Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1920

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  13 Nov 2020
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Transcribed list of Four priests, nine nuns, three staff from January 1920 census; no resident (boarding) students listed.

COX Romilda M

Born 14 Feb 1901 in Norway City, Michigan to Patrick (c1857 CAN, lumberman) and Emma (GORMAN) COX. Sister of Loretta'12 and Kootenai County Sheriff Walter J COX (1894-1965). See More Family Information. Aunt of Pauline('48) & Thomas '43 COX.
Romilda married 8 Feb 1928 at St Thomas to Roy Earl LARSEN.
In 1930, Romilda 29, and husband Roy LARSEN (34 WA, parents b MA; clothing store salesman), have been married 3 years and are renting ($32.50/mo) Apt 212 at the Cypress St Apts in Wallace. They have a radio, and two children: Betty 2, and Jack 6mo. --7 Apr 1930 Wallace, Shoshone ID, ED25 p6A [236].
About 1936, the family moved to Seattle, where Roy managed a shoe store. By 1940, they rented an apartment at 415 Melrose Avee N, Seattle, and had four children: Jeanne (Betty?), Jack, Helen 6 ID, & James 3 WA.
Romilda died 27 Nov 1981 in Seattle. Roy E LARSEN, born 22 May 1902, died 12 Oct 1972 in Seattle. --SSDI. There are a number of discrepancies about Roy, from his age (34 in 1930, but only 7 in 1910; born 1901 on gravestone, but 1902 on SSDI) to his parents birthplace (Denmark or Massachusetts), to the number of years married (first child born around time of church wedding). These may be related to being seen as older than Romilda.

FEIL Johanna Mary

Born 18 Sep 1900 in Missoula MT to Charles FEIL (1870 GER-1919 ID) and Margaret F O'NEIL (1870 MN - 1951 ID). Sister of Elsa M '26, b c Oct 1908 ID. Johanna married 8 Nov 1921 at St Thomas to George Edward BUTLER, born 13 Jan 1899 in Rathdrum, died 16 Feb 1935 at Cd'A.
Mother of Margaret M'42, Mary Jo'48 & Glenn '49 BUTLER.
Johanna married 21 Sep 1954 at Cd'A to (#2) Andrew F TAFTE, (1879-1967). Johanna died 18 Dec 1978 and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. See FEIL, BUTLER family history for obituary and more links.

St Thomas:

Mtn View, Athol:
George E


GROVES Mary Magdlyn

born 16 Aug 1899 ID. Family information. Married 2 Sep 1920 at St Thomas church to Harry O PETERS, son of J W PETERS. Mary died 27 May 1935 at Lewiston ID. Harry died Dec 1970 at Lewiston. One child, Helen Maria PETERS, born 28 Jul 1921, who studied nursing at Sacred Heart. --1930 census, Lewiston Helen married [1] --- LIEBERSON, [2] --- OLSON, and died 10 Jun 1994 in Orange County CA.

St Thomas:
Mary '20

Normal Hill:
Harry O

JOHNSON Elizabeth R

born 3 Oct 1898 in Wisconsin to James & Annie JOHNSON. Sister of Margaret'16 and Aurelia '23 JOHNSON.
In 1910 & 1920, Elizabeth lived with her parents, brothers & sisters in Cd'A. More family information.
In 1930, she was living in her parents home, 816 Indiana, along with sister Aurelia '23. James, 70, woods laborer, born in French Canada, immigrated 1879. Annie, 62, born English Canada, immigrated 1888. Married ages 32/22. --7 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED11 p5A
In 1940, Elizabeth still lived with her parents, at 816 Indiana. She was a clerk in the Kootenai County Assessor's office (1938). (Aurelia married in 1932.)
By 1952, there is no evidence of Elizabeth or her parents in Cd'A. Elizabeth died 13 Oct 2002 in Mountlake Terrace WA. She is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Elizabeth, age 104, passed away on 13 October 2002 at Columbia Lutheran Home. She was born 3 October 1898 in Washburn, Wisconsin, the fourth of six children born to James and Annie JOHNSON. Elizabeth grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, graduated from IHM Academy, and then attended business school in Spokane. She became a bookkeeper, and held several jobs in Coeur d'Alene, before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she continued her career as a bookkeeper. When she retired, she moved to Seattle to be near family. Her life spanned three centuries, and she had many wonderful and amusing stories to tell about her early life, especially in Coeur d'Alene. She was treasured by her family and friends, and will be very much missed. Elizabeth is survived by her nephew, Joseph WINKLER, Gallup NM, niece Elizabeth (Eugene) ADAMS, Mountlake Terrace, six great-nephews and nieces and one great-great nephew. There will be a Memorial Mass at St Pius Catholic Church, Mountlake Terrace, on Saturday 16 November, followed by a Gathering at the home of Elizabeth ADAMS.
—Published in The Seattle Times on 22 Oct 2002

St Thomas:


