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  20 April 2024
School Year Topic Notes
1955-1963 CLASS ROSTERS Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name, parents and address.
grade 1 Sr Carolus | grade 2 | grade 3 Sr Roderick | grade 4 Sr Nilus | grade 5 Sr Angelus | grade 6 Sr Noel | grade 7 Sr Philip | grade 8 Sr M Martin
1959-1960 5th grade composite photo 71-student Fifth grade class, all in one classroom, with one nun (Sr Angelus, IHM).
50th REUNION - 2017Contact Linda (BLESSING) KOEP or Lynne (GEBHART) PETERS
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Born 1948 in Los Angeles, California. He transferred into St Thomas 7th grade in 1962, from St Augustine's, Spokane. He attended UPortland and UWashington. Married Barbara A OTTMAN (UP 1971). Mark is now a retired professor of mathematics and philosophy, with most of his career at the CIV Sophia Antipolis (Valbonne, France). Barbara is head of English at the CIV. They live in Blauzac, southern France.

BAUMAN Phyllis

Married Lon W HADFIELD, lives Juneau AK. Sister of David '71, Terry '68, & Mary '69 BAUMAN.


class secretary 12. Daughter of Walter Phillip and Norma F ('39 CROWLEY) BLESSING. Sister of Bill '61, and Robert '69 BLESSING. Cousin or niece to many CROWLEY graduates. Married Court '71 KOEP.

e-mail Linda
St Thomas:
BOWSER Stephen

brother of Ginny '68, Lorraine '70, Connie '73 & Russell '74 BOWSER, born to Carl Oliver (1921-1959) & Irene L (STUDER) BOWSER. Irene, born 21 Dec 1924, died 16 Nov 1981 at Cd'A. Irene married (#2) c1971 to L Walter '33 MATSON.


Daughter of James & Colleen (Garvey '43) CHASE. Sister of Mike'69, Connie'68 and Tim CHASE. Lived 741 Military Dr (1964).
Married 1969 to John Leroy FRANK(1947-2022) at St Thomas church, Cd'A. John died 20 Jan 2022, seeobituary.


Son of William Allen('41) & Beatrice Mae (O'BRIEN) DELYEA. Brother of Bill('65) & Steve '74 DELYEA. Nephew of Richard, Virginia'44, and Shirley DELYEA. Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1963 in Troop 2. See more family information.

St Thomas:
DOLAN Stephen Philip

Born 24 May 1949 at Spokane to Philip & Mary (HAZEN) DOLAN. Brother of James '69, Tim '72, & David '73 DOLAN. Lived 1013 Cd'A Ave (1955), Woodinville WA (2018). Died 22 March 2018 of cancer. Steve was active in Rotary and his local & world community, and has a Haitian Orphanage project.

Spirit Lake:
MaryL (mom)
DUNBAR Dwayne Joseph

Born to Frank Martin & Mary Catherine (DeCARLO) DUNBAR. Brother of Kathy and "Pete" '62 DUNBAR. Lives Port Orchard WA (2013).


Born 18 Sep 1948 to Herbert John and Dorothy (GULDEN) ERICKSON. Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1964 in Troop 2. (His brother Phil also earned Eagle, in 1959.) Attorney in Kennewick WA 1974-1996. Died 13 Aug 1996. Brother of Matt, Phil, Todd ('68) & Ann ('69) ERICKSON. The family moved to Spokane in 1967.
Mother's obituary.


class treasurer 12. Born to Ernest and Mary (WILSON) FRAIJO.
Sister of Jeanne '66, Laura '69, Rebecca ('70) and Christine ('71) FRAIJO.

GEBHART Lynn Nancy

Born at Riverton WY to Neill & Gwen (JONES) GEBHART. Sister of Paul'68, Laura'69,Joan'72, and Peter, Andrew & Carol GEBHART. Lived 1024 Cd'A Ave. Married Mike '66 PETERS, lives Hayden.
Gwen died in 1973. Neill died in 2016 (see his obituary). Both parents are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
GIESA Patrick

Born to William M and Margaret (GRIDLEY) GIESA (parents' obituaries). Brother of Kathy '63, Mike '61, and Jim '68 GIESA. Married Cheryl ---, lives Northville MI.

