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  12 December 2020
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brother of Justin '29. Born 28 Feb 1907 WA to Patrick J & Ellen "Nellie" (REILLY) BRODERICK. Died 29 Sept 1974 Spokane. Married Rose Ann DUFFY on 26 Sept 1940 at St Thomas, Cd'A.
PARENTS: Nellie was born Jan 1880 to Patrick Terrence REILLY (Nov 1843 Ireland - 1923 Cd'A; immig 1847) and Ellen McALOON (1853 MA - d before 1884 IA) who married 23 Oct 1871 in Chickasaw Co IA. — 1880 census, Utica, Chickasaw, Iowa.
Patrick John was born Sep 1879 IA to John and Mary BRODERICK of Dougherty, Cerro Gordo, Iowa. —1880 census.
In 1900, (Patrick) John BRODERICK, 21, born Sep 1879 IA (parents b WI), was a single farm laborer, and lived with his sister Katie, 23, a school teacher, in a farm household in Dougherty twp.
In 1910, the family owned (mtge) and lived at 1218 Cd'A St, Cd'A, and comprised: Patrick J, 31 IA (MA, MI), no employment, married 5 years; Nellie, 29 IA (Ireland, IA), 1 birth, 1 child; Darrell, 3 ID (listed as "daughter, female"). —19 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p7A; indexed as "BRODWICK"
In 1920, the family owned (no mtge) and lived at 1314 Sherman, Cd'A, and comprised: Patrick, 41 IA (IA IA), garage owner; Nellie, 37 IA (USA, Ireland); Darrell 12 ID; Justin '29, age 7 ID. —6 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED206 p6B.
In 1930, the family still lived at 1314 Sherman, Cd'A (value: $5000), without a radio, and comprised: Patrick, 48 IA (WI WI), automobile salesman, married age 25; Nellie, 45 IA (IRL IA); Darrell F, 22 WA, garage serviceman; Justin J '29, age 19 ID, not employed. —4 Apr 1930 Cd'A, Lakeside pct, ED12 p5A [42].
PJ died Aug 1958. Nellie died Jun 1956. Both are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Holy Cross:
Rose Ann
St Thomas:
P J (dad)

COPE Frances

born 14 Sep 1906 Genessee ID to Thomas & Mary Emma (TAYLOR) COPE, died Apr 1987. Married 4 May 1970 in the convent chapel, Cd'A, to Clifton B JOHNSON (born 26 June 1896 in Damascus OR). Sister of Katherine'22, Edward'28, Robert'30 and Agnes'33 COPE. cousin of Mildred'40 COPE. Aunt of Thomas'48 RASSLEY & Thomas'65 COPE. See more family information.
In 1930, Frances was a journalist for the Cd'A Press, and became News Editor in 1964.

St Thomas:
CURTIS Lillian L

Born 27 Jul 1906 ND to Thomas A Jr (Mar 1876-1918 ) and Pauline Louise (FROEMKE) CURTIS. Married George PELLINI (b 27 Aug 1901, d 17 May 1963 CA). Lillian died 3 Aug 1928 at Cd'A.
Her mother, Pauline, b 24 Oct 1882 in Dakota Territory to "William" Friedrich Wilhelm FROEMKE (1853 GER - 1904 ND) and Helena SCHMIDTKE (1856 RUS - 1915 ND), died 24 Aug 1963 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.
In 1910, the family owned (no mtge) and lived on Harris St, Lisbon ND, and comprised: Thomas A Jr, 34 WI (par b IN), Supt of water(?), Lisbon City, married 5 years; Pauline L, 26 ND (par b GER), 3 births, 3 living; Lillian L, 3 ND; Mildred V, 1 ND; Keneth E, son, 7mo ND; Emma A FROEMKE, sister-in-law, 22 ND (par b GER), servant, single. —23 Apr 1910, Lisbon, Ransom ND ward 1, ED172 p7B. On the same page is Thomas A CURTIS Sr, 48 WI (WI, Ireland), married 23 years, first marriage, lawyer. Apparently, not the parent, possibly a cousin, or no relation.
In 1920, the family rented at 701 Wallace, Cd'A, and comprised: Pauline, widow, 36 ND (par b Germany), clerk in dry good store; Lillian, 13 ND; Mildred, 12 ND; Kenneth A, 10 ND. —14 Jan 1920, Cd'A ward 2, ED206 p17B
In 1930, Pauline owned (value: $3500) 724 7th(3rd?) Cd'A. Pauline, 43, widow, is a practical nurse. Son Kenneth, 20 ND, is an usher at the theater. —9 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 4, ED19 p11A [96].
Kenneth A, b 22 Sep 1909 ND, died 6 Dec 1996 OR. Mildred, probably b 8 May 1908, married (second) Robert L STEVENSON, and died 27 Dec 1995 in Oregon.

