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School Year Topic Notes
1953-1961 CLASS ROSTERS Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
grade 1 Sr Carolus | grade 2 | grade 3 Sr Roderick | grade 4 Sr Nilus | grade 5 Sr Angelus | grade 6 Sr Philip | grade 7 Sr Philip | grade 8 Sr M Martin
1959-1960 7th grade composite photo 60 "middle school" students, all in one classroom, with one great nun (Sr Philip, IHM). Same photo with names overlay, thanks to Tom Cope & Anne Matson.
1961 8th grade graduation photo 60 students, on steps of St Thomas Church, with Fr VICKSTROM, CSsR..
1961 - 1965 Le Coeur Yearbooks Yearbooks / annuals for our years at IHM, in PDF format.
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ANDREWS Catherine J born to Frank F & Gloria (HELLAND) ANDREWS, who married in Grand Forks ND in 1946. Catherine married 1970 to Bruce PETRIE.
Frank (dad)
BAKER Mary Margaret Born to Neal Williamand Teresa ('27 SPAIN) BAKER. Sister of Patricia Anne'51 BAKER. Niece of Mary B'24 and Benjamin'31 SPAIN. Married [#2] classmate Pat '65 CONROW.

Neal (dad)
CONROW Patrick J Born 16 Oct 1947 at Cd'A to Russell and Marie (FARRELL) CONROW. Brother of Jim'59 and Kathy '62 CONROW. married [#2] Mary Margaret '65 BAKER. Retired, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF. Died of leukemia, 9 Sep 2013 in Arizona. See obituary.
Russ (dad)
COPE Thomas W son of Robert '30 COPE.

CRONQUIST Michael James Born 6 March 1947 at Cd'A to Malcolm and Earlene (LUNCEFORD) CRONQUIST. Liveds near Columbia Falls MT. Married 4 Nov 1969 at Bozeman to Cheryl Rae SPERLING. They divorced in Montgomery TX on 16 Jan 1981. Mike married #2 Patti ---. Father of Army Specialist Mark R CRONQUIST, age 20, who died in Iraq in 1991. See additional family information. Also see Mike's obituary.

Mark (son)
EICHHORN Wilma R born to Aubrey Joseph "Ike" & Irma Adele (LIETAERT) EICHHORN, who married 1945, divorced 1966. Sister of Mary ('69) and Julie Annette EICHHORN (St Thomas 1967 age 11, born Santa Ana CA). Wilma married 5 Nov 1968 in Solano Co CA to Leon KIRCHNER, divorced 1970 Olmstead Co MN.
Ike (dad)
Irma (mom)
GROSS Marilyn E daughter of Henry David & Rosemarie (BAUER) GROSS. Married Dave '66 BOLLER
Henry (dad)
HALER Gary Duane class vice-president 12. Born to Jack Duane & Noreen Ellen (SMITH) HALER (married 1946 St Maries). Cousin of Pam '64 and Mike '66 PETERS. Married Nancy '67 NOVAK.
Jack (dad)
Noreen (mom)
JESSICK Franklin L son of Rose Mary HEBERT '37 and Roy JESSICK (1916~1969). Brother of Lucille '66, and David '71 JESSICK. Cousin of Mike'70 and Raymond '73 JESSICK and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD. Nephew of Mary Frances (SIEK '45) JESSICK.
Roy (dad)
KARST Janice Renee Born at Sisseton SD to Ernie KARST and Maxine (HUNTER). Lived in Pinehurst ID. Sister of Ginny '67, Patricia '68 & Gloria '68, Bonnie '70, John '73 & Mary '73 KARST.
Married Thor Gene AUGUSTSON on 8 Feb 1969 at St Monica's, Mercer Island WA, with classmate Linda '65 WALTER as a witness. Divorced (Thor married again in 1977).

KOEP Deborah A born to Raymond J & Constance (READ) KOEP. lived 1623 Montana Av.
sister of
Lance'68, Blaise '61, Court'71, Mary(Coco)'62, Ruth'73, Suzanne'60, and Roch'72 KOEP. Niece of Ralph'40, Thomas'51, and Jeanette'47 KOEP. cousin of Kenneth'62, Ronald H'68,Julie'73,,, Stanley H KOEP, and Melanie M('69 KOEP) SCHAFFNER.
See parents' obituaries.

