Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1934

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  18 Sept 2018
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BECK Matilda J

Born Aug 1915; married Lamont ALDER, lived Weiser ID, but now in Pocatello (2009).


born 2 Apr 1916 to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER. Died Nov 1987. Brother of Wilfred '23, Mary '25, Ernest '26, Monica '28, John '30, Edward '33, and Clement '34 BOUCHER. Information on CHAINEY grandparents and aunts Mary '12, Selina '16, and Elsie '22 CHAINEY. More BOUCHER family information.

BRAUNE Genevieve Mary

Born 2 Dec 1915 in Cd'A to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE and Genevieve GARVEY. Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Edmund'45, Paul'32, John'40, Mary'29, and Virginia '36 BRAUNE. Mother of George Lawrence MANNING (1946-2014), who attended first grade at St Thomas (1952-53) from the home at 420 Montana, Cd'A, later served in Vietnam (USMC).

Genevieve married 5 Nov 1945 at St Thomas to Lawrence William MANNING (USAF), born 22 Sep 1914 at Pelham NY to John Joseph & Anastasia Cecelia (McCORMAC) MANNING. Genevieve died 26 Dec 1987 in Los Angeles CA. Lawrence died 2 Dec 1988 in Azusa CA. In 1966, they lived at 663 Matchwood, Azusa. More family information.


born 10 May 1916 ID to Louis & Mary BROTHERTON. Sister of Marian '25 BROTHERTON. More family information. Sr M Anita, IHM - profession 3 May 1937, died 22 Sep 2001, bur St Catherine Cemetery, Moscow PA. Was previously known as Sr Consilia, IHM (1946).


Born 22 Jun 1916 in Cd'A to Walter DeForest & Dora (DuPONT) COLBURN. Died 7 Jan 2001 in Steilacoom WA. Buried Holyrood, Seattle. Sister of Elizabeth ('36) COLBURN, who did not graduate IHM. Both attended from grade 1. They lived at 1311 Sherman. Walter died in 1918, Cd'A.

FONDER Rita Irene

Born 11 Sep 1916 to Eli Charles & Martha (PERRY) FONDER. Sister of Evelyn (CHS '31) FONDER (b 6 Jun 1913), who enrolled at IHM for 6th grade in Sept 1924, completed 8th gr, possibly more. Lived 1519 Sherman. Rita enrolled in Sept 1924 for grade 3, left near the end of 7th grade (18 Mar 1929), shortly after her uncle, J C PERRY died at Seattle, and later returned to complete HS. The family lived and farmed at Rockford, and is buried there. Rita married at Spokane on 18 Aug 1934 to Claud B WALKER of Waverly WA. Claud is buried at Spangle. Rita later married James L LAMBERT, who had witnessed her first marriage. Rita died 25 Oct 1982 at Spokane.


Probably born Oct 1917 in Montana to Harry L & Margaret (EMARD) GORDON, who married 7 Mar 1905 at Kalispell. In 1910, they lived in Kalispell. In 1920, lived at LaCrosse (Gibbs area) Harry was a foreman at Atlas Tie Co, and died in 1934. Margaret died 25 Mar 1949 at Spokane.
Marie enrolled Sep 1923 in 1st grade, advanced Feb 1924 to 2nd, and completed 8th grade at age 12 in May 1930. In 1940, she was a piano teacher in Cd'A, living with Wm B & Fern McFARLAND at 601 Foster.
Married William STELLING, lived NYC. In 1964, Marie was in charge of Dove soap advertising for television — The Laurel, Feb 1964.

