Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1943

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  23 Je 2022
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BACON Juanita M

Born 26 Jul 1925 to William Henry (1901 OR -1961 CA) and Loretta M (JEANNERET) BACON, who married in Spokane on 20 May 1924 Loretta and her siblings attended the Academy 1919 through the 1930's; none graduated. Loretta was promoted from 6th to 8th grade in 1921. Probably related to Ronald('66) LUND.
In 1930, the Juanita and parents lived in Pinehurst, Snohomish WA.
In 1940, the family lived in Cd'A with grandmother Alice JEANNERET, at 101 Walnut. William Sr was a millright. In 1942, he registered for the draft, and listed Juanita as "next of kin". He died 10 Feb 1961 near San Diego CA.
Loretta apparently left Mr BACON, and married --- HAMBLIN. She died 9 June 2012. Juanita's brother, William Joseph (1933-2012) died in Lubbock TX.
Juanita joined the US Cadet Nurse Corps and trained at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, from Oct 1944 to Dec 1945. Married Robert E ROBINSON.

BJORNBERG (Anna) Margaret

Born 15 Nov 1924 in Minnesota to Carl David Ferdinand "Fred" and Mary Eva Frances (JOSE) BJORNBERG. Lived in High Forest MN (1930), and Blackfoot ID in 1940. Married Robert T MULLENIX on 30 May 1944 at Superior MT. Married John H FRANKLIN on 19 Oct 1963 in Los Angeles, and died 6 May 1964 in Ventura CA. Also see other California BJORNBERG deaths.
Sibling of Arthur Richard BJORNBERG, b 16 Oct 1929, attended IHM for 8th grade in 1942-43, and Hulda BJORNBERG, b 17 Jan 1930, who attended 1942-43. the family lived in Rathdrum (1942), then moved to Portland.

BRAUNE Anna Rose

Born 24 Jan 1925 to Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE (b 1879 Germany) and Genevieve GARVEY (b 1876 Canada). Siblings: John'40, Catherine'38, Edmund'45, Genevieve'34, Mary'29, Paul '32 and Virginia'36 BRAUNE. Cousin of at least eight GARVEY graduates, and several CHASE, McFARLAND and HAGEN graduates. More family information.
Anna died 15 Apr 1959 in Los Angeles, California. Buried with her sister, Catherine'38.

Long Beach CA:
BRUGO Fern Theresa

Born 14 Nov 1924 in Nevada to Pasquale and Eliza BRUGO. Married Alfred Norman GROPP (1918-1966) on 6 Jan 1951 in Grant Co WA. Married #2 James H GORMAN (1919-1995) on 9 Sep 1961, same place. Fern died 24 May 2009 in Ellensburg WA, buried in Spring Canyon Cemetery, Lincoln county WA.

COX Thomas Patrick

Born to Walter James and Mabel I (QUARLES) COX. In 1940-1960, the family lived at 819 Boyd, Cd'A. Walt was a Kootenai County Sheriff, died 1965, buried St Thomas cemetery. Tom is a nephew of Loretta'12 and Romilda'20 COX. Brother of Pauline('48) COX. See more COX family information.
Tom attended Seattle U and Gonzaga. He served in the US Navy during WWII and the Korean War and as a US Coast Guard Merchant Marine. He moved to Alaska in 1967 and worked for Pepsi-Cola for 33 years until retiring in 1989. He married Lorraine --- and had 4 daughters. See obituary.

DAWSON Catherine Ann

Born 13 Dec 1925 to Earl '16 & Gertrude (GROVES '18) DAWSON. Niece of Royal '18 DAWSON. Sister of Fr George CSsR, Mary '47, Bill '51 & Joe '59 DAWSON. Married Thomas Henry JACOBSON; they are parents of Patrick ('66), Rick '67, Judy '69 & Dan '71 JACOBSON. See More DAWSON family information. Also see More GROVES family information.