Ray (dad)
Connie (mom)
LANDFRIED Douglas George born 8 May 1947 at Fairfield WA to Roy G & Abina (CAREY) LANDFRIED. Lived 1923 N 3rd. Entered St Thomas in grade 7 (Sept 1959) from Post Falls. Brother of Deirdre (CHS'69); Dee attended St Thomas in grades 3-5 (1959-1962). St Pius:
Dee (sister)
Roy (dad)
Abina (mom)

LARSEN Biron Michael born in Albuquerque to Leaster M & Lydia (CANDELARIA nee/i> SALAZAR) LARSEN. Moved to Idaho in 1954. Brother of Linda'65 and Tony'69 LARSEN. lived 1303 Wallace (1955). Previously attended Bryan and Harding schools.
Entered US Army in 1971 at Ft Lewis WA.
Married [1] Deborah Ann NELSON, divorced 21 Oct 1981, remarried (as Larisa H Nelson SIMONE)19 Sept 1982, 2 children. Deborah died 10 March 2010 as Larisa Helen SIMONE,
St Thomas:
Lester (dad)
Lydia (mom)
Larisa (wife)
LARSEN Linda Sue born in Albuquerque to Lester M & Lydia (CANDELARIA nee/i> SALAZAR) LARSEN. Moved to Idaho in 1954. Sister of Biron'65 and Tony'69 LARSEN. lived 1303 Wallace (1955) St Thomas:
Lester (dad)
Lydia (mom)
LAUF Jane Ann class secretary 12. 1966 Miss Coeur d'Alene XIII. Born at Rugby ND to Otto & Gladys (FINKE) LAUF. Moved to Cd'A and entered 6th grade in 1958. Lived 1220 Fifth St (1958).
Parshall ND:
Otto (dad)
Gladys (mom)
MARCHAND Joseph E born at Colville WA to Louis & Alice Marie (Howarth) MARCHAND. 12-YEAR student. Brother of Karen'60 married Linda HENSON, CHS'67. Two sons. works Boeing/Seattle.
MATSON Anne E Born in Spokane to Leo Walter'33 & Patrica E (KELLY) MATSON, sister of Walter'70 MATSON, Mary Beth (MATSON '66) GRYGNY, and Ellen (MATSON '68) JAEGER, Patrice'72, Kelly'73, Thomas'74 and John ('76) MATSON. Niece of Reino E'34 MATSON and Elma '38 MATSON.
Walt (dad)
Pat (mom)
McFARLAND William David Jr born 26 Jan 1947 to William D '39 and Anna Marie (DESILET '41) McFARLAND. Died 18 Feb 1998. Resided St Maries ID. See Obituary.
Nephew of Robert'35 & Elizabeth'36 McFARLAND. Grand-nephew of Joseph '24 McFARLAND. Brother of Kathleen'62, Thomas'68, John'70 & James'73 McFARLAND, and Chris & Steve McFARLAND. Cousin of Robert'67, Mary'68 and Jane'70 McFARLAND. More ancestral information. See father Wm D'39 for more family information. >

Bill'65 (jr)
Bill'39 (dad)
Anna'41 (mom)
McGREGOR Janice Marie class treasurer 12. Born in Spokane to Archie E & Hilda M (AICHLMAYR) McGREGOR. Lived at 64 NW Blvd. Married to Bernard McELDOWNEY, lives Pullman WA.

Archie (dad)
Hilda (mom)
McMURRAY Kathleen M Born to Roy Charles & Patricia J (KEALY) McMURRAY. Married Tom '64 KURDY. Sister of Fred'63 & Sally'68 McMURRAY. More family information, including her dad's obituary.

