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School Year Topic Notes
1954-1962 CLASS ROSTERS Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
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1959-1960 6th grade photos Sixth Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Noel IHM and 66 classmates (all in one classroom, with one ...). Picture also available without names overlay.
1960-1961 7th grade photos Seventh Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Phillip IHM and 76 classmates (all in one classroom, with one great nun). Picture also available without names overlay.
1961-1962 8th grade group photo Eighth Grade graduation, on LV Brown Auditorium/stage.
1962-1966 Le Coeur 1963-66 Yearbook / annuals for our years at IHM; PDF format.
2 0 1 6 50th Reunion September 9 and 10, 2016 See Info.
CLASS of 1966

1966 graduates page

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People who spent part of a year, or many years, at St Thomas Parochial School, alongside those of us who graduated as the "Official" class of 1966 at IHM Academy.

Names and data culled from the "Attendance Registers" listed above, and permanent record cards.

AMENT Ronald V son of Herbert B & LaVerne (ROGERS) AMENT. Born Yakima WA. Lived 1505 Front Ave (1950's). Athol ID (2014). September 1954 through May 1957, grades 2-3, spent Fall 1955 at Pinehurst.
ANDERSON Sherry "Chere" daughter of Earnest & --- ANDERSON. Lived 805 Wallace. Fourth grade only, withdrew 1957. Graduated CHS '66.
ANDERSON Susan appears in IHM annual with our class, grade 9 and/or 10.
AYERS Tracie Born Pendleton OR to Mrs Zona AYERS. First grade, Sept-Dec 1954.
BRODERICK Dennis Wayne Son of James & Harriet (BAILLIE) BRODERICK. Lived 310 7th St. Grade one only, Sept'54 -Jan'55.
BRUCE Susan Cheryl Born San Francisco CA to Donald & --- (WILLIAMSON) BRUCE. Lived 959 N 7th (1954 grade 1), 1715 Montana (1955-6, grade 2). Transferred to Harding.
CARNIERO James "Rocky" son of Antonio & Della (KERR) CARNIERO. Lived Bennett's Bay. Attended Sep'54 - May'56, grades 1-3, boarding student grade 2. Graduated CHS '66.
CARROLL Nancy Daughter of Mrs Margaret CARROLL. Lived Sandpoint, Sep'54 transferred in from Hamlin Park, Seattle for grade two (only).
CAVEN Julia Alice Daughter of Hugh & Lenore (PREECE) CAVEN. Transferred in from Medical Lake on 13 Feb 1961 for half of Seventh grade (only).
COLAHAN Marilyn Ruth Daughter of Don Thomas & Shirley Rose (RITTER) COLAHAN. Lived 1009 N 4th St. Transferred in from St Mary's in Great Falls on 2 Nov 1960 for 7th and 8th grades.
COLES William Lawrence Son of William L & Madelene (FLAGEL) COLES. Lived Post Falls. Spent fifth grade with us (1958-59).
DALY Michael Son of James Alvin ('33) & Virginia (BERRY) DALY. Lived Hayden Lake. Attended St Thomas grades 1-3, Sep'54 - May'57. Brother of Kathleen (b 11 Mar 1947) and JoAnne (b 23 Mar 1950) DALY. James (dad)
DAVEY Karen Elaine Daughter of Elmer & Jeannette (NIG) DAVEY. Lived 1305 & 820 N 10th. Fourth grade only, 1957-58.
DAVID Jean Ann Daughter of Wayne L & Edith M (KUDRNA) DAVID. Lived 828 N 6th. Came from Lincoln school, Sandpoint for third grade in Sep'56, left on 30 Nov 1956, returned in Sep 1957 for grades 4 though 8 (May 1962).
DEAN Mark Attended IHM with our class in grades 9/10 (1962-64). (yearbook) Graduated CHS '66.
DeHART Jeanne Erla daughter of Earl & Doris (COMER) DeHART. Lived Post Falls. Eighth grade only (1961-62).
