Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1933

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  12 April 2021
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BOUCHER Edward Louis

born 6 May 1914 to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER. Died Oct 1973, buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Genevieve McLEAN, of Burke ID.

Brother of Wilfred'23, Mary'25, Ernest'26, Monica'28, John'30, Edward'33, and Clement'34 BOUCHER. Information on CHAINEY grandparents and aunts Mary'12, Selina'16, and Elsie'22 CHAINEY. BOUCHER family information.

San Bruno CA:
COPE Agnes Mary

born 7 Mar 1915 ID to Thomas S & Mary Emma (TAYLOR) COPE. Married 20 June 1940 to Harold Richard WILLIAMS, born 17 Nov 1906 Placerville, Boise, Idaho; died 8 Sep 1972 Missoula. Three children. Agnes lived Missoula MT in 1957, 1963, 1978, 1983. Sister of Katherine'22, Frances'24, Robert'30 and Edward '28 COPE. Aunt of Thomas'48 RASSLEY & Thomas'65 COPE. Agnes died 5 Jul 2004, and is buried with Harold in St Mary cemetery, Missoula.
more family information.

DALY James Alvin

Did not graduate with this class. Born 11 April 1916, attended IHM grade 6-8, 1926-1929+. Father of Michael ('66), Kathleen (b 11 Mar 1947) and JoAnne (b 23 Mar 1950) DALY. Married Virginia Margaret BERRY.

James ('33) Virginia
DRAZAN Helen Frances

(Sept 2017) Helen DRAZAN was born 18 Aug 1911 in Odessa WA to Joseph and Fenne or Frances (KUBA 1880-1913) DRAZAN. Frances died by suicde poisoning in May 1913 (see obituary), and Helen and siblings went to St Joseph's Orphanage in Spokane. Helen left the Orphanage in 1925. She had an accident c1929 seriously injuring a right limb, and necessitating partial amputation. She became a boarding student at IHM. She married 31 May 1935 at Ritzville to Harry JOHNSON, born North Dakota to John and Carol (STRAW) JOHNSON. Witnesses were her brother Gerald (1910-1988) and his wife, Mary Louise (YELLE) DRAZAN of Odessa. Helen's sister, Elizabeth Anne (Bessie), became a Franciscan nun, Sr Saturni OSF, stationed at St Joseph Orphanage, Spokane. Bessie died 2 June 1994 in Tacoma.
Helen died 2 May 1973 in Spokane. She is the mother of Stanley JOHNSON, who married Joan '55 BATCHELDER.

Helen's father, Joseph DRAZAN was born 1874 in Austria. He emigrated 17 May 1895, applied for citizenship in Spokane with brother Carl V DRAZAN, on 24 Jan 1899. He married Fannie KUBA on 2 Aug 1907 at Spokane; she died in 1913. Joseph farmed 40 acres near Odessa and died there on christmas Day, 25 Dec 1929. (see obit, estate settlement)




born 7 Sept 1915 at St Maries ID to William Henry and Mary Ellen (KELLY) DUNNIGAN. Never married. Professional Educator. Died -- July 2006 at Cd'A. Buried in St Thomas Cemetery with rest of family. Obituary.

Sister of Daniel'30 & Loretta'28 DUNNIGAN, and infant brothers William Patrick (5-19 May 1917) and Joseph (31 Dec 1919).
More family information.


Born 28 Aug 1915 in Cd'A to Ernest W & Margaret (HANCOCK) ELLER. Brother of Montana M'28 and Earl'42 ELLER. Lyle served in the Army in Europe during WW2. He married Velma Lucille IVERSON on 5 Aug 1945 in Portland OR. Lyle was a business agent, president and treasurer for the Iron Workers Union, Local 29, and a founder of the Union's credit union. He and Velma owned and lived at 626 N Lombard, Portland, Oregon since 1947. They had two daughters . Lyle died 6 May 1987 at Portland, and is buried in Lincoln Memorial cemetery See historical family information.
Velma Lucille was born in 1917 to George E and Bernice IVERSON.     |    In 1920, the family lived at 1430 So 25th St, Fort Dodge, Iowa, where George labored in a gypsum mill.     |     In 1930, the family lived at 820 Meyers, Portland OR, where George was a carpenter for the railroad.     |     Velma was still living at her ELLER home in 2006.

FLYNN Josephine Ramona

born 14 Feb 1916 at Sandpoint ID, to Judge John Michael & Mary Louise (HENRY) FLYNN. Died 5 Sep 2005 at Cd'A.
Sister of Thomas E'23, John M Jr'24, Francis'28, Mary L'31, Genevieve'39, and Philip('37) FLYNN.
Mother of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry('65), Theresa'69 & Kevin'71 ROCHE. Jo's obituary. More family information. Class president and salutatorian 1933.