Roy (dad)
Patricia (mom)
McPOLAND Eileen A Born 11 Oct 1947 at Dubuque, Iowa to Donald Laurance and Mary "Thelma" (BEACH) McPOLAND. Graduated in 1969 from University of Idaho. Married --- HARRIS, had a child and grandchild. Eileen was a kindergarten teacher in Cd'A schools. Died 4 Mar 2002. Sister of Brian '69 McPOLAND. More family information.
Donald (dad)
Thelma (mom)
MILES Gary M Son of Edward Maitland and Alice J (O'TOOLE) MILES. Brother of Patricia (MILES '68) HARTNETT, and Kathy (MILES) ROUSE.
Edward M MILES was born 1 Jan 1910 to George D & Caroline MILES. George D is a son of Joseph Green & Isabella Patterson (HUNTER) MILES (see next paragraph). Edward MILES died Aug 1975 in Cd'A, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Joseph Green MILES (1817-1896) married in 1841 to Isabella Patterson HUNTER; they had 13 children. WorldConnect traces this line back 11 more generations, to a Richard MILES, b 1390 in Hampshire, England, died 1430 in Southampton, England.
MILES, O'TOOLE families in the census
In 1870, George D MILES, age 21, lived with his parents, J Green MILES, 32 PA, clergyman; Isabell, 43 PA; and 7 younger siblings, in Union county PA. census image (fee req'd).
In 1880, George D MILES, 31 PA, bookkeeper; Caroline 30 PA, and 5 children lived in Mecosta MI. census transcript (free).   Emilie JACQUES, 4, lived with her parents, Alfred & Margaret JACQUES, in LaCrosse WI. census transcript (free).   Emilie's future husband, James J O'TOOLE, is probably the 11-year-old son of Patrick & Catherine O'TOOLE in Prairie du Chien WI. census transcript (free).
In 1900, Caroline MILES, 50, divorced, with 8 children, still lived in Mecosta MI. census image (fee req'd).   Mary JACQUES, 24, b Jun 1875, lived with her parents, Alfred 54 CAN and Margaret 57 GER, and some siblings, in LaCrosse WI. census image (fee req'd).
On 23 Apr 1906, James O'TOOLE married Mary Emeline JACQUES in Cd'A.
On 16 Sep 1908, Edward Howard MILES married Eva Pearl BARSTOW in Shoshone ID.
In 1910, Edward M MILES, 3 mo, lived with his parents, E H MILES, 29 MI (parents b NY), real estate agent; and Eva, 28 KS NY IA; Shoshone, Lincoln Co ID.   Caroline MILES, 60 PA, widow, claims 2 births, lived in Spokane with her daughter Isabel 32 "teacher", and son Henry C, 31 "traveling man". census image (fee req'd).   The OTOOLE family comprised: James, 38 WI, brickmason, on second marriage; Mayme, 33 IA, first marriage of 4 years, 2 births; Thomas A, 2; Verna A, 1. They owned a mortgaged home on Gov't Way, next door to the HURRELL family. (Ida I HURRELL, 6, becomes the mother of Stella '40 BJORNSTAD; Ernest L HURRELL, 2, becomes the grandfather of Scott '71 HURRELL.) census image (fee req'd).
In 1920, the MILES family lived at 811 A St Cd'A, (near the BOUGHTON family), and comprised: Edward H, 39 MI US PA, saw mill laborer; Eva, 33 KS NY IA; Edward 10 ID; Marguerite, 4 ID. census image (fee req'd).   Caroline MILES, 70 PA, widow, lived with her son Henry, 41, and family in Spokane.   The OTOOLE family owned a mortgaged home in Dalton; and comprised James 58 WI, sawmill laborer; Mayme 43 IA; Thomas 12, Verna 11, Lawrence F 8, Alice J 6, Viola M 4, James K 2, and Russell 1mo. census image (fee req'd).
In 1930, Edward H MILES, 47 MI (parents b PA) is renting 524 Wallace, Cd'A, with his mother and brother. They have no radio. The group comprised: Edward H, divorced, clothing store manager; his mother, Caroline MILES, 80 PA, widowed; and his brother, George, 43 MI, single, highway engineer. census image (fee req'd).   Edward M 20, and his sister Margarette M, 14, are living at 802 6th St with their grandparents, Maitland BARSTOW, 75 NY NY NY, court reporter; and Ida M, 70 IA PA USA. They are renting, and married 42 years earlier. census image (fee req'd).   The O'TOOLE family was living at 1137 7th, Cd'A;, and comprised: James 58 WI (IRL IRL), brick mason, m age 32; Mayme 53 IA (CAN MO), m age 29; Thomas 22, Alice 17; Viola 14, James K 12, Russell 10. census image (fee req'd).
Caroline W MILES, b 28 Oct 1849, died 26 Aug 1943 in Cd'A.   Edward Hammond MILES, b 18 Jun 1881, died 10 Apr 1953 at Cd'A.
Lawrence Francis O'TOOLE, age 10, born 16 August 1911 at Cd'A, died 28 Jan 1922, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery with his parents. James O'TOOLE, born 1873, died 7 Jan 1959. Mayme J (Marie), born 1875, died 2 Aug 1955. Alice J (O'TOOLE) MILES, born 19 Mar 1913 Cd'A, died 29 Jul 2007 at Spokane ( o bituary), and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.
St Thomas:

Ed (dad)
Alice (mom)
NEESER Thomas E Born 7 July 1947 in Nampa ID to Louis J and Verda (PENDER) NEESER. Brother of Mike'60, Pat'63, Gerald "Jerry"'67 and Susan ('71) NEESER. Married, lived in Reno NV. Died 27 Aug 2009; see obituary. St Thomas:
Tom '65
Louis (dad)
Verda (mom)
O'CONNELL Gary W class representative 12. Born c 1947 to James Paul and Ona Marie (WHITNEY) O'CONNELL. Brother of Sharon '61 and James '60 O'CONNELL. More family information.

Jim (dad)
Ona (mom)
PALMER Catherine E Born to Bruce William and Juanita Y (GROVES/JOHNSTON) PALMER, who married 10 July 1945 in Pierce County WA. Lived 804 Garden (1964). Sister of John'74, David('67), Steven'71 & Mark'72 PALMER. Cousin of Margaret'12, Gertrude'18 & Mary'20 GROVES; Royal'18, Catherine'43, Mary'47, Bill'51 & Joe '59 DAWSON; Patrick ('66), Rick'67, Judy'69, Dan'71, & Ronald'74 JACOBSON; Dora'25 MAYVILLE; and possibly the many PETERS graduates.
Catherine married Terry James MOHNS (born 1947, died 2001) of Vancouver WA.
Bruce W was born 9 July 1925 at Sprague WA. He died 16 Feb 2006 at home, in Clarkston WA.
Bruce W
PEPLINSKI Carol Ann   Born to Floyd G & Stella A (HARTMEIER) PEPLINSKI. Sister of Richard '71 PEPLINSKI Carol graduated Sacred Heart Nursing in 1968. Married [1] (1968) George Anthony KORB; [2] (1993) Donald J SHERIDAN. Lives Spokane area.

Floyd (dad)
Stella (mom)
PRIMOZICH Mary Leigh Born in Billings MT to Stanley Merico & Alice (WEEKS)(CRUM) PRIMOZICH. Entered 3rd grade (transfer) from St Ferdinand's, San Fernando CA in Sept 1955. Sister of Jacqueline '58 & Stan Jr ('60) and Duane '63 PRIMOZICH. Married --- MICHEL, lived (1999) Scottsdale AZ.
Father's obituary, and mother's death notice. Alice was born 2 June 1921 in Melstone MT to Harry E and Grace Marie (JOYCE) CRUM. Alice died 22 July 2016 in Richland WA.
Red Lodge:
RASSIER Phillip Joseph Born to Martin Joseph & Margaret Mary (SIMONEAU) RASSIER.
Married Edith Marie POTTIER. Brother of
Dianna'61 RASSIER. more family information

Martin (dad)
ROBERTS Lina Marie "Linda" Born 3 July 1947 in Ft Benton MT, to John Eugene (Julian?) & Lucille Barbara (QUNELL) ROBERTS. Entered 6th grade in 1958. Parents married 1953 OR, divorced 1958 Cd'A. John ran the Tower Inn on East Sherman Ave.
Lina is a granddaughter of
Henry QUNELL of Geraldine MT. Lina's father died when a log fell off a truck in 1968.

