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  7 July 2020
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Born 1911 Cd'A to Paul BRAUNE (born 1879 Germany to Adolph & Anna (BIERMAN) BRAUNE) and Genevieve GARVEY (b 1886 Canada). Siblings: Anna Rose'43, Catherine'38, Genevieve'34, John'40, Edmund'45, Paul'32 and Virginia'36 BRAUNE. Cousins: at least eight GARVEY graduates or students 1943-1964, several CHASE, HAGEN, McFARLAND graduates.
Married Charles M FARRELL (1911-2000). Mary died in 1988. Both are buried in St Augustine FL.
In 1900, Geneviva GARVEY, b 22 Oct 1886 Canada, was living with her widowed mother, Mrs William (Fannie) GARVEY, and a sister, 2 brothers and a cousin, in Dickinson County, Michigan. The family immigrated in 1898 from French Canada. —18 Jun 1900 Breitung Twp ED53 p8A. Paul BRAUNE, b Aug 1879 Germany, immigrated 1897, was serving as a private in Co G, 23rd Infantry, US Army, at Jolo, Philippines (1 July). He is also counted with his widowed mother, Marie, at 1614 2nd Ave, Manhattan NYC (11 June), showing the same immigration info, but claiming born Jan 1872 Germany.
In 1910, Genevieve GARVEY, 25 Canada, "bachelor maid", was listed as a single farmer / homesteader in Prairie precinct, owning the farm without mortgage. —9 May 1910, Kootenai Co ID, ED171, p13B . She married Paul BRAUNE on 9 Nov 1910 at Cd'A.
In 1918, Paul Gerhardt BRAUNE, born 18 May 1879, registered for the draft (18 Sep 1918), lived in Harrison ID, and was a grocery clerk for Walter PAULSEN. Paul was 39, a naturalized citizen, tall, slender, with blue eyes and brown hair. Genevieve BRAUNE, wife.
In 1920, Paul BRAUNE, age 40 born Germany, immigrated 1895, naturalized 1912, owns 420 Montana Ave, and was a bookkeeper at a lumber mill. Genevieve is 33. children: Mary 8; Paul J 6; Genevieve 4; Virginia 1yr 7mo. —2 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 3 ED205 p1B, Ella P HEALY, enumerator (mother of Ellen'25 & William'30 HEALY).
In 1930, The family owned 420 Montana Avenue, Cd'A: Paul BRAUNE, 51 born Germany (parents too), logger, immigrated 1895, naturalized citizen; Genevieve, 44 CAN, parents b Germany, immigrated 1892; 8 children, all b Idaho: Mary E'29 (age 18); Paul'32 (17); Genevieve'34 (14); Virginia'36 (11); Catherine'38 (9); John M'40 (7); Edna Rose [Anna Rose'43] (5); and Edmund'45 (2). —21 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 3 ED14 p1B;
Paul BRAUNE died 26 Aug 1954 in Los Angeles CA. Genevieve died there on 5 Dec 1953.

San Lorenzo cem:
All Souls, Long Beach:
BRODERICK Justin J "Jud"

brother of Darrell'24 (more family information). Born 5 Jul 1910 ID to Patrick & Nellie BRODERICK. Died 26 Mar 1995 Cd'A. Obituary.
Married [1] on 5 July 1938 at St Thomas, Cd'A, to Mary WARE, born 25 Dec 1909, died Dec 1980. Parents of John J'59 BRODERICK, who married Mary Beth'60 CROWLEY.
Married [2] Vera I (CRISSEY ?BOWERSOX?) [MacDONALD, WAKEFIELD] (1903-1997) in 1981. Vera's obituary.

DEJA Marian

Born 3 Aug 1911 in Wisconsin to Louis and Hattie (SCZESNIAK) DEJA. Sister of Flora'27 DEJA. Married Chester E HENNING, barber, of Livingston MT. In 1931, they appear together in Livingston MT. In 1935 & 1940, in Santa ID (Renfro Ck Rd), they are living together, listed as "single"; he's a woodsman, she's a school teacher. Chester died 1984, Marian died 5 Oct 1988 at Santa ID.
See More family information.

St Maries:
FAIRES Frederick Fallon

Born Frederick Fallon FAIRES on 3 Feb 1912 in Spokane, to Dwight Moody & Alice Madeline (FALLON) FAIRES.—WABI They had no other children. Fred died 21 Feb 1965.
Dwight M FAIRES, b 12 Jan 1880 in Howard county, Missouri, married in Nov 1910 at Spokane to Alice M FALLON, born 31 Jul 1881 in Wisconsin to Martin J (from Ireland) and Mary (FOLEY) FALLON (of MA). Dwight worked as a civil engineer. In 1918, he registered for the draft in Wallace ID, where he worked for the city, and lived at 103 Bank St.
In 1920, Fred, age 7, lived with his parents at 1122 Jefferson, Boise ID. Dwight was a state highway engineer.
In 1930, Fred, 18, lived with his parents at 513 Lakeside, Cd'A.
Alice M (FALLON) FAIRES died 23 Feb 1952 in Boise.

FAIRES family history
Dwight's parents were Samuel H FAIRES, born Jul 1832 in OH, and Margaret A CALVERT, born Feb 1837 in Ohio.
In 1850, Samuel, 17 OH, and brothers Cyrus 14 and Benjamin 12, are living with Henry and Eleanor RAIRDIN and two children in Wesley twp, Washington Co OH. This is probably their mother and step-father, re-married after the death of Henry FAIRES.
Samuel FAIRES and Margaret CALVERT married 29 Dec 1859, probably in Athens Co OH, where they appear a few months later in the 1860 census.
In 1870, Samuel & Margaret and two sons are living between the CALVERTS in Andrew Co MO.
In 1880, the family of nine, including Dwight, 5 months, lived and farmed in Chariton twp, Howard Co MO. On 4 Feb 1887, the estate of Talton TURNER released a deed to Samuel H FARRIS, for $1819, in Howard Co MO.
In 1900, the family still lived in Chariton, and comprised Dwight, both parents, and siblings.
In 1910, I did not find any of the family. Dwight married in November 1910 in Spokane.
Samuel H FAIRES was the son of Henry FAIRES (1799-c1839) and Elinore VORE. Henry was born 26 March 1799 in Washington Co OH to John and Jane (HAGERMAN) FAIRES. He married Elinor VORE in Guernsey Co OH on 31 March 1826. His brother, David, married Sarah VORE on 18 July 1815. Henry apparently died young, about 1839, leaving 3 sons (including Samuel H) and a daughter. See more ancestors and family information at WorldConnect project (2009).
Morris Hill, Boise:
HALL Annette Rose

Born c1902 in Spokane to Fred E & Marie () HALL. Sister of Verrall'28 HALL. Lived Spokane (with parents, 1920, 1930), Seattle (1940, with mother). Married 15 Jan 1944 to Hugh Gray WEBSTER, with her sister and husband as witnesses. Annette died 28 May 1967 in King County WA. Hugh, born 24 Jun 1910 at Seattle, died 22 Oct 1986 at Seattle.
Fred was born 16 Sep 1889 or 1890 in Chicago, Illinois, and worked 2 years in the IL Naval Reserve, then as a shift foreman for Newport Turpentine (1917 Bay Minette AL); as a baker (1920 Spokane), garage mechanic (1930), restaurant cook (1940 Spokane). By 1942, he was back with Newport Turpentine in Dequincy LA with new wife Mary Irene (CARROLL) HALL. He retired as Newport's personnel director, and died in Dallas TX on 29 Sept 1971. While the reported birthdates of Fred HALL are exactly 1 year apart, there are unanswered questions: is he the father or step-father of Verall and Annette? Why did he come to the PNW between stints in AL/LA? Or are there two Freds?
Marie was born c1888 in Scotland to George & Margaret (THOMPSON) FARQUHARSON. She married (1) --- SMITH, immigrated 1910, was naturalized 1916, and (claiming widowed) married (2) Fred HALL on 16 July 1916 at Spokane (second marriage for both; Fred divorced). In 1940 census at Spokane, with Fred, and also in Seattle, with daughters, as a Lodginghouse manager. Annette was a secretary for a wholesale oil company in Seattle (1940).

