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School Year Topic Notes
1956-1964 CLASS ROSTERS Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
grade 1 Sr M Hugh | grade 2 Sr Ricardus | grade 3 Sr Ricardus | grade 4 Sr M Martin | grade 5 Sr M Hugh | grade 6 Sr Noel | grade 7 Sr Philip | grade 8 Sr M Martin
1959-1960 4th grade photos PHOTO: Fourth Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Mary Martin, IHM and 77 classmates (all in ONE classroom, with one great nun). Also available with name identification.
1963-1964 8th grade photos PHOTO: Eighth Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Mary Martin, IHM and 53 classmates. Also available with name identification.
1964 8th grade graduation PHOTO: 54 Eighth Grade graduates on the front steps of St Thomas Elementary
2 0 1 8 50th Reunion

September 7 and 8, 2018.       CLICK HERE for information.

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class secretary 12. Sister of Marlis '71 (ANDERSEN) JESSICK.

BAKER Colleen



Brother of David '71, Phyllis '67 and Mary '69 BAUMAN.

BOWSER Virginia

Born to Carl Oliver (1921-1959) & Irene L (STUDER) BOWSER (1923-1981). Ginny is a sister of Stephen '67, Lorraine '70 & Connie '73 BOWSER. More family information.

parents: Carl



did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur.



CHASE Constance


DIEMERT   Dave Diemert David

Born 21 Mar 1950 at Wahpeton ND to Leonard G & Rose (HOFFMAN) DIEMERT. Brother of Rick '66, Jim ('70), Randolf ('71), Deborah '73, Lindsay '74 DIEMERT, and more (see Dave's obituary). Dave died 7 Apr 2011. Many additional details about his Navy career and life in the obituary.

ELGEE Robert James

born in San Diego CA to James and Patricia (OLIN) ELGEE. Brother of Mike '66, Tim '73, Mark & Jim ELGEE. More family information.

at home

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. brother of Joseph '67 ERICKSON


born in Moscow ID to Walter Allen & Shirley (O'REILLY) FISCUS. Brother of Sherry '70 & Randy FISCUS. Married Mary BRAUN; lives Omaha NE.
Walter A FISCUS Jr, born 21 May 1928, died 7 Aug 1992. Shirley J FISCUS, born 7 Jan 1931, died 4 Jan 2007. See mother's obituary.

