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  24 Feb 2019
School Year Topic Notes
1940-1941 CLASS ROSTER Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name and address.
grade 7 Sr Clement
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Le Coeur 1946

1946 le Coeur (annual yearbook).

AGEE Meryl

non-grad; was in 7th grade in 1940-41, lived at 2210 N 9th.

BALLIOT Mildred Alyson

Born 7 Nov 1928 in Tucson AZ to William BALLIOT and Mildred (ROSS, 1897~1967) [SHERROD] BALLIOT [ANDERSON]. Family from Wallace; children boarded with Ernest ANDERSON, 902 Montana Ave. Married Seth Day WOODRUFF on 31 Jan 1948 at St Thomas, divorced in 1971, Los Angeles CA. possibly reunited by the '90's in Alhambra CA. Seth was b 8 Apr 1915 in Bellingham WA to Day P and Emma A (BASS) WOODRUFF; he died in 2004. Seth & Mildred are parents of Kevin Day WOODRUFF.
Mildred transferred in from Sandpoint HS in 1944, and is sister to William Elton BALLIOT ('43? --1930 census, 1946 school census; b 13 Feb 1925~1992; m 1971 Rita L TAPPER), and Robert Laine ('49) BALLIOT and Elizabeth "Betty" (BALLIOT '53?) (b 28 Dec 1935), who married Dalbert YEAROUT on 7 Jun 1953 at St Thomas.

BOLTZ Eugene John

non-grad; was in 7th grade in 1940-41, lived at 850 Gov't Way. Born 10 Sep 1926 to Clarence Anthony BOLTZ (b 1896 Barnesville MN - d 1951 Cd'A) and Ilo E KOLLING. Served in US Navy. Married Patricia PARKER in 1948, died Sep 1961. Brother of Shirley'49 and William'51 BOLTZ.

BONI William Joseph

class vice-president 12. born 14 July 1928 in Spokane, to William and Louisa (CHULLINI) BONI. On 29 Oct 1949 he married Alice T ZAHARA, in Calgary, Alberta. He was a meat cutter and manager for 25 years at Safeway and a deputy assessor for Kootenai County for 12 years. Bill was a member of the Masonic Lodge, Coeur d'Alene Shriners and Eagles Lodge.
Died 15 Feb 2012, see Obituary.
Alice died 6 June 2016, and is buried near Bill. See obituary.

BRAUN Erhart

non-grad; was in 7th grade in 1940-41, lived at 301 Linden. Brother of Rose. Born 17 Jan 1929 to Dionysius (1891 RU - 1970 OR) & Armelia (TERNES 1891 RU - 1970 OR) BRAUN, both from Romania. The kids were all born in Emmons ND. Erhart married Anna M ---. He died 1 Dec 1988 in Oregon.


non-grad; was in 7th grade in 1940-41, lived at 301 Linden. Sister of Erhart.

COLLINS Margaret

non-grad; was in 7th grade in 1940-41, lived at 609 Indiana.

COOPER Jean Louise

Transferred in from Hayden Lake in 1942.

CROWLEY Margaret S

class treasurer 12. Born 5 (or 10) Apr 1928 to William J and Edith (HAEVERNICK) CROWLEY. Sister of Norma'39 and Jack'42 CROWLEY. Cousin of Mary Beth'60 CROWLEY, and aunt of Bill'61, Linda'67 and Robert'69 BLESSING. Married 4 Sep 1948 to Milton Eugene HOFFMAN (1927-2013).

DELYEA Richard Leo

class secretary; b 7 Jan 1928, d 28 Oct 1975; bur St Thomas Cem. Lived 812 Front in 7th grade (1940).

ELDRIDGE Rachel Amelia

Trfansferred in from Dorsey HS, Los Angeles, in 1945.

GALIPEAU Earl Winfred

was in this class in 7th grade (1940), but graduated with class of 1947.

GARVEY Kathleen Dolores

Sister Roderick, IHM, later Sr Kathleen; born 25 Mar 1928, died 26 Dec 2004. obituary, family information.

GOOLER Robert Eugene

non-grad, but with this class in 7th grade (1940). Born 6 Sep 1925 in Opelika, Alabama to William H & Zeda (GRANGER) GOOLER. Lived 601 2nd St, Cd'A (1929), then at 1134 10th St (1934), later in Albany, Oregon (1980's?). Brother of Roger '40 GOOLER. Married 8 Nov 1947 in Cd'A to Beverly McCROSKEY.
Robert died 23 Jan 1991 at Spokane.

GORMAN Margaret Frances

Transferred from Cd'A HS in 1944. Born 23 Jan 1929 at Dubuque IA to Francis James & Grace J (REILLY) GORMAN. Sister of Jack, Gene, & Mary'39 GORMAN. Married Ralph Dean GILBERT (son of Edgar & Amy (FISH) GILBERT; of Colville) on 12 June 1948 at St Thomas. See more family information.

