Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1922

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Last Name First Name Notes Cemetery
BISSON Florence Teresa

Born 1902 in Canada to John Alexander (1876-1945) and Laura Malvina (LaMONTAGNE) (1879-1929) BISSON. Married Ross Liston HALL before 1928, had a son Robert J HALL in 1928, who married Joyce Mabel FREEMAN in St Maries in 1951. Ross L HALL was a pre-eminent photographer of North Idaho.
John Alexander BISSON is a son of Dane BISSON & Mary ROCKON. He was born 15 Mar 1876 in Buckingham, Papineau, Quebec, and married 31 Jul 1899 at Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada to Laura Malvina LaMONTAGNE, daughter of John B W LaMONTAGNE and Henriette LAVYN. Laura died 19 Jan 1929 at Lewiston of cerebral hemmorhage. She and John were living in Clarkston WA. See death certificate. John A BISSON died 5 Sept 1945 in Kettle Falls. Both are buried in St Thomas cemetery.
In 1910, the family owned (mortgaged) and lived at 1015 Mullan, Cd'A, and comprised: John A, 34, and Laura, 33, both b Canada, married 11 years; 7 births, 6 living; Conrad 8 MI, Florence 7 CAN, Ida '23 age 6 ID, Stella 5 ID, Hector 3 ID, Alfred 1 ID. --26 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED166 p17A John A, 34, is also listed as the clerk in a logging camp on Fernwood Creek. --15 Apr 1910, Fernwood, Kootenai Co ID, ED167 p8B
On 12 Sep 1918, John A BISSON, born 15 Mar 1877, registered for the military draft in Shoshone County [resides Cd'A]. He was a packer for Rutledge Timber, in Clarkia ID. He was 5'7", with brown eyes and dark hair.
In 1917, Florence began at IHM in 8th grade, graduating in 1922. In 1918, Ida began in 8th grade, graduating in 1923. In 1919, Stella began in 7th grade, but left 8th grade at Christmas 1922. In 1920, Louis began in 1st grade (for two years), continuing through 5th grade in 1926.
In 1920, the family owned (no mtge) and lived at 1015 Mullan, Cd'A, and comprised: John 44 and Laura 42, both b Canada, as were their parents; John is a logging contractor; Conrad, 18 MI; Florence, 17 CAN, immig 1904 with parents; Ida '23, age 15 ID; Stella, 14 ID; Hector, 13 ID; Alfred, 11 ID; Louis, 4 ID. --3 Jan 1920 Cd'A; ED206 p4B. A week later, John A 44 and Conrad BISSON, 18, are both woods laborers in a logging camp near St Maries. --12 Jan 1920 St Maries, Shoshone, ID, ED161 p2B
Stella, born 1906, married Paul J KNIGHT of Texas, on 28 Mar 1924 at Bonners Ferry. In 1930, they lived in Benewah county; Paul was a logger. She later married --- BOWEN; died in 1988, buried with family in St Thomas.
Ida '23, born 3 Feb 1904 in Laclede, died 9 Feb 1928 at St Maries, age 24, of endocarditis & inflamatory rheumatism), while keeping house for her brother attending school. Her sister Stella informed for the death certificate.
George A[lfred?], born 6 Dec 1908, died 15 Mar 1929 at Orofino of meningitis. He was a logger. See death certificate.
William J married Ruby BEAMER on 4 Aug 1925 in St Maries. By 1930, Ruby (b 1905 MO), a teacher, was divorced, and living with her carpenter father in Dalton Gardens.
John A (1876-1945), Laura M (1879-1929), George A (1908-1929), Louis J (1914-1991), Ida '23 (1904-1928), infant Agnes (1913), and Hector ("William J" 11 Feb 1907-1981) are all buried in St Thomas cemetery, along with their parents.
In 1930, Conrad E was a logger in Kasaan AK.

