Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1913

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  19 Nov 2018
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born Jun 1895 in Michigan to Peter [b Apr 1866 GER, immig 1868] and Agnes [LEBINSKY, b Oct 1864 GER immig 1885] DAHLKE or DAHLKY or DALKEY, who married c1892, had 7 children. —7 Jun 1900, Bayfield Co WI, ED 23 p4A [55]; —28 Apr 1910 Cd'A ED166 p20B, 1046 Young St; —18 Jan 1920 (family) St Maries, Benewah Co ID, ED9, p9A;
Siblings: Nettie (Antoinette) b Dec 1893 MI, d 1978, buried with parents; Jennings Jay b Nov 1897 MI, married Florence BARDEN in 1923, died 1989, buried with parents; Raymond John b Mar 1900 WI; (Jahamnah) Loretta c1904 WI; Eugene c1906 WI; and Marcia? c1909 ID.
Agnes married Grover Theodore FOUNTAIN on 21 Jul 1912 (sic, error), Cd'A, or, reportedly on 21 Jun 1913, but actually on 21 July 1913 at St Thomas parish, Cd'A (—StThos Marr Recs Vol 1. Had a son, Raymond Grover FOUNTAIN on 3 Apr 1914 in Spokane. —WA Archives
Agnes died 21 July 1955 in Seattle.

FOUNTAIN family history

Oscar FOUNTAIN, b c1852 IL to Thompson and Amelia FOUNTAIN. In 1860, the family lived in Farmington IL, and comprised: Thompson, 51 NY, grocerman; Amelia, 47 VA; Lavina 18 OH, Elizabeth 16 IL, George 14 OH, Charles 12 OH, John 9 IL, "Ausker" 7 IL, & Isabell, 3 IL. —19 Jul 1860, Fulton Co IL, p195 [545] family #1358 census image (fee req'd).
Oscar married Nellie DAY, daughter of William Henry & Lorna DAY. In 1870, Nellie, 8 IL, is with her parents in Farmington, Fulton IL p6, near Oscar's brother, George. Oscar, 17, is with his parents on p17.
In 1880, Oscar, 28, and Nellie, 17, with no children, are living with her parents in Mills Co IA. view census transcript.
In 1900, the FOUNTAIN family lived in Farmington IA and comprised: Oscar, b Jan 1851 IL (parents b RI, WV), married 23 years, painter; Nellie, b Jun 1861 IL (parents b NY), 13 births, 4 living; Francis F, son, b Oct 1878 NE, RR bridge carpenter; Teddy, b Oct 1892 IL; Verna E, b Mar 1895 IA. —26 Jun 1900, Van Buren Co IA, ED95 p20A/B [61] census image (fee req'd).
In 1910, the FOUNTAIN family lived near Toppenish WA, and comprised: Nellie M, 47 IL (NY NY), widow, 11 births, 4 living; "Adelia G" (Ted), son, 17 IL, house painter; Verna E, 16 IA. —18 May 1910 Yakima Co WA, ED295 p18A [149], census image (fee req'd). Oscar died 18 Feb 1910 in Lane County, Oregon. Nellie later married W F McCOY on 4 Aug 1917 in Yakima. WA Archives.
In 1920, the FOUNTAIN family rented near Yakima and comprised: T G, 30 IL (parents b IL), painter; Agnes, 27 MI (parents b WI); Raymond 5 WA; Harold 4y4mo ID. —31 Jan 1920, Fairview twp, Yakima Co WA, ED193 p12B view census image (fee req'd).
In 1930, the family rented 806 N 5th, Yakima, and comprised: Ted, 38 IL, interior decorator, has radio, not a veteran; Agnes 33 MI, married age 16; Raymond G, 16 WA; Harold W, 13 ID. —10 Apr 1930 Yakima WA, ED7 p8A [91] census image (fee req'd).
In 1935, Raymond married Margaret Lucille TYRRELL at Yakima, on Jan 2. They had 2 children. Raymond G died on 9 Nov 1982 at Yakima. Margaret died 2 July 1999 in Yakima. Their son Peter Raymond FOUNTAINE, born 31 July 1936, died 27 March 2001, Seattle.
Agnes died in 1955. Ted died in 1969. Their son Harold died in 1972. His wife Audrey died in 2000.
Holyrood cemetery, Seattle:

Woodlawn, St Maries:


Possibly the Mary FITZGERALD, born "Jul 1895" (1894?) in Wisconsin, age 6 in the 1900 census, Superior WI, daughter of William (1850 IRL) and Margaret (1855 NY) FITZGERALD.
possibly the May FITZGERALD, [age 16, b Wisconsin], living with her mother, Margaret [54 CAN, married], at 524 Reed St [near the REMBOWSKI, BOUCHER and McFARLAND families] in 1910. —1910 Cd'A, ED170 p1B.
In 1920, May is 25 single, a rural school teacher near Pinehurst, with her mother [61 NY]. —6 Jan 1920 Shoshone, ED 212 p1B.


KOPE Ethel B

Born 22 Dec 1894 in Iowa to William E and Carrie M (RICE) KOPE. Ethel married Charles F PARENT at St Thomas church on 12 Apr 1915. Wm KOPE was a manager for Bell Telephone. Charles PARENT was born to Joseph Charles and Adeline (GENEREUX) PARENT on 12 May 1886 in Somerset, St Croix, Wisconsin. In 1910, he lived at the St Thomas rectory with Father PURCELL and others.
In 1930, the young PARENT family lived in Everett WA, and comprised: Charles F, 43 WI, cashier; Ethel B, 35 IA; Donald F, 12 ID; Robert W, 9 WA; Frances E, 7 MT; and Shirley Marie, 3y5mo WA.
Ethel died in April 1999, and is buried in Holyrood Cemetery, Archdiocese of Seattle. Charles PARENT died in July 1966, and is also buried there. His father, Joseph, died in 1944, and is buried in Calvary Cemetery. Donald, born 7 Nov 1917 in Idaho, died 9 Mar 1987. Robert W, born 2 Jul 1920, died 10 May 2000. Frances E married 11 Apr 1953 at Spokane to Robert Lee PETTUS, USAF. Frances died in 2008; Robert died in 1995. Both buried in Willamette National cemetery.

Holyrood cemetery, Seattle:
Robert W

born 21 Mar 1896 OK to Nicolas (b Dec 1859 Luxembourg) and Nellie (b Nov 1867 Ireland) LOMMEL. Brother of Nick '12 and Susan M '17 LOMMEL. Walter Married 4 Aug 1918 to Della C ANDERSON.
In 1920, Walter was a leaching plant operator in Alaska, married to Della (b c1900 MI), with daughter Charlotte (b 1918 AK). —1920 AK 3rd Judicial Dist, Kennecott Copper Corp, 2nd Dist, p5B.
In 1930, Walter was a jewelry store accountant in Seattle, with Della C, and daughters Kathryn (b c1919 AK), Bernice (1920 AK) and Suzanne (c 1923 AK). —1930 Seattle ED49 p5A, 1422 N 49th St.
Della died 16 Nov 1974, Bellevue WA. Walter died 9 May 1994, Olympia WA. Suzanne died 25 Nov 1983 at Bellevue. —WA Death Index. More family and 1900, 1910 census information.
Daughters: Kathryn married 1 Sep 1941 at Seattle to Karl Herbert VITT. Either Kathryn and Charlotte are the same person, or both married VITTs, because Charlotte C VITT died in 1976, listed as having only two sisters (Suzanne & Vernice). Vernice R, on the same date and priest as Kathryn, married Theodore F KLUH. Suzanne May married on 4 June 1944 at Seattle to Aubrey P SCHMIDT, witnessed by Karl H & Cathryn VITT. They later divorced; Aubrey died 2009 in Portland. Suzanne married (#2) Ray J RADEMACHER on 2 Feb 1976 in Bellevue WA, with her sister Charlotte C VITT as witness. Charlotte died two months later.

Cathryn's signature and then 32 years later:>>> Charlotte's signature
Holyrood Catholic, Seattle:

Della C

McCORMICK Florence

born 15 Aug 1892 (or 1893)in MI to George H (1862 MI, lumber grader) and Annie E (1869 MI); sister of Harry '11. See more family information.
Florence married Allen Gregory CAMPBELL. She died Oct 1972 in Detroit MI.


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