Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1955

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1950-1951 8th grade group photo Eighth Grade graduates, on steps of St Thomas School. 33 students with Fr COLLINS, CSsR.
1951-1955 Le Coeur 1952 Yearbook / annual for freshman year at IHM, in PDF format.
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Born 6 Oct 1937 to Howard & Helene BATCHELDER. Sister of Bernadine'54, Richard'57 and Gary'59 BATCHELDER. Lived 703 W Appleway (1954). Married 1 Feb 1964 at St Thomas, Cd'A to Stanley JOHNSON, son of Helen '33 DRAZAN.


Born 12 Feb 1937 to John S and Elizabeth (KARRER) COSTELLO. Brother of Bill'56 COSTELLO. Lived 2202 Pennsylvania (1954). Graduated U of Idaho, served in US Navy. Married Cindy ---. Prominent career in accounting firms. Died 15 Mar 2010. Lived Long Beach CA. See obituary.


Born 11 Feb 1937 to Joseph Patrick & Fanny (McCAULEY) DOHERTY, sheep ranchers of Pilot Rock, Oregon. Sister of Leo Aaron (b 1946, attended St Thos 1953-56), Michael Peter (b 1945, gr 3-5 St Thos), and John (b 1940, gr 7-8 St Thos). The boys returned to Oregon when the (male) boarding school closed in May 1956. Nancy lives in the Portland area.
Nancy joined the Medical Mission Sisters (of Philadelphia), and is known as Sr M Judith, MMS. She sang/played on the (groundbreaking folksong scripture recordings) 1966 vinyl LP albums, "Joy is Like the Rain", and "I Know the Secret" by the Medical Mission Sisters. She sang in the "Mass of a Pilgrim People" at Carnegie Hall on 5 Feb 1967. In 1967, she was preparing to work in Holy Family Hospital in Patna, Bihar, India.

Vinson cem:
DRISSEN Mary Katherine

Born 9 Feb 1937 to Frank Joseph & Mary Ruth (KEATING) DRISSEN (DRIESSEN). Lived 1025 N 4th (1936, 1946).
Frank, born 1904, died 1988, is the son of Anthony (WI) & Mary (GER) DRIESSEN of Harrison.
Mary K married in 1960 to Robert L MITCHAM and moved to Orofino. In 1966, she married #2 Alvie “Reynold” HALL, and moved to Blackfoot. and retired in 1972, moving back to Cd'A.

St Thomas:
Mary K'55
FANCHER Pauline Lois

Born 22 Feb 1937 to John and Ellene (ISAACS) FANCHER, Miles City MT. Married 22 August 1956 At St Thomas to Lowell Samuel PEDERSON, lived Spokane. Earned Teaching degree from EWSC, taught two decades at Whitman Elementary. 5 children.
Pauline died 27 March 2014.

WA Vet's cem:
GARVEY Catherine

Born 15 Jun 1937 to Edmund J & M Catherine (GIBSON) GARVEY. Lived 902 Cd'A (1946). Sister of Lucille('58), Eleanor'61 & Gerald'64 GARVEY. Cousin of many more IHM students, including GARVEY, CHASE, HAGEN.
Edmund GARVEY was born 1888 in Buckingham twp, Ottawa County, Quebec, Canada, to William J and Frances (COX) GARVEY. His father died c 1890, and Frances took the four children to Dickinson county, Michigan in 1898 to join her brother Joseph COX' family, which had migrated earlier.
In 1910 and 1920, Edmund and his brother, William, lived with Frances at 902 Cd'A. Edmund was still there in 1930. He married on 17 June 1936 at St Thomas, to Catherine GIBSON, born 8 Apr 1905 to Jacob & Nelly (BERG) GIBSON, died Dec 1984.


Born 19 Aug 1937 in Cd'A to Frank and Eugenia (FRIEDT) GRIBNAU. Died 14 Feb 2018 in Livingston TX. Sister of Theresa '46, Alice '51, Norma '55, & Barbara '58 GRIBNAU. Married Gerald Edward WOOCK (b 26 Apr 1937 MN), lived St Paul MN, then North Richland Hills TX. Son Ronald William WOOCK b 1959 MN, died 1974.
Aunt of Robert'56, Delores'59, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Aunt of Axel "Rusty", James'71, Lynn'73 and Joseph'74 ROSENLUND.