HARVEY Kenneth Lloyd

Born 1 Oct 1910 in Washburn WI to Joseph Sidney (1884-1965) and Lucille Jane (LEGACY) HARVEY. Brother of Mabel'31 HARVEY. Married 1 Dec 1933 at St Thomas to Ella SIMS, b 1913 OK (or AR) to Walter & Margaret (SWEENEY) SIMS. Kenneth died Oct 1960. Ella died 1989. Both buried in Hobbs NM.
In 1900, Joseph HARVEY lives with his father, stepmother and siblings in Johns River, Caldwell Co NC. The family comprised: James B HARVEY, age 47, b July 1852 in England (parents b Ireland), immig 1860, lumberman, married (#2) 7 years; May HARVEY, wife, b Apr 1874 NC, age 26, 3 births, 2 living children; Joseph S, son, 16, b Feb 1884 MI; William H, son, 14, b Aug 1885 MI; Lizabeth, dau, 5, b Jul 1894 NC; Henry P, son, b Dec 1895 NC; John B, son, b Aug 1897 NC. —18 Jun 1900 Caldwell Co NC, ED23 p10B.
In 1910, Joseph (26 MI) and Lucy (20 MI) HARVEY, married one year, lived in Washburn, Bayfield Co WI. They both reported their fathers were b in Ireland, mothers in Germany. Also in the HH was Joseph's brother, William, 24 MI. Both brothers are cooks in lumber camps. —30 Apr 1910, Washburn WI, ward 5, ED37 p10A.
In 1918, Joseph Sidney HARVEY, age 34, born 18 Feb 1884, registered for the draft in WW1. He and Lucille lived at Box 14, Rt 1, Washburn WI. Joseph was short, medium build, with blue eyes and dark hair. His brother, William Henry HARVEY, b 2 Aug 1885, also had blue eyes, black hair, a farm, a wife, and 3 missing fingers on his left hand. He lived at Box 21, RFD Rt 1. —12 Sep 1918, Bayfield Co WI. Possibly related to Ralph Anderson HARVEY, b 22 May 1888 in Illinois, living in Bayfield WI on 5 Jun 1917; and Alonzo Chester HARVEY, b 25 Aug 1898, with blue eyes, dark hair, related to Scott H HARVEY.
In 1920, the family lived in St Maries ID, and comprised: Joseph HARVEY, 36 MI (parents b Ireland), woods cook; Lucile J, 29 WI; Lloyd '29, son, 9 WI; Mabel E'31, 7 WI; Lucile M, dau, 5 WI; Frank J, son, 3 WI. —8 Jan 1920, Shoshone Co ID, ED161 p1B.
In 1930, the family lived on Davidson St, Cd'A, and comprised: Joseph HARVEY, 47 MI, restaurant cook, owns home, value $800, no radio, no military service, married age 21; Lucille, wife, 38 WI, married age 18; Mabel E'31, dau, age 18 WI; Lucille, dau, 16 WI; Francis, son, 14 WI; Peter LEGACY, father-in-law, 86 French Canada, married age 21; Delphine LEGACY, mother-in-law, 87 French Canada, married age 22. —11 Apr 1930 Cd'A, Lincoln precinct, ED15 p12A [67]. The LEGACY in-laws died in 1930, 1931.
In 1940, Ken and Ella lived in Kellogg, where he owned and managed a restaurant. Two children (Patricia & Kenny). A daughter, Mabel, was born in 1942. Ken's father, Joseph, died in 1965 near Pasadena CA.

Hobbs NM:
St Thomas (grandparents)


MAHONEY Catherine

born 1910 MN to Mike M and Eliza MAHONEY. Sister of Ezella'22, Thomas'31, & Francis '32 MAHONEY.
Attended Northwest Business College, Spokane. Married 3 July 1933 at Spokane to Andrew D HOTTELL. Had six children (see obituaries). Catherine died 6 Sep 1998 at Kirkland WA. See obituary.
More family information.

Holy Cross:
O'NEIL Catherine

Born 19 Oct 1910 in Swan River, Manitoba CAN to Claude James & Catherine (CARMICHAEL) O'NEIL. Sister of Mary'30 and John Patrick'32 O'NEIL. Aunt of Claudia'57, Judy'59 and Alice'62 WAYNE. Claude J was manager of the Ohio Match mill.
Catherine married Gordon ORPUT. Died 10 Mar 1982 in Monterey CA. Buried in Portland.

