Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1923

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born 3 Feb 1904 to John Alexander & Laura Malvina (laMONTAGNE) BISSON. More family information (see sister, Florence '23). Ida died 9 Feb 1928 at St Maries. Buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:
BOUCHER Wilfred Amadie III

Born 6 Dec 1904 ID to Mary Laura CHAINEY and Wilfred A BOUCHER, who married 9 Feb 1904 in Cd'A. Brother of Mary'25, Ernest'26, Monica'28, John'30, Edward'33, and Clement'34 BOUCHER. See More CHAINEY information. Nephew of Illa'09, Mary'12, & Selina'16 CHAINEY.
Wilfred A III died 18 Jun 1996 in Issaquah WA. He married Emily POLET, daughter of Antonio & Mary F (CARBONE) POLET. She died on 28 Nov 1963 at Seattle. Two sons, Bill & Rodney, and a daughter, are mentioned.
Wilfred actually sold refrigerators to Eskimos around Nome until 1943, when he became owner/editor of the Nome Nugget newspaper. Wilfred left Alaska in 1947, moved to Chicago and sold commercial insurance. After his second wife died, he married again and moved to Issaquah WA. His ashes were scattered over Lake Cd'A.

His father, Wilfred Amadie BOUCHER (Sr) was born 15 May 1881 in Eau Claire WI to Amable and Mary (HEBERT) BOUCHER. He has a brother, Joseph, b Jan 1883 WI. Wilfred Abraham BOUCHER died 2 Sep 1915 on Hardy or Nelson Island BC CAN, reportedly in a hunting misadventure, 7 months before the birth of his son Clement'34 on 2 Apr 1916. --BCDI, reg#1915-09-144116. He is buried in Mountain View cemetery, Vancouver BC.
In 1900, Wilfred (Sr), Joseph and their mother (Mary, b Nov 1860 WI, hotel keeper) lived at and owned 523 Bridge St, Chippewa Falls WI, along with Mary's father, Abraham HEBERT (b Jul 1817 French CAN, widow, immig 1856, naturalized), and three nieces: Emili MITCHELL (b Jul 1874 WI, married 6 years, 1 child); Tina HEBERT (b Mar 1877 WI); & Rosana HEBERT (b May 1884 WI). --5 Jun 1900 Chippewa Co WI, ward 6, ED44 p7B
In 1910, the family rented and lived at 602 Reid, Cd'A [right behind the McFARLAND and REMBOWSKI families, 1 block from CHAINEY family], and comprised: Wilfred A, 28 WI (parents b CAN, WI), waterman for electric car, married 6 years; Laura M, 25 WI (parents b CAN), 3 births/living; Wilfred A '23, age 5 ID; Mary A'25, age 3 ID; & Earnest J'26, age 1 ID. --15 Apr 1910 Cd'A ward 4, ED170 p1B.
In 1920, the family rented and lived at 913 Garden, Cd'A, and comprised: Laura, Head, 34 WI, widow; Wilfred, 15 ID; Mary'25, age 13 ID; Ernest'26, age 11 ID; Monica'28, age 9 ID; John'30, age 7 ID; Edward'33, age 5 CAN, immigrated 1916; and Clement'34, age 3 ID. --10 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 4 ED207 p10B.
In 1930, the family owned [value $2000] and lived at 904 Garden, Cd'A, and comprised: Laura, 45 WI, dressmaker; Mary '25, age 24? ID, school teacher; John '30, age 18 ID; Edward '33, age 15 CAN; Clement '34, age 14 ID; and a lodger, Vincent B McDONALD, 7 WA. --7 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 2, ED11 p5A [27]

Laura BOUCHER, born 10 Mar 1885 WI, died in May 1981, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Coeur d'Alene:

Laura M

Mountain View:
Wilford (Sr)

