Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1974

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These names were collected from the 1971 Le Coeur yearbook.
Due to the closure of IHM in summer 1971, most of this class attended and graduated from Coeur d'Alene HS in 1974.

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ALEXANDER John Son of Harold ALEXANDER. Brother of Thomas ('76). Lived 610 Foster (1964).  
BOWSER Russell Born to Carol Oliver (1921-1959) & Irene L (STUDER) BOWSER, (1923-1981). Brother of Stephen '67, Ginny '68, Lorraine '70 & Connie '73 BOWSER. More family information. parents:
CAPAUL Diane Daughter of Ray CAPAUL; lived 1623 Cd'A Ave (1964). Sister of Deborah '72, Robert ('76) CAPAUL.  
CASTELLAN Denise daughter of Martin CASTELLAN, lived 806 Hastings (1964). Sister of Debbie '68.  
CAYKO Barbara third oldest (of 5) children of Michael and Marrian (COOK) CAYKO. Did not attend IHM, but was in St Thomas with this class. Sister of Theresa '70, and Laurie '72. Lived 301 S 13th (1964). Married Les FRANCISCO. Mother's obituary.  
CLINE Cathy    
COPE William

Born 16 Nov 1955 in Spokane to Thomas'30 & Dorothy (FULTON) COPE. Lived 901 St Maries Ave (1964). Brother of Thomas '65 COPE. Nephew of Edward'28, Frances'24, Katherine'22 and Agnes'33 COPE. Cousin of Fr George'46, Tom'48 and Mary Frances'50 RASSLEY.
Died of cancer, at Franciscan Hospice Center, Tacoma, on 16 March 2006. Buried with his parents in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
CURTIS Stephanie    
DIEMERT Lindsay J Born 1956 to Leonard G & Rose (HOFFMAN) DIEMERT. Brother of Rick '66, David '68, Jim ('70), Randolf ('71), Deborah '73 DIEMERT, and more (see Dave's obit). Married in Germany on 18 June 1982 to Karen WITTIG, born 20 December 1952 in Schoeningen, Germany, to Walter & Lisa (-) WITTIG. Karen died 9 Jan 2005 at Everett WA, (see obit. Lives Liberty Lake (2011).  
DELYEA Steven Brother of Bill '65 & Bob '67 DELYEA  
ECKEL Patrick    
EDMONDSON Matthew    
GEBHART Peter    
HARRINGTON Marcia Born c1955 to Florry F & Lucille HARRINGTON. Sister of Mary Kaye (HARRINGTON '66) BARTLETT, Mike '66, Patrick '67, Greg, Jeff, Joan (HARRINGTON '71) BARNES, Ruth '69, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Jeanne '73, and Paula J HARRINGTON. More family information.  
JACOBSON Ronald    
JOHNSTON Robert I Son of Robert '44 JOHNSTON and Michaelyn (MYLAN) JOHNSTON. Brother of Marcia '72 JOHNSTON. See more JOHNSTON family history.  
JOST Rick    
KACZOR Penny daughter of Stanley C and Phyllis C ('40 STILLINGER) KACZOR. Niece of Wendell '42, Larry '44, Ramona (non-grad), Joan '50, Mary '54, and James '58 STILLINGER. Penney married Gary SMITH, lives Spokane.  
KENNEDY Susan    
KING Elizabeth Betsy is the sister of Patrick '70, Robert '72, Kris '67 KING, and Kevin & Dan KING. More family information.  
KIRCHNER Ingrid Born to Marvin M & Mathilde (LIPPERT) KIRCHNER, lived Star Rt 2 (1963). Sister of Siegfried '70, and Manfred '71 KIRCHNER.  
LOVELL Marvin    
LYDEN Lori (Laurie)    
MARMON Gill    
MARTIN Greg Born to Thomas Earl and Mary Jo (BUTLER '48) MARTIN. Married Cindy (---), lives Cd'A. Brother of Judy & Tom '68, Dan '70 and Glenn MARTIN. Nephew of Margaret '42 and Glen '49 BUTLER. Grandson of Johanna M (FEIL '20) BUTLER; grand-nephew of Elsa '26 FEIL. Stepson of Frank '47 CROWDER. See more FEIL family information, or more MARTIN family information.  