DeMAR Roger James Son of Harold& Ethel (JACOBSON) DeMAR. Lived 921 Front Ave. Grades 2 through 6, came from Ursuline (after grade 1) in Sept 1955. Left May 1960.
DINGMAN Kenneth Elvin Son of Kenneth & Pauline (PONER? BOONE?) DINGMAN. Lived 706 N 12th. Attended grades 1 & 2, Sep'54 to May'57.
DIXON Christy Elizabeth Daughter of Robert & June (ROCKWELL) DIXON. Lived 320 N 13th and 1027 Indiana. Came from Los Angeles in Sep 1959, attended grades 6-7-8, until May 1962.
DUNBAR Dwayne Joseph Born to Frank Martin & Mary Catherine (DeCARLO) DUNBAR. Lived 915 Front. Brother of Kathy and "Pete" '62 DUNBAR. Lives Port Orchard WA (2013). Attended grade 1 with our class, graduated IHM 1967.
EICKHORN Therese daughter of Aubrey & Irma (LEITEART) EICKHORN. Attended 8th grade (1961-62).
EMERSON Robert Boarding student, second grade (1955-56) from Opportunity WA. Mother listed as Mrs Jean C THIEL.
FEIGEL Timothy son of William & Katherine (ROBERTSON) FEIGEL. Lived Lakeview Court, attended first grade (1954-1955).
FORD Magnus John Son of Magnus & Geraldine (LOWLY) FOWLER; lived with grandmother Mrs Lizzie FORD at 1602 Pennsylvania. Completed grades 2-3-4 with class of 1965 (in 1954-57), was in 4th grade with us in 1957-58.
FRANCE Dale Allen Son of Ralph Louis (1925 IL-2017 OR) and Alta Theodora (CRAYTON) FRANCE. Lived with mother Mrs Alta Theodora (CRAYTON) REED at 1105 Garden (2-4) and 1503 Lincoln (6-). Joined us in grade 2 (Sep 1955) through grade 4, withdrew to attend school in Indianapolis IN for 5th grade, returned for 6th (1959-60). Brother of Glenda (gr 4-8, 1956-1960) and Mark L FRANCE. Dale lived (1996) in Nampa ID.
Alta (mom)
FRUECHTL Michael Allen Born 5 Sep 1946 at Cda to Francis Xavier & Dolores (ALLEN) FRUECHTL. Entered St Thomas in 1953, spent grades 4-8 with our class. Brother of Carolyn Ann'54, Frank X III (?1958?), & John P (?1960?) FRUECHTL. Lived 2315 Cd'A Avenue (Fernan). Mike died at Cda on 16 Sept 2021. See obituary. Also see more family information.

Frank X III
John P
GAUTHIER Jacqueline M Daughter of Hank & Berlle (MORRIS) GAUTHIER. Lived 822 Mullan. Attended grades 1-3 with us (1954-57).
GRAF Johan Jay Son of James Johan& Dolly (BARTON) GRAF. Lived Rte 2, Boc 121. Attended 7th grade (Sep'60-May'61).
HANKS Barbara Jean Daughter of Clinton & Peggy M () HANKS. Did first grade at Dalton Gardens, 2nd grade with us (1955-56), then transferred to Central. Lived at 5016 N 4th, and 512 Montana.
HARE Sheila Ann Born 28 Jan 1948 to (coach) Cecil James & Elizabeth Ann (O'BRIEN) HARE. Lived 801 Indiana. Siblings include Melissa (St Thos gr 2-7, 1959-65), Thomas (St Thos gr 1-4, 1961-65), Jennifer (St Thos gr 1-2, 1963-65), and Becky'67 HARE. Family moved back to Spokane in 1965.