Forest cemetery:
Anna A 1871-1953

KILDEA Veda Douglas

Sr Davidica, IHM — professed 15 Aug 1924, died 19 Mar 1982, buried in St Catherine Cemetery, Moscow PA. See obituary.
Born 17 May 1904 (or 1901) in Canada to Charles Henry and Mary Jane (DUTTON) KILDEA.
In 1910, the family lived at 1307 Sherman Ave, and comprised: Charles H, 36 CAN, agent -----; Mary, 36 CAN, married 13 years, 3 births, 2 living; children Veda Douglas, 8 CAN, and Alphonsus P, 4 WA. --23 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p16A.
On 12 Sep 1918, Charles Henry KILDEA, age 45, registered for the draft in Okanogan WA. He is a naturalized citizen, born 11 Dec 1872, with medium height & build, blue eyes, black hair. He is the innkeeper at the Bureau Hotel, and Mary KILDEA is his nearest relative.
In 1920, the family lived in Okanogan, where Charles runs a hotel. The family comprised: Charles H, 46, immigrated 1897, naturalized 1905; Mary, 49, immigrated 1898, naturalized 1905; Veda 18 CAN, immigrated 1901, naturalized 1905; (Alphonsus) Patrick, 13 WA; Harvey J('28), 9 ID. --5Jan 1920 Okanogan WA, ED94 p2A, First Ave. Harvey J, ("Jack" son of C J, lived Okanogan), attended the Academy from 1918 to 1924, grades 2-8. There is a note that he left in Jan 1923 (7th grade) to move to Deer Lodge MT, but then he was back for 8th grade.
In 1930, Charles H, 50, Hotelman; Mary 50, and son Harvey J('28), age 19 are living in San Jose CA. --19 Apr 1930, San Jose, Santa Clara county CA, ED40 p24B, "The Stratford".
In 1930, Veda, 28, is at Marywood, along with her cousin, Margaret HEALY '19, and Bessie MacMILLAN '18. --12 Apr 1930, Dunmore, Lackawanna PA, ED136 p3A [44].
Charles KILDEA, age 71 (born 11 Dec 1871), died in Spokane 11 Aug 1943, and is buried in St Joseph Cemetery, along with his wife and two sons. Mary Jane (DUTTON) KILDEA, age 81 (born 1869) died in Spokane 6 Oct 1948.

Veda '20

St Joseph, Trentwood:
Charles H
Mary Jane



LeQUIME Agnes Cecelia

Born 7 Aug 1902 (in WA or ID) to Leon Joseph LEQUIME (15 Sep 1870 CAN - 15 Apr 1935 ID and Delphine Mary CHRISTIEN (Apr 1875 CAN - May 1958 ID), who emigrated Canada in 1896, and were naturalized in 1901. They married 5 Apr 1893 in Okanagan Landing, BC CAN.
In 1900, the LeQUIME family lived at 89 F St, Lewiston ID, and comprised: Leon J, 29 CAN (Eng), b Jul 1870, immigrated 1896, alien status, owns home, no mtge, bookkeeper, married 7 years; Delphine M, 25 CAN (Eng), b April 1875, 1 birth/living; child Aida, 6 CAN (Eng), born 30 Dec 1873 in BC. —14 Jun 1900, West Lewiston, ID, ED87 p12A [124].
In 1910, the LeQUIME family remained in Lewiston, and comprised: Leon J, 39 CAN (English), married 17 years, commercial traveler for Oil Co; Delphine, 35 CAN (English), 2 births/living; Aida, 16 CAN (English), in school; Agnes, 7 ID, in school. —18 Apr 1910 Lewiston, Nez Perce, ID, ED224, p4A.
In 1920, the LeQUIME family lived at 115 Jefferson St (owned, no mtge), Lewiston, and comprised: Leon J, 48 CAN (French), parents b France, commercial traveler for Oil Co, naturalized 1901; Delphine, 44 CAN (French), naturalized 1901; Aida, 26 CAN (French), music teacher; Agnes, 17 WA, in school. —16 Jan 1920, Lewiston ID, ward 3, ED148 p17B.
Agnes married Edward Royal HAWKINS on 2 May 1922 at St Stanislaus church, Lewiston ID. Edward was born 10 Mar 1898 in Des Moines IA to Charles Augustus HAWKINS and Ellen Mary GARVEY. Ed died Christmas Day 1945, in Los Angeles Co CA. They had 10 children born between 1923 and 1940. Family not yet found in 1930 census; probably in Lewiston.
In 1930, M/M LeQUIME lived at 619 6th Ave, Lewiston: Leon J, 59 CAN, Service Station salesman, not a veteran; and Delphine, 54 CAN. --3 Apr 1930 Lewiston ID, ED15 p1B.
Agnes' only sibling, Aida (30 Dec 1875 CAN -8 Aug 1979 WA ) married Nelson E LYTLE (29 Sep 1895-3 Jul 1973) at Lewiston on 1 Aug 1925. Aida & Nelson died in Bremerton, Kitsap, WA.
Agnes died 3 Nov 1990 in Downey, Los Angeles, California.

L A Nat'l:

Ed Hawkins

Normal Hill, Lewiston:


McDONALD Elizabeth Ann "Bessie"

Born c1901 in Washburn, Bayfield WI to Alexander B and Catherine Ann (CHISOLM) McDONALD. Married 21 Apr 1936 in Aberdeen WA to Douglas Edward STANLEY (born c1897 Brainard MN, died 1963 Lane County, Oregon). Elizabeth died 4 May 1967 in Lane County, Oregon.
In 1940, Bessie and Douglas, and son Terrance (bb 1937, d 1999), lived in Aberdeen WA.

Family information:

In 1900, Alexander McDONALD, b Mar 1862 CAN, age 38, immigrated 1884, married 8 years, both parents b Scotland, is a crane operator, boarding in Sault Ste Marie. --11 Jun 1900 Chippewa Co MI, ED20 p16B This may not be the right Alexander, and Catherine and son John are difficult to identify with confidence.
In 1910, the family owned & lived at 1215 Front St, Cd'A, and comprised: Alexander D, 48 CAN, lumber camp foreman, naturalized; Catherine 48 CAN (both immigrated 1882, 2 births/living; John A, 14 WI, in school; Elizabeth, 9 WI; and Anna CHISOLM, sister in law, single. --29 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p23B.
In 1920, the family remained intact at the same home, and comprised: Alexander, 59 CAN, woods foreman, immig 1884, naturalized 1911; Katherine, 58 CAN, immig 1882, naturalized 1911; John, 24 WI, lumber co bookkeeper; Elizabeth, 18 WI, in school; and Anna CHISOLM, sister-in-law, 67 CAN, single, immig 1880, naturalized. --6 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED206 p6B
Anna CHISHOLM, born 27 Aug 1855, died 27 Jul 1924 at (St Hospital North?) Orofino ID, age 65, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. Another listing of her death, with different certificate #.
In 1930, the family remained intact at the same home, and comprised: Alexander & Catherine, both 68, married 33 years; Alex immigrated 1885 from Canada, parents b Scotland; Alex owns his home ($3000), a radio, and an oil station; John A, 32 WI, is a laborer in the Potlatch lumber mill; Bessie, 27 WI, is a steno in an accounting office. --5 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED12 p6A [43]
In 1940, widow Catherine was living in a "private nursing home for elderly folks" at 1069 First Ave, Cd'A.
Alexander (6 Aug 1861 - 29 Mar 1933) and Catherine ( 18 Oct 1867 - 2 Jan 1941) are buried in St Thomas cemetery. Census records suggest Catherine was born in 1862, not 1867.
Son's obituary: from San Ramon Valley Times (CA) - Thursday, November 25, 1999 -- born July 9, 1937 died Nov 12, 1999. Terrance Stanley, a drug and alcohol counselor with the Salvation Army for 15 years, died at Veterans Hospital in Livermore from lung cancer. He was 62. The native of Aberdeen WA, lived in Stockton for 15 years before moving to Livermore four months ago. Hobbies: Reading, listening to Bach and Sinatra. Military: Air Force. Survivors: Friends, Ramon and Kathy Tatro, both of Stockton.
Bessie '20


St Thomas:


born 1902 to Patrick (1862-1926) & Anna Mary (ANDERSON)(1863-1910) McGOVERN. Martha died 5 July 1926, and is buried with most of the family in St Thomas Cemetery.
In 1900, the family was in Wallace, (listed as McGOWAN): Patrick, b Mar 1862 IRL, ?Lead? miner, married 17 years; Anna b Jul 1863 IRL, 5 births/4 living; Nellie b Feb 1891; Frances (daughter, female) b Jul 1892; Rose b Oct 1896; and John b Mar 1898. --11 Jun 1900 Wallace, Shoshone ID, ED107 p9A [117].
In 1910, Martha, age 8, is the youngest child of Patrick F (49 Ireland, immig 1878, policeman) and Anna (47 Ireland, immig 1880, marr age 22, 7 births, 5 living) McGOVERN, living at 416 6th St, Cd'A. Siblings, all born ID, include Nellie (19, stenographer; died 1939), Frank (son, 17 clerk/salesman), Rose 18, and John 11. --16 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p31B
In 1920, Patrick appears to be separated from the family, serving as a bridge watchman for the SPRR in Grafton CA. --2 Jan 1920 Yolo Co CA, ED226 p3B and p2A [152] He also appears with the family, as a US Gov't deputy, still living at 416 6th St. Frank/Francis died in 1914. --9 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED206 p10B
In 1930, Rose (37) was in Spokane, single, claiming age 27, working as a bank typist. Rose Ann (McGOVERN) LYDSTON died 3 Dec 1953 in Union County, Oregon. She married Griff Charles LYDSTON, born 17 Oct 1899 (probably in Midvale, Washington County,) Idaho to Charles Sylvester & Florence Milton (KIETHLY) LYDSTON. Griff died in 1964 in Butte MT, buried in Midvale ID.

St Thomas:
Anna M
Rose Ann

Midvale ID:

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