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  20 Apr 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1954-1962 CLASS ROSTERS Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
grade 1 Sr Carolus; 59 students grade 2 Sr Ricardus, 72 students grade 3 Sr Roderick & Mrs SCHAN, 65 students grade 4 Sr Nilus, 65 students
grade 5 Srs Angelus & Mary Hugh, 71 students grade 6 Sr Noel, 76 students grade 7 Sr Phillip, 78 students grade 8 Sr Mary Martin, 80 students
1959-1960 6th grade photos Sixth Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Noel IHM and 66 classmates (all in one classroom, with one ...). Picture also available without names overlay.
1960-1961 7th grade photos Seventh Grade Class, St Thomas Elementary; Sr Phillip IHM and 76 classmates (all in one classroom, with one great nun). Picture also available without names overlay.
1961-1962 8th grade group photo Eighth Grade graduation, on LV Brown Auditorium/stage.
1962-1966 Le Coeur 1963-66 Yearbook / annuals for our years at IHM; PDF format.
2 0 1 6 50th Reunion

September 9 and 10, 2016.       CLICK HERE for information.

Fellow Travelers 1954 ~ 1966

Students who attended St Thomas Grade School or IHM Academy at some point with the IHM class of 1966: CLICK HERE.

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ARNEY Sally Ann

Born to --- and Josephine Marie (CRAMER) SMITH. Grades 1-3 "SMITH", then adopted by Pat ARNEY. Lived 420 Montana (gr 2), 217 Foster (gr 3-6), 607 S 11th (grades 7-12). Sister of Sue'64 and John '70 ARNEY.

Jo Marie(mom)
BOLLER (Charles) David

brother of John'70. Son of Leon "Chuck" BOLLER (1924-2002) and Melva J GREEN (1924 WA-1996 ID). Married Marilyn E '65 GROSS. Lives near Cd'A.
In 1930, Chuck, 5, lived with his parents, John & Henrietta BOLLER, on a farm in Potlatch ID. John (b 9 May 1893 ID, d Sep 1973) was one of 13 children of John (b 11 Mar 1847/8 Switzerland, d 26 Jul 1928 ID) & Susanna (b 28 Feb or May 1856 Switzerland, d 1 Jul 1945 ID) BOLLER, who immigrated in 1881 to Wisconsin and later lived in Kansas (1888-1892). --9 Jun 1900 census, Gold Creek Precinct, Latah county ID, ED74 p3A; 17 Apr 1930 Potlatch, Latah, ID ED 32 p22B.

CdA Memorial:
BROPHY Mary Frances

Daughter of Thomas & Ruth (FOUNTAIN) BROPHY. Married Jack GRAY, brother of Mike & Pat '68 GRAY. Lives Cd'A. Cousin of Brad '73 FOUNTAIN & Scott '71 HURRELL and Mike and Pat HURRELL, who attended IHM in 1938-45.

St Thomas:
CIERYCA Marianne Elizabeth

Born to Bruno P and Erma A (STAPLES) CIERYCA. Sister of Michael '71 CIERYCA. Graduated Gonzaga 1970, worked for GTE/Verizon 1970-1993, and 2001-present. In the interim, she worked for the Idaho State Library and Dakotah Direct. Marianne married in Aug 2008 to Michael TAYLOR. Lives Cd'A.
Bruno CIERYCA was born 15 Sept 1917 to Casimir and Marianna (GILL, 1883-1959) CIERYCA in Kankakee IL. Casimir and Marianna immigrated from Poland c1914 with two daughters. Bruno was a Corporal in the Air Corps in WW2, then married Erma and lived in Cd'A since 1946.
Erma STAPLES was born 30 Aug 1917 at Wolf Point MT to Arthur and Genevieve (JOHNSON) STAPLES. She married Bruno CIERYCA in Sept 1943, at St Thomas, Cd'A.

