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  8 Feb 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1960-1961 2nd grade photos Second Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Hermine IHM and 69 classmates (all in one classroom).
1963-1964 5th grade photos Fifth Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Vincent Marie IHM and 59 classmates (all in one classroom). Has photo identifier, and some autographs.
1965-1966 7th grade photos Seventh Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr M Christina IHM and 49 classmates (all in one classroom). Has some autographs.
1967 8th grade Graduation Eighth Grade Class Graduation photo, on steps of St Thomas Church.; Sr M St Pius IHM and 45 classmates. Has photo identifier. (All old photos and identifiers courtesy of Tony '71/'72 KAPAUN (deceased), and his brother Bill ('66) KAPAUN.
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Sister of Donna '68 ANDERSEN. Married David '71 JESSICK.


Married Janice L ---; lives Spokane WA. Brother of Phyllis '67, Terry '68, & Mary '69 BAUMAN.

BECK Katherin



Born 1952. Brother of Christine'72, and Theresa'73 BENBENNICK. More family information.

BOUGHTON William L "Billy"

Born 6 June 1953 to Lowell and Grace (HOFFMAN) BOUGHTON. Moved to Cd'A in 1965 after Lowell retired from USAF.
Cousin of Rick '66 DIEMERT, David '68, Jim ('70), Randolf ('71), Deborah '73 DIEMERT, and more; Larry '67, Jeff '71 & Diana '73 LENZ and seven more. (Grace [BOUGHTON], Rose [DIEMERT] and Enith HOFFMAN [LENZ] are sisters.)
Billy died 23 May 2003 near Soldotna, Alaska.


Twelve-year class member. born at Cd'A to William Strout & Margaret Anna (GRAY) BROADSWORD. Brother of Arthur BROADSWORD and Hazel "Sissy" CROWLEY, plus (deceased) brothers Dalton, Chuck, Gene, Chet & Doug. Lived 810 Young Ave. Arthur, born 10 Mar 1943 at Denver CO, transferred into St Thomas (grade 8) in 1959 from St Anthony, did not continue at IHM.
Dale married Lugene MARTIN, (Post Falls HS '72). They have 2 children, both graduates of Lakeland HS, Rathdrum ID.
Dale is a grandson of Israel Adam BROADSWORD (1846-1952), one of the last remaining Civil War Union Army veterans, and the last in the Pacific NW when he died at the Spokane Veterans Hospital in 1952 (age 105). He was featured in Stars and Stripes in 1946; in a story on the "last 68 GAR veterans" in Life Magazine in 1949, and a story on the "last 7 GAR vets" in a 1951 Chicago Tribune story. His death in 1952 made headlines across Idaho.
Israel BROADSWORD was a Private in the 51st Missouri Infantry, and later, a Sergeant in Co H, 19th Kansas Cavalry. He was born in Putnam Co OH in 1846, lived in Kansas in 1870, 1880 and 1900. He lived in Colorado after 1900 until at least 1930, and lived in Samuels, Bonner Co ID when he died. See 1850, 1870, 1900 & 1920 censuses, plus death and military records index.

BROWN Douglas Lindsey

born in Hawthorne NV to Frank James "Bud" & Eva Marie (LINDSEY) BROWN. Brother of Lynette '70 BROWN. Doug entered St Thomas in 1959 (grade 1), then moved to California in 1962, returning after his father, Bud died in 1965 in the USNavy in Subic Bay. Family lived at 801 Montana, then 916 N 15th, then 1024 Cd'A (1965).

Marie (mom)
Bud (dad)

BROWN Lonnie Ray

Born at Lemmon SD to Adolph & Pearl (BURKE) BROWN. Lived 1107 Montana, Cd'A.

