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  4 June 2020
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Sister M Genoveva, IHM — b Apr 1895, profession 30 Dec 1913, died 21 Nov 1967, buried in St Catherine Cemetery, Moscow PA. family information and more family information.

Moscow PA:
COX Loretta

born 28 Mar 1893 MI to Patrick COX (b Mar 1858 CAN, lumberman) and Emma (GORMAN,b 2 Jan 1867 CAN). Sister of Romilda A'20, and non-graduate students Helen ('25), Mary ('26), & Marcella ('29). They are all aunts of Pauline ('48) & Thomas '43 COX, children of Walter J COX (1894-1965).
In 1900, The family lived in Norway MI, and comprised: Patrick COX, 42, married 8 years, immig 1880, naturalized citizen USA, lumberman, owns home, no mtge; Emma 32, immigrated 1892, 4 births / 3 living: children Loretta 7, Walter 5 (b Nov 1894 MI), James 1 (b May 1899 MI), and niece Eva COX 16 (b Aug 1883 MI). —4 Jun 1900 Norway, DickInson MI, ED57 pp3B-4A. About 1900, the family moved to Moab WA, then to Coeur d'Alene in 1903.
In 1910, the family was in Cd'A. siblings b MI: Walter, James, Romilda A '20 (b c1901 MI), Helen (1905 WA), Mary(1907 ID). --1910 Cd'A ED170 p9A/B, 1114 Fifth St.
In 1920, the family still lived at 1114 Fifth St, and comprised: Patrick R, 63, immig 1888, naturalized; Emily 52; (all grandparents b Ireland); children: Walter J, 24 MI, lather in sawmill; Loretta, age 26, public school teacher; James P, 20, grocery truck driver; Romilda A'20, 18 MI; Helen M, 14 WA; Mary A, 12 ID; Marcella F, 9 ID. —3 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED207 p3A [244]. Academy school records show that Helen attended 8th grade in 1920-21, and Marcella completed grades 1-8 in 1917-to-1925. Mary completed 8th grade in 1921-22.
In 1930, Emma (62, widow), still lived at 1114 Fifth St, with daughters Loretta 32 MI, grade school teacher, single; and Marcella, 19. —4 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED19 p4B.
Patrick died 27 Jan 1926 at Cd'A. Emma died 25 Mar 1940 at Cd'A. Walter died 25 Jul 1965. Loretta died 7 Feb 1950 at Cd'A; They are buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:
Walter J
James F

DOWNS Lucille

- no info found census 1900, 1910, 1920


ELGEE Francis

Frank Peter ELGEE, b 15 Aug 1892 Jewett WI, d 17 Aug 1955, bur St Thomas cem; Pvt USA Co E, 158th Infantry, WWI. Frank and brother William registered for the military draft in 1917.
Youngest child of Jacob Harris ELGEE (27 Oct 1857 CAN - 28 Aug 1935, house carpenter) and wife Sarah JOYCE (20 Aug 1857 WI - 4 Sep 1924). Jacob and Sarah married c1885, 5 children, all born WI: Sarah, John H (m 1916 Grace DOWNIE), James J (m 1922 Ruth I CASWELL), William H(18 Jul 1890 - 14 Jun 1918), and Frank. Also in the home was a niece, Nellie '15 VAUGHN, listed as the sixth of five (sic) ELGEE children. 1910 Cd'A ED166 p9B, 569 Cd'A Ave. Jacob married second on 30 Jun 1927 at St Thomas parish to Sara A DROWLEY (18 Jun 1858 - 23 Aug 1938). Witnesses were Frank ELGEE and Nellie (ELGEE/VAUGHN '15) DAWSON. Jacob H is listed as son of John E ELGEE and E COLWELL.
In 1920, Frank, 27, single, grocery clerk, is living with his parents —1920 Cd'A ED206 p14A, 569 Cd'A Ave.
In 1930, Frank, 37, single, carpenter, living with his father at 519 Cd'A Ave. Also in the household was James '30 BREEN and his mother.
See notes about Nellie ELGEE at 1915.
Frank's brother, James J, is grandfather of Michael '66, Robert '68, Tim '73, Mark & Jim ELGEE.