CdA Memorial:
DIEMERT Rickard Leonard

One of ten children of Leonard G (1927~1975) and Rose (HOFFMAN) DIEMERT; see Leonard's obituary. Leonard was born 26 Feb 1927 in Mansfield, North Dakota, to George H and Barbara (--) DIEMERT. Rick is brother of David'68, Jim ('70), Randolf ('71), Deborah'73, Lindsay'74 DIEMERT, and more (see Dave's obituary). Cousins of the LENZ alumni. Leonard G died 24 Sept 1975 at Cd'A. Rose remarried to Frank CHEYNEY.
Rick married on 7 Feb 1981 to Sarah R SCHMIDT in Alameda County, California. (--CAMI). Lives Denver CO (2011). Son Rickard J (born 1981).

St Thomas:
DUNN Edward Ralph

Born to James & Ella (MOYER) DUNN. Married Melissa Marie ---; lives Irrigon OR.

ELGEE Michael Joseph

born in San Diego CA to James Francis and Patricia Louise (OLIN) ELGEE, who married in 1947. Brother of Robert'68, Tim'73, Mark & Jim ELGEE. Related (grand-nephew) to Frank '12 ELGEE and Nellie '15 VAUGHN. (More ELGEE family information).
Patricia L OLIN was born 17 Oct 1924 in Spokane WA to Howard Scott and Leila B (CLIFFORD) OLIN. Obituary, more family information. Howard was born 16 Dec 1893 in South Dakota to Benjamin (b 1846 NY) and Norah (b 1858 Ireland) OLIN, and died 20 Apr 1988 in St Maries ID. Howard married Leila CLIFFORD on 24 Jun 1922 at St Maries ID. Leila was born 21 Mar 1892 in WI, died 24 May 1990 at St Maries. Howard & Norah are buried in Woodlawn cemetery, St Maries ID.
IN 1900, the CLIFFORD family lived in Omro WI, and comprised: William E, b Jun 1863 WI (parents b NH, Ireland), painter, married 9 years; Ida (DEIBLEN), wife, b Dec 1869 WI (parents b PA, WI), 3 births, 2 living children; Leila, dau, b Mar 1892 WI; Iola, dau, b Jul 1894 WI; Ernest DEIBLEN, brother-in-law, b Nov 1879 WI, railroad brakeman. --23 Jun 1900, Omro, Winnebago WI, ED131 p11A;
In 1900, the OLIN family lived on a farm in Kingsbury Co SD, and comprised: Benjamin, b Jul 1846 WI, farmer; Norah M, b Dec 1858 Ireland, married 13 years, 5 births, 4 living children; Addie B, Feb 1888 MT; Hazel, Aug 1889 SD; Frankie, dau, b Nov 1891 SD; Howard S, b Dec 1893 SD. --11 Jun 1900, Hartland, Kingsbury SD, ED207, p5B. .
In 1910, W E CLIFFORD, painter for RR Co, lived in Frenchtown, Missoula MT. --27 Apr 1910, Missoula Co MT, ED58 p11A. He is also listed with his family in Oshkosh WI: W E CLIFFORD, 42 WI, married 20 years, RR foreman; Ida, 40 WI, 4 births, 3 living children; Leila, 18 WI; Julia, 15 WI; Edward, son, 6 WI. --21 Apr 1910, Ohkosh, Winnebago WI, ED149 p9A . I could not find the OLIN family in 1910 census.
In 1920, the CLIFFORD family owned (no mtge) and lived at 1427 College St, St Maries ID, and comprised: William E, 52 WI, Ida B, 50 WI; Lelah, 27 WI, school teacher; Elaine, dau, 9y1mo WI. --13 Jan 1920, Benewah Co ID, ED213 p8A .
In 1920, the OLIN family lived at 1622 Gardner Ave, Spokane WA, and comprised Benjamin, 74 NY (VT, NY), Norah M, 60 Ireland, immig 1883; and Howard, 26 SD.
In 1930, the OLIN family lived in St Maries, and comprised: Howard S, 36 SD (par b NY, Ireland), merchant, rents, has radio, married age 28; Leila B, wife, 38 WI, married age 30; Shirley C, 6 WA; Patty P, 5 WA; William E CLIFFORD, 64 WI (parents b WI), widow, father-in-law. --11 Apr 1930, St Maries, Benewah, ID, ED7 p1B
William Eugene CLIFFORD, b 5 Jun 1869, died 11 Nov 1937 at St Maries.
James Joseph ELGEE, born 23 Jan 1888 in New Richmond WI, died 1952, married Ruth I CASWELL on 7 Nov 1922 in St Maries. He registered for the draft 15 Jun 1917 in Avery ID. James was a log scaler for St Maries Lumber Co, and requested exemption from the draft as main support for his parents. His brother, John Henry ELGEE, b 16 Apr 1886, was married (1916 to Grace N DOWNIE), lived in Kellogg, and was an electrician for Washington Water Power Co. John registered for the draft on 12 Sep 1918 at Kellogg ID. John is listed as a widow in 1930, living in Lewiston with a son(?),Billie, 12 ID. John died 25 Jun 1954 in Humboldt Co CA. See James' brother Frank ELGEE '12 for additional ELGEE family information.
Ruth I (CASWELL) ELGEE, b 28 May 1899, died April 1985, St Maries. James, Ruth and a son, Bob (1934-1938), are buried in Woodlawn cemetery, St Maries ID.

