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 22 Jan 2024
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1954-1955 8th grade group photo 45 students, Eighth Grade graduation, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr MEIER, CSsR.
1955 - 1959 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
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ASPLUND Carole Ann

Born to Melvin and Mary (JACOBSON) ASPLUND. Baptized 18 Jan 1942 at St Thomas. Married 28 Dec 1963 to Jeremiah Vincent "Jerry" WILSON of Pinehurst, at St Thomas Cd'A, with her sister, Frances GOFF as a witness, along with Edward JACOBSON.
Attended University of Idaho.


Born 18 Nov 1940 to Howard & Helene BATCHELDER. Brother of Bernadine'54, Joan'55 & Richard'57 BATCHELDER. Served in the military, including over 2 years in the Philippines.


Daughter of Donald J & Victoria A BOUGHTON. Sister of 'Salie'57, Don'61, Mike'63 BOUGHTON.
Attended Notre Dame College, Nelson BC.
married (1) James MORIN; (2) c1995 to Denys BOWRING, lives in Galway County, Ireland. Susan died 29 May 2007; see obituary. Also, see more family information.


Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1958 in Explorer Post 1. married 1963 to Mary Beth '60 CROWLEY Attended University of Portland.

CARY Jeannette Louise

class treasurer 12. Born in Spokane to Gordon and Ruth (BAUCHARD) CARY. Married (#1) on 15 Oct 1960 in Stevens County WA to Charles Richard DOLPH (1939-2006). Sister of Sally'64 CARY, who was also a witness for Jeannette's 1960 wedding. Jeannette married (#2) Raymond Thaddeus INGERSOLL on 6 Sept 1985 in Pierce County WA. Ray died 23 Aug 2007.

Calvary, Tacoma:
Tahoma Nat'l:
CLOUTIER Yvonne Mary

Born 18 July 1941 at Sandpoint to Cecil and Marguerite () CLOUTIER. Maternsl aunt of Margaret '51 BOWER (Sr Leonette, IHM) Married 1965 to Leonard PARENTEAU, lived and taught at Priest River. Died 23 May 2016 at Priest River. Obituary.


Brother of Kathy'62 and Pat'65 CONROW. In 1961-1962, spent many months on a mission in Soldetna, Alaska, with John'59 DIMELING and Fr James VanHOOMISSEN, CSsR. Married (#1) Fern WEPPLER on 17 Aug 1963 at St Thomas; (#2) Maria Edilma WILLEY on 20 Jun 1975 at Spokane.
Attended Eastern WA State College, Cheney (1962-).

COOK Judy Ann Born 23 November 1941 in Gibbs to Charles Victor and Lorreta (RONDEAU) COOK. Sister of James (St Thomas GS 7th & 8th, 1950-52), Sally (St Thomas GS gr 1-8, 1946-54), and Tom (St Thoms GS 5th-7th, 1946-48). Cousin of numerous alumni, including GRISMER & RONDEAU. Niece of Nora>'21 and Mildred'31 RONDEAU
Lived in Gibbs, then moved to 1406 Indiana Av Cd'A. Attended St. Thomas 8 years (1947-55) and IHM before graduating from CHS in 1959. Judy married Jim Hawkins on February 7, 1962 in Cd'A. Five children. Judy died 13 Aug 2021 at Spokane. Buried St Thomas. obituary.

DAWSON Joseph Patrick

class vice-president 12. Born 2 Sep 1941 to Earl'16 & Gertrude (GROVES '18) DAWSON, (416 N 10th St). Brother of Fr George CSsR, Catherine'43, Bill'51, Mary'47 and James DAWSON. Married 8 June 1963 at St Thomas to JoAnn'58 HATTELL. Graduated Gonzaga U (M.Ed) in 1963. Lived Spokane. Worked as teacher, principal and assistant superintendent until retirement in 2001. 4 children, 16 grandchildren.
Joe died 5 Nov 2023 in Spokane.

Joe '59

In 1961, spent seven months on a mission in Soldetna, Alaska, with Jim '59 CONROW and Fr James VanHOOMISSEN, CSsR.

