Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1949

class of 1949
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  22 Jan 2024
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class treasurer 12. Lives Seattle. Born 12 Dec 1931 in Wenatchee WA. Died 11 Feb 2013 in Seattle, buried in Wilson Creek Cemetery.
Arlie married 26 Dec 1955 at Helena MT to Doris Lillian HANSON.
read 2013 obituary

Daphne (mom)
BALLIOT Robert Laine

Did not graduate with class. Born 8 or 19 Feb 1931 at Douglas AZ to William Felix & Mildred (ROSS) BALLIOT; brother of Elizabeth, William and Mildred '46 BALLIOT. Family from Wallace; children boarded with Ernest ANDERSON, 902 Montana Ave. Bob did college at WSU, Pullman WA. With a Masters in Library Science, he managed several major university libraries. He Married Marilyn J SMITH on 27 Feb 1954, in Colfax WA. They later divorced.
Robert died 21 Jan 2002 at Durham NC. See obituary. Marilyn died 2005 in Mesa AZ.

Bob '49
Marilyn (wife)
Felix (dad)
BOLTZ Shirley Katherine

Born 31 Mar 1931 to Clarence & Ilo (KOLLING) BOLTZ. Sister of William '51 BOLTZ Lived 850 Gov't Way (1936, 1946, 1949). Married Richard Stanley JOST on 8 Sep 1951 at St Thomas. They are the parents of ten children, including George '70, Mike '71, Christine '73, Rick '74 and Cheryl ('76) JOST.
Clarence BOLTZ, born 7 Jan 1896, died 6 Dec 1951 at Cd'A. Ilo BOLTZ, b 28 Oct 1896, died 8 Apr 1983. Richard JOST, born 7 May 1927 to George & --- JOST, died 2 Mar 1987. Shirley later married in 2002 to Melvin WINEBARGER. Shirley died 12 Dec 2012 in Cd'A, see obituary. All are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

BOWMAN Theresa M

Born 5 Aug 1931 at Cd'A to Frank C & Margaret Frances (FRUECHTL) BOWMAN. Sister of Frank C BOWMAN Jr, b 22 Feb 1930. Cousin of several FRUECHTL graduates; see more FRUECHTL information. Lived 901 Pennsylvania Ave (1946). Married 6 May 1950 at St Thomas to Kenneth B MILLER, born 5 Nov 1930 to Paul R MILLER & Ester H FORREST.


Born 12 Jul 1933 to George Edward BUTLER and Johanna '20 FEIL, sibling of Margaret '42 & Mary Jo '48 BUTLER. Was principal of Brookings (OR) HS in 1963, under School Supt Jack '42 CROWLEY. More family history.



CHRISTENSEN Arthur Charles "Chris"

Born 1 Mar 1932 to Arthur M and Mary T (RONDEAU, 1909-1970) CHRISTENSEN, who married 26 Nov 1930 at Cd'A. Lived 1001 Garden Ave (1946). Arthur M was born 3 Oct 1906 in South Dakota to Arne Peter and Ida K (FERREN) CHRISTENSEN, who immigrated from Norway in 1884 and 1904. The family lived in Towner county SD (1910, 1920), and Cd'A in 1930. Arne, born 31 July 1869, died 6 Oct 1942, and is buried in Forest Cemetery. Mary T (RONDEAU), born 1909 to Charles and Eleanor RONDEAU, died 1970, is buried in St Thomas cemetery. She was a sister of Nora '21 RONDEAU. Arthur M died 16 Apr 1991.
"Chris" Married 15 Jun 1951 at Ft Carson, Colorado to Dorothy E NELSON (CHS '50), b 13 Jan 1933 in Plymouth IA to Floyd & Clara NELSON. The NELSON family moved to Idaho in 1936. After Chris' service in Korea, he and Dorothy moved to Salem OR, where he graduated from Willamette University (1956) and worked for the Oregon Dept of Corrections, retiring as a Supervisor of the Albany Parole & Probation office. They lived near Jefferson, Oregon, had two sons, operated a kennel and did sled-dog racing events. He died 13 Feb 2007 at Jefferson, Oregon.