St Thomas:

Grace Downie-aunt)
Eureka CA
John E (uncle)
FRAIJO Virginia Roselee Born to Ernest and Mary (WILSON) FRAIJO.
Sister of Leslie '67, Laura '69, Rebecca ('70) and Christine ('71) FRAIJO. See obituaries/FindaGrave for more family information.Married 2 Sep 1972 to Duane Lee GERKE in Spokane WA. Lives Spokane.
Mary (mom)
GALLES Haldeen Rachael

Born in Spokane to Edward Gorman (USAF)& Margaret (PALMER) GALLES. Enrolled IHM in grade 7 (1960) from Holy Family, Clarkston WA. Lived 823 N 6th, and 1053 15th. Sister of Susan'68, Michael (St Thomas 1961-67, gr 8), and Patrick (St Thomas gr 1-3, 1967-70). Married 1971 to Daryl JOHNSON. Lives Hill City SD.

Cd'A Memorial:
HARE Sheila Ann

Was with us from 6th - 10th grades. See more information.
Sheila spent 43 years as a nurse. She died in April 2022 at Bainbridge Island. Her ashes were scattered in Hawaii. obituary.

Holy Cross:
HARRINGTON Mary Katherine

Born 29 Jun 1947 to Florance F & Lucille (REISENAUER) HARRINGTON. Sister of Michael'66, Pat'67, Greg, Jeff, Joan (HARRINGTON '71) BARNES, Ruth'69, Jean'73, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Marcia, and Paula J HARRINGTON. Mary Kaye married Steven L BARTLETT, lives Cd'A area.

More family information.


Born 15 Jun 1948 to Florry F & Lucille (REISENAUER) HARRINGTON. Brother Mary Kay'66, Pat'67, Greg, Jeff, Joan (HARRINGTON '71) BARNES, Ruth'69, Jean'73, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Marcia, and Paula J HARRINGTON. Whereabouts unknown.

More family information.

HARTNETT John Joseph

Born to John & Elizabeth "Bette" (JONES) HARTNETT. Brother of Elizabeth Maureen'70 HARTNETT. Lived at 1805 Montana, then at R1 Box 433. Married Patricia '68 MILES. John's mother's obituary.

HENRICKSON Hans Christian

did not graduate IHM. Lived in Rathdrum. Born 16 July 1948 at Spokane to Stanley Paul Jr & Rosemary (HANFORD) HENRICKSON. Brother of Erik Hanford('73), Kathryn Ann('67) and Miriam Elaine('65) HENRICKSON. They all withdrew in June 1963, citing transportation difficulty. Hans served in the 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam. He married on 19 Dec 1981 at Rosalia WA to Dianne M DOWLING. Hans died 21 Sep 2005 when his Cessna hit a powerline near Box Canyon dam, and sank in the Pend Oreille River. "He stood in his own light, and he made it shine." See Hans' obituary / news story, and his mother's obituary.