St Thomas:
Mary L
FROST Lawrence H

Attended IHM, with his sister Dorothy (FROST) '35 McDONNELL, but graduated CHS. Born 12 May 1915 in Harrison, to Peter and Rosalie (MORIN) FROST. When his mother died in 1921, Lawrence & Dorothy moved in with James E & Josephine (MARLOWE) McDONNELL in Cd'A. See more FROST family information.
In 1937 he married Arvella Marie HAMILTON, who died in 2006. They had two daughters. In 1938, they lived at 713 S 12th St, and Lawrence drove for McClintock-Trunkey. By 1940, they lived at 819 N 6th St, and daughter Cheryel, b 21 Feb 1933. By 1947, he was a clerk at Seymour's Cigar Store, and lived at 1109 Cd'A Ave. Larry died 18 May 2010 at Cd'A; see obituary.


born 25 June 1916, died 18 July 2004. Sister of Eugene'32, Viola'32, Adeline'36 and Howard'38 GRISMER. Married Arthur KRYGER (15 May 1907 - Dec 1981) in 1938. Mother of Eugene'57, David'58, Kathryn'64, Ann'66, Mary'70 and Christopher "Kit" KRYGER. Obituary, family info.

St Thomas
GUIMOND John William

born 12 July 1915 in Cloquet MN to Lola E (SHIELS) and William Joseph GUIMOND (b 14 Mar 1894, d Sep 1972, SSN=519-10-4387). Other IHM familes from Cloquet MN include MERRIGAN, and CHAINEY.
By 1920, John & his parents had moved to Cd'A: Wm Joseph, 25 MI, steamfitter; renting house; Lola, 25 MN; John W age 4y6mo; all grandparents b Canada. —8 Jan 1920, Cd'A ward 2, ED206 p9B, 902 Lakeside.
In 1930, Wm J (36) is a saw filer, owns his home & a radio, and adds sons William J, 9 ID, and James 4 ID. John is 14, Lola 35. —7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p4B, 821 Cd'A Ave, on the same block as the DESILET, REAGAN & ROCHE families.
Married [1] Hazel WHITE (b 17 Sep 1914, d Oct 1978).
John died 10 Feb 2004; picture, more family info and obituary


Born 23 April 1912 at Newry, Wisconsin to Julius Norman & Thea (WIGGEN) JOHNSON. Brother of (IHM Coach) Chester V'39 JOHNSON.
Robert married 28 Sep 1945 at Immanuel Lutheran, Missoula, to Luella Rita FLIKKE, born 28 Nov 1913 at Belmont, Golden Valley, Montana to Paul Christian & Alma H (RYUM) FLIKKE. Luella died 2 years later, on 22 May 1947.
Robert died 24 Nov 1969.

MARTELL Gerard Joseph

born 7 June 1914 at Sturgis SK CAN to Leo F & Catherine "Katie" (REAGAN) MARTELL. Brother of Alice'38, Leona'32 and Gertrude'34 MARTELL. Uncle of Darlene'54 (1936-2014), Colleen'55, Anna Marie'60, & Clarence('68) VEDDER. Cousin of ============HEALY, REAGAN, RARICK, SCHAFFNER ===================
Married 6 Sept 1937 at St Thomas, Cd'A, to Dorothy Elma STRATTON. She was born 26 Jul 1917 at Craigmont ID to William D & Mellie J (HENSLEY) STRATTON. Dorothy died in January 1989, possibly at Hemet CA.
In 1940, they lived at 623 Military Dr, Cd'A. In the 1980's, they lived at 36505 Florida Ave #143, Hemet, CA. Died 17 Jun 1988 Riverside Co California.

Hemet CA:
St Thomas:
Leo (dad)
MATSON (Leo) Walter

Born Cd'A on 5 Oct 1914 to Emil and Ida (MELANDER) MATSON. Brother of Reino E '34 & Elma '38 MATSON. Married 22 Apr 1946 at Spokane to Patricia E KELLY. Father of 13 children, including Walter'70, Ann '65), Mary Beth'66, and Ellen'68, Patrice'72, Kelly'73, Thomas'74 & John('76) MATSON. Following the death of his first wife, Patricia (1924 - 26 Sep 1970), he married Irene BOWSER (mother of Stephen'67, Ginny'68, Lorraine'70 & Connie'73 BOWSER). Following Irene's death, he married Jean SULLIVAN in 1982. Walt died 15 Dec 1993, See obituary with additional family information. Buried in St Thomas cemetery. He was a dentist, graduated from University of Oregon.
I did not find the MATSON family in the 1920 census.
In 1930, The family lived at 1613 6th Ave, Cd'A, and comprised: Amel MADSON, 46 Finland, lumber puller at sawmill, immigrated 1914, naturalized, married age 31; Ida, wife, 37 Finland, immigrated 1914, married age 21; Walter, 15 ID; Raymond (Reino'34), age 13 ID; Alma (Elma'38), age 9 ID. --5 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED17 p6B.
Father of Thomas'74 MATSON, b 24 Aug 1956, died 17 May 1979. Thomas was a Sgt, USMC, and served in Vietnam. Buried St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
MULLER Magdalene "Billie"

Born (26 March ?) 1913 Idaho to Joseph A MULLER (cemetery caretaker 1930, b Oct 1862/3 Switzerland, immigrated 1881/3, naturalized 1891, marr c1907) and Josephine (SESTER? b Apr 1885, immig 1890 —1900 Logan IL, ED11 p2B) (b c1885 Alsace Lorraine, immigrated 1893, naturalized 1899).
Siblings include , Elizabeth('41?), Elmer('27), Marie('31) (b c1912 ID), and Rita '37 MULLER (b Jun 1918 ID). Does not appear to be related to the six or so MULLER children who attended in the 1930's, part of the Joseph and Rachel MULLER family.

