Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1931

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  25 Nov 2020
Last Name First Name Notes burial
EARIN Dorothy Elizabeth

born c Feb 1923 to Arthur L and Ethel M (McCOUBREY) EARIN, who married on 17 Apr 1912 at Spirit Lake ID. Sister of Douglas, Robert'39, Jeanette'32, Jean'41, and Barbara'47 EARIN.
Married George Henry SONNICHSEN (1912-1989). Parents of Dick'56, David'59, Ann '65 & Barbara'68 SONNICHSEN. Lived 1317 Front (1946).

Arthur Leo EARIN, b 13 Jul 1884 in Illinois, died at Cd'A in 1959, buried with wife in St Thomas cemetery. Ethel M (McCOUBREY) EARIN was born 24 Aug 1886 in Cloquet, Carlton, Minnesota, d 24 Mar 1958 in Cd'A.
In 1910, Arthur EARIN, 25, single, was chief engineer for a lumber company in Spirit Lake ID, living on Jefferson St. Over on Washington St, Ethel, 23 MN, school teacher, lived with her family, comprising parents Stanley 50 (lumber yard supt) and Elizabeth 52, both b Canada, married 25 years; and siblings Edward 20, Bertha 18, Charles 16, and Loretta 9, all b MN. --2 Apr 1910, Spirit Lake ID, ED180 p6A, 4A
In 1918, Art was a Publisher/Engineer for Panhandle Lumber Co in Spirit Lake, according to his draft registration card.
In 1920, the EARIN family lived at 512 Garden, Cd'A, and comprised: Arthur, 35 IL, garage owner; Ethel, 33 MN; Dorothy, 6 ID; Jeanette, 5 ID; and Douglas, 2 ID. —14 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 2, ED206 p17B
In 1930, the EARIN family owned ($4500) and lived at 104 S 9th, Cd'A, and comprised: Arthur, 45 IL, auto salesman, married age 27, has a radio; Ethel, 42 MN, married age 24; Dorothy '31, age 17; Jeanette '32, age 15; Douglas, 13; Robert '39, age 9; Jean '41, age 6, and Barbara '47, age 1. —11 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED12 p12A

FLYNN Mary Louise "Peggy"

Born 11 Nov 1913 at Cd'A to John Michael & Mary Louise (HENRY) FLYNN.
Sister of Thomas E'23, John M Jr'24, Francis'28, Josephine'33, Genevieve'39, and Philip('37) FLYNN.
Aunt of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry('65), Theresa'69 & Kevin'71 ROCHE.

Peggy married 9 Sep 1935 at Davenport Iowa to Matthew James "Bud" SPIESMAN Jr. By 1950, they were in St Maries, where Bud managed the Gem State Club and owned the slot machines therein. He set up a family corporation, purportedly to include his five sons (born 1940~1950) in the business, and ended up (1957)suing the IRS over the back taxes, but lost his case.

Peggy died 27 June 1976 in St Maries ID. Buried in Woodlawn cemetery, along with her husband who died in 1991.

GERDES (Helen) Maxine

born 7 Jan 1914 at Cd'A to Thomas R and Helen (WENDLAND) GERDES. Sister of Marguerite'25, Francis'27, Anna Marie'28, Dorothy'38 and John GERDES.
She lived at 817 Wallace (1920, 1930), at 707 Monroe, Spokane (1940).
Maxine married 26 Apr 1942 at St Thomas (and reported a birthdate of 1 Feb 1919) to James Albert FLANAGAN, a district manager for State Farm Insurance. They lived at W3304 Providence, Spokane, in the 1950's, moving to Denver about 1957. James was born 20 Oct 1915 at Spokane, and died 8 Jan 1988 at Seattle. Maxine died 20 Dec 1969. Both are buried in Holy Cross, Spokane, Section R, lot 1026.
Additional GERDES family information: click here.