Oakesdale WA:
Stan (dad)
Rosemary (mom)
HULTNER Robin Patricia

Class representative, valedictorian. Born Cd'A to Henry & Violet (WERNER) HULTNER. Sister of Sharon '56, Kent '58, Kathleen '59, and Rita '62 HULTNER. Married John Michael KOHLER; lives Spokane. See more family information

St Thomas:
JACOBS Lawrence Joseph

Larry was born 1948 to Harold and Cecelia JACOBS. Brother of Robert'56, Delores'59, Linda'63, Donald'72, Gayle, Mary, Linda and Carol JACOBS. Married Mary E SMITH, lives Cd'A. Parents of Amy SECORD, 1981-2016. More family information

JAEGER Jerald Joseph

Son of Joseph Jr & Maureen (KING) JAEGER, who married 22 May 1940 at Sacred Heart, Seattle WA. Joe died in a plane crash on 21 Apr 1967 near Baker, Oregon (with business associates Lyn C BUTTERFIELD and Louise DOWNING.)
Jerry transferred from Ritzville WA HS in 1964. Married Ellen MATSON '68. Graduated WSU 1970 in Business Administration/Hotel and Restaurant Administration.
President and co-owner of Hagadone Hospitality Company (The Coeur d'Alene Resort, et al.). Founding member and the first chair of the Idaho Travel Council. Helped establish the Coeur d'Alene Convention and Visitor Bureau. 2016 recipient of the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement in Recreation and Tourism Award.
Jerry and Ellen were "spark plugs" in alumni and community fund-raising for Holy Family Catholic School, the long-dreamed-of replacement for St Thomas School. See 2003 article. Jerry is also a Director of Idaho Independent Bank.

St Thomas:
JESSICK Lucille Alice

daughter of Rose Mary HEBERT'37 and Roy John (1916~1969) JESSICK. Sister of David'71 & Frank'65 JESSICK; cousin of Mike'70 and Ray '73 JESSICK, and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD, Cd'A. Niece of Mary Frances (SIEK '45) JESSICK. Married Delbert BRADSHAW; lives Cd'A area.

St Thomas:
Roy (dad)
KAPAUN William Joseph

Born to Otto H & Barbara (GROSS) KAPAUN. Lived 915 Wallace.
Brother of Harlan'55, Jerry'58, Robert'62, and Tony '72 KAPAUN Cousin of Diane('66) THOMSON.
Did not graduate IHM, but spent grades 1-10 with us. Lives Albany Oregon. Manages St Thomas cemetery listings on Find-A-Grave.

St Thomas:
KEANE Patricia Veronica

Born Brockton MA to Donald & Charlotte (TANNER) KEANE. Lived Post Falls, then moved to 719 Cd'A Ave. Sister of Kathleen '69 KEANE. Married Stephen J MORAN, lives Deer Park WA.

St Thomas:
Donald (dad)
KELLEY Michael John

Son of John William & Mary (QUINLAN) KELLEY. Did not graduate IHM, but spent 8 years with us at St Thomas (1954-1962), and a year or two at IHM. Lived at 333 Park Dr (grades 1, 2), 809 Garden (3-6), 2107 Syringa (7th-on). Mike died 18 April 2024

Normal Hill:
John (dad)
Mary (mom)
KOONTZ Suzanne Adair

Born Spokane to Robert Mark & Marian (McMURTREY) KOONTZ. Lived 821 N 23d, then 1013 N 14th, then 801 Cd'A Ave. Married Norman ANDERSON, lives Cd'A. Siblings include: Linda'60, Kathleen'62, Christine'67 & Melanie '70 KOONTZ, and others. More family information  and   Mother's obituary
Suzanne died 8 May 2023 in Cd'A.

St Thomas:
Bob (dad)
KRIMM Christopher Francis

Born 17 Apr 1948, probably in St Maries. lived Milwaukie OR. died 1 Jan 1986, Portland.

KRYGER Ann Teresa "Suzy"

Born at Cd'A to Arthur KRYGER and Frances E GRISMER '33 (more family info). Siblings: Eugene'57, David'58, Kathy'64, Kris'70 and Kit (CHS '77) KRYGER. married John H MILLER '66, lives Spokane.

Art (dad)
KURDY Linda Marie

Born Linda WEMHOFF at Cottonwood ID to Frank (1918-1948) amp; Doreen (AHLERS 1925-) WEMHOFF. Frank died accidentally in 1948. Doreen then married [#2, in 1951] Kelly Michael Caspar (1913-1992) KURDY.
Sister of Tom'64, Pamela ('70), and Kelly ('76) KURDY. Lived at 838 N 5th, then 421 Garden. Linda married [1] 29 Oct 1966 at St Thomas to William W JOYNER. Married [2] Clem J ROSBARSKY, lived Ridgefield WA, now in CA. More family information.

St Thomas:
Frank (dad)
LARSEN Darrell Kenneth "Butch"

Born at Cd'A to Kenneth A & Cecelia (SCHUERMAN) LARSEN. Lived at 526 LaCrosse. Brother of Marilyn Ann '64 LARSEN. Lives in Alaska.

Ken (dad)
LONG Gleta May

Born at Salzburg, Austria to Glen & Herta (EBNER) LONG. Lived Rt 1, Hayden. Entered IHM in grade 5 (1958) from Sherman School, Cd'A. Sister of Thomas ('68) LONG, who spent grades 3-7 (1958-63) at St Thomas with the class of 1968. Lives Anchorage AK.

MacDONALD Anne Marie

Born at Cd'A to Ronald J & Betty J (FISHER) MacDONALD. Lived 821 Lakeside. Sister of Janet Ann'59 MacDONALD cousin of Robert'67 & Maureen'71 MacDONALD. Married James Gary MILLER. Jim died Jul 2010. Anne Lives in Gig Harbor WA.

St Thomas:
MASON (Margaret) Pauline

Daughter of Victor G & Margaret (GUSHURST) MASON. Lived 909 Hastings. Spent first 10 years with us at St Thomas and IHM. Sister of Mary Ann'63, Jerry'69, and Jo'74 MASON. Married Frank GUZMITS. Realtor in Palm Desert CA. More family information.

St Thomas:
MATSON Mary Beth

Born to Leo Walter '33 & Patrica E (KELLY) MATSON, sister of Walter '70 MATSON, Anne (MATSON '65) ELGEE, Ellen (MATSON '68) JAEGER, Patrice '72, Kelly'73, Thomas'74 and John ('76) MATSON. Niece of Reino E'34 MATSON and Elma '38 MATSON. Married Stan '67 GRYGNY. Lives Spokane.

St Thomas:
Walt (Dad)
Pat (mom)
McCORMICK Patricia Winnifred

married Vance EKWORTZELL; lives Sandpoint ID. Born in Cd'A to John Hamilton & M Aileen (CONWAY) McCORMICK. Lived at 835 W Garden (1954, 1964). Sister of George J'72, Margaret'64, and Kathy '60 McCORMICK. See more family information.

John (dad)
McDONELL Linda Marie

Born 11 Jan 1948 at Cd'A to Lester KELLER and Dorothy NESS. she was later adopted by Eugene & Ruth (TRAFFORD) McDONELL. Sister of Maureen '64 McDONELL. Married Marvin DAVIS, lived Post Falls. Died 28 Nov 2021 obituary.

St Thomas:
Ruth (mom)
Forrest cem:
Jean (mom)
McGUIRE Kathy Attended IHM in 1963-64 with our class (yearbook).
Elmer (dad)
Rose (mom)
McRILL Valerie Josephine

Born to John Richmond "Jack" & Betty Lou Yolanda (LEUCK) McRILL. Transferred to IHM from (Idaho Falls?). Married (1) 15 Apr 1968 at Twin Falls to Wesley Neil CASTEN. Married (2) Raymond C SAMSON. Graduated U Montana, 1986. from Winter 2001 Montanan: "Valerie McRill-Samson '86, a third-grade teacher at Peterson Elementary School in Kalispell, was awarded a 1999 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Valerie's winning submission, "Kids in Socks," based on Dr. Seuss's "Fox In Socks," incorporates math, graphing, weighing, numbers, geometry, literature, art and drama She received a $7,500 educational grant for her school and a Presidential citation during recognition ceremonies in fall 2000 in Washington DC."

Twin Falls:
Jack (dad)
Betty (mom)
MEYERS Robert Allen

Born at Cd'A to Joseph & Hazel (WALTER) MEYERS. Lived 607 N 12th. Brother of of Jo Ellen ('62 MEYERS) PROSSER, and Kathleen (married Michael '73 McDOWELL).

