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Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1944

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  17 Jan 2024
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WW 2 intervenes: below are names of boys who were in 6th grade with this class (1938) who did not graduate IHM.
BRUEGGEMAN Edward Frederick

Born 25 APR 1926, Aberdeen, Brown, South Dakota to Frank A & Catherine (HOESING) BRUEGGEMAN. Enlisted in US Navy, served in Korea. Married Lois Jean LINDSEY on 3 Apr 1954 in Fairfax VA.
Died 13 Aug 2001, Canon City, Fremont, Colorado. Buried in Ft Logan Natl Cemetery.


Possibly Jack Leroy CHRISTENSON.


appears to have transferred to Gonzaga Prep for 1941-1943.


probably the Harry Edward FRAZIER who transferred to Gonzaga Prep for 1941-42, born 1 Apr 1926 Spokane, died there 31 July 2014, buried at St Joseph's, Trentwood. Enlisted 1943 in US Navy (Medical Corpsman), later served in US Army.


Born 5 Feb 1926 MN to Florence TESKE. She married 9 Apr 1927 to Aldhemar W GALIPEAU, in Kellogg ID. Lived 1221 Cd'A Ave (1936). Served in US Army. Married Colleen SMITH. Died 1 Feb 2010 in Gilbert AZ, buried in Colville WA.

GOOLER William Julius

Born 23 Aug 1925 MT to William H & Zeda Delena (GRANGER) GOOLER. Lived 1134 Tenth St, Cd'A (1930, 1940). Brother of Roger'40, Daniel'46 and Raymond GOOLER. Married 1 Oct 1946 at Missoula to Grace JACOBSON. No military service noted.

KEENAN Thomas James

Non-graduate. Born 5 Jun 1926 in Glenrock WY to John R & Lucille (BINDLE) KEENAN. Brother of Mary'41 and Patricia ('42? Sr Michel, IHM) KEENAN. Entered IHM as a boarding student at age 11, in 1936 (grade 5). Transferred, graduated Gonzaga Prep. In military service by May 1943 (Gonzaga yearbook). Died 15 Oct 1997 in Plymouth MA.

cenotaph, Spokane:
burial, Plymouth MA:

Born 16 Feb 1926 to Robert Forsyth & Katherine (DAWSON) KERCHEVAL. Lived 606 Lakeside. Transferred to Gonzaga Prep, graduated 1944. In military service by May 1943 (Gonzaga yearbook). Attended U of I, Moscow. Married 17 Nov 1982 in Clark Co NV to ---. Died 30 Nov 2009 Spokane.
obituary: KERCHEVAL, John "Jack" Passed away on November 30, 2009. He was born in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to Robert and Kathryn Kercheval in 1926. After serving in the Army in Europe he was employed by Washington Water Power (Avista) until his retirement. Jack was predeceased by his two brothers Robert and Berry. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Kay; three stepchildren, including Kate Morgan (Michael), Portland, Oregon; a cousin, Mary Dawson, Spokane; and a son Michael McDaniel. Any memorials may be made to SpokAnimal c/o Gail Mackie.


Born 24 or 1 Nov 1924 to Leonard J & Mabel K (SANGIN) PICHE, who married 26 July 1925 in Augusta, Arkansas. Lived in Montana, then 308 Linden Cd'A, then Lewiston ID. Brother of Teddy and Grant PICHE. Enlisted USMC Reserve, died 30 July 1944, probably on a minesweeper YMS-304, "sunk by a mine 30 July 1944 off the coast of Normandy at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, France. She sank in 63 seconds with a loss of eight dead and 30 injured"


POSSIBLY Wesley George REGAN from Spokane, born 10 Oct 1924 in Spokane to Henry REGAN and Ada PENSON. Died 31 Jul 1978 in Spokane. Reported he was married (and completed 4 years HS) before he enlisted in Army 3 Feb 1943 in Spokane, released 1946. Re-enlisted 1955-1958, received a Korean War bonus. Seems bit "old" to be in 6th grade in 1937 (age 12/13).
Another possibility is George Richard REAGAN, born 15 Sept 1927 in Los Angeles to parents Edward Glenn REAGAN and Rose Elizabeth TROTECHAUD RILEY, who married 1925 in St Thomas church. See family info. This George seems a bit young to be in 6th grade in 1937 (age 10), and he's not found in the 1938 school census. The MOST LIKELY PROBABILITY is that the teacher used the wrong name, and "George" is actually (see below) Billy" or William A REAGAN, who graduated with this class in 1944.


Born 4 Sep 1920 at Athol to John B & Emma (BADRAUM) STREETER. His mother died in 1926, and Earl was placed in St Joseph's Orphanage in Spokane (1930 census). He entered IHM for grade 3 on 20 March 1933. In 1940, he lived with his dad, Delos & Irene, at 1403 Wallace (Next to Howard BATCHELDER), and worked in the woods. His age then was listed as "17", not 19.

