Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1941

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  3 May 2019
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Class of 1941 Newspaper clipping, group picture of 17 graduates
BEAUDOIN Mary Margaret

Born 30 Dec 1923 WA to Joseph E & Dorothy V (BECK) BEAUDOIN. Lived 407 Military Dr (1938). Became a nurse at Sacred Heart, returned to Cd'A to work for Drs FOX, HUSTED and HAWKINS. Later worked at Sacred Heart, then at Hospice. Married James Lewis RED (1921-2005) on 26 Nov 1944 at Sandpoint, lived Apt 6C Mullan Park in 1949, and at 409 Park Drive in 1951. Parents of Jayme Jo RED, who attended St Thomas grades 1-to-7 in 1951-1958 (left to move to Spokane).
Margaret died 3 Jan 2007 in Spokane. Buried with parents in St Thomas. See obituary, 2007.

QUINCE (BIERY) Bernard Joseph

Born 15 May 1922 in Idaho, to Allan George (1897-1947) & Mary Mable Ruby (FORTIN) QUINCE, who married on 2 Sep 1918 at St Thomas church. In 1920, they lived at 813 Birch, Cd'A. Allan was born 16 Sep 1897 to George A & Anna L (LaCLAIR) QUINCE, of Carlin Bay. Apparently Ruby and Allan divorced in 1923. Allan remarried 28 Feb 1924 in Alameda Co CA to Veva Jayne RODGER, of Montana. By 1930, they lived in Concord, and had a son, Joseph Rodger QUINCE (1925-2007).
Albert BIERY & Mary Mable Ruby (FORTIN) QUINCE married 7 Jan 1924 at Davenport WA.
In 1927, Albert & Ruby lived at 721 Indiana, when Bernard enrolled in first grade (1927-29). They soon moved to Spokane, and he returned in 1934 for 7th and 8th grade. In 1930 & 1935, they lived in Spokane. In 1940, he lived on Fernan Lake Road with divorced mother and sister Katherine (QUINCE), born 1 June 1919. Katherine also attended IHM, grades 1-3, in 1926-1929.
Albert was born 1 Feb 1896 in Boddle, Edmunds SD to Reynold & Rosine (VIVIAN) BIERY, both of Switzerland. He died Oct 1963 Pinellas Co FL. In 1900, he lived with parents in Edmunds SD. In 1910, 1920 & 1930, they lived in Spokane (RR worker).
Ruby was born in MI, to Canadian parents, Joseph & Pamela (PELLETIER) FORTIN. She died 1995 in Spokane, buried St Thomas.
Bernard married 14 Sep 1946 at Verdale WA to Patricia Gerard SIPES. She died in 2008, and is buried in St Joseph's, Spokane. Bernard died 16 Aug 2007, but is not buried at St Joseph.

BJ Jr(son)
BRICKEL Barbara June

Born 7 Jul 1924 MN to Lemly J & Elizabeth Muriel (POLANSKI) BRICKEL, both of Kellogg, who married 22 Jul 1922 in Cd'A at the ME church.
In 1930, Lemly lived in Kellogg, working the lead mine (—census), and also in Spokane with Betty at E1121 Gordon Ave (—city dir). Barbara and her mom lived in Spokane with maternal grandparents, William K & Martha A POLANSKI (—census). William was an engine inspector for the railroad (—1910).
In 1940,Barbara and her mom lived in the Gem Hotel, Wallace. Lemly was divorced, living in Seattle, barbering. He died there 11 Feb 1967. He was born 3 Oct 1892 in Rochester, Indiana to Charles & Mary () BRICKEL, enlisted in the US Marines for WW1 in 1914 and registered for the WW1 draft in Pend Oreille County WA in 1918, as a woodsman (unemployed).
In 1944, Muriel re-married, to Charles SOLANDER (1890-1949) in Missoula. Charles is buried in Greenwood, Kellogg.
Muriel married again, in 1951 at Portland, to Ralph HAUSER, whose first wife died in 1949 (Kellogg). Ralph is buried in Greenwood (1959). No further records found (yet) for Muriel.
Barbara married Ernest H CARLSON Jr (1919-2000).

Riverside Nat'l:
BROWN Elizabeth Corey

Born 4 July 1924 at Spanish Fork UT to Robert Aloysius & Blanche E (ROCKHILL) BROWN, who married at St Joseph's, Weber UT on 11 Dec 1920. Lived Zion Nat'l Park (1930). Lived (1935-40) at 706 Wallace, along with sister Patricia Ann('45).
Elizabeth married ---- SANDERSON c 1949. m[2] William L VENNING in 1957, divorced 1961. She died 14 May 1996 in Olympia.

