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class of 1962

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  28 January 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1957-1958 8th grade group photo 25 students, Eighth Grade graduation, on steps of St Thomas School, with Fr MEIER, CSsR.
1958 - 1962 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
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Daughter of Paul and Lucille ('34 STAN) ANTONSON. Sister of Marcia'63 ANTONSON. Niece of Allan'28 and Emery'30 STAN. Married --- JOHNSON. Died 8 Oct 2007.


born Sep 1944 at Anaconda MT to Alvin (1911-1986) and Alveda (1916-1986) BAUERNFEIND. Sister of Diane '63, Alvin ('65) & Dennis ('73) BAUERNFEIND. Alice married #1 --- NELSON. She married #2 Arden Lee DETERING on 31 Dec 1976 in Whitman Co WA. Alice married #3 Robert Stanley ROLFNESS on 1 Sep 1992 in Thurston Co WA. They live in Moses Lake WA.
In 1910, Alvin's parents and siblings were: John, 30 GER, Tailor, immig 1904, naturalized, first marriage, married 2 years; Theresia E, wife, 20 GER, 2 births, 2 living, immig 1892; Dorothea M, dau, 1 WI; Alexander J, 11mo WI. --18 Apr 1910 Medford, Taylor, WI, ED173 p2B
In 1918, John registered for the draft in Medford WI, showing a birthdate of 8 Jul 1879, wife=Theresa. not found in 1920 census.
In 1930, Alvin and his family lived in Thorp Village WI, and included: John, 50 GER, men's clothing tailor, owns home, value $7500, married age 28, immig 1904, naturalized; Theresa, 40 GER, immig 1891, naturalized, married age 18; Alvin B, 19 WI, tailor apprentice; Leon J, 17 WI; Theo B, dau, 12 WI; Clara M, 10 WI; John Jr, 7 WI. --4 Apr 1930, Clark Co WI, ED37 p2B.


daughter of Sadie (ASSAD '32) BROOTEN; sister of Kenneth '60, Bernadette ('69) & Kent '72 BROOTEN. Married Tom JOB, lives Piedmont CA. AAUW member. More ASSAD and BROOTEN family information.

BURKE Kathleen

class secretary 12. Born 16 Nov 1944 at Spokane to Frank L and Rose L (KOHEL) BURKE. Married 8 Feb 1964 at St Thomas, Cd'A to Robert '63 RIPLINGER. Divorced 1978. Married (#2) Gerald SPADT in 1980, divorced 1991. Lived Hayden.
Kathy died 13 March 2013 at Cd'A, buried St Thomas cemetery. See obituary.

CHANDLER Katherine Jean "Kay"

Born 6 July 1944 in Cd'A to Clifford & Ada Grace (WALKER) CHANDLER. married 4 Jan 1969 at Cd'A to John Edward SCHWARZMANN; (divorced Feb 1996 King Co WA). lives Tukwila WA.

DIXON Claudia

Married Ted B PRYOR, lives Post Falls.

DOBROSKI Judith Lynn Born to Richard D (1917-2006) and Mary Clara (POWERS, 1917-1986) DOBROSKI. Judi died at age 45, on 28 Jan 1990 at Spokane. Lived 203 E Baldwin #3, Spokane (1990).
Boarding student from Whitefish MT, as was her older sister Sandy '61 DOBROSKI. Lived at 130 Miles Ave, Whitefish.
Married Roger ZENTZIS (b 1943) of Whitefish, in August 1965. Roger, son of Mr & Mrs Clifford ZENTZIS, graduated MSU and AFROTC in 1967 with a BS in Television Production.
Uncle's obituary, 1940.
DUNBAR Martin Ward "Pete"

Born 14 Dec 1943 at Ft Greeley, Kodiak, Alaska to Frank Martin & Mary Catherine (DeCARLO) DUNBAR. Brother of Kathy and Dwayne '67 DUNBAR. Married Kathleen Diane RYER in 1974, lived Oak Grove OR. Involved in teaching, Amway and writing. Died 18 Nov 2013 at home, buried in Sutherlin, Oregon. See obituary.

