Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1911

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b 14 Jul 1893 WI to William Patrick [c1864 NY - 9 Sep 1939] and Mary (DIONNE) [c1870 WI - 2 Jul 1941] BRENNAN; Died 1972.
In 1900, the family lived in Menominee MI and comprised William, Mary, Mary G 7, "Erland" (Evelyn?)son 5 (b Sept 1894), and Dewey 1.
In 1910, the family lived on Riverside Ave, Cd'A, and comprised William, retail merchant; Mary, and siblings Grace [c1892 WI], Joseph '17 [born 1899 WI], 2 more [already deceased]. —1910 Cd'A, ED173, p25A.
On 1 July 1914, Mary Grace BRENNAN married Richard H DAWSON at Sunday High Mass at St Thomas. A month later, Richard's sister, Ethel DAWSON, of Chippewa Falls MN, married Aloysius SCHNEIDER at St Thomas on 2 Aug 1914.
Mary Grace DAWSON died 28 Apr 1934; Richard DAWSON, b 4 Jan 1887 to Mike and Helen (JENNINGS) DAWSON, died 21 Oct 1964. They are both buried in St Thomas Cemetery.
In 1920, Evelyn 26, public school teacher, and Joseph '17, age 21, stenogapher, lived at 811 Riverside Ave, Cd'A, with their parents. —14 Jan 1920 Cd'A, Sherman pct, ED205 p18A [215], Ella P HEALY, enumerator.
In 1920, Richard (saw filer) & Grace DAWSON rented 815 Riverside Ave, with children Catherine 4, James 2, and William 1. —13 Jan 1920 Cd'A, Sherman pct, ED205 p16B, Ella (KILDEA) HEALY, enumerator.
In 1930, Richard (saw filer) & Grace DAWSON & 3 children lived in Klamath County, Oregon. —18 Apr 1930, Algoma, Klamath OR ED2 p2B.
In 1930, Evelyn, 27, was a public school teacher in Seattle, renