Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1930

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BOUCHER John Thomas

born 7 Apr 1912 ID to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER. Died 9 Oct 1990 San Mateo Co CA. Brother of Wilfred'23, Mary'25, Ernest'26, Monica'28, Edward'33, and Clement'34 BOUCHER. Information on CHAINEY grandparents and aunts Mary'12, Selina'16, and Elsie'22 CHAINEY. See more BOUCHER family information.


born c 1912 in Sandpoint to Joseph and Kate (GORMAN) BREEN, who married 1 Sep 1909 at Sandpoint.
In 1910, Joseph and Catherine were farming in Yokum precinct, in the Kaniksu Forest in Stevens county, Washington. Joseph was born in 1868 in Canada, to parents from Ireland. He emigrated to the USA in 1888, and was naturalized. Catherine was born in 1878 in Michigan, to Robert & Mary (SWEENEY) GORMAN from New York.
In 1916, Joseph died at Sandpoint.
In 1920, James, 8, lived with his widowed mother, Catherine, in Sandpoint.
In 1930, James, 17, and his mother lived in Cd'A, at 519 Cd'A Ave, with Jacob & Sarah ELGEE, and their son, Frank'12 ELGEE.
James married 25 July 1945 at Spokane to Helen M O'BRIEN. He died 10 Sept 1963 at his Spokane home, leaving a wife and 4 children. Helen died 2002.

Holy Cross:
Helen M
Catherine (mom)
Joseph (dad)
COPE Robert

born 13 Aug 1912 at Cd'A to Thomas S & Mary Emma (TAYLOR) COPE. Brother of Edward'28, Frances'24, Katherine'22 and Agnes'33 COPE. Father of Thomas'65 and William'74 COPE.
Married Dorothy L FULTON on 20 Jan 1942 at St Thomas. Robert died 27 Nov 1998 in Hawai'i.

more family information

DEVINE John Anthony

Born 9 Sep 1911 at Cd'A to Daniel Patrick & Julia Beatrice (LYNCH) DEVINE, who married 5 Oct 1910 at St Thomas.
Married Lillian BEYER (1919-1982). John died 2 Jul 1972 at Spokane.

Holy Cross:
DOLAN Marguerite

Born c 1912 Idaho to Thomas Edward & Myrtle (HYATT) DOLAN, who married 22 Dec 1907 in Bonner County.
Lived 1920 near Cabinet ID, with parents and 4 children and Myrtle's father, Samuel Jason HYATT, a quartz miner. Thomas claimed to be age 46 (i.e., born c1873), born in WI.
In 1930, the 4 children lived with their mother and her new husband, Ole PETERSON, married 18 Dec 1922 in Bonner County.
Marguerite married on 28 June 1940 at Tacoma to Harold YOUNG, both of Randle, Lewis, WA. She died 26 July 1942 at Seattle.
Her father may have served in the Spanish-American War. Thomas E DOLAN died in Mountain Home on 29 Sept 1938, and is buried in Tahoe Mountain Rest cemetery, near Grangeville. He may be the son (born 1863) of John & Margaret DOLAN who married 1862 in Fond du Lac WI, and lived in Spokane in 1892. In 1880, Thomas, his parents and his DOLAN grandparents (Thomas & Mary, born c 1815 Ireland) all lived together in Mulligan, Brown county, Minnesota.

Randle WA:
Kooskia ID:

born 25 Feb 1912 at Santa ID to William Henry and Mary Ellen (KELLY) DUNNIGAN. Died 17 Jun 1970 at Seattle WA. --WADI Brother of Loretta'28 & Mary Ann '33 DUNNIGAN, and infant brothers William Patrick (5-19 May 1917) and Joseph (Dec 1919). See more family information. Buried in St Thomas Cemetery with rest of family.

St Thomas:
ELLER Ernest

Ernest W Jr, born 16 Oct 1912 in Butte MT to Ernest W & Margaret (HANCOCK) ELLER. Brother of Montana '28, Lyle '33 & Earl '42 ELLER. Ernest enlisted in the Army on 21 Jan 1943 in Spokane. He married Milicent R WONDER on 24 Sep 1949 in Franklin Co WA (by Methodist minister), became a CPA in Spokane, and had a son and daughter. He died 28 Aug 1985, age 72. Milicent, b 3 Nov 1919 in Nebraska to Guy & Marie (b 27 May 1901 Austria) WONDER, died 10 Nov 1981 at Spokane.--WADI, SSDI, PatELLER, 1920, 1930 census.
See more family information.

HEALY William Kildea

Born 25 Jul 1909 at Cd'A to Joseph Patrick and Ella Penrose (KILDEA) HEALY. Brother of Alphonsus, Ignatius, Margaret'19, & Ellen'25 HEALY. He Graduated Gonzaga University in 1934. He became a purchasing agent for Idaho Highway Dept, until 1939.