Valley View:


FALK Yvonne

Lives Boise.

FITCHNER Elizabeth R

married Lon V SOUCY in Spokane on 14 Mar 1974. Lives Cd'A. Lon, born 11 Jul 1938, died at Cataldo on 31 Jul 1998.


class treasurer 12. Married Rachel E ----. Lives Yermo CA.


Born Nov 1943 to John and Alice (BERRY) HERIZA. Attended DeSales Catholic School in Walla Walla. Married William MOISANT, works for Providence Health Systems. Sister of Cathy '64 Nirmala HERIZA. Also, see Additional HERIZA family information.

HULTNER Rita Josephine

Born 28 Jan 1944 at Wallace ID to Henry and Violet (WERNER) HULTNER. Sister of Sharon'56, Kent'58, Kathleen'59 and Robin '66 HULTNER. Married James R SHEHANE on 4 Feb 1967 at Los Angeles CA. Rita died 27 Aug 2002. See more family information.

Rita '62

Married Jerome KONNBERG on 12 Oct 1963 at St Ann's, Spokane.


Born 21 Mar 1942 in Pleasant View (Kootenai Co) ID to Stephen Oscar and Margaret Ann (WAKEFIELD) KASCAK. Leo married 28 Nov 1970 at Spokane to Margaret Fern STEPHENSON. They divorced in 2002. Leo worked as a rock-crusher mechanic, and later on the Fire & Rescue staff at Pullman-Moscow Airport. He died of cancer on 16 Mar 2006 at Lewiston ID. For additional information, see KASCAK family history.


valedictorian 12. Born March 1944. Married ---- MacCLANATHAN, lives Post Falls.

KOEP Kenneth

born to Ralph H '40 and Geraldine (HEALY '39) KOEP. Married Diana Denise "Dee Dee" WEISER [CHS'63] in Sept 1964, lives Cd'A.
brother of Ronald H'68,, Stanley H KOEP, and Melanie M('69) KOEP) SCHAFFNER.
Cousin of Lance'68, Blaise '61, Court'71, Deborah'65, Julie'73,, Ruth'73, Suzanne and Roch KOEP.
Nephew of Ray J, Thomas'51, and Jeanette'47 KOEP.
Dee Dee died 14 Aug 2018 at Cd'A. Dee Dee's obituary.

email Ken KOEP
St Thomas:
DeeDee (wife)
KOEP Mary Constance "Coco"

Born 22 Oct 1944 at Farragut ID to born to Raymond J & Constance (READ) KOEP. lived 1623 Montana Av. sister of Lance'68, Blaise '61, Court'71, Deborah'65, Julie'73,, Ruth'73, Suzanne and Roch KOEP. Niece of Ralph'40, Thomas'51, and Jeanette'47 KOEP. cousin of Kenneth'62, Ronald H'68,, Stanley H KOEP, and Melanie M('69) KOEP) SCHAFFNER.
Married Terry L PRIEST, lives Lakewood CO.
See parents' obituaries.

Ray (dad)
Connie (mom)
KOONTZ Kathleen Diane

Born 2 Sept 1944 in Spokane to Robert Mark Jr & Marian Agnes (McMURTREY) KOONTZ, and moved to Cd'A in 1958. Entered IHM as a freshman in Jan 1959, from Holy Names, Spokane.
Siblings include: Linda'60, Suzanne'66, & Melanie'70, Christine'67 KOONTZ, and others. More family information  and   Mother's obituary. Married Donald W RIETZ in 1965 at St Thomas. Lived Cd'A.
Kathy died 29 April 2015 at Coeur d'Alene. See Cd'A Press obituary.