GUIMOND William John

class vice-president 12. Born 23 Jan 1938 in Spokane to John '33 & Hazel (WHITE) GUIMOND. Lived 617 Indiana (1946). Nephew of Bill'38 GUIMOND and Jim'43 GUIMOND. Related to Lola'69 GUIMOND.
Married Kathleen L FAUQUIER, age 20, on 1 Nov 1963 at St Joseph parish in Humboldt County, California. Divorced in May 1968. Married 10 June 1972 to Beverly Jean ROBB, of Eureka. Bill Graduated from Humboldt State Univ in elementary education, Worked 41 years as an educator. Died 27 April 2020 in Eureka. See obituary.

Wm J'55
HARTZ Arlene

Born at Cd'A on 28 Sept 1937 to Clinton J and Margaret M ('33 WARD) HARTZ, who married 21 Nov 1936 at St Thomas. Arlene married Roald O QUAM, lived in Littleton CO. Died 15 Aug 1988. Buried in St Thomas Cemetery.
Clinton was born 27 Dec 1908 in North Dakota to Edward F HARTZ (1860-1946) and Ingeborg WELO (1883-1955). Clinton died 25 Oct 1987.
Margaret was born 1915 in Oregon to Michael J WARD (1859-1931) and Emma Catherine HENRY (1877-1930). They are all buried in St Thomas cemetery. Also, see Emma C memorial, and Michael WARD memorial.

KAPAUN Harlan Eugene

Born 21 Oct 1937 to Otto and Barbara (GROSS) KAPAUN. Lived 915 Wallace (1946-). Married Mary Catherine LANSBERRY, three children. Died 4 Nov 2004. Brother of Bill('66), Tony'72 and Robert (1945-1997) and Jerry KAPAUN (1940-1989) (1950's St Thomas). Bill lives in Albany, Oregon.
Otto H KAPAUN was born 2 Apr 1907 to Gustav and Marie (SCHMIDT) KAPAUN in Cass County ND (where many KAPAUNS still live). He died 10 Aug 1963, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Gustav came to America with (probably) his future brothers-in-law, Josef and Julius SCHMIDT, on the ship Elbe on 19 April 1893. all bound for Casselton ND. The family lived there for the 1910, 1920 & 1930 censuses.

KELLY Dolores J

class secretary 12. Born 5 Aug 1937 in Belle-Fouche SD to Michael & Genevieve (RYAN) KELLY. Began St Thomas in 7th grade. Lived 1015 Mullan. Sister of Mary Marlene KELLY (b 1939) and Patrick Leo'66 KELLY.
Michael KELLY was born in Anaconda MT. Genevieve was born in White Lake SD.

St Thomas:
KELLY Donald J

Class VP 9. Born 1 Sep 1936 to Irwin M & Magdalene (MULLER) KELLY; lived 202 Front (1946); 820 N 11th (1954) Brother of Jan'56 KELLY married at St Thomas on 10 Sep 1955 to Barbara Jean RICHARDSON, daughter of Roy & Esther (GEORGE) RICHARDSON. Lives Renton WA. Graduated NIJC 1957, UW 1964. Worked for 3M Corp 1964-1998. 2 sons, 2 daughters, 11+ grandchildren.


Boarding student. born to Louis J and Maude M LEFEBVRE. Sister of Eva'62 LeFEBVRE. Entered convent as Sr Mary Louis, of the Sisters of St Joseph of Orange.

Louis (dad)
Maude (mom)
MAKOVEC Barbara Ann

class secretary 9, treasurer 12. Born 18 February 1937 in Rib Lake WI to Henry John & Laurabelle Elvira (PRIMEAU) MAKOVEC. Lived 912 Lakeside Av (1954). Sister of Jim('64) MAKOVEC, who provided the digital images of class pictures, and indexed St Thomas cemetery in 1996. Henry J (1908-2001) and Laurabelle (1915-1969) are buried in St Thomas cemetery. Barbara married Ivan William CRNKOVICH on 10 June 1961 at St Thomas. Lives Spokane Valley (2010). Ivan is the son of John CRNKOVICH and Kate NOVACIC. Ivan died 8 Nov 2014.

