Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1940

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  7 April 2021
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BARNES Harold Sylvester

Born 29 Aug 1921 at Cd'A to Philip Albert (b 1885 IA) & Neoma Clare (STEPHENS) (b 1904 WA) BARNES. Lived 1612 Sherman (1930) with sisters Myrtle (student 1926-1935, non grad, d 1974), Genevieve'42, Delores'44, and Yvonne BARNES (grade 1 only, 1941-42), all born Idaho. Philip came to Idaho to fight the 1910 fire, and became a fireman at a lumber mill.
Harold graduated from the University of Idaho, and served during World War II in the Army in the South Pacific. He worked as a deputy director for the Federal Housing Administration.
Harold married 27 Dec 1945 at Vancouver WA to Donna Jean BERGREEN (1923 ID - 2010 WA). Lived Spokane. He died 14 Feb 2001 in Vancouver WA. Buried with Donna at Pines Cemetery, Spokane. See obituary.


born Stella M REINHART 6 Apr 1921 at Rathdrum ID, to Roy (b 1 Jun 1889 ID - 10 Dec 1925) and Ida Irene (HURRELL) REINHART. Stella worked as a steno at W Butler Company, Cd'A, and died, single age 21, on 6 Aug 1942 in Lake City Gen Hospital.
In 1930, Stella and 3 siblings lived in Rathdrum with their widowed mother, Irene REINHART, 26. Also in the household: Stella 8; Mary I, 7; Lillian E, 5; George R, 3; (grandparents) John W HURRELL, 68 CAN, and Mary A, 59 OH, married age 16; (uncle) Ernest J HURRELL, 22 ID; and future step-father, William C BJORNSTAD, 27 MN. --3 Apr 1930, Rathdrum, Kootenai Co ID, ED50 p1B. Stella is a cousin of Scott '71 HURRELL.
Irene M (HURRELL) REINHART BJORNSTAD died 2 Jun 1952 at Medical Lake. Her second husband was William C BJORNSTAD b 13 Mar 1903 MN, d 3 Oct 1967 Spokane, SSN=518-01-0826. A premature baby boy, second child of Roy & Irene, died in Jan 1922.
Mary, Lillian, & George attended IHM, but did not graduate there. Lillian married Richard BYRUM in 1942. Mary married Ted BROESCH in 1942.

BRAUNE John Martin

Born in Idaho 2 Nov 1922 to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE and Genevieve GARVEY. Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Edmund'45, Genevieve'34, Mary'29, Paul'32 and Virginia'36 BRAUNE. Cousin of at least eight GARVEY graduates, and several CHASE, McFARLAND and HAGEN graduates.
John served in the Marines, and married Evelyn Louise ----, born 1924 Oklahoma. John died 27 Sept 1986 in Orange Co CA; Evelyn died 10 May 2014 in Fullerton. More family information.

BRO John C

born 29 Dec 1920 in Washington to Lloyd Lawrence & Anna (KUBICEK) BRO. Brother of Lloyd A BRO (same class). John died 8 Mar 2003 in Hemet, Riverside CA. Lived at 9621 McFadden Ave, Westminster CA.
Lloyd L BRO was born 6 Sep 1890 in Shell Lake WI to Albert (1850-1932) and Armina (BOSLEY; 1845-1932) BRO. Lloyd L married 14 Jul 1910 at Spokane to Anna Barbara KUBICKA (or KUBICEK), born 20 Jul 1881 in Milwaukee WI to Joseph KUBICKA & Barbara KLINCKA. Joseph & Barbara apparently died in 1884 and 1886, and Anna was raised by her maternal uncle & aunt (Frank & Mary KLINKA), hence the use of the KLINKIE name on the marriage certificate. In 1910, Lloyd was a restaurant manager in Yakima. The family moved to Idaho, where Lloyd was disabled in a mining accident, and died in 1922. The family is buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas Cemetery:
Lloyd L
Holy Cross:
BRO Lloyd A born 11 Apr 1922 in Washington to Lloyd Lawrence & Anna (KUBICKA) BRO. Brother of John C BRO (same class), and Thomas L (1911-1977), Kenneth Francis (1915-1996) and Harold (1917-1920) BRO. Family lived at 1035 Pine St in 1940. Lloyd was an Army fighter pilot in WW2, serving from 5 Dec 1943 until 29 Nov 1945, then delivered mail in Cd'A area for 27 years. Married Shirley MELIN in California in 1943, and had two children: David L A BRO (1945 MN), lives Cd'A, and Dixie [CARSON]. Lloyd died 12 Nov 2008, and is buried in St Thomas Cemetery. St Thomas:

class treasurer. Born c1921/22 in Spokane to John and Margaret (CARROLL) BRODERICK. Boarded at IHM 1935-1940. Married 1942 to classmate Douglas '40 RARICK. Mother of Mary Dell '61, Bob '63, Tim '64, and Jim '67 RARICK. Died 7 Nov 1995, buried in St Thomas cemetery. See obituary.
In 1910, Spokane, there was a John E BRODERICK, 49 MN (parents b Ireland), single, grocery clerk. Because of the listed age, I'm not sure this is Mary's father, who was listed as age 48 in the 1920 census, below. census image (fee req'd).
In 1920, The BRODERICKS rented 617 W Fifth, Spokane. The family comprised: John, 48 MN (parents b Ireland), grocery store salesman; Margaret, wife, 39 Australia (parents b Australia), immigrated 1913, naturalized 1914; John, son, 3y1mo WA. --6 Jan 1920, Blaine pct, Spokane ED183 p6B. census image (fee req'd).
Mary was born c1921 in Spokane. Her brother, John Carroll BRODERICK, was born 8 Jan 1916 in Spokane to John and Margaret (CARROLL) BRODERICK. He married Mary BEVAQUA in Spokane on 19 Apr 1941, by Fr H J BUCKLEY, SJ. John died 27 Oct 2003 in California. Mary BEVAQUA was born to Eugene & Isabelle (IANNONE) BEVACQUA of Nez Perce Co ID, on 7 Sep 1917 in WA, and died 15 Apr 1999 in San Mateo county CA. --WA DigitalArchives, CADI
In 1930, Mary was in St Joseph's Orphanage (1016 N Superior St, Spokane), listed as Mary M BRODRICK, 9 WA, parents b MN & Australia. --14 Apr 1930; see census image (fee req'd).     |     Her mother and brother lived at 904½ W Sprague. John C was 14, and Margaret M, 48 Australia, is listed as married at age 32. Mary's father is not in the household. --2 Apr 1930 Spokane; census image (fee req'd).

COPE Mildred

class vice-president 12. Born c1923 in WA to William Henry COPE (52 MI FRA RI, plumbing co manager) and Laura E (46 CAN IRL CAN, immig 1904, naturalized), --1930 Cd'A ED11 p ---, 619 Cd'A Ave .
William (6 Nov 1877 - 15 Jan 1947) is a brother of Thomas COPE.

DELVA Margaret M

Born 16 Nov 1921 at Chewelah WA to Nicholas Steven and Veronica Regina (WIEBER) DELVA, who married 23 Oct 1915 in Chewelah. Sister of Lucille '41 DELVA. Margaret married 17 Dec 1949 in Kootenai county ID to Robert L GESS (b 1924, died 2005.) In deeds from 1982 to 2010, and at his death, his wife is listed as Delva D GESS, suggesting that Margaret changed her name(?). She died 4 July 2016 in Spokane.


daughter of Gottfried [b c1888 Austria; farmer, mill-hand] and Amelia (HAMMERLE) [b c1884 Austria] FANKHAUSER, who married c1912, and immigrated 1913 with daughter Pauline (b 1913). Other siblings, b in Idaho: Elsie J (Elisabeth) (1914), Esther A (c May 1916), Helen M (c Jul 1917), Walter K (b 14 Nov 1918, d c 12 Apr 1998, ssn=518-05-2141), Evelyn R (c1920), Louise T (c1921), and Florence R (b 29 Mar 1924, d 11 May 1990, ssn=518-32-1152). —2 Jan 1920, Kootenai, Bonner Co ID, ED218 p1A; —26 Apr 1930, Kootenai, Bonner Co ID, ED26 p7A

FANKHAUSER Louise Victoria see notes at sister Evelyn'40. Born 29 July 1921 in Bonner county ID. Married WINGERT, died 13 Jul 1995 in Gig Harbor.

class president 12. Born to William H & Zeda (GRANGER) GOOLER. Lived 601 2nd St, Cd'A (1929), then at 1134 10th St (1934). Married Elsie (). Died 26 Oct 1975, buried in Tukwila WA.