Lisbon ND:

born 9 Sep 1907 in Idaho to John Michael & Mary Louise (HENRY) FLYNN. See much more family information. Died Jul 1960. Married Mary L '26 SHINE, sister of classmate Patrick '24 SHINE.
In 1930, John was an AAA Salesman, married and living in "the Muzzy Mansion" in Spokane with his wife's parents, along with classmates Patrick '24 SHINE & Joseph '24 McFARLAND.

GRAHAM Katharine

Born 15 Oct 1907 in Spokane to Thomas (1868-1946) & Katherine M (FINNEGAN, 1877-1977) GRAHAM. Married Floyd Henry OCHS (1906-1983) on 19 Oct 1929 at Lewiston ID. Died 20 Oct 2004 at Nordman ID. Buried in Colfax WA.

Colfax WA:
Colville WA:

b 11 Aug 1907 ID, youngest son of Robert Early McFARLAND [Sr, b 21 Nov 1857 MO; attorney; d 21 Dec 1920 ID] and Marie Vivian PENDY [b 6 Oct 1868 NV, d 8 Jul 1939 Sandpoint ID]. Joe died 26 May 1999.
In 1900, the family lived in Lewiston ID, and comprised: Robert E, 42 (b Nov 1857) MO, attorney; Marie V, 31 (Oct 1868) NV, married 14 years (1885), 3 births, all living; William B, 13 (Jan 1887) ID; Kathleen R, 11 (Oct 1888) ID; Robert Early (Jr), 7 (Jan 1893) ID; and Sam R, brother of R E (Sr), 29 (Jun 1870) MO, attorney. —16 Jun 1900 Lewiston, Nez Perce ID, ED87 p14A [126].
In 1910, the family owned (w/ mtge) and lived at 601 Foster, and comprised: Robert E, 52 MO (PA, VA), Lawyer, married 24 years; Marie V, wife, 41 NV (Ireland), 5 births, all alive; William B, 23 ID, law student; Katherine R, 21 ID, unemployed; Robert E Jr, 17 ID (b Jan 1893), student; John E, 6 ID; Joseph C, 2 ID. —1910 Cd'A ED170 p1A/B.
In 1920, the family still lived at 601 Foster, and comprised: Robert E, 62 MO (PA VA), attorney; Marie V, 51 NV (Ireland); Kathleen R, 30 ID, public school teacher, single; John A, son, 16 ID, college; Joseph P, son, 12 ID, in school; Emma HELGORSON, servant, 35 MN (Norway), single. —7 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 4, ED207 p6B.
In 1930, Joseph is a boarder in the Muzzy Mansion, home of classmate Patrick '24 SHINE in Spokane. Joe is a clerk for a utility company. —12 Apr 1930 Spokane ward 4, ED44 p18B, 1506 W Misson Ave.
Robert (Sr) is son of Wm B [b 1820 PA - d 25 Nov 1916 ID, Methodist clergyman] and Elvira Evelyn EARLY [b 1827 VA]. —1860 Westport, Jackson, Missouri.
William B (Jan 1887 - 1971) married 22 Aug 1917 to Ferne BERRY (1894 - 1988) at Cd'A. Kathleen R, b Oct 1898, d Apr 1936. Bill, Ferne, Kathleen, Robert Sr and Marie V are all buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
R E (dad)
Holy Cross:
McQUADE Dorothy