MIHELICH (Joseph) Michael "Spider"

Born to Joseph A and Alma Josephine (FOLDEN) MIHELICH. Mother's obituary. Brother of Sr Christine'63, IHM, John'64; Ed'68 and Tom '71 MIHELICH. Lives Cd'A.

Joe (dad)
Alma (mom)
MILLER John Harold

Born at Westwood CA to John Pierson & Mary (PINAMONTI) MILLER. Lived 216 S 10th (1956), then 1908 N 7th. Entered St Thomas school in grade 3 (1956). Class president 12; married Suzy KRYGER '66, lives Spokane. Ninth round draft pick (165th/710) by Chicago Cubs 1966.

John P(dad)
Mary (mom)
MONTREUIL Stephanie Jean

Born to John L and Evelyn Theresa (MOORMANN) MONTREUIL. Sister of Paul Henry'73 and Kenneth'68 MONTREUIL. Cousin of Married Arthur R BRAND; lives Cd'A. Art died 17 Oct 2017.

MONTREUIL Family History: John L MONTREUIL was born 3 Feb 1922 in Canada, to Hervey and Mary Aurore MONTREUIL. The family emigrated from Calgary AB through Eastport ID on 24 Apr 1924, headed for Los Angeles with John's sister Lena, and brother Normond. Hervey, a carpenter, and Aurore were naturalized on 4 Oct 1940. The children were naturalized on 23 Sep 1941. (See immigration document.) John was a compositor for the Cd'A Press beginning about 1946, and lived in Rathdrum with Evelyn and children. In the 1960's-plus, the family lived at 813 Indiana, Cd'A. See John's obituary.
Hervey MONTREUIL was born 28 Apr 1898 in French Canada to William & Olympe (LEGAULT) MONTREUIL (see 1901 Canada census.) In 1954, Hervey lived in Rathdrum, and worked at NW Timber mill. He died 24 Oct 1974. Mary Aurore, born 22 Feb 1893, died 10 Sept 1967. Hervey and Aurore are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
William MONTREUIL was born 28 Jan 1876 to Etienne MONTREUIL and Philomene COUVRETTE, who was born 9 JAN 1847 in Quebec. William married Olympe LEGAULT in 1897. Olympe was born 25 Oct 1876 to Michel and Delphina LEGAULT. (See 1891 Canada census, p 73.)
Evelyn Theresa MOORMANN was born 17 Feb 1925 at Cd'A to Henry B (1899-1973) and Mary Magdalen (BESTE, 1901-1985) MOORMANN. Evelyn was a nurse. She died 16 May 2018. Her brother, Donald B MOORMANN, married in 1956 to Darlene '54 VEDDER.

St Thomas:

NOVAK Rosemarie Fern

"Rea" was born 7 Jul 1948 in Marshfield WI to John F and Fern C (STIBBE) NOVAK. She died 30 Jul 2005 in Spokane. Obituary. Sister of Robert'56, Brad'71, Judy (m Wes KRUEGER) and Pam '73 NOVAK.
In 1930, Fern STIBBE (12 WI, born 20 Mar 1918) was the oldest child (of 5) of Richard (36 IN) and Rose (32 WI) STIBBE, dairy farmers, in Greenwood twp, Taylor Co WI. --11 Apr 1930, ED9 p5B. Fern died in Jan 1993.
John NOVAK, b 16 Aug 1909 in Minnesota to John (58 POL) and Agnes (56 POL) NOVAK, was a 20yo electrical contractor, living with his parents in Rib Lake twp, Taylor Co WI. --8 Apr 1930, ED23 p4B. John died c24 Feb 1983, buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas cem:
NUTT Michael James

Born and raised in Dublin CA until 1962. Attended IHM 1962-66. Brother of Jim '67 NUTT. Degrees from NIJC, Montana State, U Washington and U Arkansas. Career metallurgist, management positions since 1981, five published articles. Worked and lived in Seattle, Portland, Memphis areas. Since 2007, Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Implant Systems. Member since college of American Society for Materials [ASM] and American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM].
Married (1) Peggy OTWAY, div 1977; (2) Dorothy HAYDEN, two sons. See curriculum vitae for details.

