, Anna HAYDEN and several other RYANS are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Columbia Falls:
STREETER Lillian Dolores

b 8 Dec 1913, d 20 Mar 2004. Married 1933 to Onnie JOKI (1913-1997). Sister of Ester '28, Clarice '30, Rose '34, Irvin '37, Delico '38 and Irene '40 STREETER. Obituary.     |     more family information

WERNETTE Blanche Maxine

Born 12 Dec 1913 in Cd'A to Nicodemus and Ozalinda (BLANCHARD) WERNETTE. Died 15 Sep 2005, King Co WA (see obituary). Sister of Frances '28, Bernice '30, & Margaret '33 WERNETTE.

Blanche married #2 Robert F FLAJOLE on 11 Sep 1943 at Seattle (by Rev A J FLAJOLE, SJ).
Blanche died 15 Sep 2005 in Gig Harbor WA, and is buried in Holyrood cemetery.

See More family information.


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