Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1928

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Born 7 Jul 1910 ID to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER. Died 26 Apr 1988 in Marin Co CA. Son Ronald Gerard b 7 Mar 1936 Alameda Co CA. Daughter Laura Lucille b 24 Dec 1937 Fresno Co CA. Sister of Wilfred'23, Mary'25, Ernest'26, John'30, Edward'33, and Clement'34 BOUCHER. More information on CHAINEY grandparents and aunts Mary'12, Selina'16, and Elsie'22 CHAINEY. More BOUCHER family information.

COPE Edward T

born 24 Aug 1910 ID, died 22 Aug 1987; buried St Thomas Cemetery. Catholic priest, diocese of Boise. Brother of Katherine'22, Frances'24, Robert'30 COPE. See more family information

DUNNIGAN Mary Loretta

born 22 Jul 1910 at Santa ID to William Henry and Mary Ellen (KELLY) DUNNIGAN. Never married. Taught at NIJC (NIC) for 28 years. In her honor, NIC purchased a carillon that sits on top of Molstead Library and chimes on the hour. There is also a memorial scholarship at NIC in her name, for a sophomore business student. Loretta died 4 Feb 1984 at Cd'A. Sister of Daniel'30 & Mary Ann'33 DUNNIGAN, and infant brothers William Patrick (5-19 May 1917) and Joseph (31 Dec 1919).
William Henry DUNNIGAN was born 18 Sep 1868 in Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec, Canada to Daniel and Mary F (DOHERTY) DUNNIGAN, (both of County Sligo, Ireland). He died 16 Oct 1935 in Sandpoint ID. Mary Ellen (KELLY) was born 24 Dec 1878 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and died 21 Jul 1968 at Cd'A. William and Mary married 25 Oct 1909 in Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec, Canada. Both are buried in St Thomas Cemetery, along with their children and William's brothers Daniel, Jack and Patrick. For more ancestral family information, see WorldConnect genealogy.
In 1910, William and Ellen lived in Santa precinct. The family comprised: W H, 38 CAN (parents b Ireland), lumberman, immigrated 1884, naturalized, owns home, no mtge; Mary Ellen, 29 CAN (parents b CAN), no births; Patrick DUNNIGAN, 48 CAN, logger, brother of WH; Irene BURKE, 19 MT, niece. --15 Apr 1910, Santa, Kootenai, ID, ED167 p6B.
In 1920, the family lived at 423 Foster, Cd'A, and comprised: William DONEGAN, 50 CAN, immig 1890, timberman in woods; Ellen 39 CAN; Mary L '28, age 9 ID; Daniel J '30, age 7 ID, and Mary Ann '33, age 4 ID. Next door to Geo GROVES family [Margaret '12 (GROVES) DAWSON]. --2 Jan 1920 census Cd'A ED205 p1A.
In 1930, the family owned and lived at 724 N 9th, Cd'A, and comprised: William, 51 CAN, lumberman, immig 1895, naturalized; Mary E, 47 CAN, married age 26, immig 1909, naturalized; Loretta '28, age 19 ID; Mary Ann '33, age 14 ID; Daniel '30, age 17 ID. --10 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED19 p12B.