St Thomas:
Marg. Eller

Born 2 Aug 1925 in Portland OR to Blanche DALLIER and ?? DELMAR. Margaret married her "high school sweetheart", Earl '42 ELLER. Earl '42 died in 1962, and Marguerite reared their six children in Burien WA. She died 9 Dec 2004 in White Center WA.
In 1900, the DALLIER family lived in Jamestown ND, and comprised: Frank (b Dec 1857 NY, parents b France) 45, farmer, married 12 years; Elizabeth 37 (b May 1863 ND, parents b MI), 5 births & living; Willard, 17 ND (b Jun 1883); Frank W, 10 ND (b Jun 1889); Jessey, 8 ND (b Aug 1891); Blanche, 6 ND (b Nov 1893); Lucele, 1 ND (b Mar 1899). --1 Jun 1900 Stutsman Co ND, ED179 p1A [268].
In 1910, the DALLIER family lived in Jamestown ND, and comprised: Frank 57 NY (parents b Canada), RR switchman, second marriage; Elizabeth, 46 MI (parents b Ireland), 5 births, 4 living; Frank, 21 ND, RR brakeman; Bessie, 19 ND, teacher; Blanche, 17 ND; Lois, 4 ND. No mention of eldest son Willard, or daughter Lucele. --22 Apr 1910 Stutsman Co ND, ED224 p4A.
In 1920, Blanche DALLIER was a school teacher in ND, and lived with her sister, Lois 14, and their parents, Frank (61 NY (parents b France, Canada), a switchman on the NPRR) and Elizabeth (54 MI (parents b Ireland & CT) ) DALLIER in Jamestown ND. --2 Jan 1920, Stutsman County ND, ED238 p5A&B.
In 1930, Margaret DELMAR was listed as a lodger in the home of Hattie WILBY, a nurse who operated a child nursery in her home at 926 Easy St, Portland. Her mother, Blanche, may have been attending USC, where she took a degree in 1932.
Blanche DALLIER was a school teacher, and eventually married a Washington State legislator, Tom Kelly, in the 1950's.
See Earl's listing for more family information.
See a delightful obituary memorial about Margaret (Marguerite) in The Seattle Times, Christmas 2004.

GARVEY Colleen Frances

Born to William J and Laura (SECAUR) GARVEY. Sister of Frances'44, Kathleen'46, Bernita?'49?, Mary ?'52?, Rita'48 & Joan'54 GARVEY. Cousin of Catherine'55, Eddie, Lucille ('58), Eleanor'61 & Gerald'64 GARVEY. class secretary 12. Married James Robert CHASE on 18 July 1948 at St Thomas. Mother of Diane'67, Connie'68, Michael('69), and Tim (1966-2017) CHASE.
James (1925-2018)died 6 Oct 2018 in Cd'A. Colleen died 19 June 2022.

St Thomas:
GUIMOND James Francis

class treasurer 12; b 4 Jul 1925 Cd'A to William J & Lola E (SHIELS) GUIMOND. Lived 821 Cd'A Avenue (1938). Married 7 Sep 1947 at St Thomas to Mary Ellen '45 MILLER. Tacher and head coach at Rose Lake HS (1948). Teacher at Cd'A Jr High, and lived at 705 Indiana (1954). Died 29 Jan 1996. Brother of John '33 & Bill '38 GUIMOND. Uncle of Bill '55, and father of Lola '69 GUIMOND. More family information.

MONAGHAN William Leroy

Born 25 Nov 1925 in Idaho to Patrick A & Selah May "Helen" (ERNSBERGER) MONAGHAN; Married 2 Jun 1947 to Alice Lucille BOLICH. Uncle of Patrick '66, Father of Bill ('66), Lynda ('67) and Michael ('70) Monaghan, Attended IHM 1932-1939, did not graduate. Moved to Hood River area by 1940. Draft card indicates birth on 21 Nov 1924. Enlised in military 23 June 1943 at Portland.