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BARNES Delores

Born to Philip Albert (b 1885 IA) & Neoma Clare (STEPHENS) (b 1904 WA) BARNES. Lived 1612 Sherman (1930, 1940). Sister of Genevieve'42, Harold'40, Myrtle('40), and Yvonne('53).
Philip BARNES was born 5 (or 17) May 1885 in Cresco IA to Silvester & Catherine (FERRY) BARNES. He married 5 Jun 1919 to Leona (Neoma) STEVENS, in Kootenai county. In Jan 1920, he lived in Rose Lake with Oma C (Neoma). Philip died 8 Oct 1952, buried in St Thomas. See more family information.

St Thomas:
BIRRER (nee STIVER) (Jean) Arlene

Born 31 March 1925 in Norris MT to John Washington & Alice M (CALLIGAN) STIVER. John died in 1930. Alice married #2 Frank P BIRRER on 5 Jun 1934 at Butte MT. Frank died 14 Feb 1943 in Spokane, buried in Dillon MT.
Married 15 Jan 1949 at Missoula to Vincent J DORAN. Lived Anchorage.
Arlene died 10 Sep 1997 at Anchorage AK.

DELYEA Carol Virginia

class treasurer 12. Born 26 Apr 1926 at Cd'A to William Gilbert and Sadie (BRUNNER) DELYEA. Attended Holy Name College, Spokane. Married 4 Jan 1947 at St Thomas to (classmate) Patrick John '44 O'NEILL. Had 13 children.
Ginny was the sister of Shirley Marcella'37, William Allen('42), and Richard Leo'46 DELYEA. and aunt to William'65, Robert'67 & Steve'74 DELYEA.
Ginny died 13 March 2015 at Tumwater WA. See obituary.

St Thomas:

GARVEY Frances Mary

Born 11 Oct 1926 to William Joseph & Laura (SECAUR) GARVEY. Married 20 March 1945 at St Joseph, Sandpoint, to John Edward HYDES. The couple was previously married on 24 Feb 1945 at Thompson Falls MT. Lived Cd'A (1940's), Spokane (1950's), Idaho Falls (1960). Frances later married --- HAGEN.
Sister of Colleen'43, Kathleen'46, Bernita?'49?, Mary ?'52?, Rita'48 & Joan'54 GARVEY. Cousin of Catherine'55, Eddie, Lucille ('58), Eleanor'61 & Gerald'64 GARVEY. Aunt of Diane'67, Connie'68, Michael('69) CHASE.

HEALY Florence

Born 18 Nov 1926 to Edward C & ELMA H (STENNES) HEALY. Married 5 Aug 1948 at St Thomas, Cd'A, to Robert E KELLER, son of Michael E & Mary (AMEND) KELLER. Six children. Mary AMEND was b c1906 to Chris & Katherine AMEND, immig 1898 from Russia. Florence died 4 Oct 2011, see obituary Also see much more HEALY family information.

JOHNSON Bernadine

Born 25 Nov 1926 at Aberdeen SD to Joseph G & Catherine (KEARNEY) JOHNSON. Married Pete VALENTE (1924-1984). Mother of Janis, Julie, and Jim VALENTE. Brother of Dwayne'43 JOHNSON. Bernadine moved to Palm Desert CA, and died there 7 July 1999. All deceased are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:

Born 31 Aug 1926 to Ivin R and Josephine (PHILLIPS) JOHNSTON. Brother of Eleanor '41 JOHNSTON and Don E '46? JOHNSTON. Married [1] Loree M '48 WOLFE (died 1952). Married [2] Michaelyn MYLAN in 1953. Father of Marcia '72, and Robert '74 JOHNSTON, and Linda and Shari JOHNSTON. Bob died 21 Nov 2007. More JOHNSTON family history.

KRITZER John William

Born 23 Mar 1926 at Williston ND to Joseph & Mary (MACKEY) KRITZER. Brother of Eileen and Mary Joan KRITZER, who attended IHM in 1943-1946. Eileen, born 9 Jan 1933 MT, attended 6th-8th grades. Margaret Joan, born 20 Dec 1937 MT, attended grades 1-3 at IHM, then at Holy Names, Spokane. The family lived (1935) Stanley, Montrail ND; (1940) West Galpin, Valley MT; (1943-46) at 419 Dollar and 609 Indiana, Cd'A; (1950's) W1307 Maxwell, Spokane. Joseph was a carpenter. Eileen M married 28 Jan 1953 to Everett A WEAKLEY.
John married 22 Jul 1961 at Los Angeles to Joan Phyllis ZIEMKE. She died 1994. They lived in Sacramento CA. John died 17 Jan 2001. Both are buried in Calvary Catholic cemetery, Sacramento. His parents are buried in Holy Cross, Spokane.