HEARN Jeanette

probably Jeanette Cecilia HEARN, born 8 Oct 1922 in Belvue, Lincoln, Kansas to George L & Cora O (MORTENSON) HEARN. She had a sister, Helen Lajune, born 1918, who attended Rogers HS in Spokane, married Lew HURTIG Jr, and died 13 Feb 1946 in Olympia WA.
George Laurence HEARN married 7 Oct 1916 in Denison, Crawford IA, to Cora MORTENSON. "Laurence" was born in Missouri Valley IA on 19 Jul 1892 to Dave & Fanny (RICHARDS) HEARN.
In 1920, George, Cora and "Jane" lived in Omaha NE. George died in 1926, and is buried in Missouri Valley IA.
In 1932, Cora (widow) lived at N4404 Nevada, Spokane.
In 1934 to 1939, Cora (widow) and LaJune owned and lived at E617 Broad Ave, Spokane.
In 1941, "Janet" and Helen rented at W514 First, Spokane, while Cora (widow) was a florist, residing at 1325 Crown. Also by 1941, Cora re-married to Alfred A SHANE, and lived at W2815 9th. She cooked for the Elks Lodge. Cora died 3 Apr 1994 in Spokane.
On 14 Aug 1948, at Butte MT, Jeanette married Fred L CAMPBELL. By May 1951, she was known as Cecilia Jeanette McADAMS (?). By March 1964, she was known as Cecilia Jeanette ZIRIADA. Died 18 Jun 1994, in Hialeah, Dade county, Florida. possibly married to Leo ZIRIADA, who died a year earlier, at age 70, in Hialeah in Feb 1993.

HEBERT Maxine Margaret

Born 28 Feb 1922 in Missoula or Bozeman MT to William Henry and Alice Evaline (FRANKLIN) HEBERT. Sister of Rose Mary'37, William'36, Thomas'46 , Franklin ('44) & Claude ('43; died 31 Aug 1943) HEBERT, and Lois (HEBERT '42) DERRICK. Aunt of Frank'65, Lucille'66, Mike'70, David'71, Raymond 73 JESSICK and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD.
Married Larry J POWERS (1920-2008) in Nov 1945 at St Thomas. Lived in Baker, Oregon (1948). Maxine died 22 Feb 1975 in Puyallup WA. More HEBERT family information.

HOGAN (Rev) William Frederick, CSsR

Born 30 July 1923 at Cd'A to Llewellyn James & Ellen (McKENNA) HOGAN. Brother of Elaine'34, James'38 and Katherine'36 HOGAN. Did not graduate IHM, but attended at least grades 1-to-8, (1928-1936) before joining the Redemptorist order. He was ordained a priest on 6 Jan 1949. He died 16 Jan 2011, buried in Ligouri.

Ligouri MO:
Rev Bill('40)
KOEP Ralph Henry

married 1943 to Gerry HEALY'39. Father of Kenneth R'62 KOEP, Ronald H'68 KOEP, Stanley H KOEP, Melanie M('69 KOEP) SCHAFFNER, and Julia J('73 KOEP) FITZGERALD.
Born 23 Feb 1921 in Humboldt SK Canada to Hubert J (12 Mar 1889 MN—Dec 1969 ID) and Elizabeth (KINTZ 8 Jul 1898 MN —Feb 1973 ID) KOEP.
Brother of Raymond (1917-2004), Mildred'41, Jeanette'47, Thomas '51 KOEP. —1930 Hayden Lake, ED33 p1B.
Ralph enlisted in the US Army at Ft Lewis on 29 May 1944. In 1954, Ralph was a foreman at NW Timber mill, and lived at 1505 Front Ave, Cd'A. His wife died 2006. Ralph died 6 June 2017 at Cd'A.

St Thomas:
HJ (dad)
McDONELL William Vincent

class secretary 12. Born 5 April 1923 in Spokane, to Daniel William (1875—1953) & Edna L (COOK) McDONELL (married 1919 Cd'A). Lived at 904 Garden (1928-36?, enrolled IHM grades 1—12, listed as "William McDONALD") Lived with widowed father (1930's) and uncle Joe in 1940, at 206 Sherman (McDonnell Cigar Store). His mother, Edna, died 12 Feb 1926 of a mastoid abcess "untreated on account of religious belief".
Married 12 Jun 1942 at St Thomas to Thelma Orel MILLER (1924—1994). Enlisted in US Army on 21 Jan 1943. Lived Cd'A (1946—47), Klamath Falls OR (1949—51), San Diego / El Cajon (1963—death), died 31 Jan 2007 in El Cajon CA. Thelma died 20 Feb 1994.

McFETRIDGE Bonnie Belle

Born 15 July 1922 in Oklahoma to Jerault (1894 IN) and Pauline (1905 OK-) (ASHFORD) McFETRIDGE. Married (age 14) on 28 June 1937 in Davenport WA to Lee RIDDLE, who was immediately arrested, and Bonnie returned to "relatives in Kellogg" [probably Joe & Belle (ASHFORD) KRAMER. Belle is Pauline's mother.] Bonnie lived at 1105 Sherman Ave with "Mrs B McFETRIDGE" (in 1938). Student in Spokane (1942), lived at W2308 3d Ave, the Daughters of Isabella Club for Girls (Catholic ministry).
Married Myron E COLLINS, US Army, (born 1919 in Hunter, Cass, ND; died 2004 Yorba Linda). They lived (1945) at W2109 Pacific, Spokane. Bonnie died 18 Mar 2013 at Yorba Linda CA.

