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Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1958

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  22 Jan 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1953-1954 8th grade group photo 35 students, Eighth Grade graduation, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr MEIER, CSsR.
1954 - 1958 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
1958 Graduation newsclip Spokesman Review graduation article, 16 May 1958
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ALEXIE Sherman Joseph (and sister, Ellen)

Sherman ALEXIE (born 10 Jan 1939) and his sistr Ellen (born 10 May 1940) were born to Adolph & Susan (FORD) ALEXIE (ALEXIS), both b 1920, died 1945. Sherman & Ellen attended IHM together from grades 3 (1948-49) until at least 1954 (8th grade graduation with this class in 1954). School record cards list the family name as ALEXIS. They lived with their Spokane-tribe step-grandmother, Lizzie (BOYD) FORD at 1718 Second St, Cd'A. Previously (1940-) they all lived on Squaw Creek, down the Lake. Sherman married Lillian Agnes COX. They are the parents of author Sherman ALEXIE.

ANDERSON Lawrence August "Butch"

Born 12 Jan 1940 at Cd'A to Willard A and Elizabeth T ANDERSON; brother of Richard '56 & Donald '64 ANDERSON. Lived St Maries. Died 31 May 2010, following a six-year battle with cancer. Cd'A Press notice. Hodge Fumeral Home memorial.

BOYER Janis Marie


CAMPBELL Patricia Brooke

Chosen as Idaho Queen for the state float in the Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC in 1962. --The Laurel, Mar '62. Married Carlos RIVERA at Washington DC. Ken '60 BROOTEN was best man at the wedding.

CARLSON Jean Lurine

Born 20 Dec 1939 to Herbert A (1914-1994) & ---Lurine H CARLSON; lived 816 Indiana Ave. Married Glen Lacy PRATT, USAF, lived Spokane. Glen was born 19 Sep 1931, died 29 Apr 1989.
Jan died 21 Jan 2006 in Spokane.

Riverside, Spokane
Jean '58
ENGEN Ardis Louise

Born 21 July 1940 in Pennington County Minnesota to Clarence Oliver & Amelia Louise (HALLEMECK) ENGEN. Began first grade in 1946 at St Thomas, lived 1710 N 4th, Cd'A. Married Donald MAINE. parents of April Leigh MAINE, who spent first grade in St Thomas, 1967/68. Ardis lived in Cd'A, Gladstone & Klamath Falls Oregon, and Edmonds WA.
It appears her father, born 1904, died 1988 in Crookston, Polk county, Minnesota.

St Thomas:
GARVEY Lucille Joan

Not included in 1958 annual, or class picture, but was a classmate. Married [1] 9 Dec 1958 in Las Vegas to Gary Hamill STONE; divorced in Los Angeles, Sept 1968; m [2] 12 May 1974 in Los Angeles to Louis ALLEN.

GREEN Theodore Albert

Born 23 Oct 1940 in Eureka MT to Dewey Chester & Zelma Rae (SCHUCK) GREEN.
Married #1 on 13 Mar 1970 at Auburn WA to Carrie Patricia GRAHAM. Married #2 on 7 Nov 1975 at Seattle WA to Karen A MUNDELL.
Ted died 14 May 2016 in Tacoma WA.

Ted '58
GRIBNAU Barbara Jean

Born Oct 1940 to Frank and Eugenia (FRIEDT) GRIBNAU. Sister of Cecelia (b 1914 GRIBNAU) JACOBS, Theresa '46, Alice '51, Patricia '53, & Norma '55 GRIBNAU. Married Lawrence A HIPPLER, lives Boise.
Aunt of Robert '56, Delores '59, Linda '63, Larry '66, Donald '72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Aunt of Axel "Rusty", James '71, Lynn '73 and Joseph '74 ROSENLUND.

GRYGNY Janette

Born in Ladysmith WI to Stanley Joseph and Isabelle (BRIANT 1922-2005) GRYGNY. The family moved to Cd'A in 1953. Sister of Stan '67 GRYGNY and Kathy, Bonnie & Marcine GRYGNY, who attended St Thomas but not IHM. Janette attended St Thomas since 4th grade, and IHM to grade 11, but graduated CHS in 1958. She married Marvin BUFFINGTON at St Thomas on 9 Aug 1958.
Isabelle BRIANT is a daughter of George L (1890-1964) & Anne M (1902-1993) BRIANT. After Stanley Joseph (1916-1972) died, Isabelle married Edward GIERLACH (1911-1992). The BRIANT, GIERLACH and GRYGNY families are buried in St Thomas cemetery. Janette's nephew, Edward QUICK (1966-1988), son of Kathy (GRYGNY) QUICK, is buried with his grandfather.