St Thomas:
GRIBNAU Teresa Louise

Born c1928 to Frank and Eugenia (FRIEDT) GRIBNAU. Sister of Alice '51, Patricia '53, Norma '55, & Barbara '58 GRIBNAU. Married Edward William HAUCK (1926-2015) on 4 Nov 1950 at St Thomas. Lives Utica MN.
Aunt of Robert'56, Delores'59, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Aunt of Axel "Rusty", James'71, Lynn'73 and Joseph'74 ROSENLUND.

HAGAN Ruth Ann

In 1938, Ruth, age 10, and her sister Elaine 12, lived at 915 Lakeside, in the home of Roger WEARNE. Ruthanne transferred to IHM from Cd'A HS in 1943. Ruth married 1946 to Tom CARTER.

HEBERT Franklin

non-grad, was with this class until 1945, along with one-year-younger brother Tom. Inducted into the US Army in July 1945.

HEBERT Thomas James

born 10 Mar 1929 in Idaho to William and Alice Evaline (FRANKLIN) HEBERT. Lived 1114 Cd'A Ave (in 1946). Married Ruby BRONZIE At St Thomas on 27 Nov 1952. Died 13 Aug 1977, bur St Thomas Cem; served in US Army. Brother of William '36, Rose Mary '37, Maxine '40 , Franklin ('44) & Claude ('43; died 31 Aug 1943) HEBERT, and Lois (HEBERT '42) DERRICK. Uncle of Frank'65, Lucille'66, Mike'70, and David '71 JESSICK. Brother-in-law of Ann '56 BRONZIE. More HEBERT family information.


non-grad, but was in 7th grade (1940) with this class. Born Aug 1928 to Ivin R and Josephine (PHILLIPS) JOHNSTON. Brother of Eleanor'41 and Robert'44 JOHNSTON. Uncle of Marcia'72, Linda('76) and Robert'74 JOHNSTON. Served as mayor of Cd'A, 1977-1981. Married at St Stan's, Lewiston on 3 June 1951 to Fern Arlene BRACHT. They are parents of Terry'70, Lisa'72, Wendy '73 & Jody('76) JOHNSTON. Fern died 20 Feb 2019 at Cd'A.

St Thomas:
JURDY Raymond

non-grad; was in 7th grade with this class (1940-41). Lived 815 5th. Born 14 Aug 1928 at Spokane, died 31 Dec 1984 of pneumonia at Portland OR. Brother of Lawrence and Elaine '42 JURDY (see additional family info there). Possibly related to BROOTENS. Graduated Gonzaga Prep. Married Clarice A ---. Lithographer, moved to Portland in 1956. Three daughters, three sons. Private interment.


birth name Betty Marie McCULLUM. non-grad; was with this class in first through (at least) 8th grades, 1934-1942. Possibly, then attended Bellingham WA HS, aspired to join Nurse Cadet Corps.
Lived 1701 Lakeside. Born 27 Nov 1928 in WA. Boarder (1930) and foster child (1940) of Jerome John (b 1896 MN) & Ethel (b 1905 Monarch MT) (PATTON) KAPELL. It's not known if they are related, but in 1940, there is a McCOLLUM family living nearby (516 17th), with 4 daughters near the same age as Betty (5-14 yo), but all born in Idaho to John & Winnifred McCOLLUM (b MT 1902).

MARIER Rolland William

born 9 Nov 1928 at St Paul MN to Edward and Teresa MARIER, moved to Cd'A in 1935. Brother of Leo '48 & Shirley '52 MARIER. Died 14 Feb 1952, USArmy (Korea), buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

MILLER Kathryn May

Born 17 Oct 1928 to Joseph & Harriet J (LEE) MILLER. Sister of Mary Ellen '45, Frances '48, and Patsy '50 MILLER. Mother of Nancy '69 LAKE. Cousin of Kenneth '49 FITCH. Aunt of Lola '69 GUIMOND. class president 12. Married James F LAKE on 11 Feb 1950 in Kellogg. Six children. Kathryn died 22 Feb 2013; see obituary. Also, see More family information.

ORR Gerald Ivan

Born 4 Nov 1928 at Spokane to Ivan E & Agnes E (GILL) ORR. Lived 312 S 15th (1946). Brother of Robert'42 and Jack'51 ORR.
Jerry married 31 Aug 1959 (JP) at Sandpoint, and (church) 28 Nov 1959 at Cd'A to June E HEDBERG. June, daughter of John & Lucille (MILLER) HEDBERG, is sister of Robert HEDBERG, who married Helen Marie'50 NIELSEN.
Jerry attended NIJC and U of Idaho. He served in USAF 1950-54, and worked as a lumber grader at Potlatch mill. Jerry died 3 Jan 1999 at Dalton Gardens. See obituary. June (HEDBERG) ORR died 17 Sept 2008, buried with him.