GRYGNY Stanley John

Born 22 Mar 1949 to Stanley Joseph (1916-1972) and Isabelle (BRIANT 1922-2005) GRYGNY. Brother of Janette ('58 GRYGNY) BUFFINGTON, and Kathy, Bonnie & Marcine GRYGNY, who attended St Thomas but not IHM. Stan married Mary Beth '66 MATSON. They divorced 12 Apr 1985 in Spokane. Stan died 7 Jan 1997 at Spokane. See more family information.


Born c1949 to Florry F & Lucille HARRINGTON. Brother of Mary Kaye (HARRINGTON '66) BARTLETT, Mike '66, Greg, Jeff, Joan (HARRINGTON '71) BARNES, Ruth '69, Jean '73, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Marcia, and Paula J HARRINGTON. More family information.


class president 12. Son of O H "Bud" and Catherine (BAUMAN) HOFMEISTER. Brother of Rick '63 & Janet '71 HOFMEISTER. More ancestral information.


Brother of MJ '70, Bruce '71 & Jan '72 HUETTER. More family information.


Son of Thomas Henry and Catherine ('43 DAWSON) JACOBSON. Brother of Ron'74, Judy'69, Dan'71 & Pat'66 JACOBSON. Lived at 616 Indiana.

St Thomas:
JAGARS Linda Marie

Born at Spokane to Bernard (1911-1997) and Esther (CARTER 1913-1991) JAGARS. Sister of Garletta Ann JAGARS'63. Attended St Thomas School 1959-1963, grades 5-8.

St Thomas:


daughter of Joseph E and Frances (ROCHE '44) JOHNSTON. Sheila married 28 June 1969 at St Thomas to Thomas Lee GRAY, son of Leon Dee and Vivian J (MEAD) GRAY of Hayden. Classmate Peggy RIPLINGER was a witness. Thomas, born 20 Jan 1946 in Denver, served in the US Navy (1965-1969), and died young from effects of agent orange, on 6 Sep 1982. Buried St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
KARST Virginia

daughter of Ernie KARST and Maxine (HUNTER) of Pinehurst. Sister of Janice '65, Patricia '68 & Gloria '68, Bonnie '70, John '73 & Mary '73 KARST

KING Kristine Ann

Sister of Patrick'70, Robert'72, Elizabeth'74 KING, and Kevin & Dan KING. They were born to Charles Patrick & Dorothy (NEUMAYER) KING, who married 28 Dec 1946 at Bonners Ferry. C Patrick KING was born in Bonners Ferry on 14 Apr 1923 to Charles William & Alma (SYDOW) KING, a newspaper family. C Pat was Publisher for the Cd'A Press in the '60's and '70's. He died 26 Jul 1996, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. Dorothy was born 27 Jun 1927 to Alois A & Natalie (DION) NEUMAYER, of Bonners Ferry ID.
Kris was baptized on Christmas day 1947 at St Anne's, Bonners Ferry. She married 16 Sept 1972 at St Thomas to Kenneth Jack MITCHELL of Spokane, son of Jack R and Geneva A (CLARK) MITCHELL.

KIRSCH Jennifer


KOM Richard Joseph

born at Sandpoint to Peter (1914-2000) and Vera (SAUNDERS 1917-2002) KOM. Brother of Donald'58, Robert'60 & Thomas'69 KOM and Katherine (KOM '61) GEHLEN. Father's obituary. Also see More KOM family information.

KOONTZ Christine Gayle

Born 5 Apr 1949 in Spokane to Robert M & Marian Agnes (McMURTREY) KOONTZ. Married Dale A SCHMIDT of Waterville WA on 8 Apr 1970. Died 15 Jun 1991 in Seattle after a horseback riding accident. Buried in Fraternity cemetery, Douglas Co WA. Sister of Linda'60 KOONTZ, SNJM; Kathleen('62 KOONTZ) RIETZ, Suzanne('66 KOONTZ) ANDERSON, Melanie'70 (KOONTZ) STAPLES and Carolyn (KOONTZ) DEITZ; and Robert M II and David KOONTZ. see More family information.