ELLER Montana M

Born 14 May 1911 in Butte, Montana to Ernest W & Margaret (HANCOCK) ELLER. Sister of Ernest Jr '30, Lyle'33 and Earl'42 ELLER. Married on 30 Dec 1941 to Art OLSON, lived at 401 E Sharp Ave, Spokane, and had a daughter, Marguerite .     |     Arthur L OLSON, b 1 Jul 1884 KS, previously worked in Yellowstone NP, and died at Spokane on 12 Apr 1977. In 1930, Arthur was a USFS Ranger, widowed, living with his 3 sons and a daughter in Benton Lake NF, Montana. (the margin note says Benton Lk NF, but that's not near Stillwater County). —17 Apr 1930, Stillwater Co MT, Limestone SD#33, ED26 p1B. Art was the son of Charles (b Jun 1841 Sweden) and Caroline (b Mar 1850 Denmark) OLSON.     |    In 1900, the family lived in Summit Twp, Saline Co KS, and included Arthur's 4 sisters and a younger brother. —19 Jun 1900 Kansas, ED115 p8A [134].    |    In 1920, Arthur was a widower, age 35, farming, with a son Russel A, age 5 MT (mother born CA), in Carbon Co MT. —30 Jan 1920, Carbon Co MT ED22 p2A [196] Art's son Robert, age 1, was living with his aunt, Effie (OLSON) FEVARD and grandmother Caroline OLSON in Harlowtown, Wheatland Co MT. Art's son Clayton, age 4, was with his aunt Olga (OLSON) JOHNSON in Smolan twp, Saline Co KS. Daughter Georgia's whereabouts unknown in 1920. Art's whereabouts unknown in 1910, prior to his first marriage.
Montana (ELLER) OLSON worked for a Spokane attorney, and died 6 Apr 1993, age 81.
In 1880, Montana's grandfather Charles ELLER lived in Leicester, Clay county, Nebraska, with his parents and siblings, including a brother, Joseph J, b 1871 IA. Also see notes below for earlier censuses of this family.
In 1900, Montana's mother, Margaret HANCOCK, age 8, b Nov 1891 CT, lived with her mother and siblings in Williamstown VT. The family comprised: Delia, b Oct 1863, married 9 years, 4 births/living; Margaret M, 8; Thomas, b Jul 1893 NY; Mamie, b May 1895 VT; Michael, b Oct 1898 VT. —11 Jun 1900 Orange Co VT, ED155 p12B.
In 1900,Montana's father, Earnest ELLER, was 19, b NE, (parents b IA, NY), boarding in Cambridge Village NE, where he was a salesman. —13 Jun 1900, Furnas Co NE, ED66 p7A [182]. His parents and siblings lived in nearby Driftwood Twp, Red Willow Co NE. The family comprised Charles, b Mar 1858 IA (parents b NC), farmer; Flora, b May 1863 NY (parents b England), married 20 years, 3 births & living; Osla b Apr 1886 NE; Mildred, b Mar 1888 NE. —5 Jun 1900, Red Willow Co NE, ED156 p8A [33]. In 1905, Charles T ELLER owned 640 acres in §5 (residence) & §8 of Driftwood Twp, and his brother, Joseph J ELLER owned ~158 acres adjoining. See map. Charles' cousin, Robert (b 1867) lived in Willow Grove Twp. Flora may be Flora A DINE, daughter of Richard DINE, a family that lived two counties away from Charles in 1880.
Montana's grandfather, Charles T ELLER is a son of John Jr & Jane ELLER (b c1823 NC), and brother of Edmund (c1845 NC), James (c1847 NC), Alexander Hamilton (c1848 NC), Elizabeth (c 1850 NC), & Sofrona (c1852 NC). —12 July 1860 census, near Abingdon, Polk twp, Jefferson Co IA, p99 [283]; --12 Oct 1850 census, Wilkes Co NC, p350 [699].     |     In 1870, the family lived near Ioka IA, and added son Jesse, b c1865 IA. —22 Aug 1870, Jackson twp, Keokuk Co IA, p3. By 1880, they lived in Nebraska (see above).
In 1910, E W ELLER, 30 NE (parents b IA, NY) and Margaret, 18 CT (parents b ENG, VT), married 1 year, no children, lived at 1724 S Warren, Butte MT, where Ernest was a lumberman. —19 Apr 1910, Silver Bow Co MT, ED113 p5B. Nearby, the HANCOCK family, including Margaret's parents (Henry, 44 East India, copper miner; and Delia, 46 VT) and 3 brothers (including Thomas, 17 NY), lived at 327 Mahoney, in ED112.
In 1920, Montana lived with her parents and brothers, renting at 208 S 10th St. The family comprised: Ernest W ELLER, 38 NE (parents b CO), (Rutledge) lumber mill manager; Marguerite, 28 CT (parents b India & VT); Montana, 8y10mo MT; Ernest '30, age 7y1mo MT; Randall, 5y3mo MT; Lyle '33, 4y5moID. —5 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 2 ED206 p6a [227]; ages do not agree with other records (SSDI, WADI).
In 1930, Montana, 18, was a stenographer in a county office. She lived at home (211 Indiana), with her mother and siblings, and uncle. The family comprised: Marguerite, 38 CT (parents b India & VT), married age 18, owns radio and house (value: $2500); Montana, 18 NE (parents b MT, CT); Ernest '30, age 17 MT; Randall, 16 MT; Lyle '33, age 14 ID; Charles (BROWN), 7 ID; Earl '42, age 6 ID; and Thomas HANCOCK, (Marguerite's brother), 36 NY, married (no wife listed), logger, WW1 veteran. —6 Apr 1930 Cd'A Sherman pct ward 1, ED10 p5A [19]. Charles was "unofficially adopted" and used several last names throughout his life.
Marguerite (HANCOCK) ELLER, b Nov 1891 CT, was buried 19 Sep 1956 at St Thomas cemetery. In 1918, Ernest W ELLER was on the (interlocking) board of Directors of the St Joe Boom Co, which organized logs for transport across the lake to the (parent company) Rutledge Mill, where he was a manager. Ernest W, born 18 Aug 1881, died 23 May 1937 and is buried in Forest Cemetery, Cd'A, with the same stone as his second wife, Hattie ECHOLS (b 16 Jun 1890, d 23 Oct 1973 Spokane).
Montana's brother Randall ELLER, b 8 Jan 1914, died 8 Oct 1969, also attended IHM, but did not graduate there. He married Myrtle WILUND, and later divorced. They had a son & two daughters, who attended St Thomas & IHM. Following the divorce, they were adopted and raised at 211 Indiana by their grandmother, Marguerite, until her death in 1956. The family then moved to Lewiston and Clarkston, where Randall ELLER Jr and Beverly ELLER graduated in 1960, and Patricia ELLER graduated in 1961. Randall Jr married Velda Jane WEDDLE, and lives in Weippe ID. They had six children. Beverley J (ELLER) LOBACK lives in Auburn WA, and has one daughter. Patricia M (ELLER) SARGENT lives in Clarkston WA, and has two children. —WADI, SSDI, PatELLER, PatSARGENT.