John (dad)
SHIVELY Miriam L Born at Bonners Ferry to Donald & Emogene Nellie (Hilliard) SHIVELY. Sister of Donna Jean ('69), Robert '62, & Ronald ('68) SHIVELY. Came to St Thomas in grade 4, Sept 1956 from BF after parents divorced. Married Don BUKSAR.

Donald (dad)
Emogene (mom)
SNYDER Jay MacKenzie Born 1 Nov 1947 to John Longworth (1913 OH-2005 PA) & Elizabeth Leavell (KIRK)(1914 UT-1999 WA) SNYDER. Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1963 in Explorer Post 5.
Brother of Emelie LEAVELL (SNYDER, 1943-1981 WA), and witnessed her wedding at St Luke's Cd'A in 1962. Jay graduated US Coast Guard Academy.
Married Jane Campbell GILBERT in Oct 1970 at Peapack NJ.
Jay was a licensed professional engineer and served 21 years in the US Coast Guard before embarking on a career in local government in Loudoun County, Virginia. He retired as Director of General Services in 2011.
Jay died 11 February 2014, of cancer, in Kirkland WA. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery. See full obituary in Washington Post.
in Arlington
SONNICHSEN Ann Kathleen 12-year classmate. Born in Cd'A to George Henry & Dorothy ('31 EARIN) SONNICHSEN.
Sister of Dick'56, David'59, Ann '65 & Barbara'68 SONNICHSEN. Lived 1317 Front (1946).
Niece of Douglas, Robert'39, Jeanette'32, Jean'41, and Barbara'47 EARIN. Graduated Gonzaga U 1969. Married Richard Robert GEHRING, lives Sandpoint ID.

George (dad)
SUSALLA Michael Lee Born 6 Nov 1946 in Spokane to Leroy and Elaine B (ALLISON) SUSALLA. Brother of Rory'73 SUSALLA, (See obituary). Mike married at S Thomas in Oct 1978 to Donna Lee WILLIAMS, divorced 1986. Lived Tucson AZ. Also see Mother's obituary. Leroy John SUSALLA died 10 Apr 1979 in Missoula MT. Mike died 28 July 2015 in Tucson. Mike
Leroy (dad)
THOM Jo Ellen Born to Wilfred Wallace and Eileen (RHEINSCHMIDT) THOM. Sister of Jim '62 THOM. Attended IHM, but graduated CHS '65. (Not in composite picture.) Married Ted RHEINSCHMIDT, lives Post Falls (2018). St Thomas:
Bill (dad)
TREICHEL Dennis Keith Born in Wisconsin to Clarence L and Mary (CONNELL) TREICHEL. Lived 314 S 18th (1955) and 518 Reid. Brother of twins Kenneth Gerald (St Thomas 1955-1964)TREICHEL, and Kathleen Gail (TREICHEL '67) BAKER. Transferred in from Harding School at third grade. Mother's obituary. Married Judy '66 SANDERSON.
Ancestor, Henry C J TREICHEL was born 21 April 1880 in Germany, to Frederick and Meta (---) TREICHEL. They immigrated in 1885. Henry died in Feb 1970.
In 1900, the TREICHEL family lived in Milwaukee, and comprised: Frederick, 56 (B Dec 1843 GER), teamster; Meta, wife, 57 (b Feb 1843 GER), married 24 years, 4 births, 3 living; Henry, 20 (b Apr 1880 GER), coremaker; William, 16 (b Dec 1883 GER), coremaker. --14 Jun 1900 Milwaukee WI, ward 8, ED58 p15A.
On 9 Feb 1901, Henry married in Milwaukee WI to Martha REINKE. --WI pre-1907 marriages
In 1910, the TREICHEL family lived in Milwaukee, and comprised: Henry J C, 29 GER, foundry foreman, married 9 years; Martha E C, 28 WI, 3 births/living; Lillian J A, 9 WI; Herbert O, 7 WI, Edgar W, 1 WI. --20 Apr 1910, Milwaukee ward 11, ED106 p10B.
Clarence L, born 11 Nov 1913 WI, died 19 Jul 1996 at Kent WA. --SSDI.
In 1920, Clarence, 6, lived in Milwaukee WI. The family comprised: Henry, 39 Germany, immig 1896, naturalized 1900, coremaker in foundry; Martha, wife, 37 WI; Lillian, dau, 18 WI; Herbert, 16 WI; Edgar, 11 WI; Clarence, 6 WI. --12 Jan 1920 Milwaukee WI ward 25, ED296 p11B.
In 1930, Clarence lived in Milwaukee WI. The family comprised: Henry, 50, b Germany, coremaker in a foundry; Martha, wife, 47 WI (parents b Germany); Edgar W, 21 WI, rug cleaner; Clarence, 16 WI; Clyde, 3 WI. --10 Apr 1930, 1572 11th St, Milwaukee WI, ward 25, ED327 p12A [203].
Clarence L married Mary (CONNELL) in 1935 in Illinois. In 1940, they lived at 1105 W Scott in Milwaukee WI, with Mary's sister Berniece, and their children Clarence J (4) and Gloria (2). Son Clarence John, born 22 Feb 1936, died 29 Jul 2003 in Washington state. --SSDI. Mary was born 7 Mar 1912 in Dubuque IA, and died 25 Aug 2006 in Tacoma WA. Clarence L, born 11 Nov 1913 in Milwaukee, died 19 July 1996 in Kent WA.
Kent WA:
TYRRELL Wayne Francis class president 12. Born in Chamberlain SD to Daniel R & Leona Caroline (BROWN) TYRRELL. Lived 1115 N 7th. Joined this class in 6th grade (Sept 1958) from Lourdes Academy, when family moved to Idaho.
Married Nancy Ann CROW on 20 Dec 1969 in Bellvue WA. Lives Issaquah WA.