James A
HARVEY (Esther) Mabel

Sister Rose Estelle HARVEY, Sisters of Providence. Born 28 Mar 1912 in Washburn WI to Joseph and Lucy (LEGACY) HARVEY. Died 8 April 2006 in Spokane. Obituary, religious career information. Sister of Kenneth'29 HARVEY. See more family information.
70-yr jubilee celebration article.

Holy Cross:
Sr Rose'31
KERCHEVAL Robert Michael

born 1 Dec 1914 to Robert Forsyth (1879-1949) and Katherine (DAWSON 1886-1973) KERCHEVAL. Cousin of Earl N'16, Royal'18, Katherine'43, Mary'47, William'51, & Joseph'59 DAWSON. Bob died 29 Jul 2003 at San Diego CA, a retired Captain, USN. He spent 30 years (2 Jun 1938-30 Jun 1968) in the US Navy, and commanded an anti-submarine Patrol Squadron in 1947-48 at NAS Miramar. He served on the San Diego City Planning Commission c1987. He is buried at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery.
Robert married 1 July 1943 to Phyllis Lorraine PETERSON, born 4 Aug 1917.

Bob's father is Robert F KERCHEVAL, b 21 or 26 March 1879 in DC, married 15 Jun 1910 to Katheryn DAWSON at Cd'A; died 13 Apr 1949 in Cd'A, buried in St Thomas Cemetery. This WorldConnect listing traces Robert back to Samuel KERCHEVAL c1705 VA.
Katherine DAWSON b March 1886 WI to Martin (b Mar 1852 CAN) and Helen (b Jun 1855 CAN) DAWSON. Sister of Joseph (May 1883), Richard (Jan 1888), Francis (Jul 1890) and Ethel (Mar 1894). In 1900, the family lived in Chippewa Falls WI. She is also likely a sister of Wm J DAWSON, and thus an aunt of Earl N '16 DAWSON Katherine was buried 10 Feb 1973 at St Thomas Cemetery, along with her husband Robert F (buried 18 Apr 1949) and three children: Nancy (1920-21), William (1911-16) and George (1923-24).

In 1880, Robert F KERCHEVAL, age 1, lived with his family in Washington DC.
In 1900, Robert F, 21, was a civilian clerk at Fort St Michael, on the Island of St Michael, Alaska. —30 Jun 1900 Alaska ED19 p1.    |     Katerine, 14 WI, was living with her parents and siblings (see above) in Chippewa Falls WI —1 Jun 1900.
In 1910, Robert F was renting at 606 Lakeside, Cd'A, working as a cigar merchant. —21 Apr 1910 Cd'A ED166 p11A.     |     Kathryn DAWSON, 25, and her sister Nellie, 30, were school teachers in Cd'A, renting on W Garden Ave. —4 May 1910 Cd'A ED173 p20A
In 1920, Robert F (an accountant) and Katherine KERCHEVAL owned and lived at 606 Lakeside, Cd'A, with children Robert M (5), Berry (2) and Francis (2mo). The next household, at 708 Indiana, is Ellen DAWSON, 67 CAN, widow, immig 1884, with her son, Frank M, 29 WI, a lumber grader. —9 Jan 1920 Cd'A ED206 p10B. Son William M, born 13 Sep 1911, died 16 Apr 1916 in Cd'A.
In 1929, Bob became the first Academy student to earn the Eagle Scout rank. He was in Troop 2. His brothers, Barry (1932) and Jack (1941) also earned Eagle, while in Troop 8.
In 1930, the family still lived at 606 Lakeside, and comprised: Robert F, 48 DC (afraid to admit hitting the big 5-0?), wheat farmer; Kathryn 45 WI; Robert Jr, 15 ID; Berry, 12 ID; Jack, 4 ID. Children Nancy and George were born and died in the preceding decade. No information on the whereabouts of son Francis, born 1919.
Benjamin Berry KERCHEVAL, born 1 Aug 1917 ID, died 25 Dec 1968, Santa Barbara Co CA. Jack KERCHEVAL was a crew chief in the 95th Bomber Squadron, Korean War.