Came from St Al's, Spokane, in Sept 1959 for grades 6, 7, 8 and some HS. Her father, IHM's football coach, died in 1963. See Cece's Hall-of-Fame bio at Gonzaga. Cecil immigrated with his parents (Jesse James & Amelia (DUNSER) HARE) and 3 brothers about 1923 from Glenbush, Saskatchewan, Canada, headed for Silverton, Oregon. In 1921, the family lived (near Amelia's mom?) in Medstead, Park Bluff, Sakatchewan. In 1930 and 1940, they lived in Sheridan, Yamhill, Oregon.
Sheila married #1 (21 Jul 1977 Seattle) and divorced (19 Feb 1980) Gregory Damian MEAD. She married #2 (27 Oct 1982) and divorced (16 Nov 1987) Carl H RENNEWITZ in Thurston County WA. Lived Waikola HI. Lived in Shelton WA (2003+)).
Sheila spent 43 years as a nurse. She died in April 2022 at Bainbridge Island. Her ashes were scattered in Hawaii. obituary.

Holy Cross:
HESCH Michael Marion Born at Minot ND to Raymond and Joyce (MAYER) HESCH. Lived Hayden Lake, transferred into St Thomas for second, third & fourth grades (Sept 1955-May 1958).
HILDEBRANDT Ann Marie Daughter of Earl HILDEBRANDT; lived Post Falls, spent a few weeks in Sept 1958 with us in 5th grade.
HOESCH David Son of Adolph and Genevieve HOESCH. He was a boarding student in first & second grades (1954-56). His father was in the USAF.
ISAACSON Susanna Dianna Daughter of John Platt (deceased) and Frances (PuFAUL) ISAACSON. Came from St Joseph's in Arkansas (or was it Des Moines IA?), spent 5th grade with us (1958-59). Lived 812 Wallace. Continued at IHM with class of 1967. Sister of John and Cindy ISAACSON. Graduated CHS '67.
JACOBSON (Thomas) Patrick Son of Thomas Henry and Catherine ('43 DAWSON) JACOBSON. Spent all 8 years of St Thomas with our class, then completed high school at Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist) Seminary, Oakland CA. Brother of Rick'67, Judy'69, Dan'71 & Ron'74 JACOBSON. Lived 611 Garden (1954), then at 616 Indiana. St Thomas:
JONES Linda M attended IHM with our class in grades 9/10. Graduated CHS '66.
KAPAUN William Joseph Grades 1-10 with us. See Class of 1966.
KELLY Patrick Leo Son of Michael & Genevieve (RYAN) KELLY. Came from Central School in second grade (Sep 1955) and remained through 7th grade (1961). Lived at 1015 Mullan (grades 2, 3), then at 1324 Pennsylvania. Brother of Dolores J'55 KELLY. Graduated CHS '67.
KIES Jean Marie daughter of Wayne E & Kathleen (SCHMIDT) KIES. Lived 1602 Lakeside. Began St Thomas in Sep 1953, joined our class in Sept 1958 for grades 5 through 8, and part of HS. Sister of Wayne '64 KIES. Graduated CHS '66.
KILIAN Charlene Daughter of Gerald & Nora () KILIAN. Lived 812 D St. Was at St Thomas only for firth grade, 1954-55.
KING Kristine Ann Daughter of C Patrick & Dorothy (NEUMAYER) KING. Lived 1218 Pennsylvania. Was with us through 4th grade, then completed HS with the Class of 1967.
KOESTER Roy Francis Born 15 April 1947 in Beulah ND to Roy McKinley (1901-1969) & Florence (PULVER) KOESTER. Lived 223 Garden. Came from Mercer county, North Dakota for grade 5, Sep 1957. Was with us grades 5-8, 1958-1962. Brother of Bruce '70 (twelve-year student), and Earl Ryan KOESTER who attended St Thomas grades 2-5 in 1957-61.
Roy M (dad) was born in Forest City, Winnebago county, Iowa. By 1910, the family was farming in Oliver county ND. Roy M farmed there too, then in the 1930's became a coal miner in Mercer county.
Roy F served in the USNavy, married Nancy ---, and died 19 Nov 2020 at Brookdale, Cd'A. He is buried in the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Medical Lake.
