Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1927

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DEJA Flora

Born 6 Oct 1907 WI to Louis and Hattie (SCZESNIAK) DEJA. Moved to Idaho c 1922. Sister of Marian'29 DEJA. Married 8 Aug 1931 at Colfax WA to George Winston BARR, a divorced forest service worker from Cd'A. George claimed he was born 18 Jul 1901 at LaCrosse WA to William (b c 1863 Myrtle Creek OR) and Rosa (LAWLER, b c1871 WA) BARR. --Marr Cert & Return. Flora died in Oct 1974, George died in Nov 1979; both at Lakewood, Pierce County WA.

DEJA and SZCZESNIAK census records
In 1880, John and Mary DEYA lived in Milwaukie WI. The family comprised: John, 32 POL, laborer; Mary, 31 POL; Katherine 6 POL, Martha 3 POL, and Anna, 2 WI. Later records indicate the family immigrated in 1876, and had six children (these 3 girls, and the 3 boys listed in 1900). --11 Jun 1880, Milwaukie WI, ED139 p33-34 [346A,B]
In 1895 John DEJA, with 3 males, 2 females, lived in Vance Creek, Barron Co WI, next door to Ludwig SZCZENIAK, with 4 males, 3 females. --WI state census 1895
In 1900, Louis SZCZESNIAK, Aug 1850 GER, immig 1888; B . wife, Sep 18-6 POL, married 16 years, 7 births, 5 living, immig 1894; Charley, b APR 1895 MN, immig 1894(sic); Polly, b Jan 1888 POL; Franci, dau, b Sep 1897 WI; Louis, b Mar 1899 WI. --18 Jun 1900, Vance Creek, Barron Co WI, ED17 p5B [262B], now just a few farms away from the DEJA family (below). No sign of Hattie, who may be the fifth living child, perhaps visiting or living elsewhere. There's a Hattie SZCZESNIAK, b Oct 1879, immig 1888, boarding with Frank & Kate SHILLER in NY; she is working as a stripper (in a tobacco factory!).

In 1900, the DEJA family lived in Barron Co WI, and comprised: John DEJA, 53, b Feb 1847 POL (parents b POL), own farm, no mortgage, immigrated 1876, naturalized citizen; Mary, wife, 48, b Jul 1851 POL (parents b POL), married 25 years, immig 1876, 6 births, 5 living children; Louis, 18, b Jul 1881 WI, farm laborer; John, 16, b Jun 1884 WI, farm laborer; Julius, 2, b Jul 1897 WI. --9 Jun 1900, Vance Creek, Barron Co WI, ED17 p3A [260]. By 1905, Mary was a widow, still with the three boys on the farm. --1 Jun 1905, WI state census, p 589.

John DEJA, reportedly born 6 Oct 1849 in Germany, died 1 Nov 1902, and is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Barron Co WI. His wife, Mary, b 1851, died in 1930 and is buried next to him. Julius Jacob DEJA, b 1 Jul 1897, died 14 Apr 1956, and is buried in Long Island National Cemetery.
On 8 Oct 1906, Louis DEJA married Hattie SCZESNIAK in Barron Co WI. --Vol 2 p 199, county marr index.
In 1910, the DEJA family lived in Barron Co WI, and comprised: Louis, 27 WI (parents b GER), carpenter; Hattie, 22 GER (parents b GER), married 3 years, 2 births, one living; Flora L, 2 MN. --22 Apr 1910, Turtle Lk Twp, Barron Co WI, ED24 p9B.
In 1920, the DEJA family lived and farmed in Barron Co WI, and comprised: Louis E, 38 WI, farmer, owns land with mortgage [farm schedule 77]; Hattie, 35 GER; Flora, 12 MN; Marian, 8 WI; Lawrence, 6 WI; Thomas, 4 WI, and Margaret, 1 WI. --5 Jan 1920, Arland Twp, Barron Co WI, ED2 p5A.
In 1930, the DEJA family lived at 15th & Boyd/Hastings Aves, and comprised: Louis DEJA, 48 WI (parents b Germany), house carpenter, no radio, no military service, married age 25; Hattie, wife, 45 GER (parents b GER), married age 22; Flora, 22 WI, bookkeeper for insurance office; Marian, 18 WI; Lawrence, 16 WI, log camp laborer; Thomas, 15 WI; Margaret, 11 WI; Agnes, 9 WI; Henry, 6 ID; Beatrice, 4y7mo ID; Deloris, 7mo ID. --12 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 4, ED69 p15A [100].
Louis E DEJA died in 1956. His wife, Hattie, b 29 Sep 1884, died 26 Oct 1958 in Contra Costa Co CA.
Son Henry M DEJA, b 18 Jun 1923, enlisted from the Reserves on 15 Feb 1943 at Buckley Field, Denver, served in WW2 as 1st Lt in 512th AAF Fighter Squadron, and died 20 Feb 1945.
Son Lawrence E DEJA, b 29 Jul 1913, enlisted at Spokane on 22 Apr 1942, served in WW2 as a Tec4 in the Army, and died 5 May 1973. All four named above are buried in Woodlawn cemetery, St Maries ID.
Son Thomas Louis DEJA, b 14 Aug 1915, enlisted in the Air Corps at Seattle on 29 Oct 1941. He died 24 Mar 1992 in Clackamas Co OR. --OR DI; military.
Daughter Margaret, b 4 Nov 1918 WI, married Daniel Bonneau TROUT [b 1911 Santa Cruz CA, d 1982; (more info)]. Margaret (DEJA) TROUT died 31 Dec 1981 in San Luis Obispo county CA.