FISCUS family:
Walter Allen FISCUS (Jr) is the son of Walter Allen FISCUS (Sr) and Susie VOGEL, who married at Moscow on 4 Nov 1908.
In 1910, the new family lived on a farm near Potlatch, next door to Walter's parents. The families comprised: Henry D FISCUS, 56 MO (parents b IN NC), married 30 years to Mary (FLETCHER), 47 KY (parents b KY), who had only 1 birth: Walter A FISCUS (Sr), 29 KS (parents b MO, KY), married 2 years, farmer; Susie (VOGEL), 26 KS (parents b OH); and 1 child Howard M, 3 mo. —21 Apr 1910, Latah county ID ED192 p3B.
In 1918, Walter Allen FISCUS Sr, born 17 Sep 1880, was the postmaster in Potlatch ID, wife=Susie, when he registered for the WW1 draft on 12 Sep 1918. Also see transcript.
In 1920, the families still lived and farmed near Potlatch, and comprised: Henry 66, Mary 57, (own home, no mortgage); Walter A (Sr) 38, on mortgaged farm; Susie 35; Howard 10, Emery 8, (Julia) Helen 6, Shirley (male) 4½, & Chester 1y9mo. —5 Feb 1920 Latah Co ID.
In 1930, the family still lived and farmed near Potlatch, and comprised: Walter 49, Susie 45, Howard 20, Emery 18, Shirley 14, Chester 12, Dorothy 5, & Walter A (Jr), 23mo. They have a radio. —15 Apr 1930 Latah Co ID, ED32 p22A,B. Henry D, now widowed, age 76, still lives on his farm, but is listed 2 pages later in the census. He didn't have a radio.
Henry David FISCUS, born 25 Jan 1854 in Newton county MO, died 11 Aug 1834 at Potlatch ID. He married Mary FLETCHER in Missouri on 16 Nov 1879. Mary (FLETCHER) FISCUS, born 1863, died 24 Dec 1929 at Potlatch.
Walter Jr's sister, Julia Helen FISCUS, born 1913, died 1921. Dorothy A FISCUS, born 1927, died 8 Mar 1999. Chester FISCUS, born 20 Mar 1918, died 14 Sep 2004. Emery F FISCUS, b 23 Oct 1911, married Dorothy Mae HEWITT in 1937. Emery died in April 1981.
In 1900, Walter Sr and his parents lived on a rented farm in Greenwood county KS. The family comprised: Henry 46, b Jan 1854 MO (parents b IN, NC), farmer, married 20 years; Mary (FLETCHER), 37, b Jan 1863 KY (parents b KY), 1 birth; Walter A, 19, b Sep 1880 KS, farm laborer. —7 Jun 1900, Salt Springs Twp, ED60 p5B.
In 1880, the family lived in Elk County KS, and comprised only the newlyweds, (Henry) David FISCUS & Mary (FLETCHER), just two households away from Daniel MOSER, 80, of NC.
I could not find the FISCUS family in 1870, but Daniel MOSER, 69, was in Howard County KS. Henry D FISCUS, born 25 Jan 1854 (?), married 16 Nov 1879 in Newton County MO to Mary FLETCHER. Henry's father, William FISCUS, married 4 Sep 1845 in Owen county IN to Mary Martha MOSER, b there on 11 Apr 1826.
In 1860, Henry, age 8, was living with 4 siblings and their parents, William FISCUS, 37 IN, and Mary (Martha MOSER), 33 NC, just 4 households away from Daniel MOSER, 60, of NC. --9 July 1860, Marion twp, Newton county MO p88.
For earlier and additional FISCUS family information and researchers, check out these (free) WorldConnect webpages: William FISCUS, 1823 IN ~ 1894 KS, updated 2006; also MOSER Families of SW MO , last updated in 1999; also MOSIER family tree, updated 2001.
O'REILLY Family History:
In 1930, just before Shirley's birth in 1931, the family lived in Potlatch ID, and comprised: John F O'REILLY, 32 ND (par b CAN, WI), married age 26; Alma I (McMILLEN), 30 ND (par b CAN); Dorothy F, 4y7mo WA; Phyllis M, 3y3mo WA. —9 Apr 1930, Latah county ID, ED30 p3b [150].
John F O'REILLY, born 28 Oct 1897 ND Griggs county, died Sep 1984 ID. Alma, born 25 Mar 1900 ND, died 23 Nov 1989 at Cd'A.
John is son of Michael and Catherine O'REILLY, who live nearby in 1930. Michael J O'REILLY, born 13 Mar 1867, died 26 Jul 1933. Catherine Francis, born 22 Dec 1876, died 27 Dec 1948.
In 1920, the family lived in Potlatch, and comprised: Michael O REILLY, 52 CAN (Irish; parents b CAN), farmer, immig 1887, naturalized 1895; Catherine, 46 WI (parents b Germany), plus 6 sons and 4 daughters-not including John and Bernard. John F, 22, lived in Uxbridge twp, Barnes county ND, performing farm labor, with his maternal aunt & uncle, Mary and George DARKENWALD. (and 11 cousins).
In 1918, John registered with the Latah County draft board, claiming birth date of 28 Oct 1898 (not 1897), and that he worked in Wimbledon ND for his uncle, George DARKENWALD. His brother, Bernard E, also registered, claiming birth 5 months later than John. See transcript
In 1910, the family lived on a farm near Potlatch ID, and included: Michael b Mar 1867 CAN CAN CAN, owns farm, mortgaged; Catherine F b Dec 1876 WI GER GER; John 12 ND, and 7 siblings. The family apparently moved to Idaho about 1904.
In 1900, the family lived in Griggs county ND, and comprised: Michael, 33 CAN, b Mar 1867, married 4 years, owns farm (mortgaged); Catherine F, 23 WI (parents b GER), b Dec 1876, 3 births; Catherine Patricia, b Sep 1896 ND; John F, b Oct 1897 ND; Bernard E, b Mar 1899 ND. —15 Jun 1900, Griggs county ND, ED78 p7A [312].

Brother of James '64 and Mark '72 FROMM. Son of Richard W and Frances (CLARK) FROMM. Mother's obituary.

GALLES Susan Kaye

Born to Edward & Margaret (PALMER) GALLES. Sister of Haldeen '66 GALLES, Michael Edward (gr 3, 6-7-8, 1961-1967), and Patrick Thomas GALLES (gr 1-3, 1967-1970). Lived 823 N 6th, and 1053 N 15th. Entered St Thomas for grade 5 from Holy Family, Clarkston, and returned in 1963 for grades 8-12.

GEBHART Paul Michael

Born at Lander WY to Neill & Gwen (JONES) GEBHART. Brother of Lynne'67, Laura'69,Joan('73), and Peter, Andrew & Carol GEBHART. Lived 1024 Cd'A Ave. Married Maryon ---.

St Thomas:

Born to William M and Margaret (GRIDLEY) GIESA (parents' obituaries). Brother of Mike '61, Kathy '63 and Pat '67 GIESA. Married Donna ---, lives Richland WA.

early Twin Dynamos

GRAY (twins)

Mike Gray

Patrick G

(older) twin brother of Michael '68; born 28 Sep 1949 at Cd'A to Wyatt and Ruth (PARR) GRAY. Ruth's obituary. Brother Jack married Mary F BROPHY '66. Pat married Marlene "Mimi" ANDERSEN '70, 4 children, lives Spearfish SD.

GRAY genealogy and history:
on 11 Nov 1850, Alfred (32) and Rachel (30) GRAY were living with Thomas GRAY, 75 MD, in Franklin county, Ohio, on a farm Thomas owned (value: $10k). Son William A GRAY was born the next year. Also in the home are Joseph 7, Clarissa 5, & Malinda 1, all b OH. —Madison twp Dist 38, p221.
In 1860, the family still lived in Franklin county, and comprised: Alfred, 42 OH, farmer; Rachel, 41 OH; Joseph A, 16 OH; Clarissa E, 14 OH; Malinda J, 11 OH; William A, 9 OH; twins Josephine A & Josephus A, 5 OH; Edward E, 1 OH; and Joseph W POWELL, 73 PA - probably Rachel's father; died 11 Jun 1863, buried in Brice cemetery, Madison twp, with William A GRAY, b 2 Apr, d 12 Aug 1868, son of Joseph & Sarah GRAY. --12 July 1860, Madison twp, p 84 [116B] (231) .
In 1870, William 19 lived with parents and siblings on the same farm. The family comprised: Alfred and Rachel, 52 OH; William, 19; (Josephus) Alonzo, 15; Josephine, 15; Edward 11. --27 Jun 1870, Franklin Co OH, Madison twp p41.
In 1880, Alfred and Rachel are retired, living with son Joseph A. . In 1880, there is a likely family of William and a (first wife?) Angie GRAY in Franklin Co OH, comprising William GRAY, 29 OH, farmer; Angie E, wife, 28 OH; Mabel GRAY, 1 OH, daughter; Clarens GORY, adopted son, 12 OH. —7 Jun 1880, Jefferson twp, Franklin Co OH ED18 p8D
In 1900, Wyatt GRAY, age 7, lived with his family in Pulaski county KY. The family comprised: William A GRAY, b May 1850 OH (parents b OH), farmer (owns, no mtge), married 14 years; Bonny D, wife, b Apr 1868 KY (parents b KY), 7 births, 6 living; children, all b KY: William L, b Jan 1888, farm laborer; Clarence L, b Apr 1890, farm laborer; Archie E, b Jun 1891, Wyatt N, b Mar 1893; Fernleafe, b Sep 1894; Ella J, b Jun 1898. —18 Jun 1900, Nancy precinct, Pulaski, KY, ED105 p11A
In 1910, the family owned (no mortgage) and lived on a farm in Leahy precinct, Douglas Co WA, and comprised: William A, 58 OH, married 23 years; Bonnie D, wife, 41 KY, 11 births, 10 living children: William L, 22 KY; Clarence L, 20 KY; Wyatt N, 17 KY; Fern L, 15 KY; Jean E, 11 KY; Flora L, 9 KY; Frances L, 6 OH; Mary E, 4 OH; Ida V, 9mo WA. —21 Apr 1910, Douglas Co WA, ED44 p2A.
In 1917, Wyatt Norfleet GRAY, 24, born 8 Mar 1893 in Somerset, Pulaski, KY, enrolled for the WW1 draft in Leahy, Douglas Co WA; he worked for his father on a farm, and was short, with medium build, blue eyes, brown hair, and missing one finger on his left hand.
In 1920, the GRAY family lived on a mortgaged grain & stock farm in Leahy, Douglas Co WA, and comprised: W A, 68 OH; V D, wife, 51 KY; children: Clarence, 30 KY; Wyatt M, 26 KY; Elsa, 19 KY; Frances, 16 OH; Mar, 14 OH; Ida, 10 WA; Irene, 8 WA; Max, 3 WA. Next door, also farming, is Wyatt's brother, William L, and wife Bertha plus 4 children. —5 Jan 1920, Leahy precinct, Douglas WA, ED32 p1B.
In 1920, the PARR family lived on Granite Falls Road, Snohomish Co WA, and comprised: Merrill, 40 WI MI PA, logging teamster; Maggie, 38 NE (parents b Ireland); Ruth, 11 WA; Elizabeth, 10 WA; Donald, 8 WA; Mercedes, 7 WA; Mary, 6 WA. —13 Jan 1920, Gregory precinct, ED174 p11B.
In 1930, the GRAY family owned & lived at 744 Military Dr, Cd'A. The family comprised: Wyatt N, 36 KY OH KY, driving log truck, married age 33; Ruth A, 21 WA WI NE, married age 18; Gloria G, 3y6mo WA KY WA; and Wyatt D, 8mo ID. —10 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 3, ED16 p11B. .     |     Ruth's mother and siblings lived with Ruth's aunt Julia, in Laurel Heights WA. The family comprised: Julia A KELLY, single, 48 NE (parents b Ireland), saleswoman in general store, owns home; Margaret PARR, 46 NE, divorced, married age 26, saleswoman in general store; Mercedes, 16 WA; Mary F, 15 WA; Donald, 18 WA, odd job laborer; and his wife, Ida, 18 WA OH KY. —2 Apr 1930, Snohomish Co WA, ED83 p1A [247].
In 1943, Ruth and Wyatt opened Gray's Grocery, which later became the Fort Grounds Tavern and remained in the family until 2006.
Wyatt N GRAY, born 8 Mar 1893, died in Sep 1953, when the twins were age 4. Wyatt and his brother Archie E (1891-1968) are buried in St Thomas cemetery.     |     Ruth Ann (PARR) GRAY, born 10 Dec 1908 in Granite Falls WA, died 1 Mar 2006 in Cd'A.     |     Daughter Gloria Gilda, born 1926, died 15 Jan 1999.     |     Son Wyatt D GRAY, born 18 Jul 1929, died 11 Jan 2003.     |     Son William W "Bill", born 10 Sep 1931, died 24 Jan 1982.
St Thomas:
Wyatt "Red"
GRAY Michael Gedney