St Thomas:
Bob (dad)
LENZ Lawrence Dean "Larry"

Born at Vallrey City ND to Marvin Cecil & Enith (HOFFMAN) LENZ. Brother of Jeff '71 & Diana '73 LENZ and seven more. Cousin of Billy '71 BOUGHTON. Also cousin to the DIEMERT alumni. The family moved from North Dakota to Cd'A in 1955.
Marvin Cecil LENZ was born 2 Jan 1930 in North Dakota, to William F (born 22 Mar 1905 Canada, d Jun 1983 Cd'A) and Lillian Edith (ALTENBURG) LENZ (b 21 May 1904 WI, d Nov 1993 Cd'A). William was the son of Robert W LENZ (born c 1871 WI), the son of Peter L (1842) & Augusta W (1844) LENZ, of Stettin, Germany. Marvin died 22 Dec 1981 at Cd'A (see father's obituary).

St Thomas:
MacDONALD Robert Joseph

Born at Cd'A to Judge Eugene "Sandy" and Mary M (QUINN '41) MacDONALD. Brother of Maureen '71, Donald and Margaret MacDONALD, cousin of Ann'66 & Janet'59 MacDONALD. Married Sonja SIVERSON. Father's obituary. Mother's obituary. More QUINN family information.

MATHES Patricia Kay

Born at Cd'A to Frank and Elizabeth "Bette" (SHARPE) MATHES. Sister of Tim, Frank, Connie '56, Kathy and more MATHES children. Patricia married Ted ROBINSON. Her father, Frank MATHES, b 16 Jun 1914 MT, died 16 Nov 2001. Bette (SHARPE) MATHES, b 24 Jul 1919 in MT, died 7 Oct 2007 at Cd'A. See additional family history.

McFARLAND Robert Merrill

class vice-president 12. Earned Eagle Scout rank in 1963 in Troop 2. Son of Robert B '35 McFARLAND and Ruth M (SIMMELINK). Brother of Jane '70, and Mary '68 McFARLAND. Cousin of James '57, Kathleen '62, Bill '65, Thomas '68, John '70 & James '73 McFARLAND.
Bob was named "Idaho Family Physician of the Year" in 2016.
Family History:
In 1930, Ruth, 5, lived near Kennewick WA with her family, which comprised: Merrell, 37 PA (parents b PA), wheat farmer, married age 31; Ruth D, 27 WA (parents b IN, MO), married age 21; Ruth M, 5 WA; Robert M, 2y5mo WA, and 2 boarders. --30 Apr 1930, Highland pct, Benton Co WA, ED8 p5A [220]. Merrill and Ruth (DICKINSON) married 28 Dec 1923 in Kennewick WA.
In June 1917, Merrill SIMMELINK, born 3 Aug 1892 in Columbus PA, was single, farming his own ranch, with blue eyes, light hair and tall build, when he registered for the draft for WW1 in Highlands precinct, Benton Co WA. His brother, Herbert B SIMMELINK, (born 12 Apr 1890, Columbus PA), was wheat farming with his wife in nearby Horse Heaven precinct, Benton Co WA. Another brother, Charles Henry (born 11 Jul 1887), registered in Clymer, Chautauqua Co NY, where he farmed with his wife and child.
In 1900, Merrill, age 7, lived in Columbus PA with his family, which comprised: Steven SIMMELINK, ; Mary, b Aug 1861 NY; Leroy, b May 1882 NY; West I, b Sep 1884 NY; Fred M, b Mar 1886; Charles Henry, b Jul 1887 PA; Herbert B, b Apr 1890 PA; Merrill, b Aug 1892 PA; Dorothy, b Dec 1894 PA; Florence R, b May 1898 PA. --20 Jun 1900, Columbus Twp, Warren Co PA, ED130 p10B-11A
Merrill's parents are Henry and Mary (MEYERINK) SIMMELINK. See 1880 census. Two households away are Merrill's grandparents, Jan and Joanna SIMMELINK.
Merrill died 14 Jul 1952 in Walla Walla WA. Ruth (DICKINSON) born 25 May 1902 in Tekoa WA, died 11 Jan 1988 in Kennewick WA. Herbert (Merrill's brother) died 30 Apr 1974 in Spokane. Robert M (Merrill's son) died 18 Mar 1996 in Kennewick.

