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  16 Jan 2024
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Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
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1959-1960 8th grade composite photos 48 students in Eighth Grade, with Sr Daniela, IHM.
1961 - 1964 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
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Born 24 Dec 1946 in Pendleton OR, to Willard A and Elizabeth T (KILWEIN) ANDERSON; lived at 914 Garden and 735 Govt Way. Brother of Richard'56, and Lawrence'58 ANDERSON. Married Diana M (-), lives Lewiston ID.

ANDERSON Thomas Michael

Born to Lloyd W & Marie (STRUDER) ANDERSON. Entered first grade 4 Nov 1952 from St Mary's Academy. Lived 821 Indiana, then 1119 Lakeside.


Born c 1946 to Raymond ANTONSEN Sr (1901-1981) and Rosemary E DOLIN (1914-2002). Brother of Elizabeth '53 ANTONSEN MERRITT. Possibly, married to Barbara L RECK (CHS'67) [OLSEN], 1948-2003.

ARNEY Charlotte

Sister of Sally '66 and John '70 ARNEY. Married Robert Edward GAGE, lives Spokane. Bob died in 2015.

BETIT Roland G

Born 26 Mar 1946 to Gabriel L and Rose M (JANSSENS) BETIT. After HS graduation, he served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman 2nd class [E-5], from 29 Sep 1964 to 27 Sep 1968, with service in Vietnam. In Sep 1987, he married Corey E SULLIVAN in Nevada. He lived in Menlo Park CA in the 1990's, before moving to Augusta ME. He died on his 53rd birthday in 1999, and was buried in Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Augusta ME.
Family Information Page.

CARY Sally Ann

Born at Fort Lewis to Gordon and Ruth (BAUCHARD) CARY. Sister of Jeannette'59 CARY. Enrolled Sept 1956 in fifth grade, from Puyallup, and graduated 8th grade with this class. She later returned for her senior year. Divorced Robert L COYNE on 18 Oct 1974, and (possibly) married Robert D OSTER on 26 Oct 1979, divorced 23 June 1983.


Brother of Paul'68 FROMM and Mark'72 (1953-1978) FROMM. Mayor of Coeur d'Alene, 1981 to 1985. Son of Richard W and Frances (CLARK) FROMM. Mother's obituary.

GARRON Michael Frederick

Born to Luke & Catherine M GARRON (1918-1960). Lived 627 Lincoln Way (1954). Brother of James '61 and Joan '57 GARRON. Cousin of Melvin '57 GREEN. Married Julia O WILKINSON, lives in Huetter, operates Paramount Excavating. Julie was born 24 Mar 1951 in Sandpoint to Bert & Wanda WILKINSON. She died 6 Sep 2011, see Julie's obituary.

GARVEY Gerald Patrick  Born 13 Jan 1947 at Cd'A to Edmund J & M Catherine (GIBSON) GARVEY. Lived 902 Cd'A (1946). Brother of Lucille('58), Eleanor'61 & Catherine'55 GARVEY. Cousin of many more IHM students, including GARVEY, CHASE, HAGEN.
Married Dawnelle BEVARD (CHS '67)


salutatorian 12. Married 1968 Earle RUDDACH, lives in Spokane. Brother Jerry GEHLEN married Katherine '61 KOM.

HERIZA Catherine

Born 15 Sep 1946 to John and Alice (BERRY) HERIZA. Sister of Judy '62 HERIZA. Graduated in Theater Arts from Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles. Author of Dr Yoga: Medical Benefits of Yoga, (2004, Penguin Tarcher Books) under the professional name of Nirmala HERIZA. Medical faculty member, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles CA. See website,, for information on the book and her practice. For her other projects, see her IMDB biography and CV. .


class vice-president 12. Born 1946 to Arthur R & Alida F (BECKSTROM) JAEGER. Lived 1111 N 6th (1954). Brother of James Arthur'57, Larry '71, David '72 and Joan '68 JAEGER. Lives Eugene Oregon (2014).

