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  18 Sept 2021
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1940-1941 CLASS ROSTER Pages copied from the "Attendance Register and Class Record" books kept by each teacher. These excerpts show the student's name and address.
grade 8 Sr Clement
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Le Coeur 1945

1945 le Coeur (annual yearbook).

BALENTINE Antoinette Elizabeth

Boarding student from Harrison. Born 21 Nov 1926 in Garfield Co MT to Elbert Peter and Helen S (FULLERTON) BALENTINE. Sister of Elva '52 BALENTINE. Antoinette died 24 Mar 1947 in Los Angeles CA (--CADI).
In 1930, the family lived on a farm in New Iler MT, and comprised Elbert, 35 OK (parents b KY), married 10 years (m 19 May 1920 Miles City MT); Helen S, 31 IL (parents b Scotland & IL); Frank F, 8 MT, and Antoinette, 3y2m. Nearby, in SD19 (ED18), lived Frank B BALLENTINE, 68 KY, widow, with a granddaughter, Sarah B TUBBS, 21 MT (daughter of Elbert's sister, Elvira). Frank died there, age 71, on 6 Nov 1935. Between 1919 and 1931, Frank, Elbert and Helen each received two patents (on 640 acres), making a mostly-contiguous ranch of nearly 2000 acres in Garfield county MT. See BALENTINE and (spelling) BALLENTINE patents.
In 1936, the family moved to Wolf Lodge, and then to Harrison ID in 1938.
Earlier, in 1920, Frank, 59 KY widow, and son "Albert" 26 OK single, were farming in SD19. Elbert's mother was Sarah Elizabeth MULLINS, born 1871 TX, married 24 Feb 1889 in Red River TX, died Jan 1901 in OK.
Elbert died 16 Oct 1970 in Asotin Co WA (--WADI). Helen died 21 Sep 1991 at Cd'A.

Clarkston cem:
BRAUNE Edmund William "Corky"

Born 12 Jan 1928 to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE (b 1879 Germany) and Genevieve GARVEY (b 1876 Canada). Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Genevieve'34, John'40, Mary'29, Paul'32 and Virginia'36 BRAUNE. Lived 420 Montana (1940). More family information.
Married #1 Pauline R BREVICK on 15 Apr 1950 at St Thomas. Married #2 c1959 Darlene MILLER (1933-2002). Lived Spokane.
Edmund died 14 June 2013 in Spokane. Buried in Harrington WA.

BROOKS Geraldine Ann

Born 11 Aug 1927 in Washington to Joseph Charles BROOKS (1900 OK-1980) and Margaret H (DUFFY 1902 England-1975). Lived with parents and grandparents in 1930, on farms on Ferry Rd in Sanders County MT. Entered IHM from Noxon HS in 1942. Married Milan D LaMARCHE of Clarksfork ID on 12 Apr 1947 at St Al's, Spokane Milan, born 1925, died 2007. Geraldine died 15 Sep 1988.

BROWN Patricia

non-grad; lived 826 5th St (1933, gr 1), 706 Wallace in 7th grade (1940), with sister Elizabeth'41. Born 18 Nov 1927 to Robert Aloysius & Blanche E (ROCKHILL) BROWN. Died 1995

Morris Hill:
BUTLER Elizabeth

non-grad; lived 819 Pennsylvania (1932, gr 1), 514 Wallace in 8th grade (1940). Sister of Glen'49, Margaret'42 and Mary Jo'48, children of George & Johanna ('20 FEIL) BUTLER.

DAWSON Earl Nicholas Jr

non-grad; lived 416 N 10th. Born 11 Oct 1927 in Cd'A to Earl N '16 and Gertrude (GROVES '18) DAWSON. He graduated University of Idaho in 1953. Died 17 Jan 2010, lived in Canby, Oregon. (Obituary). Earl was a retired colonel in the National Guard, but buried as brigadier general (posthumous promotion?). Nephew of Royal '18 DAWSON. Brother of Fr George CSsR, Catherine '43, Mary '47, Bill '51 & Joe '59 DAWSON.
Earl married at St Thomas on 31 Oct 1953 to Adeline E CONNELL, born 10 Oct 1926 in Milwaukee WI to John J and Adeline M CONNELL. She worked for Ohio Match before moving to Oregon with Earl. She died 8 May 2015. See obituary.