River View:
CJ (dad)
O'REILLY Jane Caroline

born 3 May 1912 to James & Elizabeth (VAUGHAN) O'REILLY. Sister of Mary'36 O'REILLY. Cousin of the SPAIN alumni, including Mary B '24, Teresa A'27, Benjamin'31 SPAIN, &' Mary Margaret '65 BAKER[CONROW]. died at home 19 Oct 1933, of a mediastenal tumor (in chest cavity).

St Thomas:
PRESTON Mary Easton

Born 15 Mar 1910 at Cd'A to Gilbert Easton & Mary Christina Euphemia (THOMSON) PRESTON. Married Arthur Jack HAMILTON (b 20 Mar 1895 Cloverdale IN), lived (1940-1945) in Spokane, later divorced. Married #2 on 11 June 1949 at Cd'A to Martin V HUFF of Moscow, born Brady MT. (officiant: Paul BRAUNE; witnesses: Dr & Mrs Wm T WOOD). Mary died 22 Dec 1992 at Boise. Martin died Jan 1986 at Lewiston. Mary's dad died in 1924 in Ontario CAN.


born 9 Jun 1911 WA to Lucas and Johanna (TOMSHA) STROJAN. Sister of (More family information) Johanna '23 STROYAN.
OBITUARY: Spokesman-Review - Wednesday, 9 July 2008. | STROYAN, Helen Catherine, (Age 97), a resident of Chewelah WA, passed away on 3 July 2008 in Chewelah. She was born on 9 April 1911, the 7th child to Lukas and Johanna STROYAN on an Austrian settlement called Jump Off Joe near Valley WA. She went to St Frances of Assisi School in Spokane for her junior year, and her senior year to Catholic school at the Academy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Coeur d'Alene ID, graduating 9 June 1929. | Following high school, she began working at the "True Blue Biscuit Co." in the candy department. World War II started and she was hired by the Spokane Optical Co. Helen later worked at the Bon Marche before getting hired at the North West Optical Co. She was there for over 25 years, retired in 1970, and moved to Chewelah. Helen was always active in her Catholic faith and took careful watch over her nieces and nephews with the love like that of grandparent. She is survived by her sister: Chris BOGNER; several nieces and nephews. A Rosary followed by the Funeral Mass Thursday, 10 July 2008, both at St Mary of the Rosary Catholic Church in Chewelah. Graveside services will follow at the St Joseph's Cemetery in Jump Off Joe, WA. Father Jose Millan will celebrate. Memorial contributions can be given to St Joseph's Church and cemetery, or Chewelah Long Term Care. DANEKAS FUNERAL CHAPEL AND CREMATORY.

TRUDELL Maxine Genevera

Born 31 May 1911 at Cloquet MN to Max Henry & Ida Rose (GIROUX) TRUDELL. Married #2 Karl Johan LOE, b 20 Feb 1916 at Seattle. They lived at Renton (1959) and Kent (1965) WA. Karl died 1994 at Renton. Maxine died 20 Sep 1996 in Portland, Oregon.
In 1920, the TRUDELL family lived at 623 Sherman, Cd'A.
In 1930, the family lived at 1017 Front, Cd'A. Max H died in 1935.
Maxine married #1 Frazier McVane WOOD on 28 Apr 1955 at St Thomas. He died in 1956.
OBITUARY: MAXINE G LOE, 85 — Portland Oregonian, – Wednesday, 25 September 1996. | A memorial Mass will be Friday, 27 Sept 1996, in St Pius X Catholic Church for Maxine G LOE, who died Sept 20 at age 85. She was born 31 May 1911 in Cloquet MN. She moved from Renton WA to Portland two years ago. | Surviving are her daughters, Jeanne JENSEN of Boise and Rosalie HAWLEY of Portland; son, Robert WOOD of Seattle; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. | The family suggests remembrances to the Kidney Association of Oregon. Arrangements are by Pegg, Paxson, & Springer Chapel. Private interment.


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