MASON Josephine "Josie" Born to Victor G and Margaret K (GUSHURST) MASON. Sister of Mary Ann '63, Pauline ('66) & Jerry '69 MASON. See more family information.  
MATSON Thomas Born 23 Aug 1956 to Leo Walter '33 & Patrica E (KELLY) MATSON. Brother of Anne ('65 MATSON) ELGEE, Mary Beth ('66 MATSON) GRYGNY, Ellen ('68 MATSON) JAEGER, Walter '70 MATSON, Kelly '73, Patrice '72 and John ('76) MATSON. Nephew of Reino E '34 MATSON and Elma '38 MATSON.
Tom died 17 May 1979. He was a Sgt, USMC, and served in Vietnam. He is buried St Thomas cemetery.
MATTHEWS Julie    
MAUHAR Steve    
McCAMMON Margaret "Margo" Born to Robert L and Mary (JARVIS) McCAMMON, who married 21 Sep 1950 at Spokane. Sister of Cathy '71, Maureen '70 and Kelly McCAMMON. Married Max FAULKNER. Also see her father's obituary.  
MacDONALD Donald    
McGREGOR Michael    
McHUGH Tim    
NEWTON Margaret    
O'NEILL William (Joseph)    
PALMER John L Born to Bruce William and Juanita Y (GROVES/JOHNSTON) PALMER. Lived 804 Garden (1964). Brother of Catherine E '65, David ('67), Steven '71 & Mark '72 PALMER. Cousin of Margaret '12, Gertrude '18 & Mary '20 GROVES; Royal '18, Catherine '43, Mary '47, Bill '51 & Joe '59 DAWSON; Patrick ('66), Rick '67, Judy '69, Dan '71, & Ronald '74 JACOBSON; Dora '25 MAYVILLE; and possibly the many PETERS graduates. Bruce W
PYLE Chris    
REAGAN Pamela Daughter of Lawrence G and Dorothy L (McKEE) REAGAN. Niece of all the other REAGAN graduates,, except cousin of Kathy A '73 REAGAN.    
ROSENLUND Joseph Born to Floyd and Alice ('51 GRIBNAU) ROSENLUND. Brother of James '71 and Lynn '73 ROSENLUND.
Cousin of Robert '56, Delores '59, Linda '63, Larry '66, Donald '72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Nephew of Theresa '46, Patricia '53, Norma '55 & Barbara '58 GRIBNAU. Mother's obituary and father's obituary.
RUSSELL Linda    
SEMICH Lori    
SHIVELY Carolyn    
SOUMAS Robert Son of Thomas D & Mary (PLATANIA) SOUMAS. Brother of Thomas '72 SOUMAS. See father's obituary. Married Dawn M ----, lives Priest River. Idaho Fish & Game Conservation Officer.  
STODDARD Angie    
STODDARD Debbie    
STOEKLEN Debbie    
VIG Debbie    
VILLANO Lisa    
WARDIAN Mary    
WILSON Patrick    
WOLF Mary    
Listed in Third grade, in Sept 1964 Family directory. Robert BEVAN (brother of John '69, Mary Ellen '72); William BUDDRIUS (brother of Linda '69, Harlan '71, Daniel '73); Colleen BUVEL (sister of Ray '71, Laura '72, Robert ('75), David & Georgina '(76) BUVEL); Laurie CRONQUIST; Michael FEELY; Daniel HALL; Timothy HUFF; Marcia JACOBSON; Diane LOUDIN; Beth MARIER; Thomas MATSON; Kathleen NEESER; Dale NELSON; Randy NELSON; Gloria POTRATZ; Rita RICKMAN; Virginia RIEHL; Katherine ROSEN; James SNYDER, Teresa STICKNEY; James TESH; Linda WALKER; Patricia BURROW / WOOD. More information on siblings, parents and addresses can be found in the 1964 family directory.
from 1971
Le Coeur
Sisters Ida McDONNELL (principal 1968-71; died 2009), Avellina, Mariel, Joan QUINN, Alphonsa, Charisse, and Christine Marie, IHM.

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