Ft Rosecrans:
St Thomas:
MAHONEY Thomas Joseph

born 2 Sept 1912 at Cd'A to Michael M and Eliza (REGAN) MAHONEY. brother of Katherine'29, Ezella'22, & Francis'32 MAHONEY. See More family information.

Thomas married Eileen Cecelia GLASS on 30 Dec 1937 at Spokane.
In 1940, they lived at 1303 Indiana, Cd'A. In 1941, they lived at 1039 Main, Worcester Massachusetts. Later, they lived at W1420 Mission, Spokane (1945-1950), and E709 Indiana, Spokane (1952-1960).
Eileen died 10 Apr 1981 at Spokane. Thomas, a lifelong carpenter, died 23 Jan 1988 at Spokane, age 75.

Holy Cross:
MEYERS Richard Bernard

St Thomas:
MICHALEK Christine Cecilia

Sister Noel, IHM. Born 9 Sep 1913 in Idaho to Henry and Mary (BAUER) MICHALEK. Joined IHM's as Sr M Noel, IHM, religious profession on 24 Apr 1934, died 9 Oct 1994, buried St Catherine Cemetery, Moscow PA.
In 1880, Henry's parents, Edward MICHALEK, 26, and Anna (TILL) 22, both b Moravia, and son August, 3mo, lived in Fayette county TX.
In 1900, Henry, age 13, b Oct 1886 TX, lived with his 7 siblings and their widowed father, Edward MICHALEK, 46, born Jan 1854 Austria, immigrated 1873, farmer, in Denton county TX. --13 Jun 1900, ED48 p14A. See WorldConnect entry for the family of Edward & Anna MICHALEK.
In 1910, Henry MICHALEK, 23, was a student, living in a Catholic rectory in Brownsville TX. —15 Apr 1910, Cameron county TX, ward 3, ED23 p2A.
in 1918, Henry registered for the WW1 draft. He and his wife, Mary, lived in Okanogan WA, where he farmed and carried mail (contract route). Mary's brother, John George BAUER, unemployed laborer, also lived in Okanogan, and registered in 1917.
In 1920, the family lived in Okanogan WA, and comprised: Henry, 33 TX (parents b GER), stagedriver; Mary 30 IL (parents b Hungary); Christina, 6 ID. —15 Jan 1920 Okanogan ED94 p7B.
In 1930, the family lived in Chewelah WA with Mary's brother and sister. The family comprised: Henry 43 TX (parents b Austria), farm laborer; Mary T, 40 IL; Chrystine, 16 ID (TX, IL); John G BAUER, 39 IL (Hungary), farmer; and Anna K BAUER, 36 IL (Hungary). John owns the farm, and has no radio. —Apr 1930 Stevens Co WA, ED13 p2A [42].
Sr Noel's uncle, John George BAUER, b 6 Jul 1890 Ivesdale, Champaign, IL, d Stevens Co WA 25 Feb 1950, ae 59; buried 1 Mar 1950 at Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane. His sister, Anna BAUER, b 28 May 1892, d Jun 1973 at Spokane; buried 5 Jul 1973 at Holy Cross.
Henry MICHALEK, b 8 Oct 1886 TX, died July 1965. His wife, Mary T (BAUER), born 1889 at Ivesdale IL, died 8 Apr 1950, age 60. --WADI. Henry and Mary are both buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane.

