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  16 Jan 2024
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IHM / St Thomas STAFF The 1953 faculty included 15 nuns, teaching at St Thomas and/or the Academy: Mother Mary Kevin, Superior; Mother Mary William, former superior; Sisters M Aloysia, M Avellina, M Carolus, M Charisse, M Gertrudis, M Gracilda, St Dennis, M Noel, Charles Marie, M Samuel, M Richardos, M Julia, and M Kevina.
50TH ANNIVERSARY ACADEMY IHM Two articles from Coeur d'Alene PRESS about the history of The Academy, and the graduating class of 1953
ANTONSEN Elizabeth Joanne

Born 31 Dec 1935 to Raymond ANTONSEN Sr (1901-1981) and Rosemary E DOLIN (1914-2002). Sister of Raymond'64 ANTONSEN. Married (1) Capt C DOVELL; (2) David MERRITT.

ARENS Nicholas John

class president 12. Born 25 July 1935 in White Lake SD to John A & Doris J (WULF) ARENS. Married [#1] 8 May 1954 at St Thomas to Joyce Ardell (MATTHEWS); married [#2?] on 22 June 1958 to Luella (OST) (divorced 22 Oct 1976); married [#3?] on 12 Aug 1977 at Seattle to Judy LaBRIE; married [#4??] Mary ----.
Nick's son, Brent (b c 1962, Illinois) married in 1984 in Bellevue WA. Son Randall (b 1959 Germany) married in 1985 at Raymond WA.

Nick '53

Boarding student. Class secretary 11, treasurer 11, 12. Born 13 Apr 1935 at Usk WA to Clarence & Mary (BIGSMOKE) CAMPBELL. Sister of Ida '56 CAMPBELL Married 28 Nov 1954 to Ronald M FANNING. Cousin of classmate Louise '53 GARRICK Elaine died 27 Oct 2011. See obit on FindAGrave memorial (at right).

Kalispel Cem:
Mary (mom)

Born 13 Nov 1935 to Forrest W and Ellen Marie (RIFFLE) CROWDER. Sister of Francis'47, Patricia'49, Timothy'60 CROWDER. Died 24 Nov 2003; see obituary. Also, see additional family information and history.

CROWLEY Catherine

class secretary 12. Born 4 April 1935 to William J and Edith (HAEVERNICK) CROWLEY. Sister of Norma'39, Jack'42, Margaret'46, and Mary'50 CROWLEY. Cousin of Mary Beth'60 CROWLEY, and aunt of Bill'61, Linda'67 and Robert'69 BLESSING. Married C Marvin GEORGE on 19 June 1954 at St George, Post Falls. Died 13 Dec 2001 in Springfield, Oregon.

DEPNER Marilynn Elise

Boarding student. Born 8 Mar 1935 to Robert Crist & Myrtle Ercel (STENERSON) DEPNER. Lived (1940) at 212 Coleman, Spokane. Siblings Jan (b 1944 Otis Orchards) and Rodrick Wm (b 1946 Wenatchee) were also students at St Thomas until 1956.
Marilynn married Mel HUFF, lives Elko NV.


Boarding student. Class vice-president 12; born to Albert and Ellen (BIGSMOKE) GARRICK. Louise married 23 Dec 1955 at St Elizabeth church, Gooding ID, to Phillip M BECKER. Her brother Donald MATT also attended St Thomas from 1953-1956, grades 6-7-8. He lived with his grandmother, Lucy BIGSMOKE, in Cusick, and boarded at IHM. Cousin of classmate Elaine '53 CAMPBELL.

Ellen (mom)
GRIBNAU Patricia A

Born 1 Sept 1935 to Frank and Eugenia (FRIEDT) GRIBNAU. Lived 1123 Hastings (1946). Sister of Theresa'46, Alice'51, Norma'55, & Barbara'58 GRIBNAU. Married Lawrence R SALE, lives Boise.
Aunt of Robert'56, Delores'59, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS. Aunt of Axel "Rusty", James'71, Lynn'73 and Joseph'74 ROSENLUND.
Married 24 Jan 1959 at St Thomas to Lawrence R SALE of Clarkston WA. Lived 3505 Windsor, Boise (1993).