FINLEY Ruth Cordelia

Born February 1940 in Montana. Probably a boarding student in HS. In 1940 census, she is listed as "daughter" of Daniel and Fern HARDY, in Hardin, Montana. Also in the household are four other "daughters", including one 4 months older than Ruth, and none bearing the HARDY name. Among them are Alicia 16 and Emma 13 HERNANDEZ, from Jerome, Arizona, and Cherry LAULT, 3 (born ND), possibly a boy. All this, and Daniel & Fern HARDY are only 22 years old.
Big Horn MT county birth certificate shows her born at 11:55pm on 25 Feb 1940 to William M FINLEY (46, b Concordia KS) and Gertrude L RYAN (33, born Marcus IA), as their third child. She married 25 Feb 1961 at Great Falls to Herman William OLSON (1927-2011), and died 20 Feb 2013 at Great Falls.


Graduated Sacred Heart School of Nursing (Spokane) in August 1962.

GAFFANEY Valorie Ann

Born to Jack Douglas and Evelyn F (PETERSON) GAFFANEY. Married --- SHERMAN, lives Spokane. Sister of Gregory Brian GAFFANEY (?'62?) and Stephen Douglas GAFFANEY (1943-2017). Entered IHM as a freshman, second semester (1956). Jack D GAFFANEY was born 25 Oct 1919, Spokane, to Lloyd D and Maude M (COOPER) GAFFANEY. Jack married 3x, and died 26 Jun 2004 Helena MT.
In 1900, Lloyd, age 6, lived in Appleton WI with his family, which comprised: Marcus, b No 1861 WI (parents b IRL, PA), drayman; Maggie (McGREGOR), b Oct 1863 WI (parents b Scotland & NY), married 18 years, 10 births, 8 living; Bessie, b May 1883; Clyde, b Jan 1887; Georgia, b Oct 1889; Roland, b Aug 1891; Lloyd, b Sep 1893; William, b Jan 1895; Glen, b Jul 1896; Alice, b Jul 1899. --7 Jun 1900, Appleton, Outagamie, WI ED72 p12A. Alice married Henry REGAN and had children in Spokane. Also see WorldConnect, Marcus GAFFANEY family and ancestors.
In 1910, Lloyd still lived in Appleton WI. The family comprised: Marcus D, 47, house painter; Margaret L, 44 WI, 14 births, 11 living; Clyde E, 22, farm hand; Georgia E, 20; Roland E, 18, porter; Lloyd D, 16; William G, 14; Alice I, 10; Vivian G, 9; Doris, 7; Russell A, 5; Mildred M, 1. --22 Apr 1910, Appleton ED121 p14B.
In 1920, Jack lived in Spokane with his family, which comprised: Lloyd, 26 WI, boilermaker helper; Maud (Mabel), 24 WI; Albert 4 WI; Glen 2 MT; Jack 2mo WA. --7 Jan 1920 Hilyard ward 3, ED136 p8B.
In 1930, Jack lived in Spokane with his family, which comprised: Lloyd, 36 WI, boilermaker for Gt Northern RR, married age 20; Maude M, 34 WI, married age 18; Albert L, 15 WI; Glen C, 11 MT; Jack D, 10 WA.--10 Apr 1930 Spokane ward 5, ED9 p18B, renting 1902 Longfellow.
Jack married #2? Jessie PHIPPS in 1953, then Ella STINGER in 1958. He worked for NPRR.
Glen C enlisted in the National Guard 16 Sep 1940 in Spokane, and died 10 Jun 1983 in Kitsap WA. Lloyd D, born 6 Sep 1893 Outagamie Co WI, died 11 May 1966 Spokane. Albert L, born 9 Apr 1915, died 11 Feb 1973 Spokane. Evelyn F, born 6 Nov 1922, died 4 Jun 1992 Spokane. Russell A, born 6 Sep 1905, died Jan 1977 MT.