BRUEGGEMAN Phyllis Marie

Born at Cd'A to Frank & Esther (HULL) BRUEGGEMAN. Lived at Silver Beach. Sister of Darlene '69 BRUEGGEMAN. Cousin of Joanne '69, Robert '71, & Donna '72 BRUEGGEMAN. Niece of Mary '41 & Joe '38 and Peter '48 BRUEGGEMAN.
Phyllis married in 1976 to Michael L Rosenkranz (1947-2016)(grad Shadle 1966). Mike was born in Spokane to Leonard & Florence (RICHARDSON) ROSENKRANZ, both now buried in Riverside, Spokane. Mike served two tours in VietNam. He died 15 Oct 2016.


Born at Cd'A to Joseph H '38 and Betty (WHALEY) BRUEGGEMAN. Lived at Silver Beach. Brother of Joanne '69 and Donna '72 BRUEGGEMAN; cousin of Darlene '69 & Phyllis '71 BRUEGGEMAN. Nephew of Mary '41 & Peter '48 BRUEGGEMAN. Father's obituary. Married Becky ---, lives Spokane. More family information

BUVEL Raymond Louis

Born at Cd'A to Robert H and Shirley A (MARIER '52) BUVEL, the oldest of 9 children, several of whom attended St Thomas elementary. Lived 1219 Lakeside. Twelve-year classmate. Nephew of Rolland '46 MARIER. Brother of Bill (1959-2009) and "Christmas Village" Bob. Their mother, Shirley, born 1934, died young on 23 Dec 1962, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Shirley (mom)

Born to Bruno P and Erma A (--) CIERYCA. Brother of Marianne '66 CIERYCA. Married Judith A ---. Lives Boise.

FRAIJO Christine Dawn

did not graduate IHM; listed with this class in grade 6. --1964 St Thomas school diretory Born 5 June 1953 at Cd'A to Ernest and Mary (WILSON) FRAIJO. Sister of Jeanne '66, Leslie '67 , Laura '69 FRAIJO and Rebecca '70,. She married 8 Oct 1979 at Spokane to Elston L CLOY. Divorced 20 Dec 1983. She later divorced John M Kern Sr on 8 Feb 1995 in Spokane.
Christine died 29 March 2020 at Spokane. see obituary.






  Born 19 Dec 1952 in Jerome ID to Lloyd Eugene & Barbara (ALLEN) HAMMONS.
Carl married Kay ----. Carl was a logger, lived ai Sagle. He died of cancer on 19 Jan 2024. see obituary.


Born to Henry C & Opal (MILLER) HAMMRICH, who married 12 Oct 1950 in Ipswich, South Dakota, then moved to Cd'A. Henry worked at Potlatch Mill, and was the caretaker for St Thomas Cemetery. Kathy married Mike RUMELHART, lives in Pasco WA. See her dad's obituary.


Born c1953 to Florry F & Lucille HARRINGTON. Sister of Mary Kaye (HARRINGTON '66) BARTLETT, Mike '66, Pat '67, Greg, Jeff, Ruth '69, Jean '73, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Marcia, and Paula J HARRINGTON. Joan married ---- BARNES. More family information.


daughter of O H "Bud" and Catherine (BAUMAN) HOFMEISTER. Sister of Rick'63 & Jim'67. See more ancestral information.

HUETTER Patrick Bruce

Brother of Robert '67, M J '70 and Jan '72 HUETTER. More family information.




Son of Thomas Henry and Catherine ('43 DAWSON) JACOBSON. Brother of Rick'67, Judy'69, Ron'74 & Pat'66 JACOBSON. Lived at 616 Indiana.

St Thomas:

Son of Arthur R & Alida F JAEGER. Lived 1111 N 6th (1954). Brother of Jim'57, John '64, David '72 and Joan '68 JAEGER.

