Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1936

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  7 July 2020
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BECK John Englebert

Born 20 Dec 1914 at Bonners Ferry to Englebert & Mathilde BECK. Married at St Thomas on 16 May 1942 to Catherine Phyllis (HOPPE), who married (#2) William P SCHNEBERGER after John died on 6 Dec 1943. All mentioned above are buried in St Thomas cemetery, except Englebert, who is buried in St Maries. John is also brother of Matilda J'34 (BECK) ALDER, and George Anthony('40) BECK, (1921-1996). John began first grade in 1921, and was retained in 4th & 7th & 9th(?) grades.

St Thomas:

Woodlawn, St Maries:

BLAIR Margaret

Probably the Margarete BLAIR, born 10 Jan 1913 in Montana, living with her aunt and uncle, Canadians Theodore and Exilda (HEBERT) GERVAIS, in Sch District#1, Fergus, Montana on 13 January 1920. She is also listed with her divorced mother, Clara (Belle HEBERT), age 30, in the Diamond Rooms, Lewistown MT on 5 Jan 1920. The Sch District#1 entry, where Margaret is living with the GERVAIS/HEBERT family, says her father was born in Arkansas and her mother in Illinois. Montana marriage records show Clara B HEBERT age 19, born c 1890 in Murphysboro IL to Abraham and Exilda (LUCIER) HEBERT, married to George J BLAIR (b 12 Oct 1884 in Siloam Springs, Arkansas) on 12 May 1909 at Lewistown MT. In 1910, they lived with son Alva, in Sch District#11, Fergus, Montana. On 27 Aug 1919, Clara filed for divorce in Lewistown MT, alleging failure to provide.
A George Jefferson BLAIR, son of Thomas BLAIR and Mary WHITE, died 25 March 1954 in Orange, Texas. I'm not sure this is the father of Margaret.

George J(fa?)
BRAUNE Virginia Born in Idaho 5 May 1918 to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE and Genevieve GARVEY. Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Edmund'45, Genevieve'34, John'40, Mary'29, and Paul'32. Obituary: died Sep 1983 St Augustine FL. More family information. St Augustine FL:
DAWSON James Edward

Born 29 Oct 1917 to Richard Henry and Mary Grace (BRENNAN) DAWSON, who married 1 July 1914 at St Thomas. Brother of Catherine (b 6 Dec 1915), Robert, and William (b 16 Apr 1919). Baptized 11 Nov 1917 St Thomas. Died 14 Nov 2007, while living on Bainbridge Island. Lived at 815 Riverside Cd'A (1920), 416 Reid Ave, Cd'A. Nephew of Evelyn'11 and Joseph'17 BRENNAN.
James married 2 Oct 1942 at Seattle to Josephine McLEAN. [Very similar signature to below].
(Possibly) married 26 Oct 1991 at Kitsap County WA to Mary Shular VETZEL.
There is a third possible marriage, 25 Apr 2003 in Thurston county, to Heather Ellen MOORE.
Richard (1st grade), Catherine (3rd grade) & William (1st grade) attended IHM in 1924-25, then left. In 1930, the family was in Algoma, Klamath county, Oregon (Richard=saw filer). By 1935, they were back in Cd'A, and James graduated IHM. By 1940, Richard, widowed, was working/living in St Maries.

St Thomas:
Richard H

DeWELLS Jean Lucie

Born 3 July 1918 in Chicago Illinois to Fred WAGER and Ursula Lucy (DeWELLS), who was born 3 Jun 1877 in Valparaiso, Indiana to Joseph & Matilda (GAGNYON) DeWELLS, and died 9 Aug 1961 in Sacramento. Jean had a sister, Mary (b c 1907). Fred is listed as an accountant in the 1900 census, born Feb 1880 in Indiana. They were living with Joseph & Matilda in Center IN. By 1910, they lived in Chicago, with daughter Mary (age 2, born IL) and Fred's widowed father, Jacob H WAGER, born NY, age 66. By 1920, Ursula was listed as a widow (DeWELLS), living in IL. No death record found for Fred.
Jean married 5 April 1972 in Sacramento to James J BOOCK. Jean died in Sacramento on 14 Jul 2009. "Jean was a volunteer with the Sisters of Mercy Guild for over 27 years".(—obituary; no children. Nicoletti, Culjis & Herberger Funeral Home; Sacred Heart church funeral mass. –Sacramento Bee, 19 Jul 2009.)

