Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1939

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  12 December 2020
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Born 11 Jun 1919 in Bellingham WA to John Lewis & Winifred Christiana (SHARP) ARNOLD, who married 2 Jun 1913 at New Westminster BC. Jack married 28 Jun 1947 to Solveig Louise SLEN (born 1922 MN). Jack died 31 Aug 1998 in Seattle. Buried in Mt Pleasant cemetery, Seattle.

Mt Pleasant:
BATTY Genevieve Clare

Born 28 Nov 1920 in Whitman county WA to Clarence & Sylveen (RABIDEAU) BATTY. Sister of Angela'38 BATTY, and (attenders but non-graduates) Theresa May, Robert('43), Lawrence('44), Gerald('47), Donald('48), Barbara('49), Joseph & David BATTY. Cousin of Dorothy'28, Loretta('26), Marie('30), & Sylveen('36) JEANNERET, daughters of Ed & Alvia (RABIDEAU) JEANNERET. Cousin of Axel "Rusty"('69), James'71, Lynn'73 & Joseph'74 ROSENLUND, children of Floyd('48) ROSENLUND, the son of Alice M (JEANNERET) & Axel ROSENLUND.
Genny married Philip NEALON on 17 Mar 1942 at Big Trees, Calaveras county CA. She died 24 Oct 1998 in Lodi CA.

Lodi cemetery:
Philip N
Long Beach:
CROWLEY Norma Frances

Born 26 Dec 1921 at Fairfield WA to William J and Edith (HAEVERNICK) CROWLEY. Sister of Jack'42, Margaret'46, Mary'50 and Catherine '53 CROWLEY. Cousin of Mary Beth'60 CROWLEY. Married Walter Phillip BLESSING (1918-1995). Mother of Bill'61, Linda'67 and Robert'69 BLESSING.
Norma died 6 May 2020 at Cd'A (age 98). See more CROWLEY family information, and more BLESSING family information.

St Thomas:

born 12 Nov 1921 in Oregon to Joseph F DESILET (22 May 1890 CAN - May 1980 WA) and Pearl MARQUIS (b 15 Feb 1896 CAN, d 25 Jul 1975 Cd'A). died 1 Sep 1999.
In 1930 census: Joseph F DESILET, 39 Canada, parents b CAN, sawyer, owns 218 8th St, has radio, WWI veteran; Pearl 34 MI, parents b CAN, married c1919; children: Robert J, 8 OR; Anna M'41, 7 ID; Betty Lou'47, 6mo ID. --7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p4B (same block as ROCHE, REAGAN, GUIMOND families)
Joseph F DESILET married Pearl MARQUIS on 30 Sep 1919, at Cd'A.

Pine cemetery:
St Thomas:
EARIN Robert J

born 5 Jan 1921 Cd'A to Arthur L and Ethel M (McCOUBREY) EARIN, who married on 17 Apr 1912 at Spirit Lake. Bob was a veteran of WW2, member BPOE, VFW, worked USPS, married twice. He died 23 Mar 2000 (obituary). Buried in Forest Cemetery. Brother of Douglas, Dorothy '31, Jeanette '32, Jean '41 and Barbara '47 EARIN. More family information.

FLYNN Genevieve Annette

Born 13 Jan 1922 to Judge John Michael & Mary Louise (HENRY) FLYNN. Enrolled at IHM age 5 in Sept 1927, attended all 12 years. Lived at 1018 Front Ave.
Sister of Thomas E'23, John M Jr'24, Francis'28, Mary L '31, Josephine '33,, and Philip ('37) FLYNN. Aunt of Agnes '60, Patrick '62, Marilyn '63, Terry ('65), Theresa '69 & Kevin '71 ROCHE.
Genevieve married Jack Tussy STANSELL Jr. They died and are buried in Oklahoma.