GERDES Francis

born 8 July 1909 ID to Thomas R and Helen (WENDLAND) GERDES. Brother of Marguerite'25, Anna Marie'28, Maxine'31, Dorothy'38 and John('35) GERDES. Uncle of Anna'52 YOUNG.
Married 2 May 1937 at St Thomas church to Charlotte Elizabeth ULRICH, b 2 Dec 1911 Kootenai Co ID, d 17 Jul 1969 Spokane. -WADI. Francis died 30 Apr 1981 in Spokane. He and Charlotte are buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Spokane. 3 children: Joanne, Michael & Susan. See some family information at
Charlotte was born to Frederick (1872 NY) & Lola M (1873 WI) ULRICH, who owned a farm in Cougar Gulch.
Additional GERDES family information: click here.

Holy Cross:
HAGLE Lucille

HUCK Margaret

Born 13 Aug 1908 WA to George M & Caroline A (MAYER) HUCK. Died 15 Feb 2001 at Colfax WA. Sister of Mary'28 HUCK. Their younger brother George Joseph HUCK, born 1912, also attended IHM since grade 1 (1919), but is not listed among the graduates of 1930 or 1931.

St Thomas:

born 7 Apr 1909 in Minnesota to William J & Dora (PAUL) MERRIGAN. Died 2 Jun 1965, age 56, in Riverside, California. --CADI Brother of William MERRIGAN '22. See More family information.

REGAN Agnes (Alice?)

Probably the daughter, Alice L, of James (b England) and Alice (CASEY, b NY) REGAN, born 26 Oct 1908 in Barry, Minnesota, and residing in 1920, 1930 & 1940 in Great Falls, Montana. As Alice, she married John J McHATTON on 8 March 1943 in Great Falls. She died 5 Mar 1991, probably in Spokane.


Born 1909 to Michael & Mary ROCHE. Sister of Catherine'24, Margaret'25, ">Jack (m Josephine FLYNN '33), and James'31 ROCHE. More family information, census records. Aunt of Agnes'60, Patrick'62, Marilyn'63, Terry('65), Theresa'69 & Kevin'71 ROCHE.

Agnes died 18 Apr 1936, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
SPAIN Teresa born 17 Jun 1909 MN to Thomas J (1865-1937) and Bridget SPAIN. Teresa died 14 Mar 1995 Cd'A.
Sister of Benjamin '31 and Mary B '24 More Family Information.
Married 4 Oct 1930 at Sandpoint to Neal W BAKER, b 11 Jun 1903, d Dec 1984. Mother of Patricia Anne '51 BAKER.
Forest cemetery:
STEVENS Frances Loretta

Born 14 Oct 1906 in Minnesota to Glen Charles & Falanda (LaVOIE) STEVENS. Enrolled at Academy in fifth grade at age 12 in September 1919, lived at 707 Front Ave, Cd'A. Had a sister, Lillian Ella, born 13 March 1903.
Frances married 12 Aug 1934 at Everett to George E BRIDGE. She died 28 Sep 1980 in Bremerton WA.

St Thomas:
WARD Michael Anthony

Born 6 Jun 1909 in Cd'A to Michael James & Emma Catherine (HENRY) WARD. Brother of Dorothy'38, Margaret'33, Helen'31, Edward('29) WARD. Uncle of Arlene'55 & Robert'61 HARTZ.
Owned a construction company and Standard Machinery in Eugene (1960). Died 23 May 1964, Lane county OR. Married Muriel M ---.

Eugene OR:
Mike '27
St Thomas:
WILLIAMS Clinton Bernard

born 10 Oct 1909 to Fred & Catherine (McDONALD) WILLIAMS.     Brother of James Jay'30 and Catherine'36 WILLIAMS. Father of Fred'66, Theo Ann'61, Gary'68 & Pat WILLIAMS. Married 5 Feb 1940 to Theophila BRAUN. CB died 2 Apr 1993. Theo died 17 May 2007, see her obituary.
Fred WILLIAMS (1878-1953) married Catherine McDONALD on 7 Oct 1908 at Cd'A.
In 1910, the family lived in Lewis precinct, and comprised: Fred, 32 CAN, boom foreman at lumber mill, married 1 year, immigrated 1903, naturalization papers filed; Catherine, 27 CAN, 1 birth, immig 1905; Clinton B, son, 7mo ID; Annie McDONALD, mother-in-law, 67 CAN, widowed, 7 births/living, immig 1905. --12 May 1910 Kootenai Co ID, ED173 p30B.
In 1920, the family still lived in Lewis precinct, and comprised: Fred, 43 CAN, lumber mill laborer, immig 1900, papers filed; Kate, 33 CAN, immigrant alien; Bernard '27, age 10 ID; James '30, age 7 ID; & Catherine '36, age 1y8mo ID. --7 Jan 1920 Kootenai Co ID, ED215 p4A [259].
In 1930, the family still lived in Lewis precinct (Blackwell Addition), and comprised: Alfred, 51 CAN, log boom foreman, immig 1901, alien; Katherine, 46 CAN, immig 1893, alien; Bernard C '27, age 20 ID, sawmill laborer; James Jay'30, age 17 ID; Catherine'36, age 11 ID. --4 Apr 1930, Kootenai Co ID, ED39 p1B.
C B enlisted in the military on 17 Nov 1942 in Spokane.
Fred, b c1878 CAN, died 23 Oct 1953. His wife, Catherine A, born c 1882 CAN, died 7 Nov 1960. Both are buried in St Thomas Cemetery. Catherine's mother, Annie McDONALD, b c1842, died 11 Apr 1918, is also buried there.

St Thomas:

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