St Thomas:
the rest of them
Eureka CA
John E (brother)

GROVES Margaret Cecelia

born 25 Jul 1892 ID, to George W (b 1867 IL, steamboat engineer) and Maggie (HICKEY b Aug 1871 GA, married 1 Dec 1889) GROVES.
4 siblings: Ellen (b Jul 1894 ID), Gertrude'18 (b Jul 1896 ID), Mary'20 (b Aug 1899), and Katherine (b 6 Mar 1910). —1900 census Cd'A ED60 p5A family 117; —1910 Cd'A ED170 p15A, c1200 block N 7th, with Maggie's dad, John HICKEY, widow, age 72, immigrated 1851 from Ireland.
Margaret married 27 Jul 1913 in Cd'A to (the boy next door) John L McDANIELS (b Apr 1891 KS to Archie and Carrie McDANIELS) --1900 Walla Walla ED90 p7A [213]. Her sister, Ellen, married Edward PECK on 27 Jun 1914 at St Thomas parish.
In 1920, Margaret & John (clerk, Red Collar Line) with sons Lawrence 4 & Donald 2, own & lived at 1217 7th St, near John's father, and next door to George H SONNICHSEN, 4. —5 Jan 1920 Cd'A ED207 p4B.
In 1920, the GROVES lived at 618 4th, near the DUNNIGANS, with Gertrude'18, Mary'20 & Catherine still at home. George was a steamboat engineer. —2 Jan 1920 Cd'A ED205 p1A
By 1930, the McDANIELS family increased by 2 daughters, Evelyn 8, and Shirley 7mo. John was working in a sawmill. —4 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED19 p5B, 1219 7th St, still next door to Archibald.
In 1930, Margaret's parents and sister Catherine were renting at 702 N 4th. George was an engineer in a sawmill. —2 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED14 p1A.
Margaret died 30 May 1985. John McDANIELS was born 2 Apr 1891, died Feb 1964. See additional genealogical and family information on the GROVES and McDANIELS lines, including photos and children.

St Thomas:
LOMMEL Nicholas W

Nicolas W, b Aug 1893 ND, to Nicolas (b Dec 1859 Luxembourg) and Nellie (b Nov 1867 Ireland) LOMMEL. Siblings are John M (b Mar 1891 MT), Walter R '13 (b Mar 1896 OK) and Susan M '17 (b Mar 1898 OK). Nellie immigrated 1879, married 1889. —1900 census, Ft Reno, Canadian County, OK Territory, ED258 family #8. Nicolas Sr immigrated in 1881, is naturalized; born to parents from Belgium and Germany. Serving as a highest-ranking hospital steward at 5th Infantry HQ in Cuba on 8 Jun 1900, and as a US Army hospital steward in Spokane WA in 1910. --1900 census, Military and Naval, ED 114, line 24; —21 Apr 1910 census Spokane 3rd ward, ED179, p8A, 1303 Second Ave. Nicolas Sr died before 1920, when Nellie and Susan '17 (21, bank bookkeeper) live at 320 Maple St, Colville WA. —1920 Stevens Co WA, ED282, p9B
By 1910, Nicholas, Walter & Susan are boarding students at IHM; John, 19, is a department store salesman in Spokane, living at home. —3 May 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p26A
By 1920, Nicholas was a merchant, married 15 Oct 1919 in Wallace to Ann McDONALD (also 26, born 12 Jul 1892/3 ID), living at 704 Indiana or Wallace. —1920 Cd'A, ED206 p17B.
By 1930, Nicholas and Ann, still childless, are bookkeepers, Nick at a bank, Ann at a grocery store. They live with Nick's widowed mother, Nellie, at 704 Wallace. —5 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED11 p3B.
Nicholas died 23 Feb 1945 in Seattle. —WA Death Index. Ann died 24 Sept 1981 in Santa Clara CA. They are buried in Calvary cemetery, Seattle, ยง13, lot 37, site 12.