Mtn View:

NOTE: (probably wrong info; parents too old, not in 1940 census.) born to Mathew Mark & (Anna) Mary McGOVERN, who married 2 Jun 1914 at Cd'A. Matt, born 15 Mar 1865, died 28 Dec 1940 at Cd'A, buried in Forest cemetery. Anna (Mary) born 16 Jul 1864, died 11 Sep 1943. Lived 917 Young St (1954).
In 1900, Mathew Mark McGOVERN was single, age 35, and a hotel bartender in Crookston MN. He was born and immigrated from Ireland in 1865, and is a naturalized citizen. On 16 Oct 1900, he married Mary ANDERSON of Iowa, in Polk Co MN.

McPEAK Dolores J

Boarding student. Born 1937 at Hall MT to Robert H & Vera T (FERERRO) McPEAK. Lived Hall MT in 1940.
Dolores married 10 Jan 1957 at Kellogg to Vincent Jacob "Vince" MEUCHEL Jr (1934-2012).

St Thomas:
MULLER Eleanor Jeanne

Born 10 Sep 1937 to Elmer Aloysius and Magdaline (SCHWARZEL) MULLER. Lived 2102 Mullan (1946); 820 Birch (1954). Sister of Henry'54 MULLER, and niece of Magdalene'33 and Rita'37 MULLER. Cousin of Dick'61, Tom'61 & Jo Ellen'63 HOLZER.
Eleanor Married Jan 6, 1962 at St Thomas to Billy Mac LINDSAY, with Henry'54 MULLER and Jo Ellen'63 HOLZER as witnesses.
See more MULLER / HOLZER information.

NAISH Michael

Born 12 Jun 1937 to Richard A & Marian E (HOYER)(1910-1998) NAISH. Lived 1609 Front Ave (1946). Brother of Richard '49 NAISH. Married 5 Oct 1957 to June RICHARDSON, daughter of Roy & Ester (GEORGE) RICHARDSON. Michael died 27 Mar 2005.

Warsaw IN:
PETERS Dennison

class president 9, 12. "Dennie" was born 28 Dec 1936 to Jack S (b c1898 IA, parents b Scotland, lumber grader) and Alice C (COLES b c1900 MN) PETERS. Brother of Jack'43 and Mary Alice'47 PETERS.


Born 7 Mar 1937 to Charles P & Viola ('32 GRISMER) RONDEAU. Lived 518 Linden Ave (1946). married Maurice B MILES, lives Lakewood WA. Niece of Nora'21 & Mildred'31 RONDEAU. See More RONDEAU family information. Niece of Eugene'32, Howard'38 & Robert GRISMER, and Adelyn (GRISMER '36) ENQUIST & Frances (GRISMER '33) KRYGER. Cousin of Eugene'57, David'58, Kathy'64, Ann'66, Kris'70 and Kit (CHS '77) KRYGER.
Maurice B MILES, born 3 Nov 1933, died 23 Nov 2005.

VEDDER Colleen Delores

Born 27 July 1937 to Clarence R and Katherine Leona (MARTELL) VEDDER. Sister of Darlene'54, Anna Marie'60, & Clarence('68) VEDDER. Cousin of ============HEALY, REAGAN, RARICK, SCHAFFNER ===================
Lived 305 Garden (1938); 12A Mullan Pk (project) (1946, 1949); 210 Indiana (1952).
Married James Elmer FITZGERALD, lived Spokane (2014).
See more VEDDER information.

Colleen '55
Clarence (dad)
WALTER Othelia "Tillie"

Born at home in Hirschville ND to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Married 1955 to Roger A MacDONALD; divorced. Married Gary DOUGHERTY, had three sons; (Gary died 1973). Married Lyle JOHNSON (Lyle died c 2005). Sister of Celestine'57, Frances'53, Joseph'56, Lillian'59, David'60, & Linda'65 WALTER.

class of 1955 NON-GRADUATES sophomore year ('51-52) members included Thomas MACY (brother of Rosemary, Jean & Alice MACY) and Annette CROUSE (boarder).
Freshman year, Hope DISHON was class treasurer.

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