Forest cem:

St Thomas:

CHAINEY Elsie Amelia

born 30 Sep 1904 Cd'A; married 3 Sep 1925 to Ernest Christian Rudolph BOHM (b 7 Sep 1902 CA, d 19 Jan 1988 HI). Elsie died 14 Jan 1983, San Mateo Co CA. Children include Joan Constance BOHM, b 28 Sep 1926; Robert Ernest (5 Aug 1928 - 18 Dec 1994); Phillip Alvin 31 May 1932; --CADI, CABI, SSDI online more family information.
In 1930, Elsie and Ernest BOHM, and children Joan and Robert, lived in San Bruno CA, next to Ernest's father and siblings. Ernest was an industrial electrician. --15 Apr 1930 San Bruno, San Mateo CA, ED16 p9A.
In 1940, the family rented at 289 Sixth St, Belmont CA. --19 Apr 1940, California, San Mateo, Belmont, ED41-27, p13A.

Colma CA:
with links to the rest of her family

COPE Katherine

born 1 Oct 1904, died 22 Jan 2000; married 1927 to George RASSLEY (6 Aug 1897 MT - 24 Aug 1948 MT). sister of Frances'24, Edward'28, Robert'30 and Agnes'33 COPE. cousin of Mildred'40 COPE. aunt of Thomas'65 COPE. mother of Fr George, CSsR, Thomas'48 and Sr Mary '50 RASSLEY, IHM.
born in Washington to Thomas L COPE (b Sep 1876 in Michigan) and Emma --- (b c1877 RI).
In 1900, Thomas was single, a bookkeeper, in Missoula. --1900 Missoula MT ED66 p6A. Thomas and William (1877-1947) are sons of Francis COPE (b Mar 1834 FRA/GER [Alsace], immig 1868) and Catherine --- (b Mar 1836/40 RI), --1880 Nankin, Wayne, Michigan
In 1920, the family consisted of Thomas, Emma, Katherine (15 WA, high school), Francis [sic] (dau, 13 ID, in school), Edward (9 ID), Robert (7 ID), and Agnes (4 ID). --9 Jan 1920, Cd'A ED207 p10A [251], 819 St Maries Ave.
In 1930, the COPE family was still at 819 St Maries. Katherine RASSLEY, husband George A (County Extension Agent) and son George A (18mo) are in Ft Benton, Chouteau, Montana. --1930 Cd'A ED19 p12A [97]; --7 Apr 1930 Ft Benton, ED1 p6A/B.
Katherine's obituary on this site. Other links: RASSLEY family story of Priest & Nun in Spokesman-Review, 31 May 2000. Fr George RASSLEY's 50th anniversary of ordination article in Spokesman-Review, 5 July 2003.

St Thomas:

with additional links there to her siblings and children.


born 1904 in Elk City, Washington to Joseph and Lena CUNNINGHAM.
In 1910, the family owned (no mtge) and lived at 839 Sixth St, and comprised Joseph, 37 NY, sawyer, married 14 years; Lena, 35 CAN, 3 births/living; James, 7 WA; Florence 5 WA; Mamie, 3 ID. --16 Apr 1910 Cd'A, ED170 p3A
In 1920, the family was renting on Front St, and comprised Lena, 42 CAN, widow, immigrated 1896, bakery helper; James, 16 WA; Florence 15 WA; Mamie, 13 ID; and George, 7y5mo ID. --5 Jan 1920 Cd'A ward 2, ED206 p6A [227]. Joseph died c18 Jul 1917 in Kalispell, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. Lena J married John GRANT on 17 Nov 1921 in Potlatch ID.
On 24 March 1921, Florence married in a Presbyterian ceremony to Luke Gilbert BAYLEY, born 26 Jun 1885 in Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire England, immigrated 1905. He was a mining promoter, and previously married (1916) to Anna WOODS at Shoshone. His draft registration in Sept 1918 reports his right foot had a "deceased ankle". In 1922-1928, they lived in Spokane. In 1930, they lived in Cottonwood Idaho, with daughter Florence, age 7. In 1933-36, they lived in Yakima.
In 1930, Lena, 54 and John GRANT (57, sawyer), with Lena's son, George 18, lived at 924 Cd'A Ave. James CUNNINGHAM, 27, was an automobile line worker, living with his wife of 3 years, Ethel (26 ND) in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor WA.
Before 1940, Florence married Bertrand HEATH, (born 10 May 1903 Potlatch, d 8 Nov 1995 Boise) and is buried with him in Morris Hill cemetery, Boise. In 1940, Flo and Bertrum rented at 924 Cd'A, across from the convent.
By 1940, Luke was living in Spokane with a partner, James BRODY, both 54. and had not worked in over a year. In 1942, his draft registration card showed his daughter living with him at South 5 Cedar, Spokane. Luke died 26 Dec 1954 in Spokane.