St Thomas:
HEALY Theresa

born 1915 CAN to Edward Clarence (5 Oct 1888 MN - 23 Feb 1951 Cd'A) and Elma (STENNES 27 Jul 1886 MN - Aug 1973 Cd'A) HEALY, who married in 1914.
In 1900, Edward lived with his parents on a mortgaged farm in Grand Forks Co ND. The family comprised John (b Aug 1858 CAN), married 17 years to (Mrs John, b Oct 1860 CAN, 8 births/living). All the grandparents were born in Ireland. children: Mary, b Jun 1884 MN; Thomas, b Jun 1886 MN; Edward, b Oct 1887 MN; John, b May 1889 ND; Helen, b Mar 1891 ND; Nora, b Sep 1892 ND; James, b Aug 1894 ND; and Anna C, b Jan 1897 ND. John immigrated from Canada in 1880; his wife in 1883. --1 Jun 1900, Levant, Grand Forks ND, ED66 p1A [122].
In 1906,Edward, Anna and parents lived in Saskatchewan, Canada. --Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906, Saskatchewan, District 14 (Mackenzie).
In 1930, the family consisted of Edward 42 (sawmill laborer), Elma 43, Theresa age 14, Margaret '35 age 13, Veronica '35 age 12, Patricia '37 age 10, Geraldine '39 age 8, and Florence '44 age 3. The girls were all born in Canada, except Florence (ID). Family emigrated from Canada in 1923. --census 11 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p13B, 1208 Cd'A Avenue; --Idaho Death Index, 1911-51.
The HEALY girls are first cousins of Mary '37, Madeline '39, Doug '40, and Carmel '41 RARICK, whose mother, Anna C HEALY, was a sister of Edward Clarence HEALY. They are also cousins of Bob '63, Tim '64, Jim '67 & Mary Dell '61 RARICK. They are also aunts of Sandra '56, Margaret '58 & Barbara '65 WHITELEY and Kenneth '62, Ronald '68, Melanie '69 and Julie '73 KOEP.
For more family genealogy, see cousin John DOBSON's website. (DOBSON is also a cousin of IHM's REAGAN graduates).
Theresa married 1944 to Laurence F MAUSER (b 20 Aug 1904 WA to Fred & Clara MAUSER, Spokane; d 10 Apr 1996 San Diego CA). Lawrence was previously married to Thelma JACOBSON (b 13 Apr 1906) on 1 Sep 1928, Spokane, and had a son, Bruce (b 1932/3). Thelma died May 1981 in Seattle. Theresa died 26 Feb 2006 at Gig Harbor WA.

Edward (fa)
Elma (mo)
HOGAN Elaine M

Class president; 12=year student (1922-1934). Born 12 Jun 1917 in Montana to Llewellyn James & Ellen (McKENNA) HOGAN. Sister of James'38, Katherine'36 and Rev William'40 HOGAN, CSsR.
Elaine married Thomas E HIGGINS. Ellen died 17 July 1967, Tom on 12 May 1969. Both buried in Holy Cross, Spokane.

Holy Cross:
St Thomas:
L J (dad)
Ellen (mom)
LALOR (Benjamin) Joseph

Born 6 Feb 1914 in Cd'A to Joseph Benjamin ("Ben") LALOR (son of Fenton X & Bridget (FLYNN) LALOR, all of Missouri), and Ruth McGRATH. Married 14 Aug 1942 at St Thomas, Cd'A, to Lucille C CANN (1917-1991). Joe died 16 Sep 2001, and is buried in San Jose CA. Cousin of Jack '39, William ('40) and Myrna ('46) LALOR. Brother of Marguerite '39, Katherine '35, & Irene ('36; attended St Thomas 1927-31 only) LALOR. Brother-in-law of Walter E '39 OVESON, and is the uncle of Walter R ("Butch",'61), Donna ('68) & Kenneth ('75) OVESON.

Los Gatos:
Joe '34
St Thomas:
J Ben
MARTELL Gertrude Mary

Born 24 Oct 1915 at Sturgis SK CAN to Leo & Catherine (REAGAN) MARTELL.
Sister of ==================
Married 22 Jan 1938 at St Thomas to Archibald Weaver COTTON. In 1940, they lived in Kellogg, Idaho.
Gertrude died 28 Sept 1987 at Longmont, Colorado.

MATSON Reino Emil

Born in Gibbs 26 July 1916, Married Dorothy C '38 WARD. died 20 June 2000 Olympia WA. More family information. Brother of L Walter '33 & Elma '38 MATSON. Uncle of Walter'70 MATSON, Ann (MATSON '65) ELGEE, Mary Beth (MATSON '66) GRYGNY, and Ellen (MATSON '68) JAEGER.

St Thomas:
MORAN Virginia Lucille

Born 19 Oct 1916 in Idaho to William Albert & Lucille (WESTLAND) MORAN, who married 8 Dec 1913 in Kootenai county. Lived Spokane 1920. Sister of Marian MORAN. Began IHM in grade 1 (1923), did 3rd & 4th in one year, lived 901 Harrison. Married Edward L KRIER. Virginia died 21 Aug 1960 at Spokane. See obituary. She is buried in Holy Cross, as are her parents, sister and brother.