Twin brother of Patrick '68. Born 28 Sep 1949 at Cd'A to Wyatt and Ruth (PARR) GRAY. Ruth's obituary. Graduated 1972 from Carroll College. Lived Cd'A, owned Fort Grounds Tavern. Married Pam COX in 1982 (later divorced); two children, Tricia & Mick. Died 25 Dec 2006 at Spearfish SD. See his obituary and brother Pat for more family history.
Class representative to student government 12.

St Thomas:
JACOBSON Christopher

class vice-president 12.


Daughter of Arthur R & Alida F JAEGER. Lived 1111 N 6th (1954). Sister of Jim'57, John '64, Larry '71 and David '72 JAEGER.

St Thomas & Forest:
KARST Patricia & Gloria

daughters of Ernie KARST and Maxine (HUNTER) of Pinehurst. Sisters of Janice '65, Virginia '67, Bonnie '70, John '73 & Mary '73 KARST. Not in senior composite picture.

KNIGHT Donagene Barbara

Daughter of Harry Glenn & Eleanor (HOCEVAR) KNIGHT. Sister of Marianne'57 KNIGHT. Cousin of Laura Jo '69 HOCEVAR. Lived 502 LaCrosse (1956, enrollment grade 1 St Thomas). Married William "Terry" TURNBOW.

St Thomas:
KOEP Lance Read

born 15 March 1950 to Raymond J and Constance (READ) KOEP. died 8 Dec 1999. Family info, in father's obituary.   |   Cousin of Ron '68, Ken '62, Melanie '69, and Julie '73 KOEP; brother of Blaise '61, Mary '62, Deborah '65, Court '71, Ruth '73 & Phoebe Julie '73 KOEP; nephew of Jeanette '47, Ralph '40, Tom '51 KOEP. Extended family information.