Tussy OK:
Gen '39
St Thomas:
Mary L
FOLEY Maurice John

Born 7 May 1922 in Meeker MN to John W (1898~1928) & Nora Selvia (STENNES) FOLEY in MN. Nora was born 23 May 1892 in Milan MN to Ananias & Annie (PETERSON) STENNES, baptized 3 July 1892 in First Lutheran (ELCA), Morris MN. John W died 8 June 1928 (age 29) while running logs on the St Joe River on Marble Creek near Herrick. (His body wasn't recovered until June 29th, near Calder.) John was born 17 June 1898 in MN to Michael FOLEY & Elizabeth ENRIGHT, both of Canada.
Maurice enrolled in IHM at age 5, and graduated age 17. Lived at 1709 Mullan Ave. He married Helen Marie MAHAFFEY on 7 Dec 1943 in Pasco WA, and solemnized on 10 Feb 1944 in St Thomas, Cd'A. Maurice died 12 Nov 1959 in Douglas County, Oregon, and is buried in Kennewick WA. Helen re-married 10 Nov 1960 to Bruce A SCRUGGS, who died in 1962.
Maurice's aunt, Elma STENNES, married Edward Clarence HEALY, making Maurice a cousin of the extensive HEALY, SCHAFFNER, KOEP alumni of IHM.
There is a Foley, Nora C, buried Jul 30, 1962, in Holy Cross, Spokane.

St Thomas:
John W
aunt Elma

Born c1922 in Colorado to Francis James & Grace J (REILLY) GORMAN. Sister of Jack, Gene, & Margaret'46 GORMAN (b 23 Jan 1929 IA) who attended IHM in 1937-38, grade 4. The family lived at 1102 N 5th St in 1937; at 624 N 18th in 1940. Previously, they lived in Hereford, Colorado (1920), Idaho (city) Iowa (1935). All buried in St Thomas cemetery. Older brother Eugene R GORMAN, born 21 Jan 1919 in Colorado, married 10 Jun 1946 at Missoula to Hazel ROBERTS, and then to Marabelle DAVIS at Spokane on 4 Nov 1958, and then #3 to Marjorie TIFFANY on 29 Sep 1973. Eugene died 9 May 1983 in Spokane.

St Thomas:
HEALY Geraldine "Gerry" Helen

born 16 Mar 1922 at Sturgis SK CAN to Edward Clarence & Elma (STENNES) HEALY, died Wed 20 Sep 2006 Cd'A. (see Obituary.) Class vice-president; married 1943 to Ralph '40 KOEP. Mother of Kenneth'62, Ronald'68, Melanie'69 and Julie'73 KOEP. Aunt & cousin to many more IHM grads; see more HEALY family info, and even more family info.

St Thomas:
HONSOWETZ Marjorie Mae

Born 3 May 1920 in Spokane, adopted by George Anthony and Isabel (PELTIER) HONSOWITZ of Harrison ID. She enrolled at IHM in fourth grade in Sept 1930. Married John Joseph BISHOP, lived in California. Marjorie died 11 Feb 2008 in Chula Vista CA. Her father, George was born 14 Sep 1880 in Ludington MI, and died 19 Jan 1944 at Cd'A.

San Diego:
St Thomas:
JOHNSON Chester Vernon

born 17 Sep 1918 in Stanley, Wisconsin to Julius Norman (1890 WI- & Thea (WIGGEN) JOHNSON (1890 Norway - 1950 Cd'A). He was confirmed in an ELCA church in Bonner MT on 21 May 1933. Died Sunday, 28 Dec 1997 in Boise. Coached at IHM; Cd'A policeman; county commissioner; worked for Idaho Attorney General. Obituary. Chet's (half?) brother, Robert S JOHNSON, was born 23 April 1912 in WI, married 1945 in MT, and died 1969 in CA.

Chet '39
Colma CA:
Robert S
LALOR John Francis

Jack was class president 12. He was born 12 Oct 1921 in Wyoming, to John Francis ("J Frank") & Dorothy (HUNT) LALOR. He enrolled in IHM on 11 Dec 1933, grade 7. Brother of William and Myrna LALOR. Cousin of Joe, Katherine, Irene & Marguerite ('39) LALOR, and Marguerite's children OVESON, including Walter ('61), Donna ('68) & Kenneth ('75). Jack lived in Bountiful, Utah, worked as a candy broker, and was inducted into the Hershey Hall of Fame as a National Candy Ambassador. He married Lois E MARTIN on 12 April 1947 in Spokane WA. Died 8 Dec 2010.

Mt Calvary, SLC:
Jack '39
St Thomas:
J Frank
LALOR Marguerite

after attending IHM, she graduated from Marycliff HS in Spokane. Born 19 Jan 1921 at Elk WA to Joseph Benjamin ("Ben") LALOR (son of Fenton X & Bridget (FLYNN) LALOR, all of Missouri), and Ruth McGRATH. Cousin of Jack '39, William ('40) and Myrna ('46) LALOR. Sister of Joe '34, Katherine '35, & Irene ('36; attended St Thomas 1927-31 only) LALOR. Married Walter E '39 OVESON, and is the mother of Walter R ("Butch",'61), Donna ('68) & Kenneth ('75) OVESON. Died 10 Mar 1981 at Coeur d'Alene. Obituary.

St Thomas:
Walter E
J Ben
McBRIDE Mary Muriel

class secretary. Born 29 Sep 1920 at Cd'A, graduated University of Idaho in 1943, and later earned a masters at Case Western Reserve. Married Joe W HUBBARD on 13 Jun 1959 at Cheney WA. 1 daughter, Veronica Anne. Died 3 Aug 2008 at Spokane. See obituary and more family information.

St Thomas:
Mary '39
parents & grandparents here too.
McFARLAND William David

Born 1 May 1921 Cd'A to William B and Ferne (BERRY) McFARLAND. Married Anna Marie '41 DESILET. More family & ancestral information.
Father of Kathleen'62, Bill'65, Thomas'68, John'70 & James '73 McFARLAND. Brother of Bob'35, & Betty'36 McFARLAND. Nephew of Joseph'24 McFARLAND. Cousin of James '57 McFARLAND.
Bill served in the US Coast Guard in WW2, graduated in law at U of Idaho, served briefly as IHM Athletic Director, and as Cd'A city attorney for 57 years. He married in 1974 (#2) to Nida V MOYLES, at St Thomas (nullified 1977), and then in 1979 (#3) Lina PUFAHL, widow of Wm S PUFAUL, and mother of several IHM students. Bill died 6 Mar 2007, buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
MILLER (Pauline) Shirley

class treasurer 12. Born 23 Mar 1921 in Nezperce ID to John Glendon & Martha Ruth (NORMOYLE) MILLER. Married in Sept 1943 to Alvis LaVerne SPARKS (born 1921, died in a B-29 crash in 1945); married second on 18 Jan 1946 at Portland to Paul Allen LOOP (born 25 Dec 1917 McMinnville OR, died 21 Aug 1977 Chicago). Shirley had two sons (Curtis (SPARKS) & Patrick (LOOP)). She died 24 Nov 2004 in her Portland home. Her brother John also died in a wartime plane crash; her brother Tom, a physician, died age 78 in Portland.

Nezperce cem:
RARICK Madeline Claire

Born 16 Apr 1921 at Sturgis SK Canada, to Robert George & Anna C (HEALY) RARICK. Immigrated via Easport ID on 10 Oct 1924. Enrolled in first grade at IHM on 6 Sep 1927, and completed 12 years there. Lived 1701 Front Ave, Cd'A. Sister of ===============a whole lotta RARICKS, cousin of HEALYs and SCHAFFNERS========================= HEALY / RARICK connection.
Married 5 Aug 1940 at St Thomas to Elmer August Herman KUECHLER, who was born 18 Dec 1921, baptized 1922 and confirmed in 1937 at American Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Bonner MT. He died 30 Apr 1960, buried Ft Rosecrans Nat'l cemetery, San Diego.
Madeline died 11 Mar 2005, and is buried in the Veterans cemetery in Grand Junction CO.

