Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1937

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  13 Nov 2017
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AHLSTROM Phyllis Ann

Born 26 Jan 1919 to John William & Rose (BLESSING) AHLSTROM. Cousin of William'61, Linda'67, and Robert'69 BLESSING. Phyllis' mom, Rosie (BLESSING) AHLSTROM, died 8 Oct 1924 in Spokane, buried Medimont.
Married Robert E BURLINGAME. Lived Post Falls.
Phyllis died 2 July 1995, buried in Post Falls.

St Maries:
John (dad)
Rosie (mom)
Titus (gfa)
Anna (gmo)

Born 10 Sep 1918 at St Maries to Peter J and Mary (WALIGURA) BAUMGARTNER. sister of Harriett F '35, & Mary'38 BAUMGARTNER. Aunt of Richard('65) CARLSON and Cynthia('67) CARLSON. Died 29 Jun 2001 at Missoula. Married Edward D CURRY. See more family information.

BRESLIN Katherine Frances

Born 6 Aug 1919 at Stalwart SK CAN to Denis & Mary M (WOLF) BRESLIN.
She married 9 Sept 1938 to Vernon George BANGERT at Republic WA. Kaye petitioned for US Citizenship in 1953, changing her name to Katherine Monica BANGERT, and listing children: Virginia; Sharon; Kathleen; Marilyn.
She married #2 Roy S CHANDLER.
Katherine ("Kaye") died 6 March 1991 in Wenatchee WA. Buried with Roy in Wenatchee city cemetery.

DELYEA Shirley

FROST Maurice J

Born 5 Jun 1919 to Ivan FROST. Lived (1938) 921 Front Ave. Died 28 Feb 1997. Lived Castro Valley CA. Medical Doctor in Danville CA (Sep 1948 - )

St Thomas:
HEALY Patricia Rose

Born c1919 Sturgis SK CAN; More HEALY family info. Married Henry FERGUSON, had six children. Died c27 Nov 1955, buried St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
HEBERT Rose Mary

born 1921 in Cloquet, Carleton, Minnesota to William Henry and Alice Evaline (FRANKLIN) HEBERT. Sister of Maxine'40, William'36, Thomas'46 , Franklin ('44) & Claude ('43; died 31 Aug 1943) HEBERT, and Lois (HEBERT '42) DERRICK.
Married 1946 to Roy John JESSICK (1916~1969). Mother of Frank '65, Lucille '66, and David '71 JESSICK. Aunt of Mike '70 and Raymond '73 JESSICK, and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD. More HEBERT family information.

St Thomas:
HELMER Frances Catherine

Born 12 Nov 1919 in Spokane to Marvin Chauncey & Mary Mae (WHOOLEY) HELMER. She entered IHM in fifth grade, on 3 Sep 1929. graduated from Sacred Heart Nursing School, and served as an Army nurse during World War II in Brazil. She was a homemaker who lived in Bellevue WA for more than 50 years before moving to Beaverton in 2002. She married 14 Oct 1944 to Carl Randolph PETERSON at OLOL Cathedral, Spokane, with witnesses brother Marvin'35 HELMER and brother-in-law Max SHINN. Died 22 Aug 2006 in Beaverton, Oregon.
Her sister Grace, born 10 July 1924, attended grades 1-through-8, 1929-1937. The family then moved to Spokane. See more family information..

KELLEY Robert John "Jack"

born 28 Mar 1920 in Conception Jct MO to Joseph Anselm "Earl" & Mae (STOWELL) KELLEY, who married there 9 Nov 1916.
Brother of Terrence Daniel KELLEY, born 20 Oct 1925, died 8 Apr 1996 in Seattle, attended IHM 1936-39 or later; and Virginia Rose KELLEY, born 7 May 1928, attended IHM 1936-40, married Oliver DELOZIER, died 14 Oct 2009.
Served in the US Army 1941-1945. Died 28 Apr 2001 in Great Falls MT.