FLYNN Francis X

born 22 Sep 1910 ID, died 17 Jun 1975 in Tillamook County, Oregon. More family information. Uncle of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry('65), Theresa'69 & Kevin'71 ROCHE.
Brother of Thomas E'23, John M Jr'24, Josephine'33, Mary L'31, and Philip FLYNN.

GERDES Anna Marie

born 1911 ID to Thomas R and Helen (WENDLAND) GERDES. Sister of Marguerite'25, Francis'27, Maxine'31, Dorothy'38 and John('35) GERDES. Anna married 1937 to Frank H NEUMAN (1912~1990), son of Frank Joseph (1873-1932) and Hazel L (1889-1972) NEUMAN. F J & Hazel NEUMAN are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
Additional GERDES family information: click here.


born 1910 WA to Patrick H and Grace M (BOFFMAN?) GRAHAM.
In 1910, the family lived and farmed in White Lake precinct, Stevens Co WA, and comprised: Patrick, 36 Ireland (parents b Ireland), immig 1878, naturalized, in first marriage of 3 years, farmer, owned with mortgage; Grace M, wife, 23 SD (KY, IA), 1 birth / living; Charles T, son, 2 WA. —11 May 1910, ED210, p15A [190].
In 1920, the family owned the store in Boundary, Stevens Co WA, and comprised: Patrick H, 45 Ireland (parents b Ireland), immig 1878, naturalized 1904, retail grocery merchant; Grace M, wife, 33 SD (KY, IA), postmaster; Charles F, 12 WA; Nora E '28, age 9 WA; Margaret R, 7 WA; Patrick D, 5mo WA. —5 Jan 1920 Stevens Co WA, ED277 p1A.
In 1930, the family still lived on Boundary road, and comprised: Patrick H, 56 Ireland, married age 32, cedar pole contractor; Grace M, 43 Dakota, married age 20, postmistress; Nora D '28, age 19 WA; Margaret R, 17 WA; Patrick D, 10 WA. —7 Apr 1930, Stevens Co WA, ED9 p1A [20]
Patrick H GRAHAM died, age 74, on 23 Oct 1948; Grace M died 21 Apr 1967; both in Stevens County. —WADI. Margaret was born 10 Jul 1912; probably the Margaret CLARK, died Stevens Co WA in Sep 1974, SSN=531-18-5363. —WABI, SSDI

HALL Verrall Jeanne

Born 1910 WA to Fred E & Marie () HALL. Lived Spokane (1920), Seattle (1940). Enrolled at IHM in Sept 1922 for 6th grade, completed 7th in summer 1923, then entered 8th in Sept 1923. Sister of Annette'29. Verrall married 4 Aug 1943 to Kenneth Barton EDWARDS in Kitsap Co WA, with Annette as a witness. Died 1990.