McKENNA Marian Irene

Born 26 Apr 1926 at Cd'A to William Francis & Myrtle E (SWANSON) McKENNA, who married 5 Feb 1911 in Kootenai county. William was born 12 Apr 1881 (1883) in Montreal QC CAN (see 1901 census). US Naturalization petition filed 16 Dec 1918 at Cd'A (declaration in 1916). (William claimed birth in 1881 on census and draft registration, 1883 on naturalization paperwork.) He was a merchant at Bjorkland-McKENNA Clothiers, later IXL Toggery. After his wife died, he apparently left town (not in 1936 city directory) and married Ada CUSHING. William died 17 Oct 1948, possibly in Cd'A.

Myrtle, born Jul 1889 NE to Peter & Alice (ANDERSON) SWANSON, died 16 April 1930 at Spokane, buried in St Thomas. In 1900 she lived in North Dakota. In 1910, at Spokane.
In 1930, the McKENNA family lived at 1218 Lakeside, Cd'A. By 1940, Marian was a foster child in the home of James & Josephine McDONNELL, at 1401 Front. She was the youngest of several children in her family, and was probably boarding to complete school.

Marian's siblings all attended IHM (except William, who died age 7), but none graduated. Names and years: (All born in Kootenai county) William McKENNA b: 24 Nov 1911, d 21 Jun 1918; Leo Francis McKENNA b: 7 Jul 1913, attended 1920-27+, grades 1-8+; Patricia Theresa Elsa McKENNA b: 24 Apr 1915, d Dec 1968 NY, attended 1921-29+ grades 1-8+; Adrian Eric McKENNA (USAF,retd) b: 13 Aug 1916/17, d 26 Oct 1960 Belgium (peptic ulcer), attended 1922-28, grades 1-8+; Mary M Eileen McKENNA b: 21 (or 6th) Aug 1919, attended 1925-31 (grades 1-6); Mary Estelle McKENNA b: 2 May 1921 (Spokane?), attended 1926-30 (gr 1-4), married 2 Oct 45 in Luxembourg to Pierre ELVINGER; Marian Irene McKENNA b: 26 Apr 1925 (or 27 Apr 1926) attended 1932-44 (all grades).

Marian died 2 Nov 1999 in Beverly MA.

MUNRO Marilyn

Probably the eldest child of Edward J (born c 1896 Canada) & Agnes (b c1901 WI) MUNRO, who lived (1935-40+) at Ravenna, King, WA. Ed (Sr) was a shop foreman for an auto distributor (1940). Marilyn B MUNRO married 12 May 1945 at Seattle to Robert Dewey SULLINS Jr (USN). It appears they divorced, because Marilyn M SULLINS, born 1926 Port Angeles WA married 16 Oct 1954 at Seattle to Grant Norin BOE.
Marilyn M BOE, born 21 March 1926, of Sequim WA, died Nov 1992. Grant BOE, born 31 Jul 1917, died 1 Mar 1988. First husband, Robert, died 2 Oct 1990, age 65, in King Co WA.

O'NEILL Patrick

class vice-president 12. Born 7 Oct 1926 at Butte to Patrick Joseph & Elizabeth Marie (FOLEY) O'NEILL.
Married 4 Jan 1947 at St Thomas to (classmate) Ginny '44 DELYEA.
(His father) Patrick Joseph O'NEILL was born 24 Mar 1897 in Butte MT. In 1918, he worked at Anaconda Copper, and lived with his mother, Bridget, at 907 Colorado, Butte. His father was born in Ireland. He married 16 Dec 1918 at Seattle to Elizabeth FOLEY. PJ died 31 Dec 1937 at Butte. Elizabeth, born 3 Dec 1897 in Lawrence SD, died 7 Nov 1981 in Butte.

O'ROURKE Robert Joseph

class president 12. Born 2 May 1926 in St Maries to John Henry & Florence (DeMERS) O'ROURKE. Lived (1938) at 810 Garden, with brother Thomas'41. He enlisted in the Army in Aug 1944 at Spokane. Married 6 Jun 1949 at Cd'A to Margaret L'45 McCORMICK. Divorced July 1975 at Los Angeles. Died 1 Apr 2012 in Santa Barbara CA.

REAGAN William A

Born 7 Dec 1926 to Wm J & Mary Elizabeth (MADDEN) REAGAN. Began first grade in Sept 1932.

RIFFLE Marjorie

Born 11 Oct 1925 at Regent ND to William Thomas (1897-1969) & Pearl Amber (WILLIAMS) RIFFLE (1902-1977).
Married Leo SCHUELLER (1919-2009).
Marjorie died 28 Apr 1983 in Kingston ID.