Aunt of Gary Joseph '58 THOMPSON, Richard '61 & Thomas '61, and Jo Ellen '63 HOLZER

In 1930, a cousin Clarence('28), 22 IL, is in the home at 2102 21st St, Cd'A. --2 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED12 p1A [38]; —6 Jan 1920 Kootenai ID ED203 p2A, (farmer in French Gulch); —5 Jun 1900 Highland, Madison IL ED54 p3A (Joseph MUELLER, 36, painter, and 4 of 7 sibs live with his widowed mother Magdalena [b Switzerland?], all immigrated 1883).

Magdalene married on 21 Sep 1935 at St Thomas to Irwin Martin KELLY, born 16 Dec 1909 in Kansas City KS to John & Lillian (JANUARY) KELLY. They lived at 908 Bancroft 1938), at 411 Foster (1940), with sons Donald J'55, (age 3), and Jan M'56, (age 2). Irwin was a sawmill foreman at Atlas Tie. By 1952, he was a lumber grader, and lived at 820 N 11th. Irwin's older brother, John Ryland KELLY, was born 10 Nov 1904 in Burke ID. He died 20 Oct 1991. His birth index record shows his mother as Lillian Irwin January.
Magdalene was born 26 March 1913, SSN issued in Idaho, died at Renton WA on 26 February 1987. Irwin KELLY, born 16 Dec 1909, died Jan 1985, probably at Cd'A.

Elmer MULLER ('27) born c1908 IL, lumber mill laborer, married on 22 Oct 1934 at Newport WA to Magdaline SCHWARZEL, of Cook County IL. They are parents of Henry'54 and Eleanor'55 MULLER.


born 21 July 1915 at Kalispell MT to Hugo (1889-1950) and Josephine (FELDMAIER 1889-1951) WACHSMUTH. Sister of Winifred'36 and Gilbert H('49) WACHSMUTH. Aunt of Joseph'71 and Julie '76 WACHSMUTH. Married 20 Sep 1937 to Richard Welford WEEKS; lived in Brewster WA until returning to Cd'A in 1977. Richard, born 16 Mar 1908, died 27 March 1980. Roberta died 6 June 2003 at Cd'A. Obituary. Roberta and Richard are buried with her parents in St Thomas cemetery.
In 1900, Hugo lived with his parents in Kalispell MT. The family comprised: August, b Sep 1846 GER, owns mortgaged farm, married 28 years, immig 1881, naturalized; Louisa, b Jan 1849 GER, 11 births, 9 living, immig 1881; Ernest, 27 GER; Minnie, 24 GER; Sonia 21 GER; Emily, 18 WI; Fritz, 16 WI; William 12 WI; Hugo, b Jul 1890 WI. —9 Jun 1900, Flathead county MT, ED214 p19A [81].
In 1910, Hugo's whereabouts are unknown. His parents are still in Kalispell MT, and his brother William is in that area.
In 1920, the family lived in Warland MT, and comprised: Hugo 29 WI, sawmill machinist; Josephine, 29 WI; Roberta '33, age 4 MT; and Winifred '36, age 1 MT. —20 Jan 1920 Warland, Lincoln county MT ED130 p2A.
In 1930, the family had a radio, owned (value $4000) and lived at 728 Front Ave, and comprised: Hugo 41 WI (parents b Germany), edgeman at lumber mill, no military service; Josephine, 41 WI (parents b WI), both married age 21; Roberta '33, age 14 MT; Winifred '36, age 11 MT; Gilbert H, 2 mo ID. —11 Apr 1930 Cd'A, Lakeshore pct, ED12 p12A [49].
Hugo Ernest WACHSMUTH, born 27 July 1889, died 5 June 1950 at Cd'A. Josephine, born 2 April 1889, died 30 Nov 1951 at Cd'A. Both are buried (along with Roberta) in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
WARD Margaret

Mother of Arlene '55 & Robert '61 HARTZ. Sister of Dorothy'38, Helen'31, Michael'27, Edward('29) WARD.

WERNETTE Margaret Mary

Born c 14 Feb 1916 at Cd'A to Nicodemus and Ozalinda (BLANCHARD) WERNETTE. Sister of Frances'28, Bernice'30, & Blanche '32 WERNETTE.
Margaret married 7 Aug 1943 in Columbus Mississippi to Karl J WILSON (1916-1975), had three children. . She died 17 Feb 1979, near Twin Falls ID.
More family information.

Sunset, TwinFalls:

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