Born 17 Apr 1928 at Joplin MO to Leslie & Lillian (CARL) PURSCELLEY. They divorced, and on 22 Jun 1939 at Boise, Lillian remarried to Harland Clifton WEATHERS, and Oneita is listed as a stepdaughter in their Nampa home (1940). She was probably a boarding student at IHM . Lillian died 9 Mar 1952 in San Bernardino.
OBITUARY: Oneita Ferne' FOSTER was born an only child to Leslie and Lillian PURSCELLEY on April 17, 1928, in Joplin MO, and spent her youth growing up in Idaho and California (where she fell in love with the Pacific Ocean). She went home on Monday November 19, 2012.
En route to NYC for art design school, she made a stop in Montrose CO where she met and married the love of her life on December 27, 1949. Oneita and John FOSTER were blessed with ten children (eight of whom were born between November 1950 and July of 1960). Oneita and John resided in Uravan, Naturita and the Four Corners area before landing in Grand Junction in 1953. In 1959, she was very involved with the Democratic Women in Grand Junction during the campaign to elect John Kennedy for President. While in Grand Junction, she was a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, and was actively involved in the Altar and Rosary Society. Oneita worked at the VA Hospital in Grand Junction for 15 years before moving with John and their two youngest daughters to Hilo, HI in 1980, where she was able once again to reside beside her beloved Pacific Ocean. There, Oneita started and ran her own secretarial business for 17 years and was actively involved in the American Business Women's Association. Throughout her life she was actively involved in the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society, as well as the BPOE Ladies Elks. For years, Oneita was an avid golfer, fisherwoman, bowler and card player. She enjoyed skiing when her kids were young, and she had a lifetime passion for arts and crafts.
Oneita was preceded in death by her husband of 47 years, John in 1997, and son, Brian in 1980. After John died, she shared her time between Hawaii, Wyoming and Colorado, until 2005, when she moved to San Diego CA. Due to health issues, Oneita returned to Grand Junction in January 2010, where she lived with her daughter until her passing.
She is survived by six daughters, Suzanne (Ed) IRISH, and Virginia (Dennis) BRANCO, Hilo HI; Rosemary (Bob) LOOS and Cindy (Drew) LEONARD, Pinedale, WY; Carrie (Seth) BALDRIDGE, and Oneita POTTER, Grand Junction CO; and three sons, John, San Diego, CA, and Jerry (Judy), and Joseph, Grand Junction. She is also survived by 19 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; sister-in-law, Fern FOSTER and numerous nieces and nephews. Oneita's life will be celebrated by family and friends in Spring, 2013. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado. —Daily Sentinel, (Grand Junction CO) - Sunday, November 25, 2012

QUENTIN Robert George

non-grad; was with this class in 1940-41 (7th grade). Lived 608 Dollar. Born 7 July 1928 in Cd'A to Edmund G & Florence (WILDERMUTH) QUENTIN. Died 19 May 1994, buried Portland.
OBITUARY: ROBERT G 'BOB' QUENTIN, in The Oregonian, Friday, May 20, 1994. Funeral 20 May 1994, in the Bronleewe-Bass Funeral Chapel. Mr Quentin was born 7 July 1928 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He died 19 May 1994, age 65, of repiratory failure caused by a neurological disorder. Mr Quentin was a 26-year veteran of the US Air Force. After his retirement in 1970, he worked as a building supply sales representative and then for Century 21 Real Estate.
He married Naomi CALKINS on 27 May 1949. The couple moved to Aloha in 1972 and Hillsboro in 1992. Survivors include his wife; daughters, Sandi LINDBERG of Okemos MI, and Barbara DENMAN of Cornelius; mother, Mimi ERICKSON of Post Falls; and his brother, Harry of Lewiston ID. Interment in Willamette National Cemetery.


Left after 8th grade, to Redemptorist Seminary. Fr George RASSLEY, CSsR, born to George and Katherine ('22 COPE) RASSLEY. Brother of Thomas'48 and Sr Mary '50 RASSLEY IHM. Nephew and cousin of many COPE graduates of IHM (see mother's listing).

Fr George

non-grad; was with this class in 1940-41 (7th grade). Lived 516 Sherman.

SLOMINSKI Ramona Rosemarie

non-grad; Lived 919 N 8th (1940, 7th grade, age 12). Born 30 Sep 1928 at Spanaway WA. Sister of Valeria '46 and Harry ('45) SLOMINSKI. Married 29 Apr 1969 at Walla Walla to Richard F LATHROP. Died 6 Sep 2002, buried in Holy Cross.

SLOMINSKI Valeria Agnes

non-grad; Lived 919 N 8th (1940, 7th grade, age 10). Born 12 Sep 1927 at Tacoma to Harry Lewis & Agnes Mary (WETSCH) SLOMINSKI. Sister of Ramona '46 and Harry ('45) SLOMINSKI. Married John George MILLER on 25 Sep 1948 at Missoula, divorced 13 Oct 1965 (4 children) in Summit Co OH. Married (#2) Robert Anthony CONNOLLY ON 16 July 1969 in Youngstown OH.


non-grad; was with this class in 1940-41 (7th grade). Lived 311 16th. Sister of Mary Jean '45 STRAIGHT. A brother was also in this 7th grade class.



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