HALLGREEN Ellen Louise

Born to William and Clarice ('30 STREETER) HALLGREEN. Sister of John '61 HALLGREEN. Married Jerry NIBARGER at St Thomas on 3 Nov 1962.


Born 20 Sep 1940. Married 8 June 1963 at St Thomas to Joe '59 DAWSON. Lives in Spokane. Joe's obituary

HULTNER (Harold) Kent

Born 1941 to Henry and Violet (WERNER) HULTNER. Brother of Sharon '56, Kathleen '59, Rita '62, and Robin '66 HULTNER. See more family information.

KOM Donald Ray

born at Sandpoint to Peter (1914-2000) and Vera (SAUNDERS 1917-2002) KOM. Brother of Donald '58, Richard '67, & Thomas '69 KOM and Katherine ('61 KOM) GEHLEN. Father's obituary. Also, see WorldConnect for More KOM family genealogy.

KRYGER Jon David

Born 18 Nov 1940 in Boise to Arthur & Frances Elizabeth ('33 GRISMER) KRYGER. See mother's obituary and more family info. Married De Etta LaFORE on 31 Aug 1963 at Salem, Oregon. Graduated 1962 Willamette Univ Law School. Siblings: Eugene '57, Kathy '64, Ann '66, Kris '70. Attorney, Albany Oregon, but this appears to be a different, public-school Dave: his bio says, "Born in Boise, Idaho, Dave grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He attended public school until he graduated high school." David visited Nepal in Dec 2007. He also attended St Martin's College, Olympia WA (1958).

MACY Jean Elizabeth

Class Historian 12. Sister of Rosemary '56 and Alice '60 MACY. Born in Chicago to George E and Marie Ann (BLOCK) MACY. Moved to Cd'A in 1951, lived at 1913 Pennsylvania. Married Walter MELLON (or MALEN) 24 Aug 1963 at St Thomas. Additional family information at Rosemary's listing. Also, see mother's obituary. Lives Portland OR.

MEYER Sharon Lee

Born 24 July 1939 to Kenneth Leo (1913-1990) and Catherine Agnes (McEVOY 1914-1987) MEYER, who married 27 Jan 1934 in Rockwell IA. Lived 613 Locust (1946); 612 Annie (1954). Sister of Jerry '55 and Bobbie '54 MEYER.

NEPHEW Albert Henry

Married 3 Aug 1963 at St Al's, Spokane, to Elizabeth Anne HILBER of Fargo ND.

NEWBY Rodney Lee

Born Rodney Lee ROSENBAUM on 28 Nov 1940 in Westwood CA, possibly to Bernice J CEAGLIO ("b c1917 IL" per 1940 census Westwood CA, no other records found) or Margaret (not listed in 1940 census). Adopted(?) by Clifford E and Margaret E (CEAGLIO) NEWBY, who married in 1946/7. Rod joined the US Navy in 1959. Rod died 8 Feb 2008 at Cd'A. Married August 1959 to Ja Nee '59 RUSSELL. English Funeral Chapel memorial.

Rod '58
NIELSEN Richard Allen

Born to George Hans & Esther (STREETER'28) NIELSEN. brother of Helenmarie'50, Esther Marlene'53, George'54, John'56 & Margaret'60 NIELSEN. Nephew of Lillian'32, Rose'34, Irvin'37, Delico'38 & Irene'40 STREETER More STREETER family information and More NIELSEN family info.



PERKINS Ruth Germaine

boarding student from Metaline Falls WA. Born 12 Sep 1940 at Metaline to Hubert Raymond and Gertrude Helen (JOHNSON) PERKINS. Went to Kinman Business, worked GE/Hanford. Married classmate Terry '58 SEMANKO at St Thomas on 18 Apr 1959.
Ruth died 12 Nov 2020,after years of travel and adventure; see obituary

Ruth '58
PRIMOZICH Jacqueline Joyce

Born 1 Mar 1941 to Stanley Merico & Alice Joyce (CRUM) PRIMOZICH. Married Roger W ELLIG. Sister of Stan('60), Duane '63 & Mary Leigh '65 PRIMOZICH.
Father's obituary, and mother's death notice. Alice was born 2 June 1921 in Melstone MT to Harry E and Grace Marie (JOYCE) CRUM.