Morris Hill:
BRUEGGEMAN (Mary) Catherine

Born 20 Feb 1924 at Miller SD to Frank and Catherine (HOESING) BRUEGGEMAN. Sister of Joe'38 and Peter'48 BRUEGGEMAN. Entered sixth grade 16 Oct 1934, lived at 21st & Front sts (1934), at 1324 Indiana (1936), CdA. Married 1947 to Dan SCHEIDEMAN, a farmer and securities representative in Lacrosse WA. Two children.
Catherine died 7 Nov 2018 in Colfax WA. More family information

Dusty cemetery:
DELVA Lucille R

Born 5 Sep 1923 at Chewelah WA to Nicholas and Veronica Regina (WIEBER) DELVA. Sister of Margaret '40 DELVA. Married Gilbert L BAKER on 3 Aug 1946 at Holy Rosary, Seattle. Lucille died 4 Apr 1993 in Chewelah WA, and is buried with family in St Mary of the Rosary cemetery, Chewelah. Gilbert is also buried there.

DESILET Anna Marie

born 25 Feb 1923 in Idaho to Joseph F DESILET (22 May 1890 CAN - May 1980 WA) and Pearl MARQUIS (b 15 Feb 1896 CAN, d 25 Jul 1975 Cd'A). sister of Robert '39 and Betty '47 DESILET. Married 1943 to William D McFARLAND. Mother of Kathleen '62, Bill '65, Thomas '68, John '70 and James '73 McFARLAND.
Anna Marie died July 1973, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

DINNEEN Clare Elizabeth

Born c 1924 in Portland OR to Lawrence and Marcella DINNEEN. Lawrence was an insurance salesman (1930, 1940), died 1987. DINNEEN family lived at 824 E 19th, Portland (1930); 1333 SW College, Portland (1935, 1940). Clare attended Seattle U and Univ of Oregon, and served in the US Coast Guard. She married Phillip George LOPRINZI (Sr) in Portland on 19 Aug 1950, and has ten children. Clare died 13 July 2014. Phil was born 10 May 1920 in Multnomah county Oregon, and died there 30 Jul 1993.

EARIN Marjory Jean

class secretary 12. born 15 Dec 1923 at Cd'A to Arthur Leo & Ethel (McCOUBREY) EARIN; lived 622 Indiana Ave (1943-45). Sister of Douglas, Robert '39, Jeanette '32, Dorothy '31 and Barbara '47 EARIN. More family information.

JOHNSTON Eleanor June

Born 22 March 1924 to Ivin R and Josephine (PHILLIPS) JOHNSTON. Lived 711 Foster Ave. Sister of Robert '44 JOHNSTON and Don E '46? JOHNSTON.
Married on 30 Dec 1955 at St Thomas to William Robert SMITH of Seattle, son of William R & Nora (BARTLEY, 1895-1958) SMITH.
Aunt of Marcia'72, Robert'74, Terry'70, Lisa'72, Jody('76) and Linda ('76) and Shari JOHNSTON. lives (2018) at 711 E Foster, Cd'A. Daughter, Diane SMITH.
See more JOHNSTON family history.

St Thomas:
KEENAN Mary Teresa

born 20 Nov 1922 in Payette ID to John Roy James and Lucille (BINDEL) KEENAN. Entered IHM Academy for 8th grade in Sept 1936. Graduated Gonzaga in Music, taught in Oregon, where she was also a School District Superintendent and County Commissioner. Married 1982 to Charles HECHT, of Scio, Oregon. Mary died 12 May 2009 in Oregon. See burial link, right, for more biography.
Her sister, Patricia, entered IHM novitiate in 1946, now known as Sr Michel, IHM. Pat apparently did not graduate IHM, and is listed as working in Spokane from 1941-46. She earned her BA and MA at Marywood University in Scranton PA, and a PhD at the University of Notre Dame. As an IHM, she served as secondary level teacher at schools from Pittston, Pennsylvania, to Portland, Oregon; she was the graduate dean and academic vice president at Marywood University until elected as IHM Congregation superior general. Later she served as assistant vice president at Heritage College, Toppenish, Washington. See spotlight biography from Fall 2010 "IHM Connections".