HINDE Alice Ellen

Born 17 May 1910 in Okanagan WA to Henry O & Mary Ann (MURRAY) HINDE. Married --- YUNG. Died 20 Mar 1994 in Santa Clara CA.


born 3 Aug 1907 in Washington to George M & Caroline A (MAYER) HUCK, who married 28 Nov 1906 in Spokane. Mary enrolled in 1917 for third grade, age 10. Mary's younger sister, Margaret'27, graduated a year earlier, although both completed 8th grade in 1923. Both girls lived at home (Dalton) in the 1940 census. Brother George Joseph HUCK, born 1912, also attended IHM since grade 1 (1919), but is not listed among the graduates of 1930 or 1931. Mary died 21 Jul 1960 at Cd'A; buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:
LaCOMB Edward J

born 9 Jul 1909 in Hayward WI to Louis & Rose Alma (LAVASSEUR) LaCOMB, who married 12 Nov 1896 in Hayward WI. Died Apr 1973, Yucaipa CA. In 1920, Edward and a sister lived in Sandpoint with an aunt. Married 19 Aug 1938 at St Joseph's, Sandpoint, to Beulah Mae FRETHEIM.

MacDONALD Mary Elvia

Born 15 Dec 1908 to Angus & Eugenie () MacDONALD. Sister of Flora, Donald, Ronald'30 and Eugene "Sandy" MacDONALD (enrolled IHM gr 3, Sept 1923). Aunt of Anne'66, Robert'67, Maureen'71, Donna (enr 1945, gr 1-8+), Janet Ann (enr 1941, gr 1-8+), Donald and Margaret MacDONALD.
Elvia enrolled in Sept 1923 for 8th grade, and lived at 916 5th St, Cd'A. She died 26 Jan 1988 in Cd'A.

MacMILLAN Robert Joseph

Born 19 May 1908 Cd'A to Alexander John & Mary Jane (CAMERON) MacMILLAN. Catholic priest in North Carolina. Died 8 Jan 1962 in NYC, buried in Belmont Abbey cemetery, NC. deceased by March 1962, when the IHM Alumni Assn had a Mass offered for the repose of his soul. Siblings include Sheldon'10, Justin'15, Bessie'18, & Neil'23 McMILLAN.
In 1940, Robert was the superintendent of a Catholic School in High Point, Guilford, North Carolina. In 1935, he lived in Raleigh NC. The Knights of Columbus Assembly # 1828 in High Point NC is named in his honor. He was also state chaplain for the Catholic Daughters of America. In 1957, he lived in Greensboro NC.
See more family information.

REAGAN Margaret Florence

Born 28 Jan 1910 in Sturgis SK CAN to William John & Mary () REAGAN. Emigrated 8 Dec 1924 through Eastport ID to live with parents at 928 7th Ave, Cd'A. Sister of Alice'26, Agnes'30, Patrick'32, Theresa'37, Gertrude'38, William A'44 REAGAN, and aunt of Kathleen'73 and Pamela'74 REAGAN.
In 1930, she was a stenographer, living in Spokane. In 1945, she was a telephone operator in Seattle, when she applied for a resident alien border crossing card. Married --- JOHNSTONE. Died 28 Jun 1958.
See more family information.


St Thomas:
SPAIN Ruth Marie

Born 6 Sep 1908 in Idaho to Cornelius Francis & Almeda (ROUTIER) SPAIN. Sister of Harry'15 SPAIN. See more family information.
in 1920, Ruth 11 (student), Everett 19 (machinist), and Irene 22 (stenographer) live with their parents; CF, 58, is a watchman at a mill. --1920 Cd'A, ED207 p1A, 503 Reid.
On 1 Sep 1934 at St Thomas parish, Ruth married Joseph Aldwin SCHMIRLER, (1910 King Co WA - 1983), son of Joseph Anton (1884-1954) & Martha Louise (BRIDGE) SCHMIRLER. see Joe's pedigree.
Ruth and Joe lived in Wallace ID. Ruth died in March 1989; Joe died in Dec 1983. They are both buried in Fairmount cemetery, Spokane, with Joe's mother.