St Thomas:

Boarding student from Bonners Ferry., born to Louis J and Maude M LEFEBVRE. Sister of Louise '55 LeFEBVRE. Married --- KENNY, lives Ridgefield WA. FaceBook.

Louis (dad)
Maude (mom)
McFARLAND Kathleen

born to William D '39 and Anna Marie (DESILET '41) McFARLAND. Married --- DOBNER, lives Newbury Park CA.
Niece of Robert '35 & Elizabeth '36 McFARLAND. Grand-niece of Joseph '24 McFARLAND. Sister of Bill '65, Thomas '68, John '70 & James '73 McFARLAND, and Chris & Steve McFARLAND. Cousin of Robert '67, Mary '68 and Jane '70 McFARLAND. More ancestral information.

MEYERS Jo Ellen Marie

Born 1 May 1944 in Spokane, to Joseph A and Hazel (WALTER) MEYERS. Sister of Robert '66 MEYERS and Kathleen (married Michael '73 McDOWELL). Kathleen attended St Thomas from 1965 to closing (1971).
Married 20 Mar 1964 to Dennis G PROSSER at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri. lived Post Falls. Died 23 Dec 2010 after a four-year battle with cancer. See obituary. /td>

St Thomas:
O'DAY Dawn


PUFAUL Williene

married John GAGNON, lives Cd'A.

ROCHE Patrick

salutatorian. Son of Josephine Ramona (FLYNN '33) and John ROCHE. Lives Kirkland WA. More ROCHE relatives, census records.
Brother of Agnes '60, Marilyn '63, Terry '65, Theresa '69 & Kevin '71 ROCHE. Mother's obituary


Born 3 Dec 1943 at St Maries ID to Leo and Rose Agnes (HENDRICKX) SCHARFF. Sister of Ron '58 and Barbara '64 SCHARFF. Sharon died Tues 1 Dec 2009 at Spokane; see obituary. Also see additional family information.


class vice-president 12. Lives Cd'A.


Born to Ray and Evelen (HARVEY) TANGUAY. Mary, from Junction City, Oregon, was a boarding student at IHM from 6th to 12 grade, along with her younger sister, Paula '67. She married 1965 to Joseph WEBB '62. Three children (Peter, Reuben and Jake), 9 grandchildren. Mary is an artist and writer, lives in Astoria, Oregon. Read her short story about sledding with nuns on Indiana Avenue. Mary also has a display of her paintings at Astoria Arts.

THOM James Lyle

Born 14 Oct 1943 to Wilfred Wallace and Eileen (RHEINSCHMIDT) THOM. Brother of JoEllen '65 THOM, who attended IHM but graduated CHS. Jim married Diane '63 RYMAN, and had two sons. Divorced in 1970. Jim moved to Whitehorse YT CAN, where he died 28 Apr 2000. Jim's mother, Eileen, died 21 Aug 2001. Jim's father, Bill THOM, remarried in Jan 2002 to Vera KOM, mother of Donald '58, Bob '60, Richard '67, Thomas '69 and Kathy '61 KOM.

St Thomas:
Bill (dad)
WEBB Joseph J

class president 12; married 1965 to Mary TANGUAY '62. Graduated Portland State University 1976, BA in Fine Arts. Worked 33 years as a foundryman and engineer for Precision Cast Parts, Portland. Retired 2006, moved to Astoria, Oregon, where he is a sculptor. Three sons (Peter, Reuben, Jake) and nine grandchildren.

WILEY Donald Byron (Jr)

Born 17 June 1943 at Cottonwood ID to Donald Byron (Sr) and Bette Jean (TRAUTMAN) WILEY. Married Sue ---. Worked over 40 years for Albertson's (grocery) in Spokane. Three children: Mark, Sabrina, and Brenda. Brother of Terry '66 & Rene '73 WILEY. Died 2 May 2004 in Spokane; see obituary. To follow the WILEY family line back to 1750's Pennsylvania (and 1632 in Gloucestershire, England), begin at WorldConnect.