MERTENS William Michael

Born December 8, 1948 in Spokane to Melvin C and Herberta Ellen (DERR) MERTENS. Bill attended St Thomas with this class for grades 1-8, then moved away and graduated 1967 at Central Catholic, Yakima. He married Jana FLOYD, had 4 daughters. Bill lived in Post Falls since 2018, and died 20 Oct 2020. obituary

Melvin (dad)
Herberta (mom)

Born 27 Sept 1949 at Cd'A to William Leroy ('43)& Alice (BOLICH) MONAGHAN. Cousin of Patrick '66, Sister of Bill '66 and Michael '70 Monaghan, Spent 5 of 8 years with us at St Thomas, grades 1-6, except 4th. Graduated CHS/67. Married (#1) --- WRIGHT; (#2) in 1999 to Kelly DUNHAM. Lynda died 23 Aug 2020. obituary

Alice (mom)
NEESER Gerald "Jerry" Everett

Married Leslie Jo WHITEMAN (1947~2003) (obituary). Moved to Anchorage AK. Brother of Mike'60, Pat'63, and Tom'65 NEESER, and Susi (NEESER '71) BLETHEN.

Leslie Jo
Louis (dad)
Verda (mom)

Born in Illinois to Laddie John & Mary Ann (HEDRLIN) NOVAK. Moved to Cd'A in 1964. Sister of Connie '73 and Linda '69 NOVAK. Married Gary '65 HALER. See father's obituary.

NUTT James

Brother of Mike '66 NUTT.

PALMER David Bruce

attended St Thomas with this class, then Mt Angel Sem HS, graduated U of Idaho in 1972. Married N--- NEWCOMER, 2 children, lived Chicago, worked Quality Control for LG appliances. Retired, moved back to PNW. Linked-In.
Born to Bruce William and Juanita Y (GROVES/JOHNSTON) PALMER. Lived 804 Garden (1964). Brother of John '74, Catherine '65, Mark '72, & Steven '71 PALMER. Cousin of Margaret '12, Gertrude '18 & Mary '20 GROVES; Royal '18, Catherine '43, Mary '47, Bill '51 & Joe '59 DAWSON; Patrick ('66), Rick '67, Judy '69, Dan '71, & Ronald '74 JACOBSON; Dora '25 MAYVILLE; and possibly the many PETERS graduates.

PETERSEN Victoria Ann

Born 1949 at Lemmon SD toLyle A & Lillian J (PARANTO) PETERSEN. Lived Hayden Lake. Sister of Susie '72 PETERSEN. Married [1] Jack MELOM; [2] Mike ---; [3] Tom HOWE, lives near Farragut.


Born 1949 to Norman Leo & Doris (SPULER) PETERSON. Brother of Sherrill'71 & Susan'72 PETERSON.
Married 1978 to Janis RUSSELL in Ludington MI. Retired United Airlines Mechanic in 2004. Lives Coeur d'Alene (2015).
Father's obituary —(died 23 November 2015).