Medical Lk
Roy '66
St Thomas:
KUCERA James Michael Son of Charles H & Bertha () KUCERA. Came from American Falls in Sept 1957, for 4th grade only. Lived RR 2.
LANCASTER Mary Antoinette daughter of Francis & Mary (PINTERELLI) LANCASTER. She came from California, and was a boarding student during 8th grade (1961-62).
LEARY Georgia Lee Daughter of Frank & Dorothy () LEARY. Came from St Peter's in Thompson Iowa, 6 Oct 1955 (second and third grades). Lived 801 Cd'A Ave (second gr), 1114 Pennsylvania (third).
LENON Raymond Gene Born 6 Nov 1946 to Orval and Elva (YANDALL, deceased) LENON. Joined us 1 Nov 1961 for 8th grade from Dalton Gardens school, left on 12 Mar 1962 for Pocatello. Died 16 June 1992, buried in Post Falls. His father, Orval A LENON (born 1911 Goreville IL) married in Seattle on 9 Jan 1963 to Mabel C (ROBESON) PULCIFER, both of Cd'A. Evergreen:
Fort Hall:
LENZ Lawrence Dean Son of Marvin & Edith (HOFFMAN) LENZ. Came from Dalton Gardens school on 7 Nov 1955 for second grade, stayed with us through 8th grade. Lived 1721 Lakeside (2-3), 108 Walnut (4-6), 1020 Lakeside (7-8). Graduated IHM with class of 1967. Died 1 April 2018.
LOHSTROH Linda Louise Daughter of William & Bernice (JAY) LOHSTROH. Came from Longfellow, Spokane, for 8th grade, left in March 1962.
LOVELL Mary Ellen Daughter of Charles B & Lorraine (CALL) LOVELL. Sister of several other LOVELL students. Spent first grade with us, in Sept 1954-May 1955. Lived 1602 Fifth St.
LUND Ronald J Born 30 Dec 1947 at Cd'A to Joseph & Alvia (JEANNERET) LUND. Lived 1602 5th. Entered first grade with us in Sept 1954, stayed through middle of third grade. Cousin of Axel(Rusty)('69), James'71, Lynn'73 and Joseph'74 ROSENLUND. Shirt-tail cousin of many JACOBS and GRIBNAU graduates. Ron had three marriages and divorces. Ron died 24 Jan 2019 in Spokane.
Ron '66
LYONS Daniel Patrick Son of Melvin and Phyllis () LYONS. Lived 721 Woodland Dr. Did first half of first grade with us; withdrew Feb 1955.
MacDONALD Herbert John Born 20 Sept 1947 in Columbus OH to Herbert Milton & Catherine Marie (COPPOLA) MacDONALD. Lived Dalton Gardens (1954). Joined us for first grade in Oct 1954 (from second grade), remained with us through fourth grade (May 1958). Joined USAF, worked for GTE, settled in Post Falls. Married Ellen FRANTA in 1974. Brother of Zena MacDONALD, two years older, who also attended St Thomas 1954-1958.
Died 3 March 2018 at Cd'A. See obituary.

MARRON Pamela Ann Daughter of Hugh John & Donna (BIZCHKE) MARRON. Joined us 13 Jan 1959 for fifth grade, stayed through 7th grade (May 1961). Came from Trent School, Spokane; went to Grant, Spokane for 8th grade.
MASON (Margaret) Pauline Spent first 10 years with us at St Thomas and IHM. See Class of 1966. Graduated CHS '66.
MATA Frank Jerald Born 25 July 1946 in Greeley Colorado, to John Frank & LeLa (TORREZ) MATA. Brother of Susie. Lived 306 Foster. Joined us from Sherman school in 6th grade (1959), two years older than most of us. Dismissed 15 Oct 1960 (7th grade) for "bad conduct". Lived Rathdrum ID, died 27 Jan 1998 in Otis Orchards WA. father:
John Frank
MATA Susie Ann Daughter of John Frank & LeLa (TORREZ) MATA. sister of Frank. Lived 306 Foster. Joined us from Cd'A Jr High for 7th grade, completed 8th, then went to HS in Walla Walla.