GORMAN John Francis

born 2 Sept 1917 in Colorado to Francis James & Grace (REILLY) GORMAN. Died 7 Feb 1980 at Spokane.
Sister Margaret attended grade 4 at IHM, in 1937-38. Brother Eugene R, b 21 Jan 1919 CO, married Hazel V ROBERTS in 1946, Missoula, died 9 May 1983 Spokane. Hazel, b 1910, died 1968, buried in Pines cemetery.

John lived in Hereford CO (1920); 624 N 18th, Cd'A (1930); 1102 N 5th, Cd'A (1937); 1404 N Locust Rd, Spokane (1970's). Enlisted 24 March 1942 in US Army. Married 12 Apr 1946 at St Thomas to Doris Ella MANTZ. Patrick F (b 1955) lived with John in Spokane.

St Thomas:
GRISMER Adeline Lucille Born 27 Jun 1918 at Mullan ID to William and Teresa (SCHEIDECKER) GRISMER. Sister of Eugene'32, Viola'32, Fran'33 and Howard'38 GRISMER. Adeline died 22 Nov 2005 at Seattle (obituary and picture). Adelyn married Harold A ENQUIST on 22 Nov 1941 at Seattle. lived Marysville WA. Harold was born 25 Jun 1917, died Aug 1968. Tulalip:
St Thomas:
Christine (dau)

Born at Cd'A on 2 Oct 1917 to George A & Josephine A (RILEY) HARALDSON. Baptized 14 Oct 1917 at St Thomas. Married 30 Sep 1939 at St Thomas church to May June BRUNNELLE (1920-2010). May attended IHM for several years, in the class of 1937, but did not graduate IHM. In the 1940's and 1950's, George & May lived at W2624 Broad, Spokane. George M died 2 Jan 1987 in Spokane. May moved to Arizona, and died there 19 Aug 2010. Both are buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane.

George M's parents: parents: George Adolph HARALDSON was born 1882 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin to Norwegian parents, died 1969. He worked in the planing mill at Atlas Tie. Josephine A (RILEY) HARALDSON was born 1884 in Eau Clair, Wisconsin, died 1960. They married 9 Jun 1915 at St Thomas church, and are both buried in St Thomas cemetery. George M was their only child.

Holy Cross:
St Thomas:
George A
HEBERT William Peter

born 8 Aug 1918 in Cloquet, Carleton, Minnesota to William Henry and Alice Evaline (FRANKLIN) HEBERT. Died Jun 1985 Cd'A. Brother of Rose Mary'37, Maxine'40, Thomas'46, Franklin('44) & Claude ('43; died 31 Aug 1943) HEBERT, and Lois (HEBERT ('42)) DERRICK. Uncle of Frank'65, Lucille'66, Mike'70, David'71 & Raymond'73 JESSICK, and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD.
Married 13 Aug 1944 at St Thomas church to Eunice Cheryl KING, born 5 Jun 1914 in Marshall SD. She was previously married 1 Oct 1933 in Superior MT to Leslie W CLARK, but divorced before Sept 1940, when Leslie remarried. Eunice died 1991. Bill died 1985. Both buried in Forest cemetery.