Seattle Catholic cemeteries:
MOGG Oswald Gravel

Born 19 Oct 1892 in Rosebush MI (--draft records, Benewah County ID) to George (b Apr 1853 CAN, immigrated 1870) and Barbara (KREINER born Jan 1852 NY) MOGG. --1900 Isabella Co MI, ED68 p1B, farmer.
In 1910 lived next door to druggist Joel SCHERMANSON. Another neighbor was Angeline KROETCH, a widow with 10 children, including Elizabeth 25, Fred 21, and Leo 16, all listed as students at the Academy. —1910 Cd'A ED170 p2B, 812 7th St.
In 1920, his parents lived in Plummer. In 1930, he is a druggist, single, age 37, in Moscow ID.
Oswald, using the name George O MOGG (same birth date), died 17 May 1966 in Multnomah Co OR, SSN=549-28-8919.

St Thomas:
Morris Hill, Boise:
MURPHY Mary Irene

Born 1894 in Canada.
Parents: Catherine MURPHY 1866-1949, immig 1895, naturalized 1910, Died 3 Nov 1949, Kootenai County. John E MURPHY 1858-1929, immig 1894, naturalized 1910, Died 21 Feb 1929, Kootenai County. Both parents are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
In 1910, the family lived in LaCrosse Village; John E, 51 CAN (parents b Canada), owns farm w/o mtge, married 17 years; Katherine T, 40 CAN (parents b Ireland), 5 births/living; children, all b Irish Canada: Irein M sic '12, age 16; Raymond J, 15; Ruth C '16, age 12; Michael M, 9; Hilda '22, age 7. —19 Apr 1910, Lacrosse, Kootenai, ID ED171 p4B.
In 1920, the family still lived and farmed in LaCrosse precinct; John, 62, claims immig 1894; Catherine, 51, claims immig 1895; both were naturalized in 1910; Mike, 18, logging camp laborer, and Hilda '22, 16, are also at home, and naturalized. —7 Jan 1920, Lacrosse, Kootenai, ID ED215 p3B.
In 1920, Irene was teaching public school in Wallace ID. She immigrated in 1905, was naturalized in 1911. --1920 Shoshone Co, ED171 p8B, 606 Bedor St (rooming house).
In 1930 Katherine, 63, widow (John died 22 Feb 1929), rented at 1305 Gov't Way, Cd'A, with daughter Hilda '22, age 25, and son Raymond 31. —7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED15 p7A [62] and p14A. Irene is a fellow teacher and partner of Ingeborg EIDE, in Tacoma WA.
In 1940, Irene was a teacher in Tacoma, living on her own in the same place (615 S 7th, #58) for over 5 years, salary $2002/year, with at least 5 years of college education.

St Thomas:

Cd'A Memorial Gardens:
Santa Rosa CA:


Born Jul 1892 in Minnesota to Michael and Mary (QUINLAN) O'KEEFE. Siblings: Noreen'09, Cornelius, and Marietta'17. See More family information.
In 1920, Helen boarded in Kellogg, and taught school.
Married 19 Oct 1921 at Spokane to Thomas Menefee FRISTOE. Helen died 14 Jan 1972 at Seattle, buried in Holyrood.


Born May 1891, the second of four sons all born in Michigan to Anton & Clara [ZIEMKE] REMBOWSKI of Germany/Poland, Brothers: Stanley Martin (b Nov 1889), Walter Julius (b Jan 1893), Leon Anton (b 11 Apr 1895). Father, Anton[e], b 24 Apr 1859 or 1861 Ostrowiec, Meren Werder, Poland, saw filer, immigrated 1877, naturalized. Mother, Clara b Aug 1867 [or 12 Aug 1858, per death cert], immig 1883, married Anton c1888. —1900 Stephenson, Menominee, Michigan, ED 151 p1A, Homestead Avenue; —1910 Cd'A ED170 p1B, 611 Foster.
7 Jan 1920 Bank Teller, Cd'A, single 615 Foster, ED207 p6B, all 4 boys at home, single.
In 1930, Stanley is in the Soldiers Home, Roseburg OR, age 40, single. Walter/Julius is married, living in Spokane. Anton (70, saw filer) and "Mary" (61) still lived at 615 Foster, now claim they were born in Russia to Russian-speaking parents, and both immigrated 1889, are naturalized. Leon married 20 Nov 1920 to Esther Lucille MERCER [b 27 Jan 1901, d 7 Oct 1996, Laclede, Bonner, Idaho, SSN=518-82-2692]. Leon died Nov 1981, SSN=518-03-4539. Leon had four daughters, a stillborn infant in 1934, and two sons, Leon Ansel (1931) and Walter Albert (1934).
In 1930 Tacoma WA, there is a Joseph T, widowed, 38, president of a Tacoma mortgage company, born MI to Polish parents [enumerated 8 May 1930], and Joseph T, a real estate salesman, from Idaho [enum 9 Apr 1930]. Joseph d 17 Jan 1943 Seattle.
Anton died 14 Jul 1949, Clara d 14 Jan 1944, both buried at St Thomas cemetery. Leo[n] registered for the military draft and reported his birthplace as Stephenson MI.
Stanley M served as a sergeant in 18th Co, 5th Bn, 155 DB in WW1. He was in a VA Soldier's Home in Roseburg Oregon in 1930, then died on 11 Oct 1937 at Los Angeles. He is buried in the L A National Cemetery