St Thomas & Forest:

Married Marlis '71 ANDERSEN. Born to Rose Mary HEBERT '37 and Roy John (1916~1969) JESSICK. Brother of Lucille '66 & Frank '65 JESSICK; cousin of Mike '70 and Ray '73 JESSICK, and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD, Cd'A. Nephew of Mary Frances (SIEK '45) JESSICK.
Formerly Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer with Thrifty Payless / Rite-Aid Drug Stores. From 2002-2005, he was a "Golden parachute" executive for Rite-Aid. Retired, lives in Vancouver WA.
(from a proxy filings in 2007 by SourceInterlink:) "David R Jessick has served as one of our Directors since February 2005 and is a member of our Board's Audit Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. He served as a consultant to the Chief Executive and senior financial staff at Rite Aid Corporation where he previously served as a Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer from July 2002 to February 2005. Mr. Jessick served as Rite Aid's Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer from December 1999 to June 2002. Prior to that, from February 1997 to June 1999, Mr. Jessick was the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations for Fred Meyer, Inc. From 1979 to 1996, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Thrifty Payless Holdings, Inc. Mr. Jessick began his career as a Certified Public Accountant for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. He is currently non-executive Chairman of Pathmark Stores, Inc. (member of the Audit Committee), a director of Big 5 Sporting Goods, Inc. (member of the Audit Committee), a director of WKI Holding Company, Inc. (Chairman of the audit and the Compensation Committees), Pinnacle Foods Group, Inc. (member of the Audit Committee) and Dollar Financial Corp. (Chairman of the Audit Committee)."

JOST Michael

Born to Richard Stanley & Shirley ('49 BOLTZ) JOST. Brother of George '70, Christine '73, Rick '74 and Cheryl ('76) JOST.




Born at Ft Monmouth NJ to Marvin M & Mathilde (LIPPERT) KIRCHNER, lived Star Rt 2 (1963). Brother of Siegfried '70, and Ingrid '74 KIRCHNER. Left in grade 11 to join the US Coast Guard. Lives Homer AK.

KOEP Court

Married Linda '67 BLESSING. Lives Cd'A.


Born 1953 in Yonkers NY to Henry C (1922-2007) and Ruth (1930-1995) KOMOSINSKI. See father's obituary for more family information.

KUKA Carolee


LANE Robert Jr


LENZ Jeffrey

Son of Marvin Cecil & Enith (HOFFMAN) LENZ. Brother of Larry '67 & Diana '73 LENZ and seven more. Cousin of Billy '71 BOUGHTON. See more family information.

St Thomas:

married Terrill PETERSEN (div).

MacDONALD Maureen

Daughter of Eugene "Sandy" and Mary M (QUINN '41) MacDONALD. Sister of Robert '67, Donald and Margaret MacDONALD, cousin of Ann'66 & Janet'59 MacDONALD. Married Dan SEMPERT, lives Bend OR. Father's obituary. Mother's obituary. More QUINN family information.

McALLISTER Roberta Ann "Bobbi"

Born in Rapid City SD to Robert & Eva (KAMMERER) McALLISTER. Attended grades 1-2. Family moved at Christmas 1960 (grade 2). Sister of Michael and Patricia('68), & Sharon('69). Lived 1019 Third St [1957-60].


Born to Robert L and Mary (JARVIS) McCAMMON, who married 21 Sep 1950 at Spokane. Sister of Maureen '70, Margo '74 and Kelly McCAMMON. Married Gordy DICKS. Also see her father's obituary.


Born to Joseph A and Alma Josephine (FOLDEN) MIHELICH. Mother's obituary. Brother of Sr Christine '63, IHM, John '64 ; Mike '66; and Ed '68 MIHELICH.



MOYLES Christine



Not on composite class picture. Sister of Mike '60, Pat '63, Tom '65, and Gerald "Jerry" '67 NEESER. Graduated Prairie HS, Cottonwood ID in 1971. Married, works Spokane real estate, lives Greenacres WA.

Susi '71
NOVAK Bradley Paul

Born 1953 to John F and Fern C (STIBBE) NOVAK. Brother of Robert '56, Rea '66, and Pam '73 NOVAK. Married on 13 June 1987 at St Pat's, Walla Walla to Kerry A SCHOLL. Lives Rathdrum.