Alice (wife)
Pat (dad)
Selah (mom)
PETERS John D "Jack"

class vice-president 12. Born 20 Jul 1925 ID to Jack S (b c1898 IA, parents b Scotland, lumber grader) and Alice C (COLES b c1900 MN) PETERS. Brother of Mary Alice '47 and Dennie '55 PETERS. Jack S and Alice married on 16 Sep 1924, at Post Falls.
In 1930, Jack & Mary A lived on 8th St in Post Falls with their parents, and an adopted brother, Edward P PETERS, 14, probably a relative of Jack S. --5 Apr 1930, Post Falls, ED46, p4B.
Jack died 16 Oct 1997, Sandy Oregon. In the 1970's, he served as Asst Superintendent of Schools in Coos Bay, Oregon (under Supt Jack '42 CROWLEY), and then (1980's) as Superintendent of Schools in Sandy, Oregon.
OBITUARY: No service will be held for John D "Jack" Peters, who died 16 Oct 1997, at age 72. Mr Peters was born July 20, 1925, in Post Falls, Idaho. He served in the US Army Air Forces during World War II and was a prisoner of war. He attended the University of Idaho and the University of Washington and earned a doctorate in education in 1971. He taught in elementary schools beginning in 1948. He was assistant superintendent of schools in Coos Bay from 1969 to 1976, superintendent of the Sandy High School District from 1976 to 1983 and superintendent and principal of the Butte Creek School District until retiring in 1989. Survivors include his wife of 49 years, Loretta E; son, John D Jr of Eugene; daughter, Marsha Johnson of Portland; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. — Oregonian — Sunday, 19 Oct 1997.

PISCHNER Irvina Rose

Born 8 Dec 1924 to Irvin G and Beatrice Mildred (CORNELL) PISCHNER, married 23 Dec 1920 at Spokane. In 1930, the family lived in Cd'A on N 4th St, near Best. In 1934, Beatrice (now divorced) married #2 Roy Silas HART in Spokane. In 1940, Irvin G and the children lived at 1418 Third St, Cd'A. In 1943 Rose joined the US Cadet Nurse Corps and trained at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, from Jun 1943 to Feb 1945. Married 9 Feb 1945 at Spokane to Kenneth W LEWIS. Lived Mullan ID. Irvina died in Nov 1968.

QUINN Winnifred Ann

class president 12. Born 13 Oct 1925 in Clear Lake WA to Joseph William and Winnifred (GRADY) QUINN. Lived Post Falls. Graduated from Sacred Heart School of Nursing in 1947. Married Thomas Arthur BRADD (1916-1982), lived Salem Oregon, had 8 children. Died 16 Aug 2014 in Salem. Sister of Mary M '41 QUINN, aunt of Robert'67 & Maureen'71 MacDONALD. More family information.

Salem OR:
WOZNY Patricia H

Born 4 Mar 1925 in Nebraska to Sylvester S and Celia L (MICEK) WOZNY. Enrolled at the Academy in grade 5 (Sept 1935).
Siblings: Adelyn, Raymond and James WOZNY.
In 1930, the family lived in Haynes, Morrill, Nebraska.
In 1940, the family lived at 921 N 7th, Cd'A.
In 1942, Patricia and Raymond witnessed the wedding of Adelyn to John SCHROEDL, in Seattle.
In 1945 Pat joined the US Cadet Nurse Corps and trained at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, from February to October 1945. She reported living in Portland OR. She married Harold W STAUFFER (1923-1995), lived in Cedar Point Iowa in 1996. Patricia Wozny Stauffer lived in CDA until February 2017 and then died at the age of 93 on Halloween 2018 in Franklin, Indiana. She is buried with her husband in the Center Point, Iowa town cemetery See full obituary.
James Anthony WOZNY, b 6 Feb 1927 in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, died 12 Apr 1994 in Spokane. He was in the Academy grades 4-to-8, ending in 1941. He was corporal in the US Army, in Korea 1950-52. He married 12 Sep 1953 to Cora HOWERTON, in Cd'A.
Adelyn, born 18 Sep 1917, did not attend the Academy. She married (see above) John Fred SCHROEDL. Adelyn died 10 Oct 2013.

St Thomas:
Vancouver WA:

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