St Thomas:
John G

Morris Hill:

Alpha Jeanne

Born 14 Oct 1904 in Sweden to Hannah C -------. Hannah HENDRICKSON married Alfred HOGEN in Wallace on 27 Aug 1914. Alfred was born 26 June 1866 in Nobele Smaland, Sweden.
In 1920, Alpha, 15, lives with her mother Hannah (36 Sweden) and stepfather Alfred HOGAN (52 Sweden), a carpenter at the lead smelter. They lived in company housing for Interstate Callihan Consolidated Mining Company. Alpha and Hannah immigrated in 1909; Alfred immig 1891; all are naturalized. --23 Jan 1920 Sunset pct, Shoshone Co ID, ED208 p8B
In 1930, Alpha HOGAN, 22 Russia, single, was a steno in a law office, living at 302 Third St, Wallace. --12 Apr 1930, ED25 p11A [241]. Alfred HOGAN died in 1933, buried near Wallace.
In 1940, Alpha HOGAN was still single, lodging at 303 Third, and working as secretary in a lead mine.
Alpha married Jay Leonard LOOMIS on 27 Aug 1943 at St Al's, Wallace. Alpha died 3 Nov 1992 in Spokane, and is buried there in Holy Cross cemetery. Jay, born 5 July 1911 in Kansas to Arthur S and Hazel P (BEASON) LOOMIS, died 7 Jan 1992, and is buried in Chewelah WA. He was Sgt US Army WWII, serving 1941 - 1949.

Holy Cross:

St Mary/Rosary:
Jay L

Nine Mile, Wallace:

KEILBACH Alphonso Joseph

Born 10 Mar 1904 in Colorado to Bertha Anna ------, worked at the Cd'A post office as a clerk, and retired about 1970. He died 9 Aug 2000.
Bertha A was born 18 Aug 1875, died 26 Jun 1950 in Kootenai Co, buried in St Thomas cemetery.
In 1910, Alphonsa, 7, was living on a farm in Prairie precinct, Kootenai County ID, with Frank KALBH, 46 GER, married (first) 4 years; and Bertha, wife, 34 GER, married (second) 4 years, with one birth, one living child (Al). --26 Apr 1910, ED171, p7B.
Frank J KEILBACH, born 27 May 1863, died 24 Sep 1918 at Cd'A, buried in St Thomas cemetery. Frank J, 46 in 1910, must be a brother of John P, 53, of Pueblo CO. --25 Apr 1910, Pueblo CO, ED162 p11B, 921 E 7th St.
In 1920, J Alphonsa, 16, lived with his mother, Bertha A KEILBACH, 43, widow, immig 1903, naturalized 1914, truck farmer; and his sister, Helen M, 8 ID. Both children attended school. --2 Feb 1920, HLake, ED194 p7B.
In 1930, Bertha A KEILBACH, 52 GER, widow, truck farmer, lived with her daughter Helen, 18 ID. --7 Apr 1930 Hayden Lake ID, ED33 p3A [135] Al is not found in this census.
Al's sister, Helen K FARRAR, born 30 May 1911, married Harold FARRAR, died 10 Jan 2006 in Spokane. She was a public health nurse in Spokane. see obituary.