Calvary cemetery, Tacoma:
St Thomas cemetery:

Esther was born 13 Aug (or Oct) 1893 in DC to Joel (1861 Sweden - 1936) and Henrietta (KULLBERG 1861 Austria - 1954) SCHERMANSON. Sister of Sigrid '10 and Elsa (Sr Clement, IHM).
Esther died 25 Jul 1955 in Wallace ID.
In 1920, she was a bookkeeper, living in Mullan. In 1930, she lived at the Joan of Arc residence hall for women (run by Sisters of Mercy), at 465 14th St in Portland, working as a bookkeeper for a mercantile company. In 1940, she lived with her mother and two siblings in Wallace, working as a bank stenographer.
See morefamily information

SMITH Leila Marie

Leila Marie SMITH, born 4 Oct 1893 in Michigan to Charles A and Mary E SMITH. Both parents b NY.
In 1900, Leila, 7 (b Minnesota) is with her parents in Oakesdale, Whitman, Washington. Charles A, b Jul 1854 NY (VT, NY) is an editor; Mary E, b Mar 1867, married 10 years, two children. —5 Jun 1900, Oakesdale WA, ED105 p6A [249]
In 1910, Leila, 16, appears as a resident student at the Academy, and also with her parents in Coulee City WA, where Charles (now only 44! should be 55) was a newspaper editor. Both parents were in their second marriage, 18 years since, and Mary E now reports only 1 birth/living child. —21 Apr 1910 Grant Co WA, ED72 p1B.
Leila married 11 Aug 1915 at Cd'A to Emil Wilhelm FREED [25 Sep 1892 ID - Apr 1957 CA]; 7 children (first was Barbara Marie, b 14 Aug 1916 in Grant Co WA).
In 1920, Leila and Emil FREED, with daughters Barbara and Patricia, lived in Worley, where Emil was a banker. —2 Jan 1920, Worley, Kootenai ID, ED199 p1B.
In 1930, the family lived at 1217 S Adams, Spokane, with 6 children. Emil was an insurance agent, and 4 children were born since 1921 in Washington. —12 Apr 1930 Spokane WA, ED96 p12A [167]. Emil died in Apr 1957 near San Gabriel CA, where he is buried.
See GenCircles Family listing for all children. Leila later married Walter C LUOMA. Leila died 22 Apr 1986, and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane. Walter, b 2 May 1907, died 20 Mar 1998.

YOUNG Dorothy Marie C

Born 14 Dec 1893 in Minnesota,to Leonard H [b c1866 England; border custom official in 1910] and Catherine [(MORROW, b c1865 Canada] YOUNG, married 18 years with 2 living children [not in home]. (—1910 Idaho Bonner ED77 p11B family 152.)
Dorothy and brother Harold [b c1896 MN] are in the 1910 Cd'A census as resident students at the Academy..
Dorothy married 1 Oct 1917 at Sandpoint to Charles W G STONE [b c1885 NC].
5 Jan 1920, Spokane, ED179 p2B, renting at 224 N Fourth Ave, with husband (accountant), and son Theodore Charles Leonard Stone, (b 5 Aug 1918 WA, died 25 Oct 2006).
Dorothy died in Spokane in June 1974. Charles died 29 Jan 1957 in Spokane.

Holy Cross, Spokane:

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