NON-GRADS No Senior Picture previously with this class, but did not graduate here, and not in composite senior picture: Paul SMITH (above)  
STAFF 1962-1963
Priests, Nuns and Laymen
Pastor Fred VICKSTROM; Donald HERDNER, Raymond LASSELL, Thomas LEEHAN, all CSsR;
Sisters Avellina (RYAN '19), Cornelian, Spiritus, Alphonsa, Mariel, Rosina, Aloysia (SCHERMANSON '10), Barbara (DuMONT '42), all IHM;
John MILLHEISLER; coaches Sonny HERZOG, Cecil HARE (died 14 Apr 1963), Bud ROBINSON, Tom HOLZER '61.
HARE bio

STAFF 1963-1964

Sisters Avellina, Barbara, Rosina, Mariel, IHM; and John MILLHEISLER, Robert HATCH (returning); Sisters Philip and Philip Neri, IHM; and (coach) Mike DOHENY and (librarian) Willabelle BAKER (new); Sisters Cornelian and Spiritus, reassigned to NY.


FELLOW TRAVELERS (St Thomas class of 1958; did not attend IHM)

Thanks to Paul SMITH, and Kathy & Jim CONROW for this list


lives Veradale WA


possibly, lives Lewiston ID


whereabouts unknown


lives Cd'A; sister of Jim '59 & Pat '65 CONROW. Married --- PEREZ.

DeMAR Leon

lives Cupertino CA. Brother of Roger ('66) DeMAR.


Born to Herbert John & Dorothy Marie (GULDEN) ERICKSON. Brother of Phil, Joseph '67, Todd '68, and Anne '69 ERICKSON.

FULLER Barbara

whereabouts unknown

FRASER Jeanette C

Married ---- HERMAN, lives Spokane.

GAFFANEY Gregory Brian

Born 2 Jun 1944 to Jack and Evelyn GAFFANEY. Attended Gonzaga Prep. Died 4 Jun 2006 in Ocean Shores WA. Brother of Valorie Ann (GAFFANEY '59) SHERMAN. See obituary.


Born 15 Jul 1944 in Plains, Pennsylvania to Cesare and Adrienne Adele (SABATINI) GIOVANELLI. The family moved to Cd'A in 1948. Sister of alumni Mark'70, Jill'72, Cynthia('67) and JACK'60 GIOVANELLI. Lived 1504 Cd'A Ave (1950, entered grade 1; father was a railroader), then 1515 Montana (by 1955; dad worked at sawmill). Married [1] Alfred John ROBERGE on 5 May 1961 at Cd'A. Five children. Married [2] in 1979 to Kenneth O BEZONA, and retired (eventually) to Bullhead City AZ.
Paulette died 24 Jan 2023 at Bullhead City AZ.

Paulette '62
St Thomas:

Married Edward QUICK, lives Vancouver WA. Sister of Stanley John GRYGNY '67, (1949-1997).


 Born 31 Aug 1942 in Helena MT to Charles Michael (1912-1949)& Margaret Ann (BLIVEN) HOFFMAN. Lived 930 N 7th.
Transferred into 5th grade in Sept 1954 from St Helena Sch, Helena. Sister of Gordon Charles HOFFMAN '59, Diane was part of the class of 1962 (but did not graduate IHM)


KAPAUN Robert Raymond

Attended St Thomas, but did not graduate IHM. Born 10 Nov 1944 to Otto H & Barbara Clara (GROSS) KAPAUN. Brother of Harlan Eugene'55, Eldon Jerome (Jerry)'58, William Joseph (Bill)('66) and Anthony Lawrence (Tony)'72 KAPAUN.
Bob died 16 May 1997 in Harney county, Oregon. Buried near Albany, Oregon.


Born to Frank and Elizabeth "Bette" (SHARPE) MATHES. Brother of Tim, Connie '56, Patricia '67, Kathy and more MATHES children. Married Virginia O'NEILL, liveds Northridge CA. See MATHES family information.