McCORMACK Barbara Ann Daughter of Irvin & Fern D (PRATER) McCORMACK. Lived at 724 N Perry, Spokane. Came to St Thomas for grades 7 and 8, and probably as a boarding student, from Lakewood, Seattle. Her mother was born in Priest River.
MONAGHAN Patrick John Jr Son of Patrick J & Lilliam (TOCABEN) MONAGHAN. Lived 1704 Front. Spent less than 3 months with us in First grade, Sept-Nov 1954. His father was a State Policeman. Graduated CHS '67.
MONAGHAN William Leroy Jr Son of William Leroy ('43)& Alice (BOLICH) MONAGHAN. cousin of Patrick (above), brother of Lynda ('67) and Michael ('70). Spent 7 of 8 years with us at St Thomas, with the exception of grade 4 at Winton. Lived 1207 Pennsylvania (grades 1-5), then at 1503 Lincoln.

Alice (mom)
MORRIS Paula Katherine Daughter of Harvey & Doris (FAIN) MORRIS. Was an Academy bosarder for grade 8.
NEESER Gerald Everett Son of Louis & Verda(PENDER) NEESER. Brother of Mike'60, Pat'63, and Tom'65 NEESER, and Susi (NEESER '71) BLETHEN. Lived 1602 Pennsylvania (later at 607 Foster). Came from St Al's, Spokane, for fifth grade at St Thomas. Graduated IHM with Class of 1967.
NELSON Elizabeth Margaret Daughter of Bart & Helen (ARSULICH) NELSON. Lived 1119 Second St. Came from Bryan Elementary for grades 4 and 5 (Sept 1957-May 1959). Graduated CHS '66.
NEPHEW Thomas Alexander Son of Albert Henry & Julia (KETURI) NEPHEW. Albert H owned "A&H Grocery", and died in 1960. Brother of Albert'58, Joan('64) and Kathy('68) NEPHEW. Attended grades 1-6 and grade 8 with us. Was at Irving, in Spokane, for 7th grade. Lived 702 foster (grade 1), and then at 609 N 18th. Family moved to Spokane in 1963.
NOONAN Judith daughter of James & Clara (WALLAN) NOONAN. Lived at 823 Wallace. Was with us in first, second and third grade until withdrawn on 20 Nov 1956, returned in Sep 1958 for fifth grade (only).
PAUL Mary Ann daughter of Charles & Florence (COLES) PAUL. Lived at 1017 Boyd, did firth grade and second until withdrawn 10 Nov 1955. Went to Rathdrum schools, returned for 6th grade (only).
PEARRING Laurie Anne Daughter of John E & Louise (COSGRIFF) PEARRING. Lived at 202 Foster after coming from Holy Rosary, Idaho Falls, for grade 5 in 1958. Then lived at 2015 N 5th. Withdrew 9 Nov 1962 when family moved to Boise. Sister of John('68), Michael('70) & Linda PEARRING('74). John E was the Idaho highway engineer in charge of designing the Interstate 90 improvements above Silver Beach, among other projects.
PELTIER Thomas Boarding student for grade 2, came from Seattle in Oct 1955, left (moved) 30 May 1956. Mother listed as Ruth NELSON.
PETERS (Herbert) David Born 11 Feb 1948 at Spokane to Lawrence & Marjorie (BONALLO) PETERS. Lived at 1223 Garden. Was with us grades 1-through-5 (Sep 1954 - May 1959). Completed St Thomas in 1963 with IHM class of 1967, then moved to Sandpoint. Brother of Tom'61 PETERS. Graduated CHS '66. Married Terry ----. Lifetime educator. Died 5 April 2019 at Tacoma WA. See obituary.