His father, William Henry HEBERT was born 10 Mar 1894 in Chippewa, WI; died 12 Nov 1962 Cd'A. Mother, Alice, born 8 Aug 1897 in Cloquet MN, died Aug 1984 at Cd'A. Wm H and Alice are buried in St Thomas Cemetery, along with children Claude and Thomas'46 . Brother, Franklin Charles HEBERT married 18 Jun 1950 at St Thomas to Marjorie Jeanne DILL. WorldConnect family genealogy.

Forest cem:

St Thomas:
Wm H (dad)
Alice (mom)

HOGAN Katherine

Born 1 Feb 1919 in Geraldine, Montana to Llewellyn James & Ellen (McKENNA) HOGAN. Sister of Elaine'34, James'38 and Rev William'40 HOGAN, CSsR.
Married Pete JONES. KAY Died 23 Jun 1972 in Portland, Oregon.

St Thomas:
L J (dad)
Ellen (mom)
Ligouri MO:
Rev Bill('40)
McFARLAND Marie Elizabeth

Twin of Robert'35, born Jun 1918 Cd'A to William B and Ferne (BERRY) McFARLAND. More family information. Married James Harold GLAUBER, lived Louisville KY. Died there 2007, buried in St John's, Carrollton KY.

McMAHON Edward F Jr

Born 1 April 1919 to Edward F and Margaret T (LYNCH) McMAHON, who married on 7 Nov 1910 at Cd'A. Married 11 Feb 1941 to Clara WHITE, at St Thomas. Father of Maureen'60 & Kathy'63 McMAHON.

St Thomas:

Born 13 Aug 1918 to James & Elizabeth (VAUGHAN) O'REILLY. Sister of Jane'29 O'REILLY Cousin of the SPAIN alumni, including Mary B '24, Teresa A'27, Benjamin'31 SPAIN, & Mary Margaret '65 BAKER[CONROW]. Began IHM in third grade, 1925. Lived 700 N 11th, Cd'A. Married 1 Jan 1942 at St Thomas to Walter O BERGSTROM of Spokane, born 14 Aug 1909, died 2 Apr 1984, buried in Spokane.

St Thomas:
James (dad)
Eliz (mom)
WACHSMUTH Winifred Adelia

born 30 April 1918 to Hugo E and Josephine (FELDMAIER) WACHSMUTH. Sister of Roberta'33 and Gilbert('49) WACHSMUTH. Aunt of Joseph'71 and Julie'76 WACHSMUTH. Married --- HANSON. Died 8 Sep 1992 in Los Angeles CA. More family information.

WICKS Cyril Leo

born 4 Jul 1918 MN to Ralph Haluor & Margaret A (JOACHIM) WICKS. Brother of Evelyn'34 WICKS, and Catherine (b c 1925) who attended IHM at least in grades 1-8, 1931-1939. The family lived at 1123 and (later) 1211 Indiana, Cd'A. Cyril Married 19 Jan 1946 at Cd'A to Julia Evelyn FISHER (1912 MN - 2005 ID) of Rose Lake. Died, age 58, in Spokane on 9 Dec 1976, buried in Holy Cross cemetery. One child, Charlene M. Julia's obituary. More family information, siblings, census.

Holy Cross:

St Thomas:

WILLIAMS (Mary Agnes) Catherine

born 11 Apr 1918 in Idaho to Fred (1878-1953, of Port Donald QE CAN) and Catherine (McDONALD, of Ontario QE CAN) WILLIAMS. Baptized 28 Apr 1918 at St Thomas. Sister of Clinton Bernard'27 and James'30 WILLIAMS, aunt of Fred'66, Theo Ann'61, Gary'68 & Pat WILLIAMS. More family information.

Married Francis "Luke" GARRON. They are parents of Mike'64, James'61, & Joan'57 GARRON. Catherine died 29 March 1960, buried in St Thomas. Luke remarried to Della (KERR) CARNIERO, mother of Jim and Joseph "Rocky" CARNIERO, who attended St Thomas in early grades with classes of 1966, 1967.

St Thomas:

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