CROWDER (Ellen) Patricia

class secretary; married 4 Sep 1950 ayt St Thomas to Leo '48 MARIER. Son, Fr Ed MARIER. Born 3 May 1931 to Forrest W and Ellen Marie (RIFFLE) CROWDER. Sister of Francis '47, Twila '53, and Tim '60 CROWDER. Lived 1111 Sherman (1946). See additional family information and history.

FITCH Kenneth Albert

Born 25 Nov 1930 to Kenneth E & Mildred (MILLER) FITCH. Brother of (non-grad) Bernice FITCH, b 12 Jun 1933. Lived 923 N 16th (1946). Cousin of Kathryn '46, Mary Ellen '45, Frances '48 & Patsy '50 MILLER. See More MILLER family information.
Kenneth Sr was born in 1906 in South Dakota to Albert B & Augusta (OLDENBERG) FITCH, who were next-door neighbors to the MILLERS in 1930. Ken and Mildred married on 1 Apr 1930 at St Thomas, Cd'A.
Kenny married in 1969 to Frances Mary HAYES((1937-2021). Kenny died 7 Aug 2000. He and Frances were cremated.

GARVEY Bernita

Born 24 Aug 1932 at Cd'A to William Joseph & Laura (SECAUR) GARVEY. Did not graduate IHM. Married Ed CUZZETTO, lived Spokane. Ed died in 2010.
Sister of Colleen'43, Kathleen'46, Frances'44, Mary ?'52?, Rita'48 & Joan'54 GARVEY. Cousin of Catherine'55, Eddie, Lucille ('58), Eleanor'61 & Gerald'64 GARVEY. Aunt of Diane'67, Connie'68, Michael('69) CHASE.

GOTZ Henry John

class vice-president. Born 26 Apr 1931 to Frank L (1898-1979) & Rose M (LENZ 1903-1961) GOTZ. Cd'A Schools educator 1954-1977. Died age 70 on 24 Jan 2002 in Cd'A. Cousin of Judy SANDERSON '66. Obituary. Parents buried in St Thomas Cemetery.
In 1910, Rose LENZ, 6, born Canada, immigrated 1909, lived in Central City CO with her parents, Antone (gold miner) age 35, b Austria (Italian), parents b Austria, and Rose, 35, Switzerland, parents b Austria (fa) and Switzerland (mo); both immigrated 1895, married 15 years, with 6 births, 3 living. Siblings: Elsie, 4, b Austria, immigrated 1906; Lutz (sic) (Ruth), 5 months, b Colorado. —15 Apr 1910, Central City, Gilpin, CO ED53 p1B.
In 1920, Rose, 16, born BC CAN, immigrated 1903, naturalized 1907 (along with parents and sister Elsie), lived with her family in Cougar Gulch. Parents: Antone 45 Germany (farmer) & Rosa, 45 Austria, both immigrated 1898, but apparently returned to Germany c1904, as daughter Elsie, 14, was b in Germany, immigrated 1906. Other children: Ruth 11 & Minnie 8, both b Colorado, and George 5, Montana. —16 Jan 1920, Cougar pct, Kootenai, ID, ED201, p3A.
In 1930, Frank and Rose (LENZ) GOTZ rented ($10/mo) in Emida ID. They were married 2 years earlier, and Frank is a laborer in logging, not a military veteran. Frank GOTZ, 32, born Wisconsin (parents too); Rose M, 26, born Canada (English), parents b Germany, immigrated 1912, naturalized citizen. —15 Apr 1930, Emida pct, Benewah, ID, ED12, p2B.

St Thomas:
HANNAN Theresa Mary

Born 18 Nov 1931 in Houston, Texas to Charles Joseph & Cecilia Agnes (KUBIN) HANNAN, who married 10 Jan 1928 in Houston. Sister of (all born Houston TX) Michael, Charles'51 (b 1933, in 8th grade 1947), Ruth Cecilia (b 1935, in gr 6-8 1947-49), Patrick (b 1937, in gr 7-8 in 1949-51), Frances Inga (b 1939; in gr 2-6, 1946-51) and (probably) Timothy (b 1942) and Mary (b 1944 Seattle) HANNAN. Family lived at 822 Mullan (1946) and 1204 Foster (1947-).
Theresa married --- COOPER. She divorced him, and married (#2) Robert T BARRETT of Portland, Oregon, at Seattle on 2 May 1968, by John J PALMER, CSsR. Theresa died 12 Nov 1995 in Marion County, Oregon.

C J(dad)
MacMILLAN (Cameron) John "Pete"

Born 29 Aug 1932 to S J "Bid" '10 & Katherine ('23 McINTYRE) MacMILLAN. Lived 1102 Cd'A Ave (1946). Brother of Catherine Jane'49 MacMILLAN. Nephew of Bessie'18, Robert'28 & Neil'23 MacMILLAN. Cousin of Joan('48) and George S (? 45?) McMILLAN.
See more family details.
In June 1946, Pete (age 13) caught a record 20+ pound Kootenay Rainbow trout in Lake Pend Oreille. [Idaho Statesman 16 Jun 1946, p3; Idaho Falls Post Register, p2] Pete also was a champion in PNW Trapshooting competitions, 1948-1951.

Died at Spokane 9 May 2023, buried 26 May 2023 in St Thomas Cemetery.

MARSH William

class president 12. Born 10 May 1931 at Cd'A to Earl Dewey and Julia Irene (BROPHY) MARSH. Brother of Dwaine J MARSH, ('41) CSsR. Bill married 13 Sept 1949 in Missoula to Carol ('52) KANE. Bill died 19 Oct 1993, Spokane.
In 1900, The MARSH family lived on a farm in Sprague WA, and comprised: Wesley 46, b Apr 1854 OH (parents b PA, OH); Margaret (STINCHCOMBE) 43, b Jun 1856 MI (parents b ENG, IRL), married 25 years, 9 births and living; Benjamin 16, b Mar 1884 WA; Mary 14, b Mar 1886 WA; Austa 9, b Mar 1891 WA; Clarence 6, b Nov 1893 WA; Erl (sic) D 2, b May 1898 WA; Dara 17, b Jun 1883. —6 Jun 1900 Sprague, Lincoln county WA, ED41 p7B.
In 1900, the BROPHY family lived on a farm in Delaware county IA, and comprised: Daniel 35, b Sep 1864 IA (parents b IRL); Mary 32, b Aug 1868 IL (par b ENG, IRL), married 12 years, 6 births and living; Mary 11, b Jan 1888 IA; William 10, b May 1890 IA; Julia 8, b Feb 1892 IA; Daniel 6, b Mar 1894 IA; Alice (Arlis?) 4, b Feb 1896 IA; Elery 1, b Jan 1899 IA. —7 Jun 1900, Prairie, Delaware, Iowa, ED83 p4A.
In 1910, the MARSH family owned a farm in Rock Creek, and comprised: Wesley, 56 OH; Margaret 53 MI, 10 births and living; Benjamin 26 WA; Austa M, 19 WA; Clarence W, 16 WA; Earl D, 11 WA; Raymond, 8 WA. —5 May 1910 Whitman Co WA, ED278 p7A.
In 1910, the BROPHY family owned a farm in Adams county WA, and comprised: Daniel L, 45 IA; Mary, 43 IL, 9 births, 7 living; William, 19 IA; Julia, 18 IA; Daniel Jr, 16 IA; Alice, 14 IA; Nellie, 11 IA; Leonard, 6 WA; Lois (Lewis), 2 WA. —26 Apr 1910, Newland, Adams WA, ED4 p5B.
In 1920, the BROPHY family rented 1812 W Dean, Spokane, and comprised: Daniel, 58 IA; Mary, 53 IL; William, 29 IA; Daniel, 25 IA; Alice, 24 IA; Ellen, 21 IA; Leonard, 16 IA; Lewis, 12 WA. —5 Jan 1920 Spokane, ED238 p5A.
In 1920, Earl and Julia (BROPHY) MARSH rented at 318 Lakeside, Cd'A, and listed themselves as: Earl D, 21 WA (parents b OH, MI), truck driver; Julia I, 22 IA (par b IA, IL). —Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED204 p2B.
In 1930, the MARSH family rented at 719 W Garden, Cd'A and comprised: Earl, 32 WA (parent b IL), feed store truck driver; Julia, 37 IA (parents b IA, IL), married 10 years; Dwaine, 6 ID. —10 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED16 p11A [80] It appears there may be another brother, Robert James Marsh, b 24 Feb 1926, died 9 Nov 1929.
In 1930, the BROPHY family lived at 1808 W Dean, Spokane, and comprised: Daniel P 65, Mary E 63, Alice A 28, Helen C 26 IA (listed as a daughter; absent from home), and Lewis A 22 WA. Daniel P died in Jul 1932. Mary E died Jul 1947. Lewis A died 28 Apr 1974 Spokane. Daniel Jr died 12 Feb 1971 Spokane. William J died 5 Aug 1950. They (and spouses) are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Spokane.
Julia Irene (BROPHY) MARSH, b 1 Feb 1892 in Iowa, died 10 Jan 1978 in Spokane. Earl Dewey MARSH, born 30 May 1898 in Washington, died Aug 1970 in Cd'A. Dwaine MARSH, born 2 Sep 1923 Cd'A, died 17 May 2000 at Ligouri MO. Julia, Earl and Dwaine are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