Moscow PA:
Sr Noel'31
RABOIN Clarence George

Born 29 Apr 1913 in Cloquet MN to Maxim and Anna RABOIN (their only child). Died 29 Apr 1992.
At age 43, married 3 Sep 1955 in Ferry Co WA to Erma L NELSON, 44, born Wilson Creek (Grant Co) WA; probably the only child of James & Anna NELSON. —WA Archives, marriage return. Erma, b 31 Jul 1911, died 1 Jun 1991.
Maxim RABOIN was born Jun 1885 in MN to Thomas and Victoria RABOIN. Thomas, born Mar 1860 in French Canada, immigrated 1882. Victoria, born Aug 1866 in French Canada, immigrated in 1877. They married c1884, and had 4 children: Maxim, b Jun 1885 MN; Thomas, b Jan 1886 (? 1887?) MN; Willfred, b Feb 1890 MN; Isabel, b Jul 1895 MN. —13 Jun 1900 census, Chippewa Indian Reservation, Cass Co MN, ED327 p5A [275].
In 1910, Max, 24, and his wife, Anna, 18, married c Oct 1909, lived in Cloquet MN, where Max was a setter in a lumber mill. —18 Apr 1910 Carlton Co MN ward 3, ED39 p5B.
In 1920, the family owned (no mtge) 210 6th St, Cloquet MN, and comprised: Max, 36 MN, was a sawyer for a lumber co; Anna, 28 MN (parents b CAN, MN) and Clarence, 6 MN. —2 Jan 1920, Cloquet ward 2, Carlton Co MN, ED9 p1B.
In 1930, the family rented and lived at 1020 Lakeside, Cd'A, and comprised: Max, 44 MN, sawyer in mill; Anna 38 MN; and Clarence, 16 MN. —11 Apr 1930, Cd'A ward 2, ED11 p13B.
Maxim RABOIN died at Cd'A in May 1935; Anna L RABOIN, born 9 Jun 1891 MN, died at Cd'A in April 1970. Both are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

REID (Margaret) Ruth

Born 15 May 1912 at Kingston, Idaho to Thomas F & Josephine M (KELSEY) REID. Sister of Richard'30 and Leslie'26 REID.
Married before 1940 to Marvin Haynes FINCH, who had previously married Marie DUNN on 28 Aug 1927 in Cassia county, Idaho. He died 10 Apr 1976 at Pendleton OR. Ruth died 18 Sept 1990 at Pendleton, buried in Cd'A.

ROCHE (Martin) James

born 11 Dec 1912 to Michael & Mary ROCHE. Brother of Catherine '24, Margaret '25, Agnes '27, and Jack (m Josephine FLYNN '33) ROCHE. More family information, census records. Uncle of Agnes '60, Patrick '62, Marilyn '63, Terry, Theresa '69 & Kevin '71 ROCHE. Jim was a veteran of WW2, and died 22 Jan 1992. He is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
RONDEAU Mildred Catherine

born 30 Oct 1911 at Cd'A to Charles P and Eleanor (BREUHER) RONDEAU. Sister ofNora'21 RONDEAU. More family information (at Nora). She entered IHM in eighth grade, 1926.
In 1930, Mildred was a student and roomer in the Philip and Debora McMANAMIN family at 805 Sherman. —15 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p14B & 4A
Mildred married on 7 July 1936 in Spokane to Paul H MURPHY (13 Feb 1913~18 May 1993). She died at age 83, on 5 Oct 1995 near San Diego CA.

Mildred '31
Paul (husband)
Charles (dad)
Eleanor (mom)
ROTH Robert Lawrence

Born 20 Dec 1911 in Idaho to Lawrence Paul and Bridget Alice (O'REILLY) ROTH.
Lawrence Paul ROTH was b 25 Jan 1884 in MN to William and Anne ROTH. In 1900, Lawrence, 16, lived with his brother Elmer, 9 MN, and their parents on a farm in Murray county MN. William was b Jul 1857 CT (parents b GER & IRL); Anne was b Jul 1863, married 17 years, 2 births / living. Lawrence died 24 Nov 1954 in Cd'A. Lawrence and Alice are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Bridget Alice REILLY was b 3 Dec 1882 in Lawler OK to John (Jack) REILLY (b 1844 Co Cavan, IRL) and Mary Ellen BURNS (b 1850 Richland Co OH). Alice died 17 Dec 1975 at Cd'A.
Lawrence and Bridget married 17 May 1905 at Holy Trinity RCC in Moscow ID. Lawrence registered for the WW1 draft on 12 Sep 1918 in Cd'A. He was medium build and height, with blue eyes and brown hair.
In 1910, the Lawrence ROTH family rented at 929 7th St, and comprised: Lawrence, 24 MN (parents b MN), barber, married 5 years; Alice, wife, 23 IA (parents b MA, OH), 1 birth / living; Wayne, 3 WA. —19 Apr 1910 Cd'A ward 4, ED170 p6B.
In 1920, the family owned and lived at 929 7th St, and comprised: L P ROTH, city light company electrician, age 35 MN (parents b MN), no mortgage; Alice B, 31 IA (parents b Ireland, Ohio); John Wayne, son, 12 WA; Robert L, son, 8 ID, not able to read or write. —7 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 4, ED207 p7B.
In 1930, the family still lived at 929 N 7th, and comprised: Laurence ROTH, power plant electrician, 41 MN (parents b OH), no radio, owns home, value $2000, not a veteran; Alice, 41 IA (parents b Ireland, OH), married age 19; Robert, 17 ID. —14 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 4, ED19 p15B.