Mater Dolorosa:
Mae (mom)
MULLER Rita "Tubby"

Born 11 Jun 1918 to Joseph A & Josephine (SESTER) MULLER. Lived 2102 Front Ave (1938). Sister of Magdalene'33, and ten more MULLERS, (plus cousin Clarence('28)) who attended IHM in the lower grades, 1916-to-1937. Her father, Joseph A, died in 1937.
Married 9 Nov 1940 to Fred G HOLZER, IHM football coach in 1950's. Mother of Richard & Tom'61 and Jo Ellen'63 HOLZER.
See more MULLER family info.
"Tubby" died 27 Jun 2008 at Cd'A. Fred HOLZER, born 11 Sep 1915, died 10 Jan 2005.

St Thomas:
Joe (dad)
Jo (mom)
RARICK Mary Louise

born 5 April 1920 at Sturgis, Saskatchewan, to Robert George & Anna C (HEALY) RARICK, died 9 Oct 1995, buried at Willamette National Cemetery, Portland. Sister of: =====RARICKS===== aunt of ====RARICKS==== Cousin of =====HEALY, RARICK?, REAGAN? SCHAFFNER? =========
Married in 1946 at Holy Rosary, Portland, to Joseph Ralph RENNER, born 25 May 1923 at Glen Ullin, Morton County, North Dakota, died 12 July 2010 in Oregon. He is a son of Nicodemus and Monica () RENNER.


St Thomas:
Robt G
Anna C

REAGAN Theresa F

Born 10 Mar 1919 to Mrs Mary () REAGAN. Lived (1938) 506 Lakeside. Sister of Margaret'28, Agnes'30, Patrick'32, Teresa'37, William'44 REAGAN and Lucille ('21 REAGAN) GUISE. Died 1 Dec 2000. Married Richard CLEMENTS. lived Boise ID.

St Thomas:

Born 23 April 1919 at Spokane to Thomas Jesse & Helen Gertrude (GARRARD) ROBERTSON. Lived (1938 Cd'A) 1011 Cd'A Ave.
Married Lex C SCOTT (1908-1995).
Mary Ann died 24 Jan 1986 in Santa Maria CA.

Santa Maria:
Mary Ann'37

born 23 Feb 1920 at Kalispell MT. Died 9 May 2008. Married 1941 to William "Bill" GALBRAITH. Lived Portland Oregon until Bill died 1944, when she moved back to Cd'A. Daughter of George Milton & Minnie E (TONEY) SERVICK. Sister of Luverne '35, Gwen '41 Eloise '45, George Edward, & Jacquelin '49 SERVICK, IHM. Mother of James '60 & Joan '61 GALBRAITH, and Robert William "Bobby" GALBRAITH (1943-1951). See more family information, including her obituary.

Forest cem:
STEWART Virginia Marie

Probably the adopted daughter of George J & Marie H (BROWN) STEWART, of Okanagan.
(probably) Virgina W NELSON, born 27 March 1920 at El Centro CA, to Raymond J NELSON and Cora NEWHOUSE. In May 1941 she was known as STEWART, and by 1948 as HUTTENSTINE. She married Walter A HUTTENSTINE, and lived in Marysville WA with her husband (who died 1965). Virginia then became a Tupperware salesperson, until she died on 2 July 2003 in Stanwood WA. See obituary.
In the 1930 census, George STEWART, 44 CAN was a court reporter for a newspaper. Marie, 32 MT, is married 8 years. Two adopted children: Virginia, age 10 CA, and Stanley Webster, 8 WA, both adopted, and parental birth places unknown.
In 1940, the family lived in Spokane, where George was a court reporter, and Virginia was a nursemaid for a private family.
In 1952, George was president of the Washington Shorthand Reporters Assn.
Stanley Webster STEWART, born 26 Mar 1922, died 30 Oct 2002. His unclaimed cremains are buried in Holy Cross. He served in the military from 1942 to 1946.

STREETER Irvin Jacob "Bic"

Born 6 Feb 1918 in Idaho. Sibling of alumni Ester '28, Lillian '32, Clarice '30, Rose '34, Delico '38 and Irene '40 STREETER. ==================Uncle of NIELSEN, JOKI, HALLGREEN==================
Remarried 15 May 2003 at Tacoma to Elizabeth Emma AUSTIN, born 7 June 1913 at Porthill, Idaho, died 28 Mar 2006 in Tacoma WA.
Irvin died 25 Sep 2006 at Tacoma WA.
See more family information.

Forest cemetery:

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