Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1951

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IHM / St Thomas STAFF Principal 1951, Mother Mary Kevin, IHM; Sr M Samuel, Sr M Kevina, Sr M Charisse, Sr M Avellina, Mother M William, and Sr M Adalbert, IHM.
Le Coeur (yearbook) Download and View a PDF copy of the 63-page 1951 Le Coeur, IHM's annual yearbook.
Twelve-year classmates: Patricia BAKER, William BOLTZ, William DAWSON, Thomas KOEP, John ORR, Connie PROELL, and Phyllis RUTTEN, all attended St Thomas and IHM together.
BAKER Patricia Anne

class secretary 12; co-editor Laurel & Le Coeur 11, 12. Born 12 May 1933 to Neal and Theresa (SPAIN '27) BAKER. Sister of Mary Margaret '65 BAKER. Niece of Mary B '24 and Benjamin '31 SPAIN. Lived 105 Foster (1946). Married 31 Dec 1951 at St Thomas to Robert E THOMAS (b 7 Apr 1930), son of Robert C & Alice (DUNNING) THOMAS (lived 856 4th St in 1946).

BOLTZ William Donald

Born 14 Feb 1933 to Clarence Anthony BOLTZ (b 1896 Barnesville MN - d 1951 Cd'A) and Ilo E KOLLING. Lived 850 Gov't Way (1936, 1946, 1949); Clarence operated the state liquor Store at 512 Sherman. Brother of Shirley'49 and Eugene ('46) BOLTZ. Clarence, Ilo and Eugene are buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:
BOWER Margaret Mary "Peg"

Born in Montana to Marie Leonette (CLOUTIER) BOWER. Niece of Yvonne '59 CLOUTIER
email Sister Leonette BOWER, IHM, St Mary Convent, 603 Edgerton St, Goldsboro NC 27530.

BUSHOLL Mary Magdalene

Laurel & Le Coeur staff, 12. Born 20 Dec 1933 to Frank John BUSHOLL (b 29 Jun 1891 or 28 Jul 1890 in Russia, d 24 Feb 1950 at Post Falls; buried in St Thomas cemetery). Frank immigrated in 1912. In Sept 1918, Frank rented a farm and house in Hettinger Co SD from J O HORSWILL; the house was destroyed by fire on 18 Dec 1918. See story in Northwestern Reporter (1920). He married Julia Ann KILWEIN on 3 Mar 1919 in ND. They farmed in Black butte Twp, Hettinger county (1920). They lived in Post Falls with children (Clemens (b 1913) & Anna (b 1916) CHRISTMAN, adopted; Katherine & Mary M BUSHOLL) (1930, 1938, 1946). Julia was born 16 Oct 1900 in Dickinson ND to George and Katherine (REISENAUER) KILWEIN. She died 28 Jan 1995 at Cd'A. See some family genealogy. The CHRISTMAN children were born to Joe & Josephia CHRISTMAN, emigrants from from Germany ("Russia") in 1908.

DAWSON William John

class president 12. Son of Earl '16 & Gertrude (GROVES '18) DAWSON. Lived 416 N 10th (1946). Nephew of Royal '18 DAWSON. Brother of Fr George CSsR, Catherine '43, Mary '47 & Joe '59 DAWSON. Bill was born 25 Aug 1933, died 4 Mar 2005. See obituary and links. Lt Col (ret) USArmy, served at 34th General Hospital at Orleans, France, and married 27 April 1963 to Marilyn Jean McCAFFREY, at Orleans. She died 1983. Four children. See More DAWSON family information. Also see More GROVES family information.

EREAUX Darrell Dale

Class president 10. Boarding student from Montana grades 9-12. Born 5 Nov 1932 in MT to Theodore Clarence & Eva Maxine (POPE) EREAUX, who married 2 May 1938 at Anaconda. Lived Malta MT (1981-1995); Hayden Lake (1995-). Died 24 June 2014. married 26 Jan 1991 in Pierce Co WA to classmate Phyllis (RUTTEN '51) SOUZA. see certificate.
OBITUARY: EREAUX, Darrell Dale, 81, of Dalton Gardens died June 24, 2014. Darrell was born to Theodore and Eva Ereaux in Malta, Mont., on Nov. 5, 1932. There will be a service held in July in Malta. Arrangements by English Funeral Chapel. —Coeur d'Alene Press - Friday, June 27, 2014

GRIBNAU Alice Virginia

class treasurer 10, 12; Laurel editor 11, 12. Born 25 Feb 1933 in Post Falls ID to Frank and Eugenia (FRIEDT) GRIBNAU. Sister of Theresa'46, Patricia'53, Norma'55, & Barbara '58 GRIBNAU. Lived 1123 Hastings (1946). Married Floyd E ROSENLUND on 22 Mar 1953 at St Thomas. Died January 2010 (see obituary). Mother of Axel "Rusty", James'71, Lynn'73 and Joseph'74 ROSENLUND.
Aunt of Robert'56, Delores'59, Linda'63, Larry'66, Donald'72 JACOBS, and more (non-grad) children of Harold and Cecelia (GRIBNAU) JACOBS.