St Thomas:
KOEP Ronald

born 1949 to Ralph H '40 and Geraldine (HEALY '39) KOEP. Brother of Ken '62, Melanie '69, Julie '73, and Stan KOEP. Cousin and/or nephew of many KOEP & HEALY graduates. Married Louise MUNSON; one daughter Healy Nicole KOEP. Lives Spokane Valley.


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. sister of Charlotte '69, Eileen '71 LOVELL


Born Aug 1950 to Thomas Earl and Mary Jo (BUTLER '48) MARTIN. Married Larry L FUSON, lives Post Falls ID. Sister of Tom '68, Dan '70, Greg '74 and Glenn MARTIN. Niece of Margaret '42 and Glen '49 BUTLER. Granddaughter of Johanna M (FEIL '20) BUTLER; grand-niece of Elsa '26 FEIL. Stepdaughter of Frank '47 CROWDER. See more extended family information. See more MARTIN information below (at Tom).

MARTIN Thomas Arthur

Born 30 Jun 1949 to Thomas Earl and Mary Jo (BUTLER '48) MARTIN. Brother of Judy '68, Dan '70, Greg '74 and Glenn MARTIN. Nephew of Margaret '42 and Glen '49 BUTLER. Grandson of Johanna M (FEIL '20) BUTLER; grand-nephew of Elsa '26 FEIL. Stepson of Frank '47 CROWDER. Married c1979 to Jan PARKER; lived Springfield OR. Died Friday 27 Nov 2009 at Springfield OR. See Obituary and more family information.
Thomas Earl MARTIN was born in Montana in 1927, to Arthur J and Hannah S MARTIN. In 1930, the family farmed in French Gulch, near Cd'A. Arthur, b Jan 1889 MT, is the son of William J (b 1858 VA, d 1926 MT) & Bridget MARTIN (b 1870 IN). Arthur apparently died in 1944, and is buried in Fairmont cemetery, Spokane. Thomas Earl MARTIN may have died in 1985 in California.


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Born to Leo Walter '33 & Patrica E (KELLY) MATSON, sister of Walter '70 MATSON, Mary Beth (MATSON '66) GRYGNY, Anne (MATSON '68) ELGEE, Patrice '72, Kelly '73, Thomas '74 and John ('76) MATSON. Niece of Reino E '34 MATSON and Elma '38 MATSON. Married Jerry '66 JAEGER. Lives Cd'A. Earned PhD in Counseling and Human Services at University of Idaho, works in Cd'A.

McALLISTER Patricia Marie (twins) & Michael Robert

Born in Rapid City SD to Robert & Eva (KAMMERER) McALLISTER. Attended grades 1-5. Family moved at Christmas 1960 (grade 5). Siblings of Sharon('69), & Bobbi('71). Lived 1019 Third St [1957-60]. One of five sets of twins in this class.


Daughter of Robert B '35 McFARLAND and Ruth M (SIMMELINK). Sister of Robert '67, and Jane '70 McFARLAND. Cousin of James '57, Kathleen '62, Bill '65, Thomas '68, John '70 & James '73 McFARLAND


born to William D '39 and Anna Marie (DESILET '41) McFARLAND.
Nephew of Robert '35 & Elizabeth '36 McFARLAND. Grand-nephew of Joseph '24 McFARLAND. Brother of Kathleen '62, Bill '65, John '70 & James '73 McFARLAND, and Chris & Steve McFARLAND. Cousin of Robert '67, Mary '68 and Jane '70 McFARLAND. More ancestral information. See father Wm D '39 for more family information.



MERTENS Marjorie

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur.


class president 12. Born to Joseph A and Alma Josephine (FOLDEN) MIHELICH. Mother's obituary. Brother of Sr Christine '63, IHM, John '64 ; Mike '66; Ed '68 and Tom '71 MIHELICH.

MILES Patricia

class treasurer. Married John J '66 HARTNETT. Daughter of Edward M (1910~1975) and Alice J (O'TOOLE) MILES 1913~2007; obituary. Sister of Gary M '65 MILES and Kathy (MILES) ROUSE. More family information.