Belle (gmo)
Belle (gmo)
MOATE Helen Elizabeth

Born 1 Aug 1921 to Thomas and Magaret E (MEYER) MOATE, who married 22 Sep 1920 at Yakima WA. Thomas, born c1889 WA, is the son of Robert Edlington and Matilda (WOODCOCK) MOATE, both born c 1855 England, emigrated to San Francisco in 1880. Matilda, born Jun 1855 died 21 Dec 1911 at Cd'A. Robert, a house carpenter, was born Apr 1857 to R E & Mary MOATE, married Matilda in early 1879 at Thorne, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire - West Riding, and died 18 Nov 1936 at Ft Steilacoom WA, age 78. Robert & Matilda had six children, including: John Edlington (b Nov 1879 England), Robert W (b Aug 1882 CA, d May 1970), George A/H (b 15 Jun 1886 CA, d Mar 1979 WA), Thomas H (b Dec 1888 CA), and Alfred (b Nov 1895 CA) MOATE. Thomas MOATE died 24 May 1978. Margaret (MEYER) MOATE, born 23 Jan 1901, died 21 Jul 2001. They are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Helen married 26 April 1941 at St Thomas to Eldon Ernest IRONS, born 16 Feb 1919 at Garwin IA to M/M Ernest O IRONS. Helen lived in Pendleton OR (1941). She died, age 21, on 11 Dec 1943 at Bremerton WA, buried in St Thomas cemetery. Eldon died 17 Feb 1962, and is buried in Holy Cross, Spokane.
Helen is the sister of Robert'45 and Bernida'52 MOATE, and the aunt of Robert '70 & Terry '70 and Jamie'73 MOATE.

RARICK Douglas

Born 15 Apr 1922 to Robert G (1889-1942) and Anna (HEALY 1897-1969) RARICK. Enlisted in Army 24 Oct 1942 at Spokane. Married classmate Mary '40 BRODERICK in 1942. Died Aug 1975, father of Mary Dell'61, Bob'63, Tim'64, and Jim '67 RARICK. Brother of Mary'37, Madeline'39, and Carmel '41 RARICK. Cousin of many IHM graduates; see HEALY family information. Also see RARICK family information.

STILLINGER Phyllis Catherine

Born 7 Jan 1923 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to Walter Wilton & Catherine M (SAYER) STILLINGER. Lived 1222 N 10th (1938), 1220 N 10th (1941), 1001 Walnut (1946). Married 1944 to Stanley C KACZOR of Farragut NTS (born 3 Feb 1912, died 23 Oct 1992, buried in St Thomas cemetery). Mother of Penny '74 KACZOR. Sister of Wendell'42, Larry'44, Ramona (non-grad), Joan'50, Mary'54, and James '58 STILLINGER. Lived Spokane (2011).
Phyllis died 29 June 2017, at Spokane. She is buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Walt STILLINGER was born 21 Jan 1897 in Villisca, Montgomery, Iowa to George Winfield & Rosella (HOBSON) STILLINGER. He married Kate on 6 Feb 1922 at Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Walt served in the US Navy, and died at Cd'A on 20 Feb 1982. He worked at Winton Lumber.
Catherine M SAYER was born 30 Dec 1897 in , died 7 Jul 1971.
Walt, Catherine and more STILLINGERS are buried in St Thomas Cemetery, Cd'A.

STREETER Irene Augusta (Josephine?)

Born 25 Sep 1921 in Belmont, Kootenai, ID to John Byrd "Chuck" and Emma (BADRAUM) STREETER. Married c1944 (#1) --- LYON; (#2)c 1949 to Lawrence Robert WELLER. Died 18 Jul 2003 at Bothell WA.
Sibling of alumni Esther'28, Lillian'32, Clarice'30, Irvin'37, and Delico'38 STREETER.     |     more family information

STAFF census 1940
(Census Image)

The 1940 census listed these IHM Sisters at the Academy (311 N 10th, value $2500), all teachers unless noted: Sr Lucenda HARRINGTON, age 52 born PA, superior and teacher; Sr Bernarda STANTON, age 52 b MN; Sr Angelus MILLO, age 48 PA; Sr Lasarian FLANNELLY, age 41 Ireland, housekeeper (died Oct 7, 1940); Sr Clement SCHERMANSON, age 43 ID (Elsa, b 1895, sister of Sr Aloysia '10); Sr Gertrudis PORTER, age 39 WA; Sr Avellina RYAN, age 37 WA ( Antoinette'19); Sr St Teresa HEALY, age 35 ID ( Margaret'19); Sr Charisse HAYES, age 32 WA (Lena '26); Sr Georgiana GROVES, age 30 ID; and Sr Petrina MAHER IHM, age 24 b NY.

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