Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1926

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  23 Mar 2021
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Born 4 Sep 1908 ID to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER. Died 20 May 1998 in San Diego Co CA. —SSDI, CADI
Brother of Mary'25, Wilfred'23, Monica'28, John'30, Edward'33, and Clement'34 BOUCHER. See more BOUCHER family information.
Nephew of Illa'09, Mary'12, & Selina'16 CHAINEY. See more CHAINEY information.


Alfred Trombley BOUTTIER, a 5/8 (blood quantum) Blackfeet, was born 21 Dec 1906 MT, died 2 Jun 1983 in Cascade Co MT. —MTDI; Jul 1983 SSDI. His father was Joseph Trombley BOUTTIER, b c1855 MT, one-quarter Blackfeet. His mother is unknown, but probably died before 1910. Alfred had a sister, Jennie Trombley BOUTTIER, one year older, who married "Frank" SALOIS, a Cree.
From 1910 through 1919, Alfred T, with father, Joe Trombley BOUTIER, widower; and sister Jennie Trombley BOUTIER, appear on the annual Indian census taken on 30 Jun, living on the Blackfeet Reservation in Teton [now Glacier] County MT.
In Jan 1920, Alfred 13 MT, and his sister Jennie 14 MT, lived with their dad, Joseph, 61 MT CAN MT, widow. By Jul 1920, Joseph had married Manyvictories (WHITEMAN) —1 Jan 1920 US census; 1 Jul 1920 Indian census
In 1924, the family comprised Alfred and his sister, father, & stepmother. In 1927, the same, with a note added about Jennie's Cree husband, Frank Salois —30 Jun 1927 Indian census.
In 1928 and 1929, Alfred, single, lived near his father and worked on farms.
In 1930, Alfred, 22, lived next door to his dad & stepmom, in the home of Catherine C TATSEY and her mother & stepfather.
In 1932, Alfred, 26; his father Joseph T, 74, and Manyvictories (WHITEMAN), 70, are listed in the Indian census. —31 Mar 1932, roll #'s 425-427. Alfred married [C]atherine TATSEY in 1932.
In 1933 and 1934, the family comprised Alfred 28, Katherine 24; Alfred Joseph, 8mo, b 21 Jul 1933; Joseph T, 76; Manyvictories (WHITEMAN) 72. -31 Mar 1934 Indian Census, #'s 423-427; 31 Mar 1933, #'s 430-433.
In 1935 and 1936, the family comprised Alfred, 31; Katherine (TATSEY), 27; Alfred J, 3, b 21 Jul 1933; Belva Jane, 1, b 27 Jul 1935; all 5/8 blood. Next door, Joseph T BOUTTIER, 79, ΒΌ blood; and wife Manyvictories (WHITEMAN), 75, full blood, with a note that she died 24 Dec 1937 (sic); all Blackfeet Tribe. —31 Dec 1936, Indiana Census, roll #'s 445-450; 31 Dec 1935 #'s 440-445.
Son Gerald Keith BOUTTIER was born 27 Jul 1937, 5/8 blood. He married 27 Jul 1962 in New Plymouth ID to Janice K VILLINES. Jerry died 20 Dec 1986, Pondera Co MT. —1 Jan 1938 Supplemental Census Roll #4275, Indian Census; MTDI.
Son Alfred Joseph BOUTTIER died, age 51, on 12 Jul 1985 in Cascade Co MT. He never married. [K]atherine C (TATSEY) BOUTTIER, born 9 May 1910, died 15 Dec 1994 in Cascade Co MT. Joseph Trombley BOUTTIER, age 86, died 4 Jan 1942 in Glacier Co MT. —MTDI, SSDI.

Mary L

Born 1907 in Illinois to Fred W and Ursula (DeWELLS) WAGER. Her parents were born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, and married in 1900. By 1910, they lived in Chicago. By 1920, Ursula listed herself as "widow", and reverted to her maiden name for the rest of her life. Mary became a public school teacher by 1930. No further information was found about her.
In 1880, Joseph and Matilda (GAGNON) DeWELLS and family (including daughter, Ursula, age 3) lived in Valparaiso, Indiana. Four houses away were Fred WAGER's parents, Jacob and Sarah WAGER.
In 1900, newlyweds Fred (born Feb 1880) and Ursula (born Jun 1877) were living with her parents, Joseph (age 84, b Sep 1815 CAN, immigrated 1839) and Matilda (b Jun 1833 CAN) DeWELLS in Valparaiso. Jacob WAGER, age 45, widow, and his daughter, Hattie (b Mar 1877 IN), also lived in Valparaiso.
On 2 Jul 1903, Joseph DeWELLS died. He is buried in St Paul cemetery.
In 1910, the WAGER family lived at 7416 Coles Ave, Chicago, and comprised: Fred W 30, Ursula 32, Mary L 2, and Fred's father, Jacob H, 66. Jacob WAGER, b 8 Dec 1843 NY, died age 71 at Valparaiso IN on 29 Dec 1914; he was the son of George WAGER of NY.
By 1920, Ursula was housekeeping for a farmer in DeKalb Co IL. She was listed as a widow, and as DeWELLS, with children Mary L, 12 and Jean, 18 months.
In 1930, Mary, age 22, public school teacher, lived on the Cd'A Indian Reservation. Her mother, Ursula 52, and sister, Jean 11, lived with her.
On 9 Aug 1961, Ursula L DeWELLS died in Sacramento County, California. She was born 3 Jun 1877 in Indiana.


born c Oct 1908, Athol ID, to Charles and Margaret F FEIL. Sister of Johanna (FEIL'20) BUTLER. Married Edward W TRAUT (1898-1990). Lived in Spokane in 1970's. No children. Died 5 Jan 2002, Scottsdale AZ. More family information.