GRIFFITH Jacquelyn Lee

Born to W E & Helen (HANEY) TIPTON. Came from Lewiston, gr 10. Married Pat COYLE '52. , born to Paul Stanton GRIFFITH and Anna COYLE, who married 1932 Spokane, lived Lewiston in 1935-1940, Seaside OR 1936. He was a Railroad engineer/conductor/brakeman. They had a daughter Geraldine b 1933-34 WA, in Lewiston. They lived in Spokane 1941-1959, belying a Lewiston school . . .-->

White Bird:
Helen (mom)
W E (dad)
GUSTAFSON Patricia Louise

Class president 11; class vice-president 12; editor, Le Coeur & Laurel, 12. Born 10 Feb 1935 to Roy C and Genevera GUSTAFSON. Sister of Roy A'51 and Larry '54 GUSTAFSON. Lived Star Rte (1947, 1952), then 902 Montana (1954-) Married Richard F ALVORD; lives Newberg OR.

GUSTAFSON Roy Albert "Gus"

Three sports; Ad sales and sports editor, Laurel & Le Coeur. Born 28 Sep 1933 to Roy C and Genevera GUSTAFSON. Brother of Patricia'51 & Larry '54 GUSTAFSON.

Riverside CA:
HANNAN Charles Edward

Three sports; Cd'A Youth Council 12. Born to Charles J & Cecelia Agnes (KUBIN) HANNAN. Brother of Theresa '49 HANNAN. Lived 1204 Foster (1947); 822 Mullan (1949).

C J(dad)

Came from Moscow, 11th grade. Born 7 Feb 1933 to Cornelius Humphrey "Bill" & Eileen (KAVANAUGH) KETCHAM, who married on 13 Oct 1932 at Asotin. They lived in Elk ID, managing the Steeler Ranch, in 1940, and divorced about 1941. Eileen married #2 Kenneth I ETTER in 1945 at Clarkston WA. Mary Jo married Chester Norman DOWNING in 1953 at Grangeville ID. Married --- DAVIS, lived Denver CO (1953) Washington DC (1966), Puyallup (1992), Garden Valley ID (1995), Grangeville (1996), Cd'A (2003).
Mary Jo died 30 June 2013, buried in Grangeville.

Mary Jo'51
KOEP Thomas August

Born 20 Oct 1933 to Hubert J & Elizabeth (KINTZ) KOEP. Married 28 June 1958 at St Thomas to Helen ROZMY (b Edmonton AB CAN).
Brother of Ray, Ralph'40, Mildred'41, and Jeanette'47 KOEP. Uncle of Kenneth R'62 KOEP, Ronald H'68 KOEP, Stanley H KOEP, Melanie M('69 KOEP) SCHAFFNER, Julia J('73 KOEP) FITZGERALD, and Lance'68, Blaise '61, Court'71, Mary(Coco)'62, Deborah'65, Ruth'73, Suzanne'60, and Roch'72 KOEP.

ORR John Carroll "Jack"

Born 22 Jan 1934 at Spokane to Ivan E & Agnes E (GILL) ORR. Lived 312 S 15th (1946). Brother of Robert'42 and Gerald '46 ORR.

Jack married [1] Mary Kay WILEY in 1956; 3 children. He married [2] Donna (HARRIS) PORTER in 1983. Attended NIJC, enlisted US Air Force 1953-1976. Worked plumbing and construction, retired 1999. Jack died 21 Nov 2016 at Cd'A. Obituary.


came to IHM in 12th grade. Born 9 Oct 1934 to Jerome Jerald & Edith J (DeMEESTER) PARMENTIER. Lived Spokane (1940). Married 2 Jun 1951 at Spokane to Arturo COZZA, witnessed by (classmate) Patricia SCHWARTZ. Mary Ann was 16, and the affidavit is marked ANNULLED. Her mother is listed as Edith SMITH.
Jerome, born 15 Aug 1907 in Huele, Belgium to Joseph and Emma; immigrated 1910 (or 1919), lived in Elk WA (1920). married Ruth M TAYLOR in Spokane in 1946. They had a son, James J "Jim" PARMENTIER (half-sibling to Mary Ann), born 1957, died 2014 at Cd'A. Jerome died 3 Apr 1995 at Cd'A. He is buried in Holy Cross, as is Ruth.

JJ (dad)
PROELL Cornelia Frances "Connie"

Born 18 Nov 1933 at Spokane. Died there, 12 Aug 2015. Piano, Orchestra, Spokane Music Festival 9-12. See obit and lifestory. Daughter of Irene ('15 SPAIN) PROELL, born 16 Oct 1897, married at St Thomas parish on 26 June 1933 to Charles PROELL, and died in Spokane on 19 Apr 1991. Her husband, Charles PROELL, died in 1970.
Connie married John BYRNE.

RUTTEN Phyllis Jean

Class secretary 11. Born 26 Apr 1933 to Leo H & Ella F (HAMMOND) RUTTEN. Lived 1410 Indiana (1946). Married Louis SOUZA. Married [#2] Darrell EREAUX '51 after 39th class reunion (26 Jan 1991). see certificate.
Phyllis died 2021.

Louis (#1)
SCHWARTZ Patricia Ann

Attended Lourdes Academy, Wallace grade 10; feature editor, The Laurel. Probably born ID to Marvin John and Leona M (DORRIS) SCHWARTZ (res: 821 Empire St Cd'A in 1940-50). In 1952, Patricia was a stenographer at the Quarles Ins Agency, Cd'A.
Patricia married Steven Dean SCHAUER (Cd'A policeman), in 1964. lived Cd'A.

St. Thomas

Leona (mom)

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