PETERSON Stephanie Lucille "Steve" Daughter of Samuel & Bernadine (HOPKINS) PETERSON. Lived 311 N 10th (Boarding Student), belonged to First christian Church. Came from Boise Jr High in Sep 1961 for 8th grade, attended some of IHM with our class.
PHILLIPS Timothy Ray Son of Ray C & Majory (GUTHRIE) PHILLIPS. Lived Dalton Gardens. Came from Avery ID for grades 6-7-8 at St Thomas.
POPIEL Stephen James Born 17 Jan 1948 at Cd'A to Steve C and Ella Mae (BRUNTON) POPIEL. Lived at 724 Pine (1949), 726 Pine (1956). Died 8 Feb 2008 at Yuma AZ. Joined our class for third and fourth grade, then completed through IHM with Class of 1967. Yuma AZ:
PORTER Richard Edward Son of William Arnold & Gladys (KRAUS) PORTER. Lived Hayden Lake. Came from Black Fox (Hollywood CA military school) for third and fourth grades with class of 1965 (Sept 1955 - May 1957), then returned to Black Fox for a year. Returned in Sept 1958 for grades 5 - 8 at St Thomas.
QUINLIVAN Linda Daughter of Mary Louise JOHNSON. Lived 3206 N 4th. Spent part of 4th grade with us (1957-58).
RICKEY Lorraine Daughter of Orman M & Velma M (BROWN) RICKEY. Came to St Thomas for grade 6 (only) from St Pat's, Salamanca NY. Lived on NW Blvd.
RIPLINGER William Craig Born 27 Jun 1947 to John Gerald & Kathleen Doris (HOBSON) RIPLINGER, who married 22 Sep 1942 in Boise. Lived 957 N 7th. Billy died 16 Dec 1987. His father died on 24 July 1953, before Bill's first First grade (1953-54). Also did first-through-fifth grades with our class, then left 31 Aug 1959 for "desire to attend public school" (--from PRCard). Returned for 8th grade with us (1961-62).
Brother of Robert'63 and Jill '66 RIPLINGER. Cousin of Peggy'67, Larry'68, Jim'69, Suzie'70, & Jack '72 RIPLINGER.
More family / relative information.
St Thomas:
ROE Valerie Margaret Born Teckla Margaret Valerie Roe on 23 May 1948 at Cd'A to Ernest'30 ROE and Teckla M (MATTSON) ROE. Niece of Ann '26 ROE. Lived 1300 29th Place, Anchorage AK. Attended (boarder?) Sixth Grade (1959-60) with us. Married Allan MAXIM. Valerie died 12 June 2021 in Anchorage. Anchorage
RYAN Jenifer Katherine Born 18 June 1948 to Cletus James RYAN and Hilma (SMITH) [RYAN] STRAUB. Came to us Sept 1955 from St Maries Academy for grades 2 through 9. Lived 1326 St Maries (grades 3-5) and then 724 Garden and 609½ Sherman.
Jenifer married [1] --- RICKERTS. [2] --- GERIG. Graduated CHS '66. She died 13 Jan 2017.

Hilma (mom)
SANDERS Karen Daughter of Douglas & Faye (LeBOUEF) SANDERS. Lived 114 7th (gr 1), 711 Indiana (grades 2, 3). Attended with us Sept 1954 to 6 March 1957 (grades 1 - 3).
SCHNEBERGER Diane Lyn daughter of William & Catherine (HOPPE) SCHNEBERGER. Lived 1008 Pennsylvania. Attended grades 1-8 at St Thomas with IHM class of 1966. Married --- McKAY. Graduated CHS '66.
SHANE Ronnett Marguerite Daughter of Jay & Mary () SHANE. Started Fifth grade Sep 1958 with us. Withdrawn from Fourth grade on 4 Feb 1959. Lived 2020 N 6th.
SIMS Lawrence Lee Son of Warren E & Rosemary (RIFE) SIMS. With us in grades 1-2-3, until Dec 1956, when he moved to Missoula. Lived 416 4th St & 202 Sherman (1); 202 S 8th (2) 18th (3).