GAUGER Marion Esther

Born 21 Apr 1909 in Idaho to Edward Lincoln and Fannie Esther (LAWSON) GAUGER. See more family information.


Sr M Charisse, IHM. Born 16 Nov 1907 near Leahy WA to James and Mary J (SPIVA) HAYES. Religious profession of vows on 2 Aug 1929, d 1 Jul 1985; bur St Catherine Cemetery, Moscow PA. Her brother, Patrick, age 14, died a month before Lena graduated IHM
James HAYES, born c 1858 in Ireland, immigrated c 1875, married 7 Jan 1904 at Everett WA to Mary SPIVA, born May 1887 in WA to George and Sally SPIVA. The HAYES family farmed near Leahy, Douglas county WA (just west of Grand Coulee) in the 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses. James died 4 Feb 1936. Mary died in 1973. They and several children (Patrick, Lawrence, Terry & James) are buried in Bridgeport cemetery, Douglas county, Washington.

JENSEN Elizabeth

KAMP Laura

Born 15 (or 17) Aug 1907 in Stevens Co WA to J R and Isabell (ROSSMAN) KEMP. —WABI. She never married, and died at Walla Walla on 30 Aug 1996, age 89 —WADI, SSDI. See More family history and information.

O'BRIEN Elizabeth

OLSON Matilda


born October 1905 at Sturgis SK CAN to William John & Mary Elizabeth (MADDEN) REAGAN. Sister of Gertrude'38, Margaret'28, Agnes'30, Patrick'32, Teresa'37, William'44 REAGAN and Lucille ('21 REAGAN) GUISE. Married --- REINHARDT. Died 11 Jun 1976 in Seattle WA.

St Thomas:
whole family here too
REID Leslie Mary

Born 14 Oct 1908 in Kingston, Idaho to Thomas F & Josephine (KELSEY) REID. Sister of Richard'30 and Ruth'31 REID. Married Stephen M HODGE (1896-1956). Died 19 Nov 1954 at Kellogg ID.


Born 5 Feb 1909 at Harrison ID to Ernest B & Katherine V (MORRISON) ROE. Sister of Ernest '30 ROE. Aunt of Valerie ('66) ROE.
She moved to Alaska in 1937 to teach elementary school, and married Norman G LANGE in 1939. They moved to Washington in 1960. Ann died 2 Nov 1996 in Yakima. Norm died 6 Nov 1992. Both are buried in Holyrood, Seattle, as are her parents.


Born 2 Jan 1906 at Spokane to Patrick C and Mary Louise (GOMM) SHINE. Sister of Patrick '24 SHINE. Married c1928 to John '24 FLYNN. See more family information.

STEELE (Mary) Catherine Geraldine

Born 5 Jan 1907 at Cd'A to George F & Mary Elizabeth (FALLON) STEELE. Baptized 3 Feb 1907 at St Thomas. Grduated BA 1930 Univ of Idaho. Married 27 Oct 1934 at St Thomas to Frederick J McGARRY. Lived Spokane. Died 26 Oct 1956 at Spokane.

Holy Cross:
St Thomas:
M E(mom)
SWEENEY Mary Catherine

Born 13 March 1909 at Idaho Falls to William & Mary Ellen (MAXWELL) SWEENEY of Heise, Idaho. Entered Academy from Salt Lake in 1921, 8th grade, after being promoted from 6th to 8th grade. Taught school at Palisade ID (1930). Married 22 Aug 1932 at Dillon, Montana to Calvin Lewis McMURTREY. Lived at Ririe (Heise) ID in 1982, and in Idaho Falls (1993). Died 23 Sept 2001 at Idaho Falls.
OBITUARY: Mary Catherine McMurtrey, 92, of Idaho Falls, died September 23, 2001, at Life Care Center. She was born March 13, 1909, at Idaho Falls, to William H. Sweeney and Mary Ellen Maxwell Sweeney. She was a member of the pioneer Sweeney family, which constructed many of the buildings in downtown Idaho Falls. She attended Catholic schools in Salt Lake City and Coeur d'Alene, where she took pride in being taught by nuns. She then attended the University of Idaho Southern Branch (now Idaho State University) and then the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in education. Following graduation she taught school in a one room schoolhouse across the Snake River from Irwin. This was a traditional one room schoolhouse, where she taught grades 1-8, had to stoke the fire, and carry out all other responsibilities. She even had to ford the river on horseback to reach the school upon occasion. She married Calvin Lewis McMurtrey August 23, 1932, at Dillon, Montana, and they made their home on the Antelope Bench, outside of Ririe, where they farmed. Her husband passed away August 8, 1987. She was a member of the Roman Catholic Church. She enjoyed playing pinochle, loved to travel, loved her family, and loved company and conversation. She was a longtime member of Swan Valley Ladies Club. She traveled to Italy, where she met the Pope. She also fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Ireland.
Surviving: Daughter: Kathleen McMurtrey, Idaho Falls. Granddaughter: Shannon McMurtrey, Washington, DC. Grandson: Ryan McMurtrey, Idaho Falls. Grandson: Eric McMurtrey, Oberlin, KA.
She was preceded by her husband, son Dennis, and two brothers. Funeral services were held Thursday, September 27, 2001, at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, with Father Bill Crowley officiating. Burial in Ririe-Shelton Cemetery, directed by Wood Funeral Home.


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