HOFFMANN Gordon Charles

 Born 14 July 1941 in Deer Lodge MT to Charles Michael (1912-1949)& Margaret Ann (BLIVEN) HOFFMAN. Lived (1954) at 704 Wallace. Brother of Diane M HOFFMAN, who was part of the class of 1962 (but did not graduate IHM). Gordon transferred in Sept 1954 (eighth grade) from Helena.

HULTNER Kathleen Ann

valedictorian 12. Born 1 Oct 1941 to Henry and Violet (WERNER) HULTNER. Sister of Sharon'56, Kent'58, Rita'62, and Robin'66 HULTNER. Married Lt William C BURNS on 13 July 1963 at Ft Lewis WA. Died 23 Mar 2007. See more family information.

JACOBS Dolores K

born at Cd'A to Harold and Cecelia JACOBS. Sister of Robert'56, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72, Gayle, Mary, Linda and Carol JACOBS. Married Merle JOHNSON. More family information

KVIDT Carol Lena

non-grad. Entered 9th grade, second semester (1956) from Upper Columbia Academy (SDA Church school) in Spangle WA. Born 6 June 1941 in Todd county, Minnesota, to Melvin J & Lila E (HENDRICKS) KVIDT. Married 4 Oct 1958 at Cd'A to Donald Gene WILSON.

MacDONALD Janet Ann

Born at Cd'A to Ronald J & Betty J (FISHER) MacDONALD. Lived 821 Lakeside. Attended IHM from grade 1 (1947) through grade 12. Sister of Anne'66 MacDONALD, cousin of Robert'67 & Maureen'71 MacDONALD.
Attended University of Idaho.

NAU Dennis

class president
attended Gonzaga University, along with classmates Joe DAWSON & David SONNICHSEN.


Born 15 Jan 1941 to Roy Xavier (1912-1970) & Mary (SZPIECH) OLMSTEAD, who married 19 May 1938 in Steele Co MN. Maureen enrolled at IHM in Sept 1949, living at Hauser Lake WA.
Maureen died 25 Aug 1982, buried (near father) in Clintonville WI.


class secretary, salutatorian. Born to Lee V & Mary K (CARLSON) RUSSELL. Sister of Sharon '56, John '60 and James '67 RUSSELL. Married August 1959 to Rod '58 NEWBY (1940~2008). Mother's obituary


married 1964 to Janet WAGNER. Born to George Henry & Dorothy (EARIN) SONNICHSEN. Brother of Dick '56, Ann '65 & Barbara '68 SONNICHSEN.
attended Gonzaga University, along with classmates Joe DAWSON & Dennis NAU.

WALTER Lillian M

Born Jun 1941 in Hirschville ND to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Married 23 Sep 1958 at St Thomas to Dale KNAPP; lives Cd'A; three sons. Sister of Celestine '57, Othelia '55, Joseph '56, Frances '53, David '60, & Linda '65 WALTER.

WAYNE Mary Alice

Born to James Wade Jr & Mary M'30 (O'NEIL) WAYNE. Sister of Claudia'57 and Judy'62 WAYNE. Niece of Catherine'29 O'NEIL and John Patrick'32 O'NEIL. Lived 135 Garden Ave (1952).
Married Dale EHRMANTROUT Sr (1934-2017), lived Spokane. Dale's obituary.

St Thomas:
WEBB Margaret Anne

Born 21 March 1941 at Clark Fork ID to Delbert Ernest (1894-1946) and Maybelle (ENGLISH 1900-1993) WEBB. Lived 311 S 16th and 954 N 7th. Sister of alumni Delbert('57) and Joseph'62 WEBB.
Married Richard SCOTT on 16 Sept 1961 at St Thomas church.

Holy Cross:
Clark Fork:
WELLER Roberta Lee

Born 9 Jan 1940 in Spokane to Robert L & Linda (BAFUS) WELLER. Married Daniel J ROBERTS. Died 31 Jan 2002, buried in Wisconsin.

TEACHERS, STAFF Sr Emerita GASPAR, IHM (1903-2010) served in Cd'A 1958-1960. obituary.

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