IHLY Donald Eugene

did not graduate; was sophomore class vice-president. Belonged to the National Guard, was called up to active duty in May 1951 as a paratrooper in Korea. Born 2 Nov 1933 in Cd'A to Jacob F & Irene Zelpha (LUKENS) IHLY. Attended NIJC, worked in CD'A Police Dept until retirement in 1991. Married #1 Ann STOW. Married #2 Irene St PIERRE.
Don died 1 May 2007 at home.

NIELSEN Esther Marlene

Class VP 11. Born 3 Apr 1935 to George Hans & Esther (STREETER '28) NIELSEN, died 29 Dec 1999. See Obituary. Sister of Helenmarie'50, George'54, John'56, Richard'58 & Margaret'60 NIELSEN. Niece of Lillian'32, Rose'34, Irvin'37, Delico'38 & Irene'40 STREETER More STREETER family information and More NIELSEN family info. Lived 1003 Pennsylvania (1946).
Married 30 Aug 1953 at Cd'A to John Elmer MILLHEISLER (see his obituary). Parents of Ronald J'73 MILLHEISLER, who died in King County WA on 25 Jun 1991, age 36 ~WADI.
John Elmer MILLHEISLER was born 21 March 1932 in Burlington CO to John A (1895-1953) & Vera (COE) [MARTENS] MILLHEISLER (1894-1988). John A was the son of John E MILLHEISLER (b Jul 1865 PA) and Fanny S ---, b May 1873 KS. John E had a brother, Carl E, b 1903, widowed by 1930 when he was an insurance agent in Butler Co KS. In 1929, John A married Vera (COE) MARTENS, who had 6 children by her previous marriage to George MARTENS. They lived in Kit Carson county CO In 1920 and 1930.

PRESTON Mollyrose

Boarding student. Born 1 Jan 1936 in Waterville, Douglas county WA, to Jefferson James & Catherine Rosamond (WARD) PRESTON. Married 27 April 1957 at Spokane to Thomas Frank LORAN. Lives Longmont, Colorado (2008-).

ROCHE Joseph

Born 8 Mar 1936 to William Michael and Mary J (McARTHUR) ROCHE. Lived at 801 Cd'A Ave. Brother of Frances'44, Patricia'45, Lawrence and William'47 ROCHE. Uncle of Matt'64, Marty'73? & Sheila'67 JOHNSTON, and Peggy'67, Larry'68, James'69, and Patricia "Susie"'70 RIPLINGER.

St Thomas:
WmM (dad)
MaryJ (mom)
SPENCER Billie Rae

Boarding student, began 5th grade in 1945. Class treasurer 10, President 11. born 21 Jun 1934; married (1) Leonard H KRUGER (USAF) on 3 Dec 1955 at Spokane; three children, lived Black Water MO. Leonard died 2004. Married (2)(--) ABEL, lives Columbia MO (1996-).

VANDERBILT Jeanette Marie

Born 19 Dec 1935 at Auburn WA to Lubertus "Bert" VANDERBILT (1910-2011) and Mary (1913-1954 DONKELAAR) VANDERBILT. Married [#1] MILLER; m [#2] KLEINSCHMIDT (dec'd). Changed name back to MILLER in April 2010. Lives Athol ID.

WALTER Frances

Born 1934 in Hirschville ND to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Married 27 Aug 1957 at St Thomas to Benigno Augustus MARTINEZ Jr, USAF, son of Benigno and Charlotte (MILLER) MARTINEZ. Sister of Celestine'57, Othelia'55, Joseph'56, Lillian'59, David'60, & Linda'65 WALTER.
Fran's first husband "Bing" died 12 April 2021 in Butte.

NON-GRADUATES Sophomore class officers were: Robert BROWN, president; Donald IHLY, vice-president; Betty CROOK, secretary (plus Billie Rae SPENCER, above).
Donald SCHNEBERGER (b 10 Mar 1935, brother of Wilfred '52) was in this class during the Junior year.
James Patrick McGRATH, (born 30 Apr 1935 in Oxnard CA to Dominic and Mary (GOSSLIN) McGRATH, married Prudy'52 McCOURT), attended IHM in high school, possibly in this class. Joined USMC in 1953, died 6 Feb 2017. see obituary.

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