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1965 Michael J CRONQUIST

Born 1947 to Malcolm and Earlene (LUNCEFORD) CRONQUIST. Lives near Columbia Falls MT. Father of Army Specialist Mark R CRONQUIST, age 20, who died in Iraq in 1991.

1971 Teresa CRONQUIST

1974 Laurie CRONQUIST

1975 Patricia CRONQUIST


Malcolm F CRONQUIST was born 26 Aug 1915 in Wisconsin to Andrew and Alma CRONQUIST. He married Earlene B LUNCEFORD in Seattle on 16 Nov 1942. He enlisted in the Army a week later, at Tacoma WA. Malcolm died in August 1987.

In 1920, the Cronquist family lived in Montreal, Iron County WI, and comprised: Andrew, 38, born in Sweden, immigrated 1891, naturalized citizen, engineer in an iron mine; Alma, 30, born Wisconsin, parents born Sweden; Anna, 8 WI; Elizabeth, 6 WI; Malcolm 4y5mo WI.

In 1930, the family rented ($35/mo) at 821a 2nd Ave NW, Fairbault, Rice Co MN, and comprised: Andrew 45, baker; Alma, 40, married 20 years; Ann 18, Elizabeth 16, Malcolm 14.

Andrew possibly arrived at Castle Garden, NY, on 11 Sept 1891, with (his father?), A P CRONQUIST (born c1852, Sweden), on the ship Trave, from Bremen and Southampton.

An Andrew CRONQUIST died 6 Jan 1939 in Itasca Co MN, where Malcolm claimed residence when he enlisted. Alma F CRONQUIST, born 14 Mar 1890, died in Itasca Co MN on 6 Mar 1972. Her mother's maiden name was LIND.

In 1964, the family lived at 2334 Gov't Way. Teresa, Laurie and Patricia attended St Thomas in 1964.

Earline LUNCEFORD was born 19 Jul 1924 in Minneapolis MN to Reuben and Delia (McDERMOTT) LUNCEFORD. See obituary.

In 1900, Ruben LUNCEFORD lived with his mother and three siblings, in the home of uncle William SHERMAN, in Burlington MN. The family comprised: William, 36; Tena SHERMAN, 32; Frank HEFFNER, 12, stepson; Lottie LUNCEFORD, 33; Belle 14, Frank 7, Ruben 4, & Earl 2.

In 1930, the family lived in Minneapolis, and comprised: Ruben LUNCEFORD, 34, foreman, hotel laundry; Delia, 27; June 9, Earlene 5, James 1, and grandfather Thomas McDERMOTT, 78. -- ED 129, p94


Earlene Beatrice (LUNCEFORD) CRONQUIST-McLEOD, 1924 ~ 2008

Cd'A Press, 30 May 2008
Earlene Beatrice CRONQUIST-McLEOD, 83, died 22 May 2008 at her home in Hayden. She was born 19 July 1924 in Minneapolis to Reuben and Delia (McDERMOTT) LUNCEFORD. She had two siblings, James LUNCEFORD and June (LUNCEFORD) JOHNSON, who preceded her in death. Earlene married Malcolm F CRONQUIST in Seattle on 16 Nov 1942. Malcolm proceeded to go off and fight World War II on the front lines, while Earlene stayed in Seattle and worked as a mechanic for Boeing. She always said the difference between World War II and the wars that followed was that every man, woman and child in the United States fought the war by working and sacrificing (gas was rationed, as was coffee, and butter, etc.) and completely supporting our men and women overseas.

When the war ended, she and Malcolm returned to Bovey MN for a short time, but then decided to strike out for Alaska. They traveled by way of Idaho in order to say goodbye to her parents, who had moved to Coeur d'Alene and established a drapery and rug cleaning business. Falling in love with the beauty of this area, they went into business with Earlene's parents. Malcolm became an accomplished upholsterer, and they worked side by side building their business and their family.

In 1964, an opportunity arose working for the Coeur d'Alene City Police and Earlene became the first female meter maid for the city. The police department also sent her to learn photography so she could take pictures of crime scenes and develop them. She gave this aspect of her job up some years later when she had taken pictures of a burned out building and discovered in the developed pictures a corpse of a very small child that no one had reported missing. She retired from the police department in 1984, and she and Malcolm worked on their land out on the rimrock, clearing and building wonderful places to sit and have a beer, to great places of escape for the grandchildren who were always there somewhere.

In the summer of 1987, Malcolm died, and a few years later, Earlene met Don McLEOD, who coincidentally had lived right around the corner with his first wife, Estelle, who had also died. Don and Earlene married 16 Aug 1990. They continued working together on the property and enjoying one another's company until her death.

Besides Don, Earlene is survived by Don's daughters, Elsie PAGEL (Tookie and Roger), and Esther ZIEMAN, (Tinker and Bill). Don has one surviving granddaughter, Wendy, and one great-granddaughter. One child, Jimmy John died very young.

Earlene's five children produced several grandchildren. Mike '65 CRONQUIST was a parent to two boys, Mark (who was killed in the first Gulf War), Matt, Michelle and Michonne. Kathleenmarie SHELTON has two children, Pete BARIEL and Elizabeth GOLTZ. Terry (Greg) KRISTOF has two children, Chris MAXER and Erik MILLER. Laurie POLLARD lives harmoniously with a very, very old parrot and two cats. Patty (Lee) PHELPS has three sons: Josh, Bryan and Casey. Between Don and Earlene there are 18 living great-grandchildren who constantly brought life and youth into their lives.

Funeral Mass at St Stanislaus Catholic Church in Rathdrum.

Mark R CRONQUIST, 1970 ~ 1991

Army Specialist Mark R CRONQUIST, born 15 March 1970, son of Michael J '65 CRONQUIST, was killed in non-hostile action during Operation Desert Storm (First Iraq invasion) on 9 Mar 1991. He was one of 263 fatal casualties in that War.

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