STAN Allan Joseph

Born 29 May 1909 at Colfax WA to Stanislaw Joseph and Fannie Marie (LAITINEN) STAN. Died 20 Aug 1995 at Seattle WA. Brother of Alphonsus, Emery'30, Lucille'34 and Alphonsus STAN.
In 1910, the STAN family lived at 222 Morton St, Colfax WA, and comprised: Joseph, 35, immigrated from Russia in 1899, naturalized citizen, wagon driver for a brewery; Fannie L, 26, immig from Finland in 1908; Alfonso , 2 WA; Allan Joseph STAN, 10 months, born WA.
In 1920, the family owned and lived at 816 N 8th St, Cd'A, and comprised: Joseph STAN, 43 Poland, immigrated 1902, sawmill laborer, papers filed for naturalization; Fannie, 36 Finland; Alphonsus 12 WA; Allen J, 10 WA, Emery O, 8 WA; and Lucile M, 3 ID.
In 1930, the family still lived at 816 N 8th, Cd'A, but Allan was not in the home. Joe was a lumber grader.
Alphonsus, born 11 August 1907, enlisted in the Army at Ft Lewis WA on 25 May 1944, and reported 3 years of high school. He died 19 November 1966, and is buried with his parents.
Stanislaw Joseph STAN, born 15 Nov 1873-to-1880(*) in Russian Poland, to Alphonsus ("Alfred") & Valeria (STANNA) STAN, died 5 Jan 1962 at Cd'A. Fannie, b 1883 to Mathew & Lusa (LOF) LAITINEN, immigrated from Finland in 1904, and died 6 Sep 1943 at Spokane. Joe and Fannie were initially married on 6 Oct 1906 in Spokane at a ME church, and re-married on 4 Jun 1929 at St Thomas church. In 1906, Fannie was from Rossland BC, and Joe lived in Colfax WA. They are buried with their son, Alphonsus J, in St Thomas cemetery.
(*) the disparity in birth years is based on Joe's 1918 draft registration (1873), WW2 registration (1880), and Idaho Death Index (1875).

St Thomas:
Joe (dad)

Born 12 Sep 1910 to John B "Chuck" and Emma (BADRAUM) STREETER, who married 16 May 1903 in Rathdrum ID.
In 1910, The family owned a farm [no mtge] on Steamboat Landing Rd in Athol precinct. John B, 40 IA, (fa b NY, mo b PA), second marriage; Emma, 26 MN, (par b Switzerland), married (first time) 7 years, 3 births/living; Lyle, 15 IA; Myrtle, 6 WA; Paul, 4 ID; Arthur, 1y 10mo ID. --5 May 1910, Athol, Kootenai, ID, ED163 p12A; farm schedule 67.
In 1920, the family owned a farm in Belmont precinct, Kootenai county. John B STREATOR, 50 IA (parents b PA);Emma, 35 MN (fa b Switzerland, mo b Germany); Lyle C, 26 IA, farm laborer; Paul M, 18; Arthur L, 11 ID; Ester '28, 9; Clarice C '30, 7; Lilly M '32, 6; Rosie M '34, 3; Ervin J '37, 1y 10mo; Delco '38, 10mo. All children b ID except Lyle (from first wife). --25 Jan 1920 Kootenai Co ID, ED192 p8A
In 1930, John B is a widow, living and lead mining with son Paul, 33, on the east fork of Pine Creek, Shoshone county. Lyle C (36 IA, logger) and wife Martha (SCHAFFER), with 5 children, live in Cd'A. John is also listed at 1702 Cd'A Ave, age 58 widowed, with children Clarice '30, 17; Lillian '32, 16; Rose '34, 13; and Ervin '37 12, all b Idaho.
On 4 Aug 1932 at St Thomas parish, Esther married George Hans NIELSEN of Kellogg ID, with witnesses Clarice '30 STREETER and Jim ROCHE. Esther's mother is listed as Emma BODROUN in the parish records. Esther & George are the parents of Helenmarie '50, Esther Marlene '53, George '54, John '56, Richard '58, & Margaret '60 NIELSEN. Grandparents of Karen '72 & Ronnie '73 MILLHEISLER.
George H NIELSEN was born 17 Mar 1909, to H C and Mary (JENSEN) NIELSEN, died Dec 1984 in Cd'A. Esther died 9 Jun 2002; see Obituary. Also see more family information at WorldConnect.


born 1911 ID to John & Annie/Selina SULLIVAN. Sister of Ellen F'22, Raymond B'23, & Lawrence'25 SULLIVAN, and others. See more family information.
Possibly, Selina M BOOTHE, b 15 Feb 1911, died 6 Jun 1997 at Moscow ID.