born 5 Jul 1906 ID to James and Catherine Lucy (FINNEY) McQUADE. Married 16 Feb 1925 to Bert William NELSON at Cd'A. Bert died at age 33 on 28 may 1927 in Cd'A, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. Dorothy died 21 May 1988 in Washburn WI.
In 1910, the family lived in Walla Walla and comprised: James, 38 OH (OH, IL), baker, married 12 years; Catherine, 38 OR (NY, --), 5 births, 5 living; Margaret, 11 WA; Gertrude, 9 WA; James, 7 OR; Dorothy, 4 ID; Mary, 2 WA. —19 Apr 1910, Walla Walla WA, ED255 p5A [263].
In 1920, the family lived in Spokane, and comprised: Gertrude, 19 WA (OH, OR), head, single, telephone operator; Catharine, mother, 43 OR; Dorothy, sister, 13 ID, in school; May, sister, 11 WA, in school. Living in the same HH with Ryan FISH, 30 OR (possible brother to Catharine), a traveling salesman for an auto company, and his wife, Violet, 19 MO. —5 Jan 1920 Spokane, ward 3, ED208 p3A [21]
In 1930, James Sr, 58, baker, lived in Ritzville WA, with son James A Jr, 27, and Mary A, 20, both single. —5 Apr 1930, Ritzville, Adams WA, EDED17 p6A.
In 1930, Dorothea NELSON, 23 ID (OH, OR), widow, typist at Lawrence College, lived with her daughter, Dorothy A, 4y2mo WA, in the home of her brother- and sister-in-law, Art & Hilda KRUEGER, in Wisconsin. —12 Apr 1930, Kaukauna, Outagamie WI, ED34 p8A [200]. Daughter Dorothy, b 14 Feb 1926, d 4 Jun 1991.

St Thomas:
ROCHE Catherine M

born 11 Jun 1906 at Cd'A to Michael Joseph & Mary (KELLEHER) ROCHE, both born Ireland. died 5 Jun 1996. Sister of Margaret'25, Agnes'27, Jack (m Josephine FLYNN '33), and James'31 ROCHE. Aunt of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry, Theresa'69 & Kevin'71 ROCHE.
In 1910, the family was renting 938 6th St, and comprised: Michael 34 Ireland, city policeman, immigrated 1902, naturalized married 5 years; Mary, 31 Ireland, immigrated 1898, 3 births / 3 living; Kathleen(sic), 3 ID; Margaret'25, age 2 ID; Agnes'27, age 1 ID. —19 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED170 p7A [125]
In 1920, the family owned (mortgaged) 1012 Cd'A Ave, and comprised: Michael, 45 Ireland, policeman, immig 1902, naturalized 1908; Mary, 41 Ireland, immig 1898, naturalized 1908; Catherine '24, age 13 ID; Margaret'25, age 12 ID; Agnes'27'27, age 10 ID; John, 9 ID; JamesM'31, age 7 ID. —10 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 2, ED206 p12B.
In 1930, the family lived at 1012 Cd'A Ave, and comprised: Michael, 54, b Irish Free State, married age 28, owns home ($2000) and radio, immigrated 1898, naturalized citizen; Chief of police; Mary, 52, b Irish Free State, married age 26, immigrated 1898, naturalized citizen; Katherine M '24, age 23 ID, steno in dry good store; Margaret '25, age 22 ID, steno, insurance office; Agnes '27, age 21 ID; John, 19 ID, men's clothing store salesman; James '31, age 17 ID. —9 Apr 1930, Cd'A ward 2, Cd'A precinct, ED11 p6B