St Thomas:
Daniel (dad)
Leona (mom)
WALTER Linda Marie Born in Hirschville, North Dakota to George and Catherine (HUTMACHER) WALTER. Married Raymond Travis CLARK Jr, (born c 1947 in Germany,) on 29 Nov 1969 at St Ed's, Seattle, with classmate Jan (KARST '65) AUGUSTSON as witness. Divorced 1978, married Donald W NAISMITH in July 1981. Sister of Frances'53, Othelia'55, Joseph'56, Lillian'59, David'60, & Celestine'57 WALTER.

George (dad)
Catherine (mom)
WHITELEY Barbara C daughter of Charles w &Margaret '35 (HEALY) WHITELEY; sister of Sandra'56 and Margaret '58 WHITELEY. married 1968 to Gene BOYLE [IHM teacher/coach]. [Apr 4, 1997 article in Flathead HS newspaper about Gene BOYLE, mentioning his early years at IHM, salary, and duties. June 1, 1998 article in Flathead HS paper; Gene's Dad's obituary and family information.]

Charles (dad)
Gene (husband)
YOUNG James Dennis Born 2 Feb 1947 at Cd'A to Norman J & Irene M (BARBER) YOUNG. Lived at 909 N 4th, Cd'A (1953-61). Married 25 Aug 1967 at St Thomas to Susanna Dianne ('67) ISAACSON. Served in USAF in VietNam, 1968-1972. Lived in Veradale, and died 11 May 1992 at Spokane, buried at St Joseph's cemetery.
In 1940, Norm was a milk salesman, and lived with Irene (waitress) in Washington DC. In 1935, they both lived in Phillipsburg PA. They later) had a daughter, Betty. In 1947, Norm was a millworker (Kaiser) in Cd'A, living at 846 N 4th.
NON-GRADS No Senior Picture Members of 1962-1963 sophomore class and/or '63-64 junior class (IHM'65), but did not graduate IHM: Paul BREITHAUPT, R HENRY, B CURTIS, M FERRY, Glen FITZSIMMONS (NOUD), P WILLIAMS, Bert ROMANS, Bill DELYEA, John O'NEILL, Tim SCHMIDT, Eugene DONAT; Beatrice BETIT,
Richard CARLSON (1947-2019) see mother, Mary '38 BAUMGARTNER> and sister Cindy '67;
An earlier classmate, Rick O CASEMAN (1947-1969) is buried with his brother, Patrick Brian CASEMAN (1951-1975) in St Thomas cemetery.

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