Robert married Margie H LUX on 20 Sep 1950. Robert died 20 Apr 1988 at Cd'A. Margie, a CHS graduate, worked for the Employment Department. They had no children. Margie died 13 March 2013 at Cd'A.

St Thomas:
SANDS Catherine Patricia

born 1913 ID, probably to Isaac I and Mary () SANDS.

SANDS information
Isaac SANDS is probably the Isaac, age 32, b Jun 1868 in Canada to parents from Maine & Canada, who appears in the 1900 census of Flambeau, Chippewa Co WI. He is listed as a widower and day laborer. He next appears on 20 May 1907, obtaining a land patent under the Homestead Act, in Shoshone county, Twp 43N, R2E, about 6 miles NE of Clarkia (near Grandfather Mountain).
In 1910, Isaac SANDS is listed as a widow, age 40, born ME to parents b IA & OH [back-migration seems unlikely], living and farming a homestead in Prairie precinct, Kootenai Co ID (10 May 1910). He is also listed (22 Apr 1910) as a boarder at the Elite Hotel in Cd'A, age 42, born ME to parents from ME and Canada, woking as a (timber) cruiser
On 18 Mar 1912, Isaac S SANDS patented 160 acres in Range 1W, Township 51N, sections 32 & 33, on Sands Creek, in the headwaters of the Little North Fork, between Monument and Wolf Lodge Mountains. This land was later the subject of a 1931 estate issue, involving Isaac I, Isaac S and Mary SANDS.
On 5 Feb 1914, Isaac I SANDS, (timber cruiser, born 28 Jun 1867 in Maine), died of peritonitis, and was buried in St Thomas cemetery. His death certificate shows a later birth (1873): click here.

In 1920, Catherine SANDS, age 6 ID parents b ME and ND, rented at 207 Garden Ave with her widowed mother, Mary SANDS (33 ND, parents b ME/CT). Also in the home was Mary's aunt, Mary MALONEY, single, 58 CT (parents b Ireland), and a Patrick MALONEY, 40 MN (parents b Ireland).
In 1930, Catherine, 16 ID, lived with her mother, Mary M, 39 ND (US/CT). They own 207 Garden Ave, and have no radio. Fred and Alie HERZOG are renting in the home.

SPAIN Benjamin Michael

born c1914 in North Dakota to Thomas J (1865-1937) and Bridget SPAIN. Brother of Theresa A'27 and Mary B'24 SPAIN. More Family Information.

WARD Helen Marie

Born 19 Jan 1913 at Cd'A to Michael James & Emma Catherine (HENRY) WARD. Sister of Dorothy'38, Margaret'33, Michael'27, Edward('29) WARD. Aunt of Arlene'55 & Robert'61 HARTZ.

Married 1 May 1946 at Thompson Falls MT to Horace Ray WILLIAMS. Helen died 28 June 2001 in La Jolla CA, buried in Holy Cross, Spokane. Horace died 21 June 1967 at Spokane.

See more family information.

Holy Cross:

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