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  15 Jan 2024
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1959-1960 3rd grade composite photo 68 Third grade students, all in one classroom, with only one teacher (Sr Ricardus,IHM).
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Sister of David '71, Phyllis '67 and Terry '68 BAUMAN.


class president 12. Married Lori '71 PETERS.


Cousin of Joanne '69 and Robert '71 BRUEGGEMAN. Daughter of Frank BRUEGGEMAN. Sister of Phyllis '71 BRUEGGEMAN.


Born Cd'A to Joseph H '38 and Betty (WHALEY) BRUEGGEMAN. Sister of Donna '72 & Robert '71 BRUEGGEMAN; cousin of Darlene '69 & Phyllis '71 BRUEGGEMAN. Niece of Mary '41 & Peter '48 BRUEGGEMAN. Father's obituary. More family information

CARPER Patrick

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Brother of Michael '67 CARPER. Son of Sterling CARPER. Lived 1930 Rose Lane (1964)

CHASE (James) Michael

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 —Le Coeur. Son of James & Colleen (Garvey '43) CHASE. Brother of Diane'67, Connie'68 CHASE. Lived 741 Military Dr (1964).

DALY Michael

Born 4 June 1951 at Aberdeen SD to George Herald & Lucille (SITTER) DALY. Moved to Cd'A in 1955. Enrlled St Thomas Sept 1957 grade 1, living at 1602 Cd'A Ave Retired from US Forest Service in 2005. Died 18 April 2009 at Bonners Ferry ID. Father's obituary.

Forest Cemetery:
St Pius:

Daughter of Dr Duane DAUGHERTY. Lived 715 Foster Ave (1964).


Born c1952 to Jack (1916-1999) & Billie Jo (WADDILL 1926-2002) DeBARBRIE. Sister of Chris '73 DeBARBRIE. Married --- HOUGH, lives Portland OR.
John "Jack" DeBARBRIE, born 8 Nov 1916 in Painesville OH to Charles & Harriett DEBARBRIE, died 1 Dec 1999 in Lewiston ID. see obituary.
In 1920, Jack, lived with his brother, sister and parents at 415 Prospect St (mortgaged), Painesville OH. The family comprised: Charles, 32 NY (parents b Italy & NY), confectionary storekeeper; Harriett, 31 OH (parents b Germany); Charles Jr, 5 OH; Jack 3 OH, Beatrice 1 OH. --8 Jan 1920, Lake Co OH, ED88 p3A [160].
In 1930, the family owned ($20,000) and lived on a farm in Perry twp, and comprised: Charles J (Sr), 42 NY (parents b Italy), manager of confectionary store, married age 22; Harriett, 41 OH (parents b Germany); Charles V (Jr), 15 OH; John J, 13 OH; Beatrice A, 11 OH. --22 Apr 1930, Lake Co OH, ED27 p3B.
Billie Joe (WADDILL), born 8 Dec 1926, died 11 Jul 2002 in Lewiston ID. Her obituary was printed in the Lewiston Morning Tribune on 13 July 2002.
In 1930, Billie Jo, 3, lived with her parents in Freestone County, Texas. The family comprised: William V WADDILL, 31 TX, telegraph operator, married age 26; Isla L, 30 MS, married age 25, parents b MS; Billie Joe, 3 TX. They own their home, and a radio. --17 Apr 1930, ED81-16, p7B.
William V WADDILL, born 13 Oct 1898 TX to John P & Lillie M WADDILL, died Nov 1986 TX. His wife, Isla L, b 14 Sep 1899 MS, died Feb 1982 TX.
In 1900 & 1910 & 1920, William lived with his family in McCulloch Co TX.
Jack's father, Charles Sr, born 26 Jun 1887, died Apr 1979. Jack's brother, Charles Jr, b 7 Oct 1914, died Nov 1969.

St Thomas:

Son of Irad DICKINSON. Lived 1722 Montana Ave (1964).

DOLAN James Edward

class vice-president 12. Born at Spokane to Philip & Mary (HAZEN) DOLAN. Brother of Steve '67, Tim '72, & David '73 DOLAN. Lived 1013 Cd'A Ave (1956), 521 Foster Avenue (1964).