ROCHE Frances E

class secretary 12. Born 3 Jun 1926 in Cd'A to William and Mary ROCHE; married 15 Feb 1946 to Joe JOHNSTON (23 Jun 1920-15 Mar 1999). Siblings: Kay, Patricia '45, Bill '47, Joe '53 and Larry ROCHE. Mother of Matt '64, Marty '73? & Sheila '67 JOHNSTON. Aunt of Peggy'67, Larry'68, James'69, and Patricia "Susie"'70 RIPLINGER.
Fran died 2 Oct 2003. see obituary.
In 1900, William, age 9, lived with his parents James L ROACH, 43, b Jun 1856 Ireland, immig 1873, bookkeeper, and Mary T, 43, b Jul 1856 Ireland, immig 1875, married 14 years, 3 births, 2 living; sister, Mary E, 12, b May 1888 ID. William, 4, born Aug 1890 ID. --7 Jun 1900 Cd'A, ED60 p5B.
In 1910, James and Mary F, ages 53, immig 1873 & 1875, 3 births/2 living, are alone, living at 907 Third Ave in Spokane. --3 May 1910, Spokane ward 2, ED163 p17B. Mary E, 21 ID, and Will M, 19 ID, are unemployed and living together in Colorado Springs CO, with Blanche TROHIG, 33 OH (parents b IRL), a public school teacher. --26 Apr 1910, El Paso County CO, ED19 p11A.
1920 census: Wm M is living with his parents, James and Mary, b 1855 Ireland, immigrated 1892; James L, insurance agent. --9 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED206 p10B.
1930 census: William M ROCHE, 39 ID, parents b Ireland; Mary J, 33 ND, married 7 years; Mary C, 5 ID; Frances E, 3 ID; Patricia 2y4mo ID; William J, 4mo ID. --7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p4B (same block as DESILET, REAGAN, GUIMOND families)
James L b 16 Jun 1855 IRL, died 22 May 1928 Cd'A. Mary E, b 31 Jul 1856 IRL, died 27 Sep 1936 Cd'A.

St Thomas:
SHARPE Katherine Ann

Born 20 Dec 1926 at Bonners Ferry to Joseph Bernard & Elizabeth V (DUPLEY) SHARPE.
She enrolled in Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing on 19 Sep 1944, and graduated in Sept 1947, as part of the WW2 Cadet Nurse Corps.
Married --- ATKINSON (possibly, Robert Melrose ATKINSON, 1925-1957, buried same cemetery, but marker ordered by "Mrs Marion M ATKINSON").
Katherine died 29 May 1992, at Costa Mesa CA.
OBITUARY: Katherine Ann Atkinson, 65, of Costa Mesa, a retired nursing anesthetist and founder of the Atkinson Residential Care Facility, died Friday. Visitation at Harbor Lawn Mortuary, Costa Mesa. Vigil at the mortuary chapel. Mass at St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Costa Mesa. Burial at the mortuary park. Survived by her daughters, Sandra KALEZ and Marcia KOVALSKI; sons, Mike, Duffy and Joe; brothers, Don and Glenn SHARPE; sisters, Grace GONZALES and Margaret BOWEN; and eight grandchildren. —Orange County Register - Sunday, May 31, 1992

STILLINGER Lawrence Leonard

Born 22 Apr 1926 to Walter Wilton & Catherine M (SAYER) STILLINGER. Lived 1222 N 10th (1938), 1220 N 10th (1941). Uncle of Penny '74 KACZOR. Brother of Phyllis '40, Wendell '42, Ramona (non-grad), Joan '50, Mary '54, and James '58 STILLINGER. Larry enlisted in the US Navy at the end of his junior year and was a radiomasn on the USS Mississippi. He did not graduate IHM, and does not appear on the group composite photo. Larry enlisted in the USAF during Korea, and served as a Master Sgt until his death 11 Apr 1968 at Lackland AFB. Four children.
Larry married Martha Delane [DRUMMOND] GALLIPEAU on 16 Nov 1950 at St Thomas, Cd'A. Delane, born 17 June 1930 in Canada, died 17 November 1979. Larry and Delane are buried in St Thomas Cemetery.
See additional STILLINGER family information.

WILSON Richard Clyle

Born 27 May 1923/26 in Bison SD to Fred Coleman & Mary E (BROWN) WILSON, who married 27 Jun 1915 at Meadow SD. Lived Ziebach county SD in 1930, 1935; Dalton Gardens in 1940. Fred, born 23 Jan 1885 in Burnside IL, was a Food Stamp worker in the WPA at Cd'A in 1942.
retired electrician; wife Doris. Died 28 Feb 2001 at Yakima WA.


Sister M Adalbert, IHM - music teacher 1944 - 1951. Died age 96, in Jun 2006; obituary notice.

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