St Thomas:
Al '22
MAGUIRE Helen Rowena

Helen was born 16 Oct 1903 in Walla Walla to Charles Edward & Ida May (PRESTON) MAGUIRE. Charles Edward MAGUIRE was born 10 March 1866 in Pittsburgh PA to George W and Josephine (MILLER) MAGUIRE, and died 7 July 1945 in Lewiston ID. He married Ida May PRESTON on 13 July 1898 in Walla Walla, Washington. See More family information, including brothers.

Helen married Bernard J KUNTZ on 26 May 1925 in Cd'A.
In 1930, Helen and Bernard lived at 215 4th St, Lewiston. The family comprised: Bernard J, 28 WA [WI MN], bookkeeper for plumbing co, owns home and radio; Helen R, 26 WA [MN IL]; daughter May R, 2y 10mo ID; and son Bernard Jr, 11 mo ID. --4 Apr 1930 Lewiston precinct 15, Nez Perce Co ID; ED10 p4B.
Bernard J Sr, born 14 Jan 1902 WA, mother=SCHERER, died 16 Dec 1980 in San Mateo Co CA. Bernard J Jr, born 12 Apr 1929 WA, died 13 Apr 1994 in San Mateo Co CA. Helen died 20 Nov 1980 in San Mateo Co CA --CADI.

Holy Cross, Colma CA:

Normal Hill:
Charles E
Ida May


Born 6 Mar 1903 MN to Mike M (b Aug 1863 ON CAN) and Eliza (REAGAN) MAHONEY. Sister of Katherine'29, Thomas'31, & Francis'32 MAHONEY. A niece, Colleen Ann MAHONEY, born 26 Nov 1938 to Thomas, only attended grade one at IHM, 1944-45. She lived across the street, at 1303 Cd'A Ave. Eliza (REAGAN) is a twin of William REAGAN, father of many IHM alumni, so Ezella is a cousin of the REAGAN alumni and more.
In 1920, the family lived at 816 3rd St Cd'A, and comprised: Mike M, 50 CAN (parents b Ireland), immig 1901, naturalized 1906, lumber mill foreman; Eliza 42 MN (parents b Ireland); Zella, 16 MN, high school student; Edward, 11 MN; Katherine '29, 9 MN; Thomas '31, 7 ID; Frank J'32, 5 ID. —3 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED207 p2A.
In 1930, the family lived at 1310 Cd'A Ave, and comprised: Michael, 61 CAN, lumber mill laborer, owns home ($2500), no radio, not a veteran, married age 34, immig 1895; Elizabeth, 51 MN, married age 24; Edward, son, 20 MN, odd job laborer; Thomas '31, 17 ID; Francis '32, 15 ID. —20 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED11 p9A [31]
In 1934, the family still lived at 1310 Cd'A Ave, and comprised: Michael (72), Elizabeth (61), and son Frank J'32, (23), a bookkeeper.
Ezella married Alberic SIROIS, born 7 May 1898 NB CAN to Felix & Eliza (GAGNE) SIROIS. They lived in Olds AB CAN, and are buried there. Ezella died, age 54, in Nov 1962 when her car overturned in a crash near Naples ID. Alberic died 4 years later.
Ezella's brother, Edward L MAHONEY, born 2 Jul 1909 MN, died 3 Apr 1931 in Cd'A. Parents: Elizabeth, born 1878, died 30 Apr 1947. Michael, born 1869 in Canada, died 13 June 1948. All 3 are buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Olds, Alberta:

St Thomas:
Mike M

MERRIGAN William John

William John, born 28 Aug 1904 MN to William J (1877 CAN-1951 CA) and Dora (PAUL, 1882 MN-1962 CA) MERRIGAN. Died 30 Jan 1946 CA. Married twice. Brother of James P '27 MERRIGAN. See More Family Information.

no burial info found.