PETERS Michael Kenneth "Pete"

Born at Spokane to Harry Kenneth & Beulah J (SMITH) PETERS. class vice-president 12. Married Lynne '67 GEBHART; lives Mica. Brother of Pam '64 PETERS. Cousin of Gary '65 HALER.
Mike died in hospital on 7 Dec 2023.

Ken (dad)
St Thomas:
COLES (g-gpar)

Transferred in from Marycliff HS (Spokane) in 1965. Born to Anton G (III) & Beatrice Jean (NIXON) POITEVIN. Sister of James '69 POITEVIN, and Linda (Marycliff'65). Married John C CARVETH; lives Portland OR.

Anton (dad)
PRINGLE Thomas John

Son of Eugene E & Dolores Gertrude "DeDe" (MARSH) PRINGLE. Lived R 2, Post Falls (Stateline). Came from Otis Orchards in Sep 1959 for grades 6 & 7 at St Thomas, and then grades 10-12 at IHM. Brother of Randy '70 PRINGLE.
Married 2 July 1979 at Spokane to Kim M EWY. Lives Spokane.

PURDY Janice Lynn

Sister of Don ('68), Dennis '70 & Susan '72 PURDY. Lives Cd'A. See father's obituary.
Born to Donald Lynn and Martha Corrine (CABBAGE) PURDY. Martha's brother, Dorus, married Helen E ('48?) GRIBNAU. See additional PURDY family information.

St Thomas:
Don (dad)
RANSOM Michael James

Born 1948 in Cd'A to James and Mary Katherine (SMITH) RANSOM. Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1965 in Post 5. Graduated BA in social Sciences from Mt Angel Seminary College, Oregon. internet home page. Married 1978 to Corine SHEPARD [died June 2009]. Retired [2001] State of Oregon Child Protective Services social worker. Lives in Albany, Oregon. Brother of Patricia'67, Sue'68, Liz'72, Barbara'73 and Dave RANSOM. Parents' obituaries. Maintains IHM Academy Alumni website and IHM on FaceBook.

Mary K(mom)

Married to Terry BEST, lives Indiana. Daughter of John Gerald and Kathleen Doris (HOBSON) RIPLINGER. Sister of Robert'63 and William Craig RIPLINGER (1947-1987). Cousin of Peggy'67, Larry'68, Jim'69, Suzie'70, & Jack '72 RIPLINGER.
More family / relative information.

John (dad)
ROMANS Lynne Verena

Born at Oakland CA to Ralph Virgil (1914 IL-1986 OR) & Margaret Verena (1913-1999 OR) (HOLZGANG) ROMANS. PR specialist, Biology Dept, University of Oregon, Eugene OR {2017). Sister of Judy'63, Bert ('65?), Shanna Valerie('71) , and Wesley V ROMANS (1949-1973). Lived 908 Lakeside. Joined this class in 4th grade, Sept 1957.

RYAN Jenifer Katherine

With us Sept 1955 from St Maries Academy for grades 2 through 9. Graduated CHS '66. Died 13 Jan 2017. See more information.

Hilma (mom)
SAND Donald Frank

born to Paul B and Inez Mae (BARNES) SAND. Married 1968 to Nancy LAMBERT (CHS '67). Brother of Paul "Skip" '67, Cathy '69, Ken '72 and Phillip "PJ" '73 SAND. Parent's obituaries.
In 1930, Paul B SAND, age 9, lived with his parents, 5 brothers and 3 sisters, on a farm in Greenwald Village MN. Paul was born 16 Nov 1921 to Peter and Ida (VORNBROCK) SAND, who had a total of 14 children. view census (fee req'd)--16 Apr 1930 Stearns Co MN, ED20 p1A. Peter SAND, born 7 Jul 1880 in MN, died 10 Feb 1960. For more information on his ancestry, including six generations from Luxembourg, see WorldConnect.
In 1930, Inez M BARNES, age 1, lived in Lewiston Orchards, with her parents and 5 older brothers. view census (fee req'd) --10 Apr 1930 Nez Perce Co ID, ED51 p4B.     Inez was born 4 Mar 1929 in Lewiston ID, to Clifton Dwight and Bessie (MULKEY) BARNES. Clifton Dwight BARNES, born 2 Apr 1888, died 27 Apr 1950 in Lewiston Orchards, Idaho. For more of his ancestry back to 1788, see WorldConnect.