Son of Floyd Wm DOUGLAS and Theresa FRUECHTL [HOPKINS]; lived Rte 3 (1964). Cousin of Mike ('66) and other FRUECHTL students.

Theresa (mom)
Floyd (dad)

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. born to Aubrey Joseph "Ike" & Irma Adele (LIETAERT) EICHHORN, who married 1945, divorced 1966. Sister of Wilma '65 and Julie Annette EICHHORN (St Thomas 1967 age 11, born Santa Ana CA).

Ike (dad)
Irma (mom)

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Sister of Joseph '67 & Todd '68 ERICKSON. Daughter of Herbert & Dorothy ERICKSON. Lived 1422 Lakeside (1964).

FRAIJO Laura Marie

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Sister of Virginia '66 & Leslie '67 Rebecca '70 FRAIJO & Christine ('71) FRAIJO. Daughter of Ernest and Mary (WILSON) FRAIJO; lived 813 N 23rd St (1964). Married 10 Feb 1971 to Johnny Ray MAYS at Spokane.


Born at Riverton WY to Neill & Gwen (JONES) GEBHART. Sister of Paul'68, Lynne'67, Joan('73), and Peter, Andrew & Carol GEBHART. Lived 1024 Cd'A Ave. Married Steve BAIRD. More family information.


Daughter of James and Mary Ellen ('45 MILLER) GUIMOND. Cousin of classmate Nancy LAKE. Niece of Kathryn '46, Frances '48, and Patsy '50 MILLER. Lived 1201 Montana Avenue (1964).

HAGEN James Patrick

born at Kalispell to Daniel & Charlotte A (KELLY) HAGEN. Lived 1401 Montana Avenue (1964). Brother of Daniel and Mary Pat '72 HAGEN

Daniel (dad)

Born c1951 to Florry F & Lucille HARRINGTON. Sister of Mary Kaye (HARRINGTON '66) BARTLETT, Mike '66, Pat '67, Greg, Jeff, Joan (HARRINGTON '71) BARNES, Jean '73, Barbara, Christine, Margaret, Marcia, and Paula J HARRINGTON. Ruth married ---- DONOHOE. More family information.


Born 2 July 1951 in Cd'A to Joseph A & Margaret Rosemary (MIZERAK) HOCEVAR; lived Mullan Park (1949), Rt 1 (1964). Cousin of Sr Marianne '57 and Donagene '68 KNIGHT. Married Alan NEILSEN in 1969, and later married Richsard "Dick" GOOD.
Laura Jo lived in Cd'A and was active in youth and patriotic groups. She died 4 June 2023 at home. She is buried in Cd'A Memorial Gardens.

St Thomas:
HOLOVKA Donalynn

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Daughter of Michael HOLOVKA.


Daughter of Thomas Henry and Catherine ('43 DAWSON) JACOBSON. Lived 616 Indiana. Sister of Rick'67, Ron'74, Dan'71 & Patrick'66 JACOBSON. Lived at 616 Indiana.

St Thomas:

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur.

KEANE Kathleen

Sister of Patricia '66 KEANE. Daughter of Donald & Charlotte (TANNER) KEANE. Lived Post Falls, then moved to 719 Cd'A Ave (1964).

St Thomas;

Donald (dad)
KIEPER Charles

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur.

KOEP Melanie Mary

born at Cd'A to Ralph '40 & Geraldine'39 (HEALY) KOEP. Sister of Kenneth'62, Ronald H'68, Julia J'73,,, and Stanley H KOEP.
Niece of Ralph'40, Thomas'51, and Jeanette'47 KOEP.
Cousin of Lance'68, Blaise '61, Court'71, Mary(Coco)'62, Ruth'73, Suzanne and Roch KOEP. .

KOM Thomas

born at Sandpoint to Peter (1914-2000) and Vera (SAUNDERS 1917-2002) KOM. Brother of Donald '58, Robert '60, Richard '67 KOM and Katherine (KOM '61) GEHLEN. Parents obituaries. Married Kaye Ellen BECKER deceased (1953-2005). Also see More KOM family information.

