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  16 Jan 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1951-1952 8th grade group photo 25 Eighth Grade graduates, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr COLLINS, CSsR.
1952 - 1956 Le Coeur Yearbooks / annuals not yet available for these years
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Born July 1938 to Willard A and Elizabeth T ANDERSON. Lived 735 Gov't Way (1954). brother of Lawrence'58 & Donald'64 ANDERSON. Lives St Maries ID.


probably a sister (born c 1938) of Ruby BRONZIE (baptized 24 Aug 1927, Detroit MI), who married Thomas '46 HEBERT on 27 Nov 1952 at St Thomas (Anne was a witness). Ruby was born May 1927 in Detroit to Miko BRONZIE & Marie ZALASZKIEWICZ, and died 14 Jun 2007 at Spokane.
Marie married [2] Joseph KASJAKA, and lived in St Maries ID. Marie died at Cd'A on 30 Apr 1946. Joseph KASJAKA died 1951.
Anne graduated from St Patrick's School of Nursing in Missoula on 17 Feb 1957. She married 1959 Bob JOHNSON.


 Born 25 May 1937 at Usk WA to Clarence & Mary (BIGSMOKE) CAMPBELL. sister of Elaine '53 CAMPBELL.Cousin of schoolmate Louise '53 GARRICK
Ida Married #1 Gary G GILBERT on 8 Apr 1961 at St Paschal, Spokane. Classmate Genevieve '56 JAMES was a witness. They divorced in 1980.
Ida married #2 Lloyd Edwin NAPIER on 5 May 1984 in Cd'A; they divorced in 1986 at Spokane.

Mary (mom)



Born 21 Feb 1938 to John S and Elizabeth (KARRER) COSTELLO. Lived 2202 (2302?) Pennsylvania (1954). Brother of John J'55 COSTELLO. Enrolled University of Idaho. Married Kathy ---. John S was a state Conservation Officer; Elizabeth taught at Hayden Lake school.


vice-president; Seattle attorney. Born 18 Jan 1938 to William & Edith (HAEVERNICK) CROWLEY. On 18 Aug 1962, he married Nancy Jo PALMER at Sacred Heart, Spokane. Brother of Norma'39, Jack'42, Margaret'46, Mary'50 and Catherine'53 CROWLEY. See CROWLEY family information.


Born 7 Jun 1938 at Cd'A to Aldhemar W & Florence M (TESKE) GALIPEAU, who married 9 Apr 1927 at Kellogg. Lived 1402 Cd'A Ave (1946). Sister of Virgil, Earl'47, Yvonne'48, and Marie'54 GALIPEAU. Married Mike LO CELSO (1934-2009).
Donna died 19 Apr 2022 in Gilbert AZ.

St Thomas:
HAUGSE Myrna Lee

Born to Leonard S & Helen (URCH) HAUGSE of Sandpoint area. Married --- MARTINEZ, Lives Salem OR.
Helen was born in Aurora CO on 23 Nov 1918 to Edwin & Rachel URCH. She moved to Sandpoint in 1939, and married Leonard HAUGSE in July 1943 at Thompson Falls MT. They operated the Pastime Cafe until 1979, and the Schweitzer Basin cafeteria (1960's). Helen died 29 March 2010 at Sandpoint --obituary).
Leonard was born 14 Oct 1909 in SD to Joe & Ingeborg HAUGSE, both from Norway. They moved to Idaho before 1920. He died 2 Jun 2001 in Sandpoint ID. Joe, Ingeborg ("Isabelle") and daughter Myrtle are buried in Lakeview cemetery, Sandpoint.


Born 18 Oct 1938 in Virginia to Darold Edward and Ellen Martha (ROBINS) HENDERSON. Darold was in the US Navy. Lived Philadelphia PA (1940), San Diego (1941-42). Lived Post Falls (1949). Married Donald PISCHNER ( --2010 Press article about his childhood and "home"), lived and worked in N California (1959). Lives Harrison ID.


Class representative 12, valedictorian. Born to Henry and Violet (WERNER) HULTNER. Sister of Kathleen'59, Kent'58, Rita '62, and Robin'66 HULTNER. Married 24 Jun 1956 at St Thomas to Allan MacDONALD, of Puyallup WA. Married #2 Morton GREEN; divorced Dec 1967. Graduated JD, UCLA 1968; attorney in Las Vegas NV. See more family information.


born 2 Oct 1938 at Cd'A to Harold and Cecelia JACOBS. Brother of Delores'59, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72, Gayle, Mary, Linda and Carol JACOBS. Lived 1914 Front (1946). Joined USAF, was stationed in Fallon NV in 1959. More family information

JAMES Genevieve R

class secretary 12. Enrolled as a Postulate at Sisters of Providence (Seattle) in January 1957. On 8 Sep 1962, married Gary Lee PIERCE of Fairchild AFB, at Sacred Heart, Spokane. They divorced before 1981.


Born 3 Jan 1938 to Irwin M & Magdalene KELLY; lived 202 Front (1946); 820 N 11th (1954). Brother of Don'55 KELLY.