Family History:
John Roy KEENAN was born Nov 1899 in St Paul, Minnesota to John J (Nov 1874 WI-) & Marion V (POWERS, b Jun 1875 MI-) KEENAN. He married Lucille M BINDEL on 22 Dec 1921 at Deer Park WA. He died in Dec 1964, and was buried 24 Dec 1964 (see Lucille).
Lucille BINDEL was born 13 Aug 1900 in Nebraska to Bernard & Helen (FREIDMAN) BINDEL. She died in January 1978, and was buried 25 Jan 1978 next to John in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane.
In 1900, John R lived with his parents at 258 W 7th, St Paul MN.
In 1910, widow Marion KEENAN, 34 MI, was the housekeeper for the rectory in Rosalia WA, with son Roy J, 11 MN.
In 1920, John R KEENAN, 21 MN, was the stepson of David D HAMBLY 53 and Marian V HAMBLY 45; also in HH is Marian's mother (?), Margaret GODFREY, 71 IRL, widow. It appears John adopted his dad's middle name between 1920 & 1921 (marriage), then reverted in 1930, then died as John J.
In 1930, the KEENAN family lived at 3311 E 30th, Spokane, and comprised John R, 31 MN, RR steamfitter; Lucielle M, 29 KS; Mary F '41, 7 ID; Patricia A '42?, 6 ID; and Thomas J KEENAN '44, 3 WY. All three children were boarding students at IHM. Thomas died 15 Oct 1998.
Sr Michel is the author of The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania: 1919-1974.
Sister Michele died 1 May 2019 at Scranton. See obituary.
Sr Michel('42?)
KOEP Mildred Genevieve

born in Canada 12 Feb 1924 to Hubert J KOEP. Sister to Ray, Ralph '40, Jeanette '47 and Thomas '51 KOEP. Married 1948 to Alexander Joseph GOSK (1913-1988) at Carmel Mission, California. Al died in 1988; Mildred died in Dec 1999. Both are buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Tumwater WA. Good picture, c 1945, of Mildred and Geraldine (HEALY) KOEP is posted at Find-a-Grave. Also, see more KOEP family information.

O'ROURKE Thomas John

class vice-president 12. Born 14 Aug 1923 in Red Lodge MT to John H & Florence A (DEMARES) O'ROURKE. Lived (1938) at 810 Garden, with brother Robert'44. Attended Gonzaga, graduated UW in Electrical Engineering. Worked for GE, then moved family to Mountain View CA in 1964. Tom enlisted in the Army Air Corps on 4 Mar 1943 in Nebraska. Married Marjorie PECHAN at Madison WI on 27 Apr 1946. Tom died 11 Jun 2002 in Mountain View CA.

Santa Clara:
St Thomas:

class treasurer 12; born 11 Nov 1923 in Clear Lake WA to Joseph William and Winnifred (GRADY) QUINN. Married Eugene W MacDONALD on 15 Oct 1947. Mother of Robert '67, Donald, Maureen '71 and Margaret MacDONALD. Sister of Winnifred '43 QUINN. Obituary.


Born to Robert G (1889-1942) and Anna (HEALY 1897-1969) RARICK. Aunt of Mary Dell '61, Bob '63, Tim '64, and Jim '67 RARICK. Sister of Mary '37, Madeline '39, and Douglas '40 RARICK. Cousin of many IHM graduates; see HEALY family information. Also see RARICK family information.

REIS Donald James

class president 12. Born 8 Nov 1923 in Storm Lake, Iowa to Arthur Frank and Alice (McKENNA) REIS. Brother of Frank '39 and Kathleen '47 REIS. lived Washington, Buena Vista, Iowa in 1930; at 1028 Lakeside Cd'A (1938, 1946); 1182 Park Ave, Coos Bay OR (1996). Enlisted in US Army on 17 Feb 1943 at Spokane. Graduated Univ Idaho 1949. Civil Engineer with various government agencies. Married 1950 to Eva WEIGEL of Mollalla OR. Died 28 May 2002 in Coos Bay, Oregon. See much more information in Don's obituary.

SERVICK Gwendolyn

Born 16 Jun 1923 to George Milton & Minnie E (TONEY) SERVICK. Sister of Luverne'35, Carmen'37, Eloise'45, George Edward, & Sr Jacquelin'49 SERVICK, IHM. Aunt of Jim'60 & Joan'61 GALBRAITH. Married John SISK (1914~1997). Six children born and raised in Spokane. Died 15 Aug 2007 at Seattle. See obituary and more family information.

Holy Cross

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