Boarding student from Colton WA. Born to Emil Martin & Lucy Rebecca(SPILS) REISENAUER. Married at Spokane 25 Nov 1961 to Perry E MORTER of Bonners Ferry.

Emil (dad)
SCHARFF Ronald Eugene

Born 7 Oct 1940 in St Maries to Leo and Rose A (HENDRICKX) SCHARFF. Graduated Gonzaga U in 1963, commissioned 2Lt in US Army. Ron's first wife, Lieselotte E (BOURBONUS), died in 2004, and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane, as is Leo SCHARFF. Ron is retired from a military career and lived in Spokane.
On 8 Oct 2005, Ron married in Spokane to Maria Gisela REISSFELDER. Ron died 22 March 2016, and is buried in Holy Cross. See Cd'A Press obituary.
Brother of Sharon'62 and Barbara '64 SCHARFF. Leo SCHARFF died in 1972, and Rose then married Hillmer JOHNSON. Rose died in 2005 (see obituary) and is buried in Forest cemetery, Cd'A.

Holy Cross:
SELZLER Leonard Anselm

Graduated Gonzaga U in 1963.

SEMANKO Terrill Wayne

Married classmate Ruth '58 PERKINS at St Thomas on 18 Apr 1959. Born in Wisconsin to Roger William & Myra Hazel (KNOWLTON) SEMANKO, who married 14 Jun 1939 in Stanley WI. Terry was baptized 21 Dec 1939 at St Bridget (Mission) in Chippewa Falls WI. The family moved to Cd'A in 1954. Myra died in 2003, and is buried in Riverview cemetery. Roger died, age 92, on 20 Nov 2010 at Cd'A. See Roger's obituary.


Born to Walter Wilton & Catherine M (SAYER) STILLINGER. Lived 1220 N 10th (1941), 1001 Walnut (1946), 301 S 13th (1952). Uncle of Penny '74 KACZOR. Brother of Phyllis '40, Wendell '42, Larry '44, Ramona (non-grad), Joan '50, and Mary '54 STILLINGER. Jim married Sue A DEAN on 13 Aug 1966 at San Diego, California. See additional family information.

THOMPSON Gary Joseph

Born in Cd'A to Henry and Marie (MULLER) THOMPSON. Married 1966 to Marilyn KALBERER. Lives in Post Falls. Son Steven; daughter Lori. Nephew of Tubby ('37 MULLER) HOLZER, and Billie ('33 MULLER) KELLY. Cousin of Henry '54 and Eleanor '55 MULLER, Don '55 and Jan '56 KELLY, Dick '61 & Tom '61 and Jo Ellen '63 HOLZER.
More family information at MULLER and HOLZER family page.

email: gandmthompson@gmail.com

Not included in 1958 annual, or class picture, but was a classmate. Worked 1964-2002 for State of California, as a traffic engineer.

WHITELEY Margaret Ann "Mickey"

daughter of Margaret '35 HEALY and Charles "Chuck" WHITELEY. Married (1) Kenneth EDWARDS; (2) Harry GOOLIE (1919~2007), lives Post Falls. Sister of Sandi '56 and Barbara '65 WHITELEY.

YACKS William James

Born in Detroit MI to Etrope Joseph (1894-1970) & Irene Laurencia (EMERY) YACKS. uncle of Kris '66 and Patricia '68 YACKS. Married Marcia STEIN in July 1963 at St Thomas.

E J (dad)

Sisters: Barbara (math, science); Kevina (art, languages); Rebecca (principal, and English); Spiritus (social studies); Timothy (music); Teresine (business, English). Lay teachers: Vicky BOUGHTON (drama); Ruth McFARLAND (homemaking); Mrs John O'REILLY (homemaking); Col & Mrs John McFARLAND (Spanish, homemaking); Stan SWEATTE (PE); Mrs Pat ARNEY (homemaking). Clergy (all CSsR): Bro's Martin & Joseph; Frs Joseph MEIER (pastor), Bernard HOPKINS (DeSales Club), Francis DOWD and Eugene WEHNER (religion instructors).

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