St Thomas & Forest:

son of Frances '44 ROCHE



KIES Wayne


KING Joan Anne

Born in Portland to Dr Wilbur F & Bertha Mae (SCHAEFER) KING. Lived 814 Foster, CdA.
Entered St Thomas in Jan 1953, grade 2. Sister of Edward, Rhonda (gr 1-6, 1960-65) and Susanne (gr 1-4, 1961-64)

KRYGER Kathryn

valedictorian 12; daughter of Frances E GRISMER'33 (more family info). Siblings: Eugene '57, David '58, Ann '66, Kris '70 and Kit (CHS '77) KRYGER.

KURDY Thomas

Born Thomas WEMHOFF to Frank and Doreen M C (AHLERS) WEMHOFF. They married at Cottonwood on 16 Jan 1945. Frank WEMHOFF died accidentally in 1948, and Doreen re-married in 1951 to Kelly KURDY (1913-1992), who [1] adopted both children, and [2] operated Investors Syndicate for nearly 40 years. Doreen, born 13 Sept 1925, married again after Kelly died, to Norman C MIDDLETON (1921-2009), in 1997.
Brother of Linda'66, Pamela('70), and Kelly ('76) KURDY. Married Kathleen '65 McMURRAY.
Retired in 2010 after 40 years with Hagadone Publishing. See staff tribute and official announcement with career summary.

St Thomas:
Frank (dad)
LARSEN Marilyn Ann

Did not graduate with class. Born 24 Feb 1946 at Spokane to Kenneth A (1921-1973) & Cecelia A (SCHUERMAN, 1925-2008) LARSEN (both born in WA, married 9 Apr 1945 at Spokane). Sister of Butch'66 LARSEN. Lived at 526 Lacrosse, Cd'A (1947-60+). Married 11 April 1964 at Cd'A to Terry D SMITH. Died 4 July 2008. Buried in Forest cemetery. See obituary. Terry, born 1941, died 19 Dec 2015 at Cd'A.
Kenneth was born 5 May 1921 in Spokane, and died 17 Dec 1973. Cecilia was born 23 Feb 1925 in Colville, and died 29 Aug 2008 at Cd'A.

LARSON Mary "Lou"

Born 6 Dec 1946 in Spokane to Charles T "Bus" LARSON and Bernice (CHASTEK). Sister of Judy'60 & Sherry'61 LARSON. Enrolled IHM grade 2 in Sept 1953, from Spirit Lake elementary. Left May 1954, re-enrolled Jan 1955, left again 20 Feb 1956, re-entered Sept 1956, Graduated 8th grade in 1960, 5th of 49. Lived on a mink farm on Spirit Lake, stayed at 812 Indiana, Cd'A. Class treasurer grade 9, left IHM for Lakeland HS in 1962, graduated there as co-valedictorian. Graduated Univ of Idaho in Elementary Education in 1968, married Michael TALBOT of Montpelier ID. Lived Montpelier for about 40 years, teaching 5th & 7th grades. Died 20 October 2018 at Spirit Lake. See obituary.

McCORMICK Margaret

class secretary 12. Margo was born in Cd'A to John Hamilton & M Aileen (CONWAY) McCORMICK. Lived at 835 W Garden (1954, 1964). Sister of George J'72, Kathy'60, and Patricia '66 McCORMICK. Lives Troy MT. See more family information.

McDONELL Maureen

sister of Linda '66 McDONELL. Married ---- HOWARD.

McGUIRE Michael

class treasurer 12


Born to Joseph A and Alma Josephine (FOLDEN) MIHELICH. Mother's obituary. Brother of Sr Christine'63, IHM; Mike'66; Ed'68 & Tom '71 MIHELICH.


Born to Raymond & Lillian "Lily" Eleanor (BRIANT) MOORE. Transferred 1962 from CHS. Brother of Bill '72 MOORE
served in USAF '68; Graduated U of Oregon '76; National Park Ranger; retired; 2 children. Lives Cd'A.

St Thomas:

Sister of Mike '66 PETERS. Cousin of Gary '65 HALER.