email Dan
POPIEL Stephen James

Steve was born 17 Jan 1948 at Cd'A to Steve C and Ella Mae (BRUNTON) POPIEL. Lived at 724 Pine (1949). Married 17 Feb 1968 at St Thomas to Peggy Ann PURTELL. He later married Maria Elvia (---). Steve died 8 Feb 2008 at Yuma AZ. Obituary.
Steve C POPIEL, born 26 Dec 1913 in MT to John and Mary (STEPHANOVICH) POPIEL (both born in Austria or Poland), baptized 1 Jan 1914 at Wibaux MT and lived there in 1920-1940. He enlisted in the Army on 24 Apr 1942 at Missoula MT. He married 24 Sep 1945 at Superior MT to Ella Mae BRUNTON. They lived briefly in Walla Walla, before moving to Cd'A by 1948. They had a church marriage at St Thomas on 1 March 1960, when Ella was also baptized there. Pauline Privilege was cited for this marriage, because Ella had a previous marriage, on 22 Sept 1936, to Walter Otis SUTTON. Steve C died 24 July 1975 in Yuma AZ.
Ella May POPIEL, born 28 Feb 1916 in Garfield County WA to Harvey and S Ellen (LINVILLE) BRUNTON, lived in West Clarkston WA in 1920, and in Columbia county (with an aunt) in 1930, after her mother died 3 Jan 1920, and her father died in 1928. Ella died 31 Dec 2005 in Yuma AZ.

Yuma AZ:
Ella Mae(mom)
RANSOM Patricia Marie

Born 23 Sep 1949 at Cd'A to James and Mary K (SMITH) RANSOM. Graduated University of Portland. Married 1974 to Jerry SMITH, had five children. Lived Newport WA. Died 23 May 2011 at home, of cancer (see obituary and picture).
Sister of Mike '66, Sue '68, Liz '72, Barb '73 and Dave RANSOM. Cousin of Jan ('67 SMITH) TILLOTSEN. Parents' obituaries.

RARICK James Douglas

Student Body President 1966-67. Born 3 Dec 1948 at Cd'A to Doug '40 RARICK and Mary '40 BRODERICK. Graduated U Idaho 1972 in Business Management. Married Mickee A MATKINS in 1983. Lives Spearfish SD, works for Pope & Talbot.
Brother of Mary Dell '61, Bob '63, & Tim '64 RARICK. Nephew of Mary '37, Madeline '39, & Carmel '41 RARICK. Cousin of many IHM graduates; see HEALY family information. Also see RARICK family information.

RIPLINGER Margaret Ann

Peggy teaches at St Maries Middle School, and is married to Norm SUENKEL.
Born 17 Jan 1949 at Cd'A toPatricia (ROCHE '45) and Norbert F "Babe" RIPLINGER. Sibling of Larry '68, James '69, Patricia "Susie" '70 RIPLINGER, and Jack, Barbara and Mary RIPLINGER. Niece of Frances '44, William '47 & Joseph '53 ROCHE.
Cousin of Robert '63, Bill ('65?) and Jill ('66 RIPLINGER) BEST; also Matt '64, Sheila '67 and Marty '73 JOHNSTON.
More family / relative information.
Peggy died 16 April 2024 at Hayden Lake. See obituary.

St Thomas:

Born 1949 at Spokane to Lee V & Mary K (CARLSON) RUSSELL. Brother of Sharon '56, Ja-Nee '59 and John '60 RUSSELL. Mother's obituary.

SCHAFFNER Frederick Andrew

Born 1949 at Cd'A to Frederick and Veronica ('35 HEALY) SCHAFFNER. Siblings include Edward '60, Thomas '61, & Carol '64 SCHAFFNER. Cousin to many IHM grads; see list at Edward '60 and More HEALY information.
Fred married Janine Lea VIOLETTE on 10 May 1975 in Bellevue WA, with Ron'68 KOEP as a witness.

SMITH Janice Marie

Daughter of Robert J and Donna June (DAVIS) SMITH. Cousin of the RANSOMS, Mike '66, Pat '67, Sue '68, Liz '72, Barb '73 and Dave RANSOM. Married Steve TILLOTSEN, lives Missoula.

THOMPSON Catherine


TIPTON Patricia


TREICHEL Kathleen Gail

Born to Clarence L & Mary (CONNELL) TREICHEL. Sister of Dennis '65 TREICHEL. Married --- BAKER. Mother's obituary.

NON-GRADS No Senior Picture Members of 1963-4 freshman class and/or '64-65 sophomore class (IHM'67), but did not graduate IHM: Rebecca HARE, Kenneth DINGMAN, Suzanne ISAACSON,
Cynthia CARLSON daughter of Mary '38 BAUMGARTNER, sister of Rick'65.

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