Married Rose M ----. Lives San Jose CA.


whereabouts unknown.

ORR Gertrude Ann "Trudy"

Born 8 Apr 1944 at Farragut ID to William Elmo & Gertrude A (KORTHE) ORR. Lived at 219 14th (1942-45), Rathdrum (1949), 1201 Montana (1952). Briefly joined St Gertrude convent (Cottonwood), as Sr Mechtile Marie, OSB.
Married Lawrence W McGILL of Valdez AK on 13 June 1975 at Spokane.
Sister of (non-grads) Mary (b 24 Aug 1927), James (b 14 Oct 1932), George Joseph('60), Helen Patricia('67), John Andrew('65), Sallie('52)(b 3 Jun 1934) and William E (Jr) b 8 Jan 1930. The family moved to California in May 1957. William Elmo ORR, born 22 Dec 1903 in NM, died 30 Dec 1982 at Spokane, served in the US Navy 1919-1939, and again at Farragut 1940-1945.
Gertrude (KORTHE), born 10 Nov 1906 in CA to James Christopher Sr & Josephine M (PETERSON 1885-1949) KORTHE, died 23 Feb 1997 at Spokane. Her siblings include John Andrew (1905-1989) & James C Jr (1908-1988), George, Frances and Margaret KORTHE. Several of them, and spouses, are buried in Green Hills Cemetery in Palos Verdes CA.
Possibly, a cousin of Robert'42, Gerald'46, & Jack'51 ORR,the children of Ivan ORR.

PLANTE Paul Lives Boise. Married Nelma J -----.

Married Eugene R KAHN, lives Issaquah WA.

RICE Sherry

Married Anthony J LEONE, lives Southington CT.

SANDERSON Harold Anthony "Tony"

did not graduate IHM, but attended grades 1-9 at St Thomas/IHM. Born 6 May 1943 at Vancouver WA. brother of Judy '66 SANDERSON. Served in US Navy.Tony died 13 Oct 2023 at Cd'A.

St Thomas

Born in Minnesota to Roger W & Myra (KNOWLTON) SEMANKO. Lived in Eau Claire, Albuquerque (1952) and Cd'A (1954). Sister of Terrill '58 & his wife Ruth '58 PERKINS, and four sisters (Karilyn, Marlene, Rosala & Maria). Married John NORMAND, lives Chippewa Falls WI. Father's obituary.


Married Bonnie M ----, lives Post Falls.

SMITH Paul William Jr

Attended St Thomas with this class, but left to finish HS at Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist) Seminary in Oakland CA. Graduated Gonzaga 1967. Born in Sandpoint, 13 Feb 1944 to Paul William and Elizabeth Josephine (HUDON) SMITH. Brother of Theresa L ('64 SMITH) ESZTERGALYOS and Dennis G '70 SMITH, and Celine (SMITH) LEHMAN. Pilot in the military (Vietnam and Nat'l Guard) and for Alaska Airlines. Died 15 July 2010 at Anchorage AK. See obituary and family information.

Ft Richardson:
St Thomas:
Paul Sr(dad)

Married ---- WALLACE, lives Las Vegas NV.


Born 16 Sept 1944 at Cd'A to James Wade WAYNE Jr & Mary M'30 (O'NEIL) WAYNE. Sister of Claudia'57 and Alice'59 WAYNE. Niece of Catherine'29 O'NEIL and John Patrick'32 O'NEIL. Lived 135 Garden Ave (1952).
Judy married [1] Milo EHRMANTROUT in 1961 in Bonners Ferry. (Milo is a brother-in-law, through Jusdy's sister Alice.) Married [2] Brian CAMPBELL in 1992. She worked retail grocery in Spokane. She died 14 Dec 2008 in Spokane.

St Thomas:



Lives Post Falls.



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