FLYNN Thomas Edward

born 28 Nov 1905 in Ashland WI to John Michael & Mary Louise (HENRY) FLYNN. He served in the US Army Aug 1942 to Apr 1946. He married Wilma Ernestine NEIGHBOR. Tom died 27 December 1986 in Spokane, buried Greenwod cemetery.
In 1910, the family lived at 1110 Sherman, Cd'A, and comprised: John M, 36 NY (parents b Ireland), lawyer, married 6 years, not a veteran, owns home (with mtge); Mary L, 30 TX, 2 births/living; Thomas E '23, age 4 WI; John'24, 2 ID. —23 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p15B.
In Jan 1920, the family lived in Bonner County, and comprised: John M, 46 NY (parents b Ireland), owns home, no mtge, district court judge; Mary L, 40 TX (parents b IRL / MN); Thomas E '23, age 14 WI; John M Jr'24, age 12 ID; Francis'28, age 9 ID; Mary L'31, age 6 ID; Josephine'33, age 3 ID; Philip, 1 ID. —10 Feb 1920, Algoma pct, Bonner Co ID, ED20 p4A [62].
In 1930, the FLYNN family lived at 1018 Front, Cd'A, and comprised: Mary L, 50 TX (parents b Ireland & MN), widow, owns home ($5000) and radio; Thomas '23, age 24 WI, plumbing steamfitter; <Francis '28, age 20 ID, lumber company laborer; Mary L'31, age 16 ID; Josephine'33, age 14 ID; Phillip, 10 ID; Genieve (sic)'39, age 8 ID. —8 Apr 1930 Cd'A ward 2, Lakeshore precinct, ED12 p9A
On 17 Aug 1931, Thomas, son of "Judge FLYNN and Mary HENRY", married Wilma E NEIGHBOR at St Thomas parish. Wilma was born Dec 1909 to Harry & Sarah Hattie NEIGHBOR in St John City (Whitman Co) WA.
In 1940, Thomas and Wilma lived in Spokane, with son Richard E, age 7 (Richard married 1955 to Joan McGILLIS). Thomas completed 3 years of college, and was a creameryman, filling bottles at Broadview Dairy.

John M FLYNN born 20 Oct 1873 NY, died 6 Jan 1924 at Cd'A.
John's wife, Mary Louise, born 14 Aug 1879 TX, died 24 May 1970, and is buried with John in St Thomas cemetery. Philip, born 12 Oct 1919, died May 1978 in Alaska.

St Thomas:

Judge John
Mrs Mary L

JOHNSON Aurelia Anna

born 5 Feb 1904 in Wisconsin to James & Anna (FURLETTE) JOHNSON.
In 1910 & 1920, Aurelia lived with her parents, brothers & sisters in Cd'A. More family information. Sister of Eliabeth '20 and Margaret '26 (Sr M James IHM) JOHNSON.
In 1930, living at the Desert Hotel [189 Sherman], age 26, single, working as a steno in a law practice. Also in the hotel: Joseph MIHELICH, 35, single NY, parents b Italy, common laborer. Aurelia is also listed in her parents home, 816 Indiana, along with sister Elizabeth '20 —6 Apr 1930 CD'A ward 1, ED10 p4B, and 7 Apr 1930, ED11 p5A
On 1 Oct 1932, Aurelia married at St Thomas to Ross Wayne WINKLER, born 17 Sept 1896 in Wisconsin to Luther & Semelia (HARVEY) WINKLER. Ross died 13 Nov 1977 at Woodburn, Oregon. They had two children, Elizabeth Ann and Joseph W.
Aurelia died 4 Feb 1991 in Shohomish county, Washington.


WINKLER inlaws
KAVANAUGH Mary Elizabeth

born 29 Oct 1904 in Letcher, Sanborn county, South Dakota to James M (1875 IA -?) and Margaret (1877 WI -?) KAVANAUGH, and brother of Frank B (1901 SD - ?).
In 1920, the family lived in a hotel in Spokane, and comprised James M, 44 IA (parents b Ireland), farmer; Margaret T, 42 WI (IRL, WI); Frank B, 18 SD, lumber camp laborer; and Mary E, 14 SD, in school. --2 Jan 1920 Spokane, 169½ S Post, ED190 p1B.
In 1930, Mary was a steno in an insurance office in Los Angeles, age 25. --12 Apr 1930 Los Angeles ED433 p19A [267], 514 S Burlington Ave.
Mary died 30 Jun 1978 near Spokane, buried in Holy Cross.
Francis (Frank) Barnabas KAVANAUGH, b 12 Oct 1901, married Merlin R SMITH on 16 Nov 1919 at Cd'A. Merlin, b 1902, was found in 1910 with her mother, brother and stepfather in Cottonwood ID; Merlin R SMITH, female age 7 WI; Edward S, 9 WI; Alfred RANDALL, 30 ID, house carpenter; Jessie E (SNIDER), wife, 31 WI; & Genevieve RANDALL, 2 WA. --23 Apr 1910 Idaho County, ED144 p6A. Merlin died 5 Jan 1925 at Spokane.
In 1930, Frank was listed as a widower, age 28, beltmaker, at 405 Baldwin in Spokane. 16 Apr 1930 Spokane, ED34 p7B
Frank died 3 Mar 1994 in Des Moines WA, age 92.


Born 1905 in Minnesota to James W & Catherine McINTYRE. Sister of Audree '21 McINTYRE. See more family information.
Married c1928 to Sheldon McMILLAN '10.
Mother of Joan'48 & John "Pete"'49 MacMILLAN.
In 1930, Katherine and Sheldon are living with her parents, at 1306 7th St, Cd'A. Sheldon served in the War, and immig from Canada in 1890.
Katherine died c18 Sep 1962, and is buried in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas:

Katherine '23
S J "Bid" '10


born 11 Sep 1904, died 19 Sep 1965, buried in St Thomas Cemetery. Siblings include Sheldon'10, Justin'15, Bessie'18, & Robert'28. See more family information.