DOHENY Colleen Rose

Born 26 July 1927 at Omak WA to David Wilfred & Alice P (McALISTER) DOHENY. Lived (1930) in Okanogan with grandparents Henry & Julia (MONAHAN) DOHENY, with recently-widowed father. Entered IHM from Riverside (WA) HS in 1942. Married Douglas H MacLEAN on 26 March 1952.

FROELICH Rose Margaret

non-grad. Born to John & Barbara (WOLFF) FROELICH. Lived Star ND (1935); 1420 Montana in 8th grade (1940). Sister of Tony (b 13 Dec 1928) ('48) and Pauline (b 3 Jul 1930)('48), plus 9 or 10 more children. It appears they all withdrew in summer 1943, and moved to Spokane. Rose appears to have married Raymond MOLENDA, and died 2013 in California.

Holy Cross:
GARVEY Frances Mary

Born 10 Nov 1926 to William J and Laura (SECAUR) GARVEY. Sister of Kathleen'46, Rita('48), Bernita('49?)+, Colleen'43, Mary'52& Joan'54 GARVEY. Cousin of Catherine '55, Eddie, Lucille ('58), Eleanor '61 & Gerald '64 GARVEY. Did not graduate, but attended IHM 1932-1939 (7th grade).
Married 20 March 1945 at St Joseph's, Bonners Ferry, to John Edward HYDES, after a civil ceremony on 24 Feb 1945 at Thompson Falls MT. They divorced in 1966 in Idaho Falls. Later married Jim HAGEN, lives (2018) in Rigby ID.

HALL Marjorie

boarding student from Spokane in 1940-41 (8th grade). Possibly related to Verrall HALL ('28), son of Mrs T E HALL of Spokane, who completed 6th-8th grades in two years (1922-1924). Marjorie was in Freshman class 1942-43 at Lewis & Clark HS, Spokane, and at Central Valley HS in 1943-44.


was in this class at 8th grade (1940-41) but graduated IHM in 1944. Lived at 711 Foster (1940).

KEHLENBECK Mary Elizabeth

Came from Pocatello HS in 1944. Born 6 Sep 1927 at Mammoth, Yellowstone, Wyoming, to George A & Hedwig E (KEBBEKUS) KEHLENBECK. Lived (1930) Silver Bow, MT. Married --- HANSON, --- OTTOMAN, --- WARD and Robert DUSKIN. Died 22 Mar 2000 in Multnomah county, Oregon. Lived (2000) in Welches OR (near Mt Hood).

McCORMICK Margaret Lorraine

Born 22 Oct 1926 at Cd'A to Charles A & Mayme B (CORNISH) McCORMICK. Charles died 12 Dec 1934 in a tragic car wreck in Boulder. In 1938, Margaret and her mother (now married to Glen BARNARD) lived in Hayden Lake, with (stepsister) Mary'42 BARNARD.
Entered U S Cadet Nurse Corps at Sacred Heart in June 1945. Graduated 29 June 1948. Worked for Dr W. GREENWOOD, Cd'A.
Married 6 Jun 1949 at St Thomas to Robert Joseph'44 O'ROURKE. Divorced July 1975.

Charles (dad)
Mayme (mom)
MILLER Mary Ellen

Born 5 Aug 1927 to Joseph & Harriet J (LEE) MILLER. Sister of Kathryn '46, Frances '48, Patsy '50 MILLER. Cousin of Kenneth '49 FITCH. Married 7 Sep 1947 at St Thomas to James F '43 GUIMOND. Mother of Lola '69 GUIMOND and aunt of Nancy '69 LAKE. Lived on Star Route (1940).
Joseph C MILLER was born 13 Oct 1900 in South Dakota to Orin G & Mary Aloysia (MEEHAN) MILLER, and died May 1973. Orin was born in NY; Mary in West Virginia. Joseph married Harriet LEE on 10 May 1924, (solemnized 12 Dec 1925 at St Thomas,) Cd'A. They had at least seven children between 1927 and 1939. In 1946, they lived at 1201 Montana, Cd'A. The boys (Joseph b 1934, James b 1936) & Harriet (b 1939) did not graduate IHM. Harriet J LEE was born in Montana to Joseph S & Ellen (JONES) LEE.
Mary Ellen died at age 84 on 29 Nov 2011. See obituary.