Born to Bruce William and Juanita Y (GROVES/JOHNSTON) PALMER. Lived 804 Garden (1964). Brother of Catherine E '65, David ('67), Mark '72, & John '74 PALMER. Cousin of Margaret '12, Gertrude '18 & Mary '20 GROVES; Royal '18, Catherine '43, Mary '47, Bill '51 & Joe '59 DAWSON; Patrick ('66), Rick '67, Judy '69, Dan '71, & Ronald '74 JACOBSON; Dora '25 MAYVILLE; and possibly the many PETERS graduates.
Lives Cd'A.

Bruce W
PEPLINSKI Richard Floyd

Born in Reardan WA to Floyd G & Stella A (HARTMEIER) PEPLINSKI. Brother of Carol '65 PEPLINSKI. Entered at 4th grade in Sept 1962 from Post Falls. Lives Newman Lake.

Floyd (dad)
Stella (mom)
PETERS Lauretta "Lori"

sister of George '69 and Suzanne '73 PETERS. Married Robert '69 BLESSING.

PETERSON Sherrill Ann

Valedictorian. Born at Cd'A to Norman Leo & Doris (SPULER) PETERSON. Sister of Dan'67 & Susan'72 PETERSON.
Father's obituary — November 2015.
Sherrill is a retired Music Therapist, lives in Sonoma CA.

PICKEN Charlie



Son of Josephine Ramona (FLYNN '33) and John ROCHE. More ROCHE relatives, census records.
Brother of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry, & Theresa'69 ROCHE. Mother's obituary. Kevin married 31 May 1980 to Wendy M KASTELIC at Lewiston ID.

ROMANS Shanna Valerie

Born at China Lake CA to Ralph & Margaret (HOLZGANG) ROMANS. Sister of Judy'63, Lynne'66, Bert ('65?), and Wesley V ROMANS (1949-1973). Lived 908 Lakeside. Shanna completed at least 8 grades with this class (at St Thomas), but did not graduate IHM. See more family information.


Born Dec 1953 to Floyd and Alice ('51 GRIBNAU) ROSENLUND. Married Theresa ---; lives Cd'A. Brother of Lynn '73 and Joseph '74 ROSENLUND. Cousin of Robert '56, Delores '59, Linda '63, Larry '66, Donald '72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad, children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Nephew of Theresa '46, Patricia '53, Norma '55 & Barbara '58 GRIBNAU. Mother's obituary and father's obituary.




Born Nov 1953 to Louis and Betty (BURRELL) SPINAZZA. Married Loren J SCHMIDT, lives Cd'A area. Sister of Teri '70 SPINAZZA and Steve '73 SPINAZZA.


Born at Cd'A of Allen Ernest & Virginia (MOSMAN) STOCKWELL. Lived 1302 Montana. Brother of Linda'66 & Dan'73 STOCKWELL. Nephew of Marilyn '60 MOSMAN. Lives Post Falls (2018). More family information.

St Thomas:



SULLIVAN John Joseph

Born at Seattle to Mannie & Marie (HATCH) SULLIVAN. Brother of Bill'66 SULLIVAN. Lived Rte 2, Hayden. Entered St Thomas in 1964 (grade 6) from St Augustine, Spokane. Did not graduate IHM.


Born to Pete & Bernadine ('44 JOHNSON) VALENTE. Brother of Jan '68 and Julie '70 VALENTE.


Nephew of Roberta '33 & Winifred '36 WACHSMUTH. More ancestor information.


Born 3 Mar 1953 to Robert John and Violet Elaine (KUSLER) WACHTER. Brother of Lorinda '63, Diane '64, Sharon '66 and Geoffrey '69 WACHTER. Bob married on 3 Aug 1985 at Mica WA to Patricia M MURPHY.

WALSON Bernadine


WATERS Timothy

Son of Warren Joseph "Dusty" & Dorothy (BEEBY) WATERS. Brother of Vicki ('66) WATERS. Stepmother's obituary.

mom-Dorothy Dad-Dusty
WEBER Steven J

Born 8 May 1953 at Spokane to Robert Sr and Joyce (HEHMAN) WEBER. Brother of Robert '70 & Lesley '73 WEBER. Steve died 6 Dec 2005, Spokane.

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