NAISH Richard J

Born 26 Apr 1931 to Richard A (1899-1986) & Marian E (HOYER) NAISH. Lived 320 Dollar (1938), and 1609 Front Ave (1946). Brother of Michael '55 NAISH. Lived in NJ and Florida, married to Jeanne C ----.

ROSS Robert

  married Shirley GRANNIS at St Thomas on 13 Nov 1954. Born 7 April 1931 at Columbus NE, to Harold John & Marie Hannah (GLASS) ROSS. brother of Jack ROSS, and uncle of Jason Alton ROSS (infant). Baptized 17 Apr 1931, Scotia NE. Lived Columbus NE in 1940.
Bob died 15 Nov 2022 at Cd'A.

Bob '49
SERVICK Jacquelin Dolores

Sr Jacqueline SERVICK, (a/k/a Sr Joan of Arc), IHM, Served as Pastoral Associate for Hispanic Ministries, Scranton Diocese, serving immigrants from 14 South American countries [2004]. picture, article (see page 11).
Born 27 Feb 1932 to George Milton & Minnie E (TONEY) SERVICK. Lived 1014 Indiana (1946). Sister of Luverne '35, Carmen '37, Gwen '41 Eloise '45, & George Edward SERVICK. Aunt of Jim '60 & Joan '61 GALBRAITH. See more family information. "Sr Jacqueline died Sunday, 13 Dec 2020 at Scranton PA. See obituary in CdA Press

SHERLOCK Laurel Agnes

Born 11 Oct 1930 inWA to Dominick Francis & Laura M (CASTELLO) SHERLOCK, who married 13 Aug 1926 in Sioux City IA; then lived in WA (1930) and Oregon (1940). possibly, Laurel A SHERLOCK, b 11 Oct 1930, lived Salem OR (Pringle Creek Retirement)(1982-2010). Sister of Dominick M, Michael T and Mary SHERLOCK.
Laurel died in 2013, buried Spokane.

Holy Cross:
Laurel '49
Dominick (dad)
Laura (mom)

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