LAKE Nancy

married 1972 to Ed OWEN. Daughter of Kathryn'46 MILLER and James F LAKE. Lived 924 N 5th (1964). Cousin of Ken'49 FITCH and classmate Lola'69 GUIMOND. Niece of Mary Ellen'45, Frances'48, and Patsy'50 MILLER. Sister of James ('73) LAKE and 4 more. See mother's obituary.

LARSEN Anthony Calvin

born in Albuquerque to Lester M & Lydia (CANDELARIA nee/i> SALAZAR) LARSEN. Moved to Idaho in 1954. Brother of Linda'65 and Biron'65 LARSEN. lived 1303 Wallace (1964).

St Thomas:
Lester (dad)
Lydia (mom)
LOVELL Charlotte

daughter of Charles LOVELL. Lived 1602 5th St (1964).

MASON Gerard "Jerry"

Born to Victor G and Margaret K (GUSHURST) MASON. Lives [2007] Babylon NY. Brother of Mary Ann '63, Pauline '66 & Josie '74 MASON. See more family information.

McALLISTER Sharon Louise

Born in Rapid City SD to Robert & Eva (KAMMERER) McALLISTER. Attended grades 1-4. Family moved at Christmas 1960 (grade 4). Sister of Michael and Patricia('68), & Bobbi('71). Lived 1019 Third St [1957-60]. Lives Olympia WA [2019].


Born to Donald Laurance and Mary "Thelma" (BEACH) McPOLAND. Brother of Eileen '65 (McPOLAND) HARRIS and Candi ('71) McPOLAND. Lives Post Falls. More family information.

MILLER Michael

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Son of Kenneth MILLER, brother of Susan '70, Kristine '72 and Kathleen MILLER.

MOORE Lynette

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Sister of Eric '64 MOORE.


married 1972 Charles MOSELEY (CHS'68). Daughter of Florence E (CLARK) and James T NEWELL.
In 1900, Gayla's grandmother, Florence M SCARRAH lived in MI with her brother George (b Mar 1895 WI) and parents Andy (b Mar 1858 CAN, immig 1880, naturalized, teamster, owns home w/o mtge) and Annie (b Dec 1865 WI, parents b Ireland; 4 births, 2 living; married 9 years) SCARRAH. --7 Jun 1900, Dickinson Co MI, ED53 p3A.
In 1900, Gayla's grandfather, Daniel NEWELL, 12, born Mar 1888 IA, lived in Knox Co NE with five siblings and his parents, James (b Mar 1858 IA, parents b OH & PA) and Sarah Ann (b May 1862 ENG, immigrated 1872, married 19 years, 10 births / 8 living). Next door is uncle Charles (b May 1870 IA) and family, including Daniel's widowed grandfather, Thomas NEWELL (b Nov 1829 OH, parents b PA & Holland). Only 1 child of 9 (both households) attended school--a 7yo cousin spent 3 months in school. All the boys over 9 are listed as farm laborers. --25 Jun 1900 Raymond twp, Knox NE, ED115 p11A [158].
In 1930, Florence M and Fred V CLARK, both age 36 and married at age 19, lived in School Dist 4, Yellowstone Co MT, with 7 children. Florence E, age 4yr5mo, is the youngest. --17 Apr 1930, ED17 p2A [176].
In 1930, James T NEWELL, age 9 ID, lived on Blue Creek Road with his parents Daniel J (42, b 30 Mar 1888 IA, d 1 Oct 1964 Cd'A, SSN=519-14-6708) and Clara (31 IL) NEWELL and two sisters. --2 Apr 1930, Wolf Lodge, Kootenai ID, ED60 p1A [222].

James (dad)
Florence (mom)



Born in Illinois to Laddie John & Mary Ann (HEDRLIN) NOVAK. Moved to Cd'A in 1964. Sister of Nancy '67 and Connie '73 NOVAK. Married Jerry MAYER in 1973.