Born 22 Sep 1903 in Canada to John E and Katherine T MURPHY (both b Canada), immigrated 1905/6, naturalized 1911. Died Jul 1985. Siblings: Irene M '12, Raymond J, Michael M, & Ruth C '16 MURPHY. More family information.
In 1930 Hilda, age 25, lived with her brother Raymond, 31, and mother Katherine, widow (John died 22 Feb 1929), renting at 1305 Gov't Way, Cd'A. Hilda was an unemployed [schedule line 29] public school teacher. --7 Apr 1930 Cd'A, ED15 p7A [62] and p14A.
Hilda died in 1985, buried in St Thomas cemetery.

St Thomas:
John E

Cd'A Memorial:
Ray J


Marie SCHERMANSON b 4 Feb 1904, d Jun 1981 Wallace ID. See obituary, and also her sister Elsa's [Sr M Clement, IHM] obituary. more family information.
In 1920, Sr M Clementia [Elsa], 22 ID (parents b Sweden & Austria) was a student at Marywood. --15 Jan 1920, Dunmore Borough, Lackawanna PA, ED39 p12A

St Thomas:

St Catherine's:

SULLIVAN Ellen Frances

born in Montana 1904 to John William & Annie/Selina SULLIVAN. John W SULLIVAN married Selina BROCK on 4 Oct 1903 in Butte MT. (see certificate)
In 1910, the family lived on their homestead in Cougar Gulch, and comprised: John, 45 MA (parents b Ireland), farmer, married 7 years; Annie, 33 NE (parents b NE), 4 births, 4 living children: Ellen, 6 MT; Raymond '23, age 5 ID; Lawrence '25, age 4 ID; Joseph, 2 ID. —19 May 1910 Lewis pct, Kootenai Co ID, ED173 p33B.
John SULLIVAN died in December 1916, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery.
The family attended IHM as follows: Selina'28, 1916 to 1928, 12 grades; Robert, 1919 to 1927 (or more), grades 1-8+, (moved to Portland before 1930); Lawrence & Joseph, 1919-1920 in grade 8, possibly more; Ellen began attending IHM in 1917, in 8th grade, through graduation in 1922.
In 1920, the family lived at 1015 Lakeside, Cd'A, and comprised: Selina SULLIVAN, widow, 47 NE, dressmaker, (parents b CAN & OH); Ellen F, 15 MT; Raymond B '23, 14 ID; Lawrence '25, 13 ID; Joseph W, 12 ID; Selina M '28, 8 ID; Robert T, 6 ID. —9 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED106 p12A.
In 1930, Selina, 57 NE (par b CAN, OH), widow, lived at 598½ Lombard St, Portland, Oregon with sons Joseph W 22, and Robert T, 16. —8 Apr 1930, Portland OR, ED465 p1A [210].
Ellen F SULLIVAN married Walter J SHORT on 26 Apr 1924 at Cd'A.
In 1930, Ellen & Walter SHORT rented ($16) at 624 Oswego St, Portland, Oregon. The family comprised: Walter J, 36 SD (PA, MN), foundry laborer, WW1 veteran; Ellen F, 26 MT (MA, NE), married age 19; Robert John, 5 OR (b 27 Nov 1924); Eileen Catherine, 49mo OR (b 12 Feb 1926); and Ira F SHORT, 27 SD, brother of Walter, café waiter. —4 Apr 1930, Portland, Multnomah Co OR, ED474 p3A [280]
Ellen F SHORT died 24 May 1960 in Multnomah Co OR. --Oregon Death Index Walter John SHORT, born 11 Jun 1892, died 6 Jun 1961. His parents were Edward Theodore SHORT (1864-1928), and Catherine Elizabeth CONNOR (1870-1911). Robert John married 6 Aug 1949 to Maxine Clarice LUHR and had 4 children. Eileen Catherine married 24 Jun 1945 to Delfred Lewis GILES, and had 6 children. Bill DUEHRING's WorldConnect listings.

St Thomas:



Mt Calvary:
Selina (mom)

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