born at Cd'A 20 Nov 1910 to Nicodemus and Ozalinda (BLANCHARD) WERNETTE. Sister of Bernice'30, Blanche'32, & Margaret'33 WERNETTE. Nicodemus D WERNETTE, b 5 May 1885 in Mecosta county MI, the youngest child (of 12) of Jacob and Catherine (BOLZ) WERNETTE.
In 1870, Nic's parents and family lived in New York City, and comprised: Jacob WERNETTI 35 CAN, cabinet maker; Catherine 30 GER; (female) 10 CAN; Rosine 9 CAN; Catherine 7 NY; Elizabeth 5 NY; Antonia 3 NY; Jacobine (f) 1 NY. —10 Dec 1870 NYC 10th Dist 17th ward p35 [344].
In 1880, Nic's parents and family lived and farmed in Wheatland, Mecosta Co MI, and comprised: Jacob 45 CAN; Catherine 39 Berne; Katie, dau 16 CAN; Elizabeth 14 NY; Mary 12 NY; Magdalena 8 NY; Joseph 5 NY; and Arthur 2 MI.
In 1900, Nic lived with his family, which comprised: Jacob (b Mar 1837 CAN), farmer; Catherine (b Sep 1841 GER), married 40 years, 12 births, 10 living; 4 sons: Joseph B, b 30 Jan 1875 NY; Otto Ferdinand, b 24 Apr 1878 MI; Michael Jacob, b 5 May 1881 MI; & Nickodemus, b May 1885 MI; and daughter, Elizabeth BONAVENTURE, b Feb 1866 NY, married 15 years, with 3 children: Josephine, b Oct 1887 NY; Blanche, b Oct 1891 NY; & Eugene, b Feb 1894 NY. —16 June 1900, Wheatland twp, Mecosta Co MI, ED108 p9A [225].
Nic graduated U Michigan (Ann Arbor) in 1907, and moved to Cd'A with Roy BLACK, a classmate and law partner. Nic married 4 Apr 1910 at Cd'A to Ozalinda Elizabeth BLANCHARD, daughter of Joseph BLANCHARD [possibly J BLANCHARD, b Jan 1833 French Canada, a widowed farmer in 1900 Frenchtown, Missoula MT, immig 1852, naturalized, owns farm (schedule 76), no mtge, no chn with him.
Nic was elected Prosecuting Attorney for Kootenai Co in 1910. He registered for the draft in 1918, and lived at 319 Park Dr, Cd'A. Read his early biography in History of Idaho (1914), page 929. In 1910, Nic, 24, and Ozalinda, 26, were living at 1006 Bancroft, Cd'A.
In 1920, the family owned and lived at 823 Lakeside, and comprised: Nicodemus 34, Ozalinda 36, Frances C '28, age 9; Bernice E '30, age 7; Blanche M '32, age 6; Margaret M '33, age 3; Florence E, 2; Thomas, 5mo. —14 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED206, p17A [238].
In 1930, the family owned and lived at 703 Lakeside, and comprised: Nicodemus, 44 MI, lawyer; Ozalinda, 46 MN; Frances '28, age 19 ID; Bernice '30, age 17 ID; Blanche '32, age 16 ID; Margaret '33, age 14 ID; Florence, 12 ID; Thomas, 10 ID; Mary, 8 ID; Delores, 3y2mo ID. —7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p4a [26].
In 1940, the family lived in Spokane. Frances not found.
Frances married Charles HURLEY of New Hampshire, who retired USAF in 1964, after serving a long career in military intelligence. Frances died 5 Aug 1966, and is buried with Charles at Arlington National Cemetery.
Ozalinda died 30 Sep 1965 in Seattle WA. She and Nicodemus [died Feb 1956] are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Spokane WA.

Florence Evelyn WERNETTE, born 16 Nov 1917 in Cd'A, married Eugene Oliver REHFELD on 21 May 1938 at Spokane. They had three children, then divorced 19 Feb 1952. She then married C Robert TAYLOR on 31 Oct 1952 at Seattle, divorced 26 Apr 1954 Seattle, no children. She then married Fred Burton DENNEY on 24 Aug 1955 at Seattle, divorced 6 Sep 1983 Seattle, no children. Florence died 11 Apr 1996 in San Francisco —CADI. See burial, at right, for obituary and photo.


Holy Cross:
Nic (dad)


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