St Thomas:
Mike (dad)
Mary K(mom)
SHINE Patrick Christopher

born 9 Dec 1907 WA to Patrick C and Mary L (GOMM) SHINE. Baptized 5 Jan 1908, Spokane. Brother of Mary L'26 SHINE. Died 29 Jan 1977. Married 6 Feb 1937 at St Thomas church to Mary Aleen '25 KELLY.
In 1893, Patrick C SHINE (Sr) was a check clerk for Union Depot, living at the Hotel Coleman in Spokane.
In 1900, Patrick SHINE, 34, b Dec 1865 Ireland, single, was an attorney in Spokane; immig 1870, naturalized; lodging at 821 Mallon, Spokane.
On 15 Mar 1904, P C SHINE (Sr) married Mary Louise GOMM at San Francisco. For a picture and more information on his immigration and early career, see Spokane Biographies (1912). In 1905, they bought the Muzzy Mansion, 1506 W Mission Ave, the "oldest house in Spokane", where they lived until death. He became a prominent attorney and WA state senator.
In 1910, the family owned the mansion (no mtge) and comprised: Patrick C, 45 Ireland, married 5 years, lawyer, immig 1886, naturalized; Mary L, wife, 40 GA (GER, NY), 3 births, 2 living; Mary L'26, dau, 4 WA; Patrick '24, son, 2 WA. —19 Apr 1910 Spokane ward 4, ED184 p6B/7A
In 1920, the family comprised: Patrick C, 56 Ireland (parents b Ireland), lawyer, immig 1886, naturalized 1894; Mary G, 50 GA (Poland, NY); Mary L, daughter, 14 WA; Patrick Jr, son, 12 WA. —8 Jan 1920 Spokane ward 4, ED219 p7B.   Interestingly, the family was also enumerated by Ella Penrose (KILDEA) HEALY at 883 Garden, Cd'A, with slightly different demographics (perhaps guesses by a friend?): Patrick C, 55 Ireland, attorney, immig 1885, naturalized 1890; Mary, wife, 46 MO (MO, KY); Mary, age 15 WA; Patrick Jr, son, 13 WA. —27 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 3, ED205 p23A.   Further, the family was also enumerated on their farm in LaCrosse precinct (Gibbs area), and comprised: Mary Sr, head, farm owner/operator, 50 GA (Prussia, NY), farmer; Mary Jr, 13 WA; Patrick Jr, 12 WA. Also on the farm are three hired hands, and two sawmill laborers (and one's wife). —3 Jan 1920 Kootenai Co ID, ED215 p2A.
In 1930, the family still owned ($5000) and lived at the mansion, and comprised: Patrick, 66 Ireland, attorney, married age 40; Mary L, wife, 60 GA, married age 34; Patrick '24 SHINE, son, 22 WA, attorney; (classmate) John '24 FLYNN, son-in-law, 23 ID (USA, TX), salesman AAA, married age 21; Mary L'26 FLYNN, daughter, 24 WA, married age 22; John P FLYNN, 13mo WA (ID, WA); Patrick BYRNE, boarder, 32 WA, solicitor; and (classmate) Joseph '24 McFARLAND, boarder, 22 ID (USA, OR), clerk, utility company. —12 Apr 1930 Spokane ward 4, ED44 p18B.
P C SHINE died c1934, age 70. Mary (GOMM) SHINE died 21 Jun 1954 at Spokane, age 85. Their daughter, Margaret Agnes SHINE born on 8 Jun 1909 Spokane, apparently died soon afterward. (see 1910 census). Pat and Mary [and, same plot, an "infant (BYRNE) SMITH"] are buried in Fairmount cemetery, Spokane.