MILLER Patrick E

Graduated Willamette Univ 1972, JD from Univ of Idaho 1975. Practicing attorney, Cd'A. Brother of Kirk '70 MILLER.

MONTREUIL Kenneth Damian

Born 3 May 1949 in Cd'A to John Louis & Evelyn Theresa (MOORMANN) MONTREUIL. Brother of Stephanie '66 and Paul '73 MONTREUIL. US Navy veteran (Vietnam). Married Stephanie ZENGER on 11 Jan 1974. Lived Cd'A, worked as pressman at Cd'A Press. Retired to Post Falls.
Ken died 4 Jan 2019. See his obituary, and Family history information. Also, his father's obituary, and mother's obituary.

John (dad)





class representative 12. Sister of Mike '66, Patricia ('67 RANSOM) SMITH, Liz ('72 RANSOM) MOUDY, Barbara ('73 RANSOM) BOLICH and David RANSOM. Married E Jerry BURREY, lives Springboro OH.


Son of Patricia (ROCHE '45) and Norbert F "Babe" RIPLINGER. Sibling of Margaret '67, James '69, and Patricia '70 RIPLINGER. Nephew of Frances '44, William '47 & Joseph '53 ROCHE. Cousin of Robert '63, William ('65?) and Jill ('66 RIPLINGER) BEST; also Matt '64, Sheila '67 and Marty '73 JOHNSTON.
Married Terrine '70 SPINAZZA on 19 Jan 1980. More family / relative information.


only in class at St Thomas and through 9th grade at IHM, thern moved to Lewiston. Son of Jack L & Irma (CRUM) GRIDLEY, who married 4 Sep 1948 at St Thomas parish. Jack GRIDLEY, born 1927, died 15 Aug 1950 at Cd'A, buried 19 Aug in Forest cemetery. Irma married c1952 to Sid ROSEN Jr. Sid ROSEN obituaries. David lives in Meridian, Idaho.
Irma A CRUM [GRIDLEY] [ROSEN], born 28 Jul 1930 at Bascom, Rosebud, Montana to Harry Eugene & Grace (JOYCE) CRUM, married [3] Jeff ROE on 14 Feb 1966 near Lewiston ID.

SINGER Clifford






SWANK Marcia

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Born at Wallace to Kenneth & Virginia (TALLMAN) SWANK. Lived 1201 Maple, Cd'A. Enrolled St Thomas in 1956, grade 1, attended through 11th grade.


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Born to John & Lavonne Marie () SULLIVAN. Lives Cd'A.
Lavonne died Nov 21, 2018.


Born 30 Apr 1949 to Pete & Bernadine ('44 JOHNSON) VALENTE. Died 26 March 2006 at Phoenix AZ. Sister of Julie '70, and James '71 VALENTE. Married --- PETERSON.

St Thomas:
VEDDER Clarence Richard

Did not graduate IHM HS, but attended at least 8 years (1955-1964) at St Thomas school. Born 23 Dec 1949 at Cd'A to Clarence R and Katherine Leona ('32 MARTELL) VEDDER. Brother of Colleen'55, Anna Marie'60, & Darlene'54 VEDDER. Cousin of ============HEALY, REAGAN, RARICK, SCHAFFNER ===================
Married Dawn ---, lives Cheney (2014).

St Thomas:

Born Cd'A to Clinton B '27 WILLIAMS and Theo BRAUN. Nephew of James '30 and Catherine '36 WILLIAMS. Brother of Theo Ann '61, Fred ('66), and Pat WILLIAMS. More family information.

YACKS Patricia Louise

born 25 April 1950 in Spokane to Etrope Joseph & Lillian Catherine (TAXIS) YACKS. Did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1965-66, and/or in junior class, 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Sister of Kris '66 YACKS. Niece of James '58 YACKS. Married (24 Oct 1970) at Spokane to Steven A WEED. Divorced 13 Jan 1976. Married Loren B MEDLEY,divorced 20 Sept 2000. Patricia died 27 Feb 2018 near Meridian ID.

FACULTY 1966-1967

IHM Sisters: Avellina, Aloysia, Alphonsa, Beatrice, Philip, Philip Neri, Rosina & Mariel.
Mr Eugene BOYLE, Mr John MILLHEISLER, Mrs Anna MILES, Mrs Marie KRIDER.


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