RARICK Timothy

class president. Graduated University of Idaho. Born to Douglas '40 RARICK & Mary '40 BRODERICK. Sibling of Bob '63, Jim '67 & Mary Dell '61 RARICK. Nephew of Mary '37, Madeline '39, & Carmel '41 RARICK. Cousin of Edward '60, Thomas '61, Carol '64 & Fred '67 SCHAFFNER. Married 1968 to Pamela JONES of Twin Falls.
Taught HS in Springfield OR and Cheney WA. Since 1987: Playwright, producer and former theater director at North Idaho College. Wrote, produced and directed 2006 Christmas offering at NIC, This Child. In 2004, Tim chaired the drama dept at (St Mary of the) Valley Catholic HS in Beaverton OR. brief bio 2004. Another, longer biography, 2001.


born 1945 in Kimberley BC CAN to Joseph Edward ROZECK and Olive Agnus HUBBARD. Joseph died in 1956, and Olive remarried to Walter FLEISCHMAN Art is a brother of Lawrence James (Michael?) ROZECK (b 13 Nov 1952), who attended IHM in grades 3 and 4 (1961-1962). The family moved to Cd'A in 1961 with 3 more children. Art is an auto parts manager in Kamloops BC.

Kimberley BC:

Born 9 March 1946 to Frederick and Veronica ('35 HEALY) SCHAFFNER. Siblings include Edward'60, Thomas'61, & Fred '67 SCHAFFNER. Cousin to many IHM grads; see list at Edward '60 and More HEALY information. Carol married #1 John R ROBINSON in 1966, divorced 21 Sept 1978 (3 children); married #2 Roger Michael GALLAGHER on 12 June 1982 in King County WA. She died 1 May 1992.

SCHAN John Anthony

Born 30 Oct 1946 in Blaisdell ND to John J (5 Jul 1916 ND - Sep 1977 ID) and Anna M (DOSTERT) SCHAN. Died 24 Feb 2003 at home in Dalton Gardens. Obituary, employment.
In 1930, John J SCHAN, age 5, was one of 10 children, all born in ND to Frank Sr (44) and Helen (38) SCHAN, both born in Russia (German speaking), and immigrated in 1900 (Frank) and 1902 (Helen). --7 Apr 1930, McHenry Co ND, ED17 p2B. Anna, 10, was the oldest of 7 children of Anthony & Rose DOSTERT, whose parents came from Germany. --5 Apr 1930, Ward Co ND, ED21 p1B

St Thomas:

Born 30 Dec 1945 at St Maries ID to Leo and Rose Agnes (HENDRICKX) SCHARFF. Sister of Ron '58 and Sharon '62 SCHARFF. Died 11 Jan 2010 in Spokane, see obituary and photo. Also see additional family information, and some family obituaries.

SMITH Theresa L

Born to Paul W (12 Mar 1910-12 Jul 1991) and Elizabeth (HUDON 1916-2008) SMITH. Sister of Dennis G SMITH '70, Paul W Jr '62 and Celine. Theresa married Jules ESZTERGALYOS and lives in Vancouver WA. Author/illustrator of "The Little Star: a Christmas Story". More SMITH and HUDON family information and obituaries.


Born to Robert John and Violet Elaine (KUSLER) WACHTER. Sister of Lorinda '63, Sharon '66, Geoffrey '69 and Robert '71 WACHTER.

WETMUR Harold Ralph

Born at Plentywood MT to Ralph Burman (1917 ND - 1992 WA) & Margaret (FINK) WETMUR, who married 1 Jun 1943 in Sheridan MT. Harold began at St Thomas in 6th grade in 1957. Lived at 112 Cd'A Ave (1957), 114 Cd'A (1962). Lives 107 Cd'A (2016). Brother of Ronald'73 and Carol'70 WETMUR.

NON-GRADS No Senior Picture Members of 1963 Junior Class, but did not graduate IHM: Emmanuel ZIEGLER, John NEPHEW, G FRANCE, Marilyn LARSEN. Mike (DUTRO) YOUNG joined this class in 1959 (8th grade), but did not attend IHM after that.  
STAFF 1963-1964 Sisters Avellina, Barbara, Rosina, Mariel, IHM; and John MILLHEISLER, Robert HATCH (returning); Sisters Philip and Philip Neri, IHM; and (coach) Mike DOHENY and (librarian) Willabelle BAKER (new); Sisters Cornelian and Spiritus, reassigned to NY.

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