Holy Cross:
Normal Hill:
RHODES Wilma Agnes

Born 6 July 1916 in Kennewick to Stephen Arthur & Mary (FULLER) RHODES. Was probably a boarding student from Okanogan. Married 29 July 1935 at Republic WA to Charles Elmer SAMPSON, 21, of Genesee ID. They divorced in 1965, and had three daughters.
Wilma died 10 Nov 1967, and is buried with her parents in Okanogan.

STAN Lucille

Born 23 Nov 1917 at Cd'A to Stanislaw Joseph and Fanny Marie (LAITINEN) STAN. Sister of Allan'28 and Emery'30 STAN. Married Paul M ANTONSON on 28 Jun 1941 at St Thomas. Two daughters, Valerie'62 & Marcia'63 ANTONSON. Secretary for Idaho Transportation Dept. Died 22 Aug 2007 at Cd'A. Cd'A Press obituary. Paul, b 11 Apr 1910, died 2 Feb 1997. More STAN family information.


Born 1916 in Spirit Lake ID to John & Emma (BADRAUM) STREETER. Sister of Ester'28, Clarice'30, Lillian'32, Irvin'37, Delico'38 and Irene '40 STREETER.
Married 29 Sept 1937 at St Thomas to Ernest Wilbur MILOT of Kellogg. Lived in Cd'A in 1940's. Ernest, born 18 Sep 1913 Grangeville, died 27 Nov 2007 at Ft Pierce FL. Lived Norcross GA (until 2004), then Vero Beach FL (as of 2013).     |     more family information
OBITUARY FOR HUSBAND: Earnest "Earnie" Milot, 94, of Vero Beach, died 27 Nov 2007, at the Treasure Coast Hospice in Fort Pierce. He was born in Harpster IN, moved to Vero Beach in 2004, coming from Norcross GA. He was employed with the US Forest Service before retiring. He was a member of St Helen Catholic Church in Vero Beach.
He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Rose M MILOT; two sons, Michael E MILOT, of Vero Beach, and Peter L MILOT of Ellicott City, Md.; two daughters, Sister Joan MILOT, IHM of Manchester NH and Jean M McELROY of Vero Beach; two sisters, Marie BECK of San Rafael CA, and Eris ELAM of Fort Lauderdale; and four grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska. Arrangements were under the direction of Cox-Gifford-Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory in Vero Beach. —Hometown News (Fort Pierce, FL) – Friday, 7 Dec 2007

Earnest (+Rose'34)
WALIGURA Arthur John

Born 29 Oct 1916 in Yonkers NY to John Paul & Anna (JACOBS) WALIGURA, who married 11 June 1916 in Westchester County NY. Anna was the daughter of Michael & Julia (NEMCIK) JACOBS. Art is a cousin of Richard('65) CARLSON and Cynthia('67) CARLSON, and of their mother, Mary '38 BAUMGARTNER.
Art died 14 Dec 1998. Buried Sunset Memorial Gardens, Richland.
In 1920, Art lived in Yonkers with his parents. His mother, Anna, died 26 July 1926 in Yonkers. His father later married Ethel McGREGOR on 19 Jan 1936 at St Thomas, Cd'A.
In 1930, he was living with his aunt & uncle, still in Yonkers.
Married on 23 Oct 1940 at Spokane to Helen Catherine CODD (1917-1992).

gmo Julia
WICKS Evelyn R

born 1914 MN to Ralph H & Margaret A WICKS. Sister of Cyril '36 WICKS. Married in 1938 to Geino PUCCI (d 1981), lived in Sandpoint.
In 1920, the family lived and owned [no mtge] a home in Frazee Village, Becker county MN, and comprised: Ralph, 32 Norway, no employment; Margaret, 31 Germany; Evelyn '34, age 5 MN; Cyril Leo '36, age 1 MN. --28 Jan 1920, Frazee, Becker MN, ED12 p16A.
In 1930, the family rented ($13/mo) 1211 Indiana, Cd'A, and comprised: Ralph, 42 Norway (parents b Norway), immig 1904, naturalized, lumber mill laborer; Margaret, 42 MN (par b Germany), married age 26; Evelyn '34, age 15 MN; Cyril '36, age 11 MN; Kathryn, 4y11mo Montana. --10 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 2, ED11 p8B, Helen KING, enumerator.
Ralph H, born 10 Jun 1890 (1887? 1888?) died 2 Jul 1977, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.


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