St Thomas:
MOATE Robert Francis

class treasurer 12. Born to Thomas and Magaret (MEYER) MOATE, who married 22 Sep 1920 at Yakima WA. Thomas, born 1889 WA, is the son of Robert E and Matilda MOATE, both born c 1856 England, emigrated to USA in 1880.
Bob is the brother of Helen '40 and Bernida '52 MOATE. Bob is also father of Robert '70 & Terry '70, and Jamie '73 MOATE.

MYLAN Joyce Kathryn "Joisse"

Entered IHM from Marycliff (Spokane) in 1942. Born 22 Oct 1928 to Lloyd T (1902-1978) & Kathryn Luella (CLEVELAND, 1905-1984) MYLAN. Married George Franklin PETERS (1925-2000) and Lee Edward KNOWLES (1928-2012). Mother of George Franklin Jr'69 (aka Ikos VALLADAR), Lori'71 and Suzy'73 PETERS. Aunt of Marcia'72, and Robert'74 JOHNSTON.
Sister of Patrick, Michaelyn and James Lloyd MYLAN, who attended IHM grades 4-8+ (except James, grades 1-4). Likely cousin of Gerald MYLAN (1933-34 gr 2; parents unknown), and Patricia MYLAN (gr 7 1942-43); Rose Mary MYLAN (gr 1, 1943); & Thomas MYLAN (gr 8, 1942-43), the children of Lester V MYLAN, residing at 1040 N 15th St.
Lee KNOWLES died 10 Jun 2012, buried in Forest cemetery.

Lee K

non grad; lived at 1017 Front in 1940-41 (8th grade) when he enrolled. Born 11 Jun 1927 to Floyd & --- PUTMAN.

REAGAN William

was in this class at 8th grade (1940-41) but graduated IHM in 1944. Lived at 506 Lakeside (1940).

ROCHE Patricia Ann

class president 12. born 12 Dec 1927 Cd'A to Will & Mary ROCHE. Lived 801 Garden (1940). | Family Information. Pat married N F "Babe" RIPLINGER in 1947. | She died 1 Apr 2002 at Cd'A; SpokesmanReview obituary. | Mother of alumni Peggy'67, Larry'68, James'69, and Patricia "Susie"'70 RIPLINGER. Aunt of Matt'64, Marty'73? & Sheila'67 JOHNSTON. Sister of alumni Frances (ROCHE'44) JOHNSTON, William'47 & Joseph'53 ROCHE.

St Thomas:
RYAN Colleen Marie

Born 15 Dec 1926 in Billings MT to Ralph and Margarita (WAX) RYAN. Ralph was a brakeman on the railroad. The family moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, while she was still a baby. At age 7, Colleen was taken to St. Clara's Orphanage in Denver where she lived until 1941, when she went back to Sandpoint to live with her father. Came to IHM from Sandpoint HS in 1944. In 1949, she married Noah DAVIS, whom she met in Seattle. They Lived in southern California, then in the Portland area. They divorced in the mid-1970s.
Had a sister Dolores Alene, born 30 Nov 1927 in WA, who spent 1938-1941 as a boarding student from Spokane, grades 6-7-8. Ralph lived at 5218 N Martin St, Spokane with wife Bernice Violet (SCOTT). Another sister, Franc(i)s Marguerite RYAN, was born 8 Nov 1925 at Billings, and married 20 Oct 1943 at St Thomas to Oren MILLER. A brother, Ralph S, was born 1927 MT.
Colleen died 16 Nov 2008 near Portland, and is buried with her son in Happy Valley OR. See obituary.