MACY Rosemary Louise

sister of Jean'58 and Alice'60 MACY. Born 26 Dec 1938 in Chicago to George E and Marie Ann (BLOCK) MACY. Moved to Cd'A in 1951, lived at 1913 Pennsylvania. Married 4 Apr 1964 at St Thomas to William Dudley BARNES, lived Cd'A. Rosemary died 13 April 2017, buried in St Thomas.
George E was born 3 Jan 1913 in IL to George E & Mary M MACY, who married in 1909. He died 26 Dec 2000. Marie, born 24 Sep 1914 in Chicago to Frank J & Louise (GADZINSKI) BLOCK, died 4 Aug 2010 at Cd'A. George and Marie are buried in St Thomas cemetery. See Marie's Cd'A Press obituary, or links here.


Daughter of Oscar & Olga A (SIDEEN) [WOLCOTT] MANNON, who married (second for both) on 23 Nov 1937 at Mt Vernon WA. Lived 201 Walnut (1954). Graduated NW Air College in 1956. (Oscar previously married to Irene BURLEY, 30 Dec 1924.)

MATHES Constance

Born in MT 27 May 1938 to Frank and Elizabeth "Bette" (SHARPE) MATHES. Sister of Tim, Frank('62), Patricia'67, Kathy and more MATHES children. Connie married Richard SCHROEDER. Her father, Frank MATHES, b 16 Jun 1914 MT, died 16 Nov 2001. Bette (SHARPE) MATHES, b 24 Jul 1919 in MT, died 7 Oct 2007 at Cd'A.   |   More family information

MORRIS Loretta Myrle

(probably) born 24 Feb 1937 Cd'A to Keith G & Merrill A (BRYANT 1908-1995) MORRIS. Married 1 Nov 1959 in Maine to Bennie A STOREY.
--from obituary: lived in Hemet CA (last) six years. Previously she lived for more than 30 years in Leesville, SC. She was a homemaker who studied art and home economics for two years at North Idaho Junior College in Coeur d'Alene. Served in the US Navy as a seaman apprentice in 1959 and 1960.
Died 27 Jun 2000 at Hemet CA, buried in Riverside Nat'l Cemetery. Her mother died near there in 1995. Father died, buried in Post Falls.


Born 5 Feb 1938 to George Hans & Esther (STREETER '28) NIELSEN. brother of Helenmarie'50, Esther Marlene'53, George'54, Richard'58 & Margaret'60 NIELSEN. Nephew of Lillian'32, Rose'34, Irvin'37, Delico'38 & Irene'40 STREETER. Enrolled NIJC and University of Idaho.
Earned Eagle Scout. Lon time supporter and member of Campfire, Eagles, PTA, Cd'A Wildlife Federation, Air National Guard. Married 17 March 1960 to Sharon Rose SCHORZMAN. Worked 48 years in Sawmill Industry. John Died 25 Jan 2023 at Cd'A. Obituary.
More STREETER family information and More NIELSEN family info.

NOMEE Marion (Mary Ann E)

Born 26 July 1936 in Washington to Louis NOMEE (Flathead, Cd'A tribe) and Lucy WHATKAN (Kalispel). Lived on the Kalispel Reservation.

NOVAK Robert

class treasurer 12. Born 1938 to John F and Fern C (STIBBE) NOVAK. Lives Davenport WA. Married Dixie MILLER in 1964. Brother of Rea'66, Brad '71, and Pam'73 NOVAK

PETERS Ronald R or Roland J

class president 12. Born 27 Apr 1938 in Spokane to (?)Fred SCHNEIDER and Loretta COLES. Lived Post Falls (1946, 2008), 103 Garden (1949), listed in school record as Roland. Attended Univ of Idaho.


Born 4 Oct 1938 to Lee W & Mary K (CARLSON) RUSSELL. Married 1959 to George Roger WILSON. died 22 Mar 2000, Phoenix AZ. Sister of Ja-Nee'59, John'60 and James'67 RUSSELL. Mother's obituary.


retired FBI; wife Sally. Born 7 Jan 1939 to George Henry & Dorothy ('31 EARIN) SONNICHSEN. Brother of David'59, Ann'65 & Barbara'68 SONNICHSEN. Lived 1317 Front (1946). Dick earned Eagle Scout rank in 1955 in Explorer Post 1, and enrolled (1956) at University of Idaho.

SWAN Alice (Marie)

(probably) Born to Theodore & Lucy () SWAN, of Hazelmere, Ferry county WA. Native American. Worked as a secretary in Spokane, then married 28 Dec 1956 at Spokane to Johnny Harrison FRY (USAF). Johnny died 13 Aug 2006 in Albuquerque NM.

Santa Fe Nat'l:

born 25 Sep 1937 at Hirschville ND to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Married [1] 1961 at St Thomas to Kathleen Louise HENRY; two children. Married [2] 1970 at San Diego to Joan BUTLER. Married [3] Amy BUTLER HAND. Lived Post Falls. Brother of Celestine'57, Othelia'55, Frances'53, Lillian'59, David'60, & Linda'65 WALTER.
Joe died 15 Jan 2022 at Cd'A. See obituary in CdA Press

Cd'A Memorial:
WHITELEY Sandra Jean

born 10 Jan 1939 to Margaret (HEALY '35) and Charles Wilson WHITELEY. Died 11 May 2005. Obituary. Sister of Margaret '58 & Babara '65 WHITELEY.
Sandra worked after graduation as a proof reader at the Cd'a Press. Married #1 on 3 Jun 1961 at St Thomas to Cornelius Raymond COVINGTON; marr #2 c1968 to Stanley G HARBERT, divorced 9 Sep 1976. Lived Spokane.


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