St Thomas:
Neil '23

birth and parentage unknown.
In 1910, there was a Marie MILLER, 5 MN, daughter of Edward [34 IA, paper hanger] and Catherine [30 IA par b Ireland] MILLER, married 9 years, 1 child. --20 Apr 1910, Bonners Ferry, Bonner ID, ED75 p7B.
In 1920, there was a Mary MILLER, 16 CAN GER GER, in the 1920 census, listed as a stepdaughter of James D WILLIAMS [49 WI] and Katie [46 GER]. JD has a son, James, 9 CAN. JD is a pipefitter in the lead mine. --5 Jan 1920 Wardner, Shoshone, ID, ED173 p3B.



Born 3 Mar 1906 at Moscow, Latah, Idaho to Josiah Jefferson & Lucy May (SCOTT) ROBIRTS. Sister of Anne Rosa ('21) ROBIRTS.
Artie married (first) on 21 Apr 1924 at Spokane to Robert McKINZIE (b 1899? NM? or Jun 1891/2 CO?). Two sons: Robert Dean McKINZIE (11 Apr 1925 Spokane - 13 Nov 1926 Butte); Ronald E McKINZIE (b Aug 1927, lives Athol ID).
Married (second) to Dean D TRIGG. One child, daughter Kathleen TRIGG. Dean died in Sept 1971; Artie died 29 Jan 1978, both in Post Falls ID. Both buried in Pleasant Valley cemetery.
Kathleen M TRIGG, born 21 Jul 1948, married Jack A HAYNES on 24 Aug 1968 in Grant Co WA.

Artie had a sister, Anne Rosa ROBIRTS, 1904~1928, who was a boarder, but non graduate, class of 1921. Anne was born 29 Feb 1904 at Tekoa, Whitman, Washington to Josiah Jefferson & Lucy May (SCOTT) ROBIRTS. Anne married Hugh Benajah RIDGWAY in Spokane on 4 Nov 1925, and died 28 Feb 1928 in Butte MT.

More ROBIRTS family information.

Pleasant Vy:
Dean T

Woodlawn, StMaries:

RYAN Josephine E

Born 19 Oct 1904 at Lamona WA to Joseph & Mary Ann (HOFFMANN) RYAN. Sister of Antoinette'19 (Sr Avellina IHM) and Mary'21 RYAN. More family information.
In 1940, Josephine, 35, single, lived with her widowed mother, Mary RYAN, 71, at E 408 Sinto, Spokane, with brother Joseph J, 25. They lived in Marcus WA in 1935.
Josephine, a teacher, married on 27 Nov 1947 at Inchelium to Roy E JOHNSON, a draftsman, born c1902 in Racine WI to Carl S & Edith JOHNSON. Witnesses included her sister, Theresa RIGGS.
Josephine died Jun 1977, buried in Holy Cross, with husband Roy. Roy died 3 Jan 1955.

Holy Cross:

born 5 Jan 1905 WA to Lukas and Johanna (TOMSHA) STROJAN. Died 22 Mar 1996 Stevens Co WA (see obituary). It appears she never married. Sister of Helen '29.
Lukas married Johanna TOMSHA on 13 Apr 1902 at Chewelah WA. (Her sister, Katherine, married Lukas' brother, Joseph STROJAN on 14 Oct 1897 at Spokane; both marriages Catholic.)
In 1910, the family lived on Jackel Road, Stevens Co WA, and comprised: Lucas, 48 Austria Slovenia, farmer, owns farm, no mtge; immig 1892, naturalized; second wife Johanna, 26 MN (par b Slovenia), married 8 years, 4 births / living; [children by first wife] Lucas (Jr), 13 WA (both par b Slovenia); Mary, 11 WA; [children by Johanna] Frank J, 7 WA; Hannah '23, age 5 WA; Andrew S, 3 WA; Frances M, 14mo WA. Nearby on the same road are relatives: Lucas' brother Joseph, 44, married 12 years to Catherine (TOMSHA), and 5 children; and another brother, Frank, 50, with wife Catherine and several children. --20 May 1910, Valley precinct, Stevens Co WA, ED223 p6A [251].
In 1920, the family still lived and farmed in Valley WA, and comprised: Lucas, 58 b Krajn (Corolian); Johanna 35 MN; Lucas Jr 23 WA; Frank 16 WA; Hannah '23 age 15 WA; Andrew 13 WA; Frances 10 WA; Lena '29, age 8 WA; Cecelia 6 WA; Vincent 3 WA; Jacob 1 WA. Uncles and cousins still live next door. --21 Jan 1920 Steven Co WA, ED301 p10A/B
In 1930, Mary A, 30 WA, seamstress for dress mfg co, and her sister Helen K '29, candy baker for biscuit co, rented ($36/mo) an apartment in Spokane, and brother Frank, 29 WA, garage mechanic, rented next door ($12/mo). --5 Apr 1930 Spokane ED54 p5A [253].
In 1930, Johanna, 25 WA, steno for insurance/real estate co, and her sister Frances, 21, a retail store cashier, rented an apartment in Seattle WA. --21 Apr 1930 Seattle, King WA, ED409 p13B. Lucas 68 (Yugoslavia), Hannah 46 MN, Lucas Jr 32, Andrew 23, Cecelia 16, Winston 14 & Jakie 11, all still lived on the dairy farm on Jackel Road,in Valley WA. --17 Apr 1930 Stevens Co WA, ED75 p9A [238].
Lucas Sr, b c 1861, died 16 Nov 1948 in Stevens Co WA. His second wife, Johanna, born 1884 MN, died 22 Feb 1946 in Stevens Co WA. Andrew Steven, b 11 Dec 1907, died 21 Jul 1963. Frank, b 31 Mar 1903, died 11 Feb 1992. Lucas A Jr, b 11 Sep 1896, died 6 Dec 1971 Stevens Co WA. --WADI, SSDI.

St Joseph, Stevens Co WA:
Johanna (mom)

born in Idaho 1905 to John William & Annie/Selina SULLIVAN. Brother of Ellen Frances'22, Lawrence'25, Robert, Selina'28 and Joseph SULLIVAN. See More family information.
Raymond began 8th grade at IHM in 1918, continuing until graduation (1923). The family lived on Lakeside in 1918. In 1930, Ray was a miner at Haystack Creek in the Cd'A NF. No further information found about Raymond.


born 1904 Canada to William F & Mary (HUNTER) SULLIVAN.
In 1901, the family lived in Fort Sakatchewan, Alberta and comprised William (28), Mary Ann(22) and Della M, (1), born 31 Jul 1899 Ft Sask.
In 1910, the family lived at 721 Second St, Cd'A, and comprised: William F, 38, House Painter, married 12 years, immig 1895, naturalized, parents b English Canada; Mary, wife, 31 Scotland, 5 births, 4 living, immig 1909; four daughters, all b English Canada [as was William F], but no immigration date: Della M, 10; Gertrude C, 9; Vivian F, 5; Agnes C, 1y8mo. --26 Apr 1910 Cd'A, Sheman precinct, ED173 p11B.
The three youngest girls attended IHM. Loretta (Agnes C) attended 1915-1923, grades 1-8; (Gertrude) Charlotte attended 8th grade in 1917-1918. High School attendance unknown.
In 1920, the family lived at 1009 Pennsylvania, and comprised the same people, but all are listed as aliens, immigrating in 1910, and William is now 46, with parents b MI, and still a painter; Della, 20, was a clerk in a dry good store; Gertie 19 was a high school student, Vivian, 15, is "in school", and Agnes is listed as Loretta, 11. --10 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED207 p11A. On 25 Sept 1925, Della Marie married at Kamloops BC to Alexander Cyril SMEDLEY. Della died 12 Jul 1952 at Matsqui BC, of coronary thrombosis and RA. buried in Hazelwood cemetery.
In 1930, the family rented in Vancouver WA, and comprised: William F, 57 CAN, house painter, married age 25; Mary Ann, wife, 52 Scotland, married age 20, immig 1894; (Vivian?) Bonnie, daughter, 25 CAN, stenographer student; Mrs Ann HUNTER, mother-in-law, widow, 85 Scotland, immig 1894, married age 30. --11 Apr 1930 Vancouver, Clark WA, precinct E, ED46 p10A [150].
In 1940, Mary SULLIVAN (widow) rented in Vancouver, with her daughter "Bonnie" (Vivian?), age 37, who is a government office worker. Bonnie reports only completing 10th grade, among other discrepancies with the record of Vivian F.
William F SULLIVAN, born 9 March 1873 in Montreal QC, died 13 Oct 1937 at Vancouver WA. Mary Ann (HUNTER) SULLIVAN, born 14 July 1878 in Glasgow, Scotland, died 1956. Both are buried in Mother Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Vancouver. Mrs Ann HUNTER died, age 87, on 21 Oct 1932 at Vancouver. Her parents are John ASHUR and Elizabeth IRVING.

Mother Joseph, Vancouver WA:
William F
Mary Ann

Hazelwood, BC:

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