O'CONNELL Susan Marie

Left after 7th grade for St Pius X school. Graduated CHS'69. Born 16 Jan 1952 at Cd'A to James Paul and Ona Marie (WHITNEY) O'CONNELL. Sister of Sharon '61, Gary '65 and James '60 O'CONNELL. Susan died in a car crash near Sandpoint on 27 Nov 1982. More family information.

Jim (dad)
Ona (mom)

Born 18 Jan 1950 at Chelan WA to James R & Edna May (FLEMING) OHNEMUS; lived 802 Indiana (1964). Entered 5th grade with this class in 1960, from Central Elementary. Sister of Janice'70 and Julie'73 OHNEMUS plus Jill (CHS'92). Joyce married "Red" Lawrence Eugene BARBER in 1972. They moved to Twin Falls area in 1976. Joyce died 10 June 2018 in Twin Falls. Obituary.

O'MALLEY Mary Margaret

Did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Born 13 Feb 1951 at Cherry Point NC to Charles J & Margaret M (---) O'MALLEY. Sister of Patrick '72 O'MALLEY Married 9 Nov 1974 at St Thomas to Rodney DOUGALL. Mary died 19 Aug 2013 at Spokane. See memorial for obituary.

PETERS George Franklin Jr

Also known as Ikos VALLADAR. Born 4 Jun 1951 Cd'A, died 20 Mar 2000 Cd'A. Brother of Lori '71 & Suzi '73 PETERS. Obituary. Founded International Mac Advocates Coalition, in 1990, to improve benefits for Macintosh computer users. Read article "IMAC advocate group being formed" in Newsbytes, 7 Dec 1990.


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Brother of Susan '66 POITEVIN


b 5 Dec 1950, d 20 Mar 1976; SSgt VietNam.
Son of Patricia (ROCHE '45) and Norbert F "Babe" RIPLINGER.
Sibling of Margaret '67, Lawrence '68, Patricia "Susie" '70, Jack '72, Barbara & Mary RIPLINGER.
Nephew of Frances '44, William '47 & Joseph '53 ROCHE.
Cousin of Robert '63, Bill ('65?) and Jill '66 RIPLINGER; also Matt '64, Sheila '67 and Marty '73 JOHNSTON. More family / relative information.

ROCHE Theresa

class secretary 12. Daughter of Josephine Ramona (FLYNN '33) and John ROCHE. More ROCHE relatives, census records.
Sister of Agnes '60, Patrick '62, Marilyn '63, Terry, & Kevin '71 ROCHE. Mother's obituary

ROY Gail

did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur.

SAND Cathryne I

born 1951 to Paul & Inez (BARNES) SAND. Married 4 Sept 1970 to Michael FARQUHAR. Died 11 Aug 1971. Sister of Don '66, Skip '67, Ken '72, and PJ '73 SAND. Parents' obituaries. Also see More family history.


class treasurer 12.


Daughter of Donald SHIVELY. Lived 823 Pennsylvania (1964).




Daughter of Roy THOMPSON. Lived 1047 Mountain (1964). Sister of Roy '71 THOMPSON.


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur.

WACHTER Geoffrey

lives in Salt Lake City. Born to Robert John and Violet Elaine (KUSLER) WACHTER. Brother of Lorinda '63, Diane '64, Sharon '66 and Robert '71 WACHTER.


Born to Gilbert and Dioma "Dottie" (LUECK) WARDIAN. Brother of Patrick '70, Lynn'72, Joette'70 and Mary '74 WARDIAN. See dad's obituary.

St Pius X:
NON-GRADS No Senior Picture Bernadette J BROOTEN left after junior year to attend University of Portland; see more family information. Former St Thomas classmate,
Patrick Brian CASEMAN (1951-1975) died near Boise and is buried in St Thomas cemetery with his brother, Rick ('65).


did not graduate IHM; listed in sophomore class 1966-67 --Le Coeur. Brother of Jim '66 YEAGER. Born to Richard Elsworth (1921-2007) & Rebecca L (BENJAMIN, 1924-1986) YEAGER.

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