SERVICK Eloise Florence

class vice-president 12; married Robert GORDON (1925-1989). Born 24 Oct 1927 to George Milton & Minnie E (TONEY) SERVICK. Died 18 Nov 2005, Mason Co WA. Sister of Luverne '35, Carmen '37, Gwen '41, George Edward, & Jacquelin '49 SERVICK, IHM. Aunt of Jim '60 & Joan '61 GALBRAITH. Lived 1014 Indiana (1940). See more family information.

Shelton WA:
SIEK Mary Frances

class secretary 12. Born 5 Aug 1926 in Bonners Ferry to Joseph (b c1880 PA) and Margaret (b c1884 IA) SIEK. Came to IHM from Bonners Ferry HS in 1942. Died 20 Jan 2002.
Married in 1950 to Michael "Mickey" JESSICK (b 2 Feb 1910, d Jan 1971 Cd’A). Mother of Mike '70, Raymond ’73 and Peggy (JESSICK) HORD. Aunt of Frank '65, Lucille '66, and David '71 JESSICK.
In 1930, Mary lived with her parents in North Bonners Ferry. Joseph, 50 PA, farmer, first marriage, owns his farm, is not a veteran, and has no radio. Margaret, 46, Iowa, parents born Ireland, was married at age 41. Mary is 3 years 8 months. --24 Apr 1930 N Bonners Ferry ID, ED13 p9B
Obituary and additional family information.

St Thomas:
Mary F'45

non-grad; Lived 919 N 8th (1940, 8th grade). Born 24 Sep 1926 to Harry & Agnes (WETSCH) SLOMINSKI, who married 22 Dec 1927 in Kitsap Co WA. Brother of Ramona (b 30 Sep 1929) & Valeria (b 12 Sep 1928)('46) and Veronica (b 15 Jul 1934) SLOMINSKI. The kids were all born in Washington, but lived in Billings (1935) and Miles City (1940). All probably boarding with a local family in 1940, in a small apartment.

STRAIGHT Arleta (Mary) Jean

Lived 311 N 16th (1940). Came to IHM from Post Falls HS in 1942. Born 22 Oct 1927 to William Otis Jr & Margaret Lucille MYRICK) STRAIGHT. Sister of Carol('46), Donna ('49), William O III (b 24 Jul 1926) ('46) and Jean ('48) STRAIGHT.

Wm O(dad)
Wm III(bro)
TUNNELL James Harold

non-grad (entered military 1945), but made it into the 1945 yearbook. Lived 412 Montana (1940, 8th grade). Born 13 Sep 1926 in Henryetta OK to William Lewis and Ella Sarah (WADE) TUNNELL.
Brother of Grace Lorraine TUNNELL, born 29 Aug 1928, who also attended IHM in 7th & 8th grades, 1941-43, and married Robert V SHERMAN (b 30 Nov 1927, Cd'A) at Cd'A on 1 Oct 1947. They still live in Cd'A (1992, 2015).
Another brother, William D, 1924-2007, is not listed as a student, and enlisted on 17 Feb 1943 as a private, with 2 years of HS. James enlisted in the Army on 1 Oct 1945 as a PFC, with 4 years of HS, and died 26 Oct 1946 at Ft Lewis.
Their father, William L, died 29 Dec 1940 of poison. James and his dad are buried in St Thomas. The others are buried in Riverview.

St Thomas:
William L

William D


non-grad; attended 8th grade (1940-41). Lived 811 7th. Born 29 Apr 1927 to G R & --- WILLOUGHBY. G R was a radio operator at the airport.

WOZNY James Anthony

non-grad; Lived 921 N 7th (1940, 8th grade). Born 6 Feb 1927 at Alliance NE to Sylvester S & Cecilia (MICEK) WOZNY. Attended grades 4-8, perhaps more. Died 12 Apr 1994 in Yuma AZ. He was in the Academy grades 4-to-8, ending in 1941. He was corporal in the US Army, in Korea 1950-52. He married 12 Sep 1953 to Cora HOWERTON (CHS'53), in Cd'A. Brother of Patricia'43, b 4 Mar 1925, who attended grades 5-12, in 1935+, died 2018 Indiana (bur Iowa).

James '45 St Thomas:
Cecilia (mom)
Pat (sister)

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