SMITH Donald John Grades 1 - 10. See Class of 1966. Graduated CHS '66.
STACH (Richard) Allen Son of Charles F & Betty (MILLER) STACH. Joined us for Fourth through 8th grades at St thomas, and some high school. Lived 1016 Indiana (4-5), 1301 A St (6-9). Graduated CHS '66.
STEWART Barbara Ann Daughter of Herbert & Mildred () STEWART. Lived 302 S 13th. Began first grade Sep 1953, then joined us for grades 1 & 2; left in May 1956.
THOMSON Diane Marie Daughter of David & Eva (GROSS) THOMSON. Lived 903 Mullan. Came from Hayden on 5 Jan 1959 to join us for grades 5 - 8. Cousin of Harlan'55, Jerry'58, Robert'62, Bill'66, and Tony '72 KAPAUN. Graduated CHS '66.
TRAWICK Margaret Elizabeth Daughter of Harvey & Margaret Mary (O'DONNELL) TRAWICK. Lived 519 Cd'A and 316 Military Dr. Came from St Robert Atmore (or St Matthews), Mobile AL in Sept 1959 for grades 6 & start 7th; withdrawn 15 October 1960 (moved). Had a brother, Michael (class of 1970). Mobile:
TREICHEL Kathleen Gail Daughter of Clarence & Mary (CONNELL) TREICHEL. Sister of Dennis '65 TREICHEL. Joined us 2nd through 4th grade (30 Nov 1955 to May 1958), then completed St Thomas and IHM with Class of 1967.
VALENTE Joanna Helen Daughter of Joseph VALENTE and Helen RASKE. Guardian: James T SMILEY. Lived R1, Port Falls. Entered grade 1 in 1953, left on 15 May 1954. Came back from Tammany in Lewiston in August 1960 for grades 7 and 8 (listed as Helen Joanna), then went back to Lewiston for high school.
VAN KIRK David Kent Son of Fred & Dorothy (DONART) VAN KIRK. Lived 1022 N 12th. Attended grades 1 - 4 with us (1954-1958). Family moved in 1958.
WATERS Victoria (Vici) Born to Warren J & Dorothy (BEEBY) WATERS. Attended grade 1 at Bryan, grades 2 - 8 with us at St Thomas. Sister of Tim '71 WATERS. Lives Cd'A.
mom-Dorothy Dad-Dusty
WILBORN Ann Florence Daughter of John CLIPPENGER and Marie WILMOTH. Boarding student 1961-1962 for 8th grade, came from Encino/Newport Beach CA.
WILD Richard Aro "Dick" Born 29 Jan 1948 at Wallace ID to Albert Earl & Eleanor Virginia (ARO) WILD. Lived R 1 Box 295 (gr 1), then at 1010 S 10th (City Water Works). Was with us for first-through-seventh grade, at St Thomas school. Brother of Randall (1967) and Wendy (1970). Graduated Sandpoint HS in 1967.
Dick died 5 Aug 2019. See obituary.
WILEY Terrence Gene Son of Donald & Betty (TRAUTMAN) WILEY. Entered first grade with us in Sept 1954, completed fifth grade with us (May 1959), then completed St Thomas (1963, and a year or two at IHM) with Class of 1967. Lived at 1115 and 1308 Adeline. Brother of Bette'73 and Don '63 WILEY.
WILLIAMS Frederick Dennis Born Cd'A to Clinton B '27 WILLIAMS and Theo BRAUN. Nephew of James'30 and Catherine '36 WILLIAMS. Brother of Theo Ann'61, Gary'68, and Pat ('71) WILLIAMS. Lived 841 N 4th. Attended all 8 grades with us at St Thomas.
ZIEGLER David Philip Born to Philip & Elizabeth (GANGE) ZIEGLER. Transferred from Post Falls to St Thomas for grades 6-10 with our class.

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