St Thomas:
Paul B(dad)
Inez (mom)

Daughter of Herbert & Minnie (LENZ) SANDERSON. Married [1] Dennis '65 TREICHEL; [2] Corky MEYERS; lives Cd'A. Sister of Harold "Tony" SANDERSON, who attended St Thomas grades 1-8 until 1958.

St Thomas:
Minnie (mom)
SMITH Donald John

Son of Kenneth MacKenzie & Mary Agnes (MULLANEY) SMITH. Brother of James ('61) SMITH. Lived 833 Third St. Did not graduate IHM, but attended at least 10 years with us, from 1954 at St Thomas school. Linked-In profile.

St Thomas:

Ken (dad)
Mary (mom)
STOCKWELL Linda Louise

Daughter of Allen Ernest & Virginia (MOSMAN) STOCKWELL, who married 17 April 1947 at Clarkston WA (Ginny's sister & brother were witnesses). Lived 1302 Montana. Class treasurer 12; married 1969 to John "Gus" HALLGREEN '61, lives Cd'A. Sister of David'71 & Dan'73 STOCKWELL. Niece of Marilyn '60 MOSMAN.
Ginny (MOSMAN) STOCKWELL died 29 July 2005. Allen died 21 Nov 2018, see obituary. Both buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:

SULLIVAN Willard Hatch "Bill"

Son of Mannie Carnelius & Marie Loraine (HATCH) SULLIVAN. Brother of John'72 SULLIVAN. Lived Rte 2, Hayden. Transferred from St Augustine, Spokane. Married Debra Marie ---; lives Vancouver WA.
Mannie was born 4 Dec 1924 in Missoula, died 5 March 1980 in Portland. He served in the Navy Aug 1943 - Mar 1946. His parents are buried in Yakima.

Mannie (dad)
Marie (mom)
WACHTER Sharon Elaine

class secretary 12. Born to Robert John and Violet Elaine (KUSLER) WACHTER. Married Arthur John COOPER; lives near Lewiston ID. Sister of Lorinda'63, Diane'64, Geoffrey'69 and Robert '71 WACHTER.

WAKEFIELD (William) John Charles

class representative 12, salutatorian. Born at Spokane to Newton & (Mary) Dorothy (BRESNAN) WAKEFIELD. Lived Casco Bay and Hayden Lake. Lives Dominican Republic (2015).
See WAKEFIELD family history. Also, see father's obituary.

WILSON Elaine Martha

Born 21 Oct 1948 at Cd'A to Barney & Martha (GRAVES) WILSON. Married [1] WILLIAMS; [2] Joe ADAMSON. Died 12 Nov 1991 at Cd'A.

St Thomas:
YACKS Kristina Lynne

Born in Detroit MI to Etrope (1925-) & Lillian Catherine (TAXIS) YACKS. Lived variously at 1116 N 16th, 705 Indiana, 4510 Ramsey Rd/Rt 1 Box 97 Hayden. Sister of Patricia '68 YACKS & niece of James '58 YACKS.
Lives St Maries ID; Manager, Idaho Workforce Development Center.

St Thomas:
E J (dad)
Lynn (mom)
YEAGER James Lee

Born at Wallace ID to Richard Elsworth (1921-2007) & Rebecca L (BENJAMIN, 1924-1986) YEAGER. Brother of David '69 YEAGER. Richard was a Pearl Harbor survivor.
Quality Manager, Silicon Forest Technologies, Portland OR.

NON-GRADS No Senior Picture See more on "Friends" page.

Members of 1963 Freshman and/or 1964 sophomore class (IHM'66), but did not graduate IHM: Stephanie "Steve" PETERSON, Susan ANDERSON, David ZIEGLER, Linda JONES, Kathy McGUIRE, Mike FRUECHTL, Mark DEAN, Diane (SCHNEBERGER) McKAY (Cd'A).

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