Elmer K
Robert K (son)
St Thomas:
Robert G
REIS Frank Mark (Francis McKenna)

Born 15 Mar 1922 in Storm Lake, Iowa to Arthur Frank and Alice M (McKENNA) REIS (married 2 Jun 1921 at Storm Lake IA). Arthur F, born 23 Dec 1896 in Maytown IL to Joseph F & Anna (KULGEN) REIS, died (age 40) on 7 Jun 1937 at home, 1021 Front Ave, Cd'A. Brother of Donald '41 and Kathleen '47 REIS. Married Mary Bernice ---. Graduated University of Idaho 1944, BS in Electrical Engineering.
Lived 5031 33rd Ave W # 33, Everett WA (1981). Died 26 Jan 1989 at Everett WA. "Bernice" was born 3 March 1920 to Irish immigrant parents, reared in San Francisco, where she met Frank during WW2. Bernice died 4 March 2002. Frank was a manager for Snohomish County PUD (1966-1989). Five sons, ten grandchildren.

St Thomas:
Arthur F
SANTIN Sabine Sharmaine (Germaine)

born 19 Oct 1921 in Newport WA to Loris A & Alice G (RATEAU) SANTIN, who married 9 Oct 1920 in Spokane. Loris was born in Italy, and fought in WW1; Alice was born in Chateau, France. They later moved to Tekoa, then to Spokane WA. Sabine graduated Marywood College (Scranton PA), in 1943, in music. She taught 6th grade and music in San Mateo schools. Married April 1953 to Jack S HERSH. He established a scholarship at Marywood in her name in 1997 — The Sabine Santin Hersh '43 Scholarship provides scholarship support to an undergraduate student in the Department of Music.
Her father, a tailor, died suddenly in 1948 in Spokane. Sabine died 20 Jul 1996 in San Carlos, San Mateo, California.

Golden Gate Nat'l:
STANGLE Joseph James

Born 28 Jun 1920 in North Dakota to Joseph Charles & Agnes M (LYNCH) STANGLE. (The family lived in Lodgepole, Perkins county SD on 1 Jan 1920.) Lived (1938) 1319 Indiana Ave. Brother of Rita '42 STANGLE. Lived in Lewiston 1930, Sandpoint in 1935, and at 607 Front (Cd'A) in 1940. He was an attorney in Spokane when he married there on 16 Jun 1956 to Margaret Jean PASTON. He served as president of the Spokane Men's Democratic Club. JJ died in Dec 1966, and is buried in Holy Cross, Spokane.
His father, Joseph C, born 7 May 1878 in Dyersville, Iowa, to Michael STANGLE (b Germany) and Anne BRITTENBERGER (b Iowa) died 2 Dec 1934 in Lewiston ID, buried in Clarkston WA.

Holy Cross:
Joseph C
WILSON Mary Eleanor "Ellie"

Valedictorian 12. Born 9 (or 22) Aug 1921 near Isabel SD to Fred C & Mary Ann (BROWN) WILSON, who married 27 Jun 1915 in Perkins County SD. Eleanor married Daniel H SMITH on 1 Jun 1944 at St Thomas, Cd'A. Daniel was born 11 Apr 1927 at Omak WA to Ben & () SMITH.
In 1920-1935, the WILSON family lived and farmed near Ziebach SD. They moved to Dalton Gardens c1938.
Eleanor had brothers John Alois (1916 SD - 1999 SD) and Richard Clyle WILSON (1926 SD - 2001 Yakima). Richard attended IHM for at least 7th and 8th grades, 1938-40.
Ellie met her husband Daniel through Farragut NTS. They lived in Wapato, and later in Union Gap and Selah WA, and wintered in Palm Desert. She was a teacher, antique collector, and pilot. She died age 92, on 29 Oct 2013 at Yakima. Obituary.



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