Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1952

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  12 December 2023
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Boarding student.

Elva Lois

Boarding student from Harrison. Born 21 Feb 1933 in Hazney, Garfield Co MT to Elbert Peter and Helen S (FULLERTON) BALENTINE. Sister of Antoinette '45 BALENTINE. Antoinette died 24 Mar 1947. See more family history information.
Elva married 9 Oct 1954 at San Diego to Carroll Lee ROBERTSON, divorced 4 Nov 1960, Kootenai County. Elva also divorced Harry C GLOYN in Asotin Co WA on 15 June 1976.

Clarkston cem:

Dolores F

Boarding student. Born 29 Aug 1934 in Sandpoint to Ernest and Marie (LOWTHER) BIXEL. Married [1] --- MITCHUM; m[2] 1966 to Robert L SCHONER; d 28 May 2003; obituary



Boarding student.


class president 11, 12; b 13 Jul 1934; married Jacquelyn '51 GRIFFITH; died Jul 1978

Mary Genevieve

Born 8 May 1934 at Cd'A to William J and Laura (SECAUR) GARVEY. Sister of Kathleen, Rita ('48), Bernita ('49?)+, Colleen '43, & Joan '54 GARVEY. Cousin of Catherine '55, Eddie, Lucille ('58), Eleanor '61 & Gerald '64 GARVEY.
Married Orval Leroy WALKER on 27 Nov 1952 at St Thomas, by her brother, Roderick GARVEY CSsR. Later divorced, married --- McFARLAND. Worked at Kootenai Memorial Hospital.
Mary died 18 Sept 2018, buried in St Thomas. See Obituary.


Shirley A

Born 19 May 1934 at St Paul MN to Edward J and Teresa MARIER, moved to Cd'A in 1935. Sister of Rolland '46 and Leo '48 MARIER. Married Robert BUVEL, had nine children, including Raymond '71 BUVEL. Shirley died 23 Dec 1962 of spinal meningitis, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.


Camille Catherine

Born 5 October 1934 in Walla Walla to Walter Scott & Mary Rose (TARUSCIO) McCALLEY (TideWater Oil Distributor). Lived 1006 Sherman Apt 6 (1952), 510 S 13th (1954).
Walter (1907-1975) and Mary Rose (1913-2005) married at Walla Walla on 31 Jan 1934, and are buried there in Mountain View cemetery, along with Walt's parents, who married 23 Jan 1907 at Walla Walla.
Camille graduated NIJC in 1954, worked for US Afrmy, most at McClellan AFB, Sacramento. Married David HUETTER (of Spokane) in Cd'A in May 1955. She died 10 Jan 2016 at Galt CA.



social chairman 11; class secretary 12. Born 1934 in Menomonie WI to George E & Eileen A (MORGAN) McCOURT; lived 1322 N 3rd (1952). Married on 15 Aug 1957 at St Thomas to James Patrick McGRATH, born 30 Apr 1935 in Oxnard CA to Dominic and Mary (GOSSLIN) McGRATH.
George Elmer McCourt, born 17 Apr 1898 to Matthew & Georgia (McKINNEY) McCOURT in Polk Co WI, married 18 June 1923 at Mason City, Iowa to Eileen Agnes MORGAN, born 4 Nov 1902 at Fairbault MN to Francis & Bridget (QUINLAN) MORGAN.


Born 5 July 1934 to Ralph & Margaret (MARKS) McGOVERN. Married 21 Jul 1956 at St Thomas to Robert N CODD.
Ann died 7 Feb 2017 at Spokane, buried in Holy Cross cemetery, with husband.

Ann '52

Herbert W

Born 15 Oct 1932 (twin of Bernadean '50), to William and Ruth G McLAUGHLIN. Lived 817 N 2nd St (1946, 1952).


class vice-president 12. Born 27 Sep 1934 to Thomas and Magaret (MEYER) MOATE, who married 22 Sep 1920 at Yakima WA. Thomas, born c1889 WA, is the son of Robert E and Matilda MOATE, both born c 1856 England, emigrated to USA in 1880.
Bernida is the sister of Helen '40 and Robert '45 MOATE. Aunt of Robert '70 & Terry '70, and Jamie '73 MOATE.
Bernida married Mervyn Harold JOHNSON on 27 April 1953 at St Thomas church. They moved to Plaza, North Dakota in 1955 and farmed for 36 years, returning to Dalton Gardens in 1993 Mervyn died 20 June 2013 at Dalton.


Beverley Louise

Possibly, a boarding student, born 21 Dec 1934 at Great Falls to Earl Edwin and Elizabeth Anesthesia (PODBIELANCIK) OKE. Earl (1909-1978) is son of Herbert James and Lillian Pearl (MORGAN) OKE. Earl married 1930 in Mineral Co MT to Elizabeth, who was born in Fernie BC to John & Mary (POLLAK) PODBIELANCIK.
Beverly and parents Lived in Spokane (1940, 1950). She married 1964 at Rosalia WA to Ross Stevens BROWN. Beverly died 29 April 2014 at Othello WA. .



Boarding student.

Wilfred Edward

Born 11 July 1933 to Edward Charles & Mary Amelia (BOUCHER '25) SCHNEBERGER. Brother of Donald '53 & Judy '60 SCHNEBERGER. Lived 906 Cd'A Ave (1938), 1015 St Maries Ave (1940). Edward C born 28 Jun 1909 in Nebraska, to Edward F and Barbara A SCHNEBERGER.

Wilfred married on 1 Dec 1952 at St Thomas, Cd'A, to Riba Sabrina ["Edele (1940) or Edwalee (1952)"] GRAY, born 28 Jan 1938 in Oklahoma to Perry & Elsie (BRODERSEN) GRAY. They later divorced. Wilfred married #2 Erna WICKLUND on 20 Mar 1971 in Vancouver WA. They later divorced, and Erna married in 2006 to Fred D MICHEL. Wilfred and Riba had six children, three of whom died by age 50. See obituary.
Wilfred died April 2013, bjuried in Sandy, Oregon.


Anne Marie

class secretary 11; class treasurer 12. Born 17 Aug 1934 in Palo Alto CA to Ralph and Margaret '25 (GERDES) YOUNG. Lived with grandmother Helen GERDES at 817 Wallace (1946). Married Frederick "Fritz" KINDLER, born 19 Apr 1934; lives Cd'A. Mother of Dana '73 KINDLER. Anne Marie died 4 June 2013; see obituary.

Anne '53

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