In October 1941 at Las Vegas, he married Mary Kathryn RAMBIS of Shelburn, Indiana, at St Joan of Arc church. They lived there, and he worked for General Motors research dept. Mary K, born 1916, died 1996 in San Mateo.

William died 20 May 1998 at Fresno, California. See more family information.

Colma cem:
Mary K
MacDONALD Ronald Joseph

born 4 May 1911 in Cass county MN to Angus R & Eugenia () McDONALD. Married Betty J FISHER, of Cd'A. Brother of Flora, Donald, Elvia'28 and Eugene "Sandy" MacDONALD. Father of Anne'66, uncle of Robert'67, Maureen'71, Donald and Margaret MacDONALD. Managed the Athletic RoundTable, in the Desert Hotel. Ron died 6 Feb 1988, buried St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:
O'NEIL Mary Margaret

Born 15 May 1912 near Rose Lake to Claude James & Catherine (CARMICHAEL) O'NEIL, who immigrated to Idaho in 1911. Sister of Catherine'29 O'NEIL and John Patrick'32 O'NEIL. Mother of Claudia'57, Judy'59 and Alice'62 WAYNE. Married James Wade WAYNE on 22 Jan 1937 at Moscow ID. Divorced by 1954, died 1959. Mary M Died 4 May 1962 at Cd'A. See more family information.

St Thomas:

Jerry PELTIER was born 5 Feb 1911 in Cloquet MN to Charles and Amanda PELTIER. He died Friday 24 Dec 2004 at Spokane. Read a number of newspaper articles about this "Living Legend" northwest historian, in links found at his obituary.
In 1920, the family lived in St Paul MN, and comprised: Charles, 36 MN, carpenter; Amanda, 27 IL; Jerome, 8 MN. --6 Jan 1920 StPaul MN, ED107 p4A.
In 1925, Jerry, an only child, moved to Cd'A with his parents. In 1930, the family lived at 412 N 15th St. Charles was a building carpenter, age 46, married age 26. He was born in MN, to parents born in French Canada and MN. Amanda was 37, married age 17, born IL, father b French Canada, mother b IL. Jerome was 19, born MN. --11 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p10A [32].
By 1933, Jerry lived and worked in Spokane. He married Laverle (unknown), born 1 Jan 1919, died 24 Jun 1995 Spokane. Jerry's father, Charles, born 30 Oct 1883, died in May 1982 Spokane. Jerry's mother, Amanda, born 26 Aug 1892, died in May 1972, Spokane.

REAGAN Agnes Etta

Born 4 Nov 1912 at Sturgis, Saskatchewan, Canada, to William John & Mary Elizabeth (MADDEN) REAGAN. She emigrated to USA on 8 Dec 1924 via Eastport Idaho. She entered 7th grade at IHM in January 1925. She filed for Naturalization on 16 July 1946 at Spokane, then residing at 1629½ W Pacific, Spokane.

REID Richard Thomas

Born 6 March 1911 in Kingston, Idaho to Thomas F & Josephine (KELSEY) REID. Brother of Leslie'26 and Ruth'31 REID. Married Nora SCHNEBERGER on 1 July 1935 in Coeur d'Alene. Died July 1987 in Coeur d'Alene.

ROE Ernest

born May 25, 1914, in Cataldo to Ernest B & Katherine V (MORRISON) ROE. Brother of Ann '26 ROE. Father of Valerie ('66) ROE. He lived in Coeur d'Alene and married 20 Jan 1942 at St Thomas to Teckla MATTSON (born at Spokane on 3 Jan 1913 to Wm M & Pearl (BEEDHAM) MATTSON). They moved to Alaska with the Army during World War II. They arrived in Seward by steamship in 1944, and lived in Anchorage for many years. Mr ROE operated local taxi companies as well as an intercity bus company linking the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and Tok. He later started the Anchorage bus company that was purchased by the city and the People Mover system.

In 1977 the ROEs retired to Homer, where they built a home. Mr ROE was a member of the Homer Planning and Zoning Board. He was active in the Elks Lodge, Senior Citizens Center and Pioneers of Alaska Igloo # 14. He enjoyed fishing and crabbing on his boat in Homer and, more recently, fishing from the deck of his daughter and son-in-law's Kenai River cabin. In January 1992, the ROEs celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception at the Anchorage Pioneer Home where they resided.

Ernest died 24 June 1992. Teck died 29 Oct 1999. Both died at Anchorage,and both buried in Homer. His sister and parents are buried in Holyrood, Seattle.

SPIELMAN Fabiola Mary

Eldest of 8 children. Born 8 July 1912 in Seneca, Kansas to Joseph Aloysius and (first wife) Mary Elizabeth (RONNEBAUM) SPIELMAN (1895-1916), who married on 7 Oct 1911 in Seneca KS. See family history and SPIELMAN ancestors.
In 1915, Fabiola, age 2, and her parents (ages 25 & 23) lived in Nemaha county, Kansas. Her mother died 10 days after childbirth (Arthur, b 14 Jan 1916, lived 2 mo), on 24 Jan 1916.
On 14 Jan 1920,"Mary F", 7, is staying with her grandmother, Bernadine RONNEBAUM (age 67, widow, immig 1877), in Seneca KS. Fabiola's parents are staying with her (new) step-maternal grandparents, Barney and Mary WICHMAN, on a farm nearby.
The family moved to Wyoming by 1927, and then to Hauser ID, where the family appears in 1930 census.
By 1933, the family lived in California. Fabiola appears in the Great Register of voters in 1936 in Santa Margarita, and in 1939 San Francisco as a housekeeper at 3804 Clay.

Fabiola married Louis STIFF. She died 5 Feb 2002 in Belmont, California.

Merced CA:
Joe (dad)
Mary (mom)
Eliz (stepmom)
STAN Emery O

Born Jun 1912 in WA to S Joseph and Fanny (LAITNEN) STAN. Brother of Allan J'28 and Lucille'34 STAN. Uncle of Valerie'62 and Marcia'63 ANTONSON.
Married Margaret R McANDREWS on 21 Mar 1942 at St Al's, Spokane. Lived at 7006 N Normandie St, Spokane (5th door from Holy Cross cemetery). Emery died 22 Aug 1987 at Spokane. Son's obituary. Margaret, born 4 Jan 1910 at Chewelah WA to John & Anna (LUTZ) McANDREWS, died 3 Dec 1997 at Spokane. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery. See more family information.

Holy Cross:

Born 4 Nov 1912 in Athol, Idaho. Sibling of alumni Ester'28, Lillian'32, Rose'34, Irvin'37, Delico'38 and Irene '40 STREETER.
Married William Oscar HALLGREEN (1906-1972). Parents of Ellen Louise '58 HALLGREEN Clarice died 28 Jan 1982 in Cd'A. They are buried in St Thomas cemetery.     |     more family information

WERNETTE Bernice Elizabeth

Born 21 Apr 1912 in Cd'A to Nicodemus and Ozalinda (BLANCHARD) WERNETTE. Sister of Frances'28, Blanche'32, & Margaret'33 WERNETTE.
In 1935, Bernice lived in Spokane.
Bernice married 13 Feb 1937 to Thomas Milo I LEAKE at Stevenson WA. They divorced soon afterwards (see below).
In 1940, Bernice was divorced, living in San Luis Obispo, and working as an X-ray technician. She married --- WILLIAMS. She died in San Mateo county, California on 8 Jan 1970.

Thomas M I LEAKE was born 6 Aug 1907 at Bozeman MT to Thomas Benjamin (of Ohio) & Ethel May (PALMER) LEAKE (of Newfoundland). They married 15 Aug 1904 in Bozeman MT.
Tom died Jun 1971 in Depoe Bay OR. He lived in Bozeman (1910), Davenport IA (1920), and Walla Walla (1930). By 1940 Portland, he was a salesman of office equipment. Tom got married every couple of years in churches, including 1935 to Lois Cleo JORDAN, 1937 to Blanche, and to Edith Mary THIELMAN in 1941 and again in 1945.

See More WERNETTE family information.

Arcata CA:
Ethel(ex m-i-l)

born 30 Oct 1912 to (Alfred) Fred (1878-1953) and Catherine (McDONALD) WILLIAMS. Brother of Clinton Bernard'27 and Catherine'36 WILLIAMS. Uncle of Fred'66, Theo Ann'61, Gary'68 & Pat WILLIAMS.
James was a truck driver, and single, in 1940, living with his parents. He died 19 June 1945, while serving as Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd class,USNR, on the submarine USS Bonefish, in a depth charge attack in Toyama Bay, Japan. More family information.

J J'30
St Thomas Parish Staff

Redemptorist personnel living at the Rectory on 1 April 1930: Rev J J MOYE, pastor, age 62 b PA; Rev Peter C THOMAS, 41 IL; Bro John T WILLIAMS, 47 Canada, immig 1905, naturalized; Bro Melvin C MORAN, 43 AR; Rev Thomas C MOORE, 38 LA; Rev Francis F FAGAN, 35 IL. See more detail.

Academy & Convent personnel

IHM's living at 311 N 10th on 1 April 1930, all listed as teachers except the last: Sr M Irmine, Superior, 45 PA; Sr M Dolorita, 43 PA; Sr M Harriet, 37 IA; Sr M Kevin, 36 PA; Sr M Clement (SCHERMANSON), 32 ID; Sr M Gertrudis, 29 WA; Sr M Oswald Marie, 27 PA; Sr M Celine, 25 PA; Sr M Evangelist, 35 PA (housekeeper). See more detail.

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