Holy Cross:
PC Sr (dad)
MaryL (mom)

born c1905 in Minnesota to Thomas J (1865-1937) and Bridget (O'REILLY) SPAIN. Sister of Theresa A'27 & Benjamin'31 SPAIN. All cousins of Mary'36, Jane '29 O'REILLY, and Mary Margaret '65 BAKER.
In 1900, Thomas J, 32 (b Nov 1867 MN), farm laborer, lived with his family in Horton twp, Stevens Co MN. The family comprised Michael SPAIN, 63 (b May 1837 Ireland), immigrated 1845, naturalized, married 43 years to Mary 62 (b Aug 1837 Ireland), 9 births, 5 living; also William 34 MN, farmer; Thomas; & Frank 25 MN. Next farm is Patrick SPAIN, brother of Michael. —15 Jun 1900 Stevens Co MN, ED259 p7A [198]. Bridget, 28, single, teacher, lived with her family in Swan Lake MN. Her family comprised James 81 (b Feb 1819 Ireland, immigrated 1847), farmer, married 46 years to Bridget 72 (b Feb 1828 Ireland, immig 1852; 9 births/living); James 37, farm laborer; Teresa 30, teacher (12 mo); & Bridget 28 (b Jan 1872), teacher (3 mo). —16 Jun 1900, Stevens Co MN, ED264 p2a [233].
In 1910, the family lived in St Paul MN, and comprised Thomas J, 42 MN (parents b Ireland), railroad electrician; Bridget W, 38 MN (parents b Ireland), married 6 years, 3 births/living; Mary 5; Philip J 3; Theresa A'27, 10mo; and Theresa O'RILEY, 40, sister-in-law; all born MN. —18 Apr 1910 St Paul, Ramsey MN, ED118 p5A.
In 1920, the family lived in Bonners Ferry ID, where Thomas 52 is a laborer on a steam railroad; Bridget 47; Mary B 13, Theresa A'27, age 10, & Benjamin'31, age 5 ND. —12 Jan 1920 BF, Boundary Co ID, ED6 p5A.
In 1930, the SPAINS owned 419 s 12th st (value $5K) in Cd'A, no radio; Thomas J, 62, plasterer, not a veteran; Bridget, 58, married c1899; Mary B, 25 MN, steno, county office; Theresa A'27, 20 MN, cashier, telephone co; Benjamin'31, 15 ND. — 7 Apr 1930 Cd'A ED12 p6B
Thomas John SPAIN died in 1937; Bridget W died in 1964. Both are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:

born 1907 MN to John W Sr and Laura STEWART.
In 1910, the family owned (with mtge) 1701 Lake Blvd in Bemidji MN, and comprised: John W, 39 CAN, immig 1889, first marriage of 13 years, superintendent for logging company; Laura, wife, 37 CAN, (par b ENG, Unknown), immig 1892; John W, son, 12 MN; Edson H, 6 MN; Ray A E, 4 MN; Dorothy L, 2 MN. --30 Apr 1910 Bemidji, Beltrami MN, ED26 p10B
John W Sr married 13 Jul 1913 at Culdesac ID to Effie Lee SNOW.
In 1920, the family owned (no mtge) and lived on SE Hill in Bonners Ferry, and comprised: John W Sr, head, 49 CAN (parents b CAN), immig 1884, naturalized 1889, logging superintendent for a lumber company; (second wife) Effie L, 33 AR (TX, NE); John W Jr, 21 MN (par b CAN), check clerk for lumber company; Ray E, 14 MN; Lenore L, 12 MN; Laurel J, 4y2mo ID (par b CAN, AR). A school teacher also boarded with the family. --19 Jan 1920 BF, Boundary ID, ED6 p8B.
Edson H STEWART, born 2 Jun 1903 MN, died 25 Apr 1970 in Spokane WA. John W Jr, probably born 20 Feb 1898, died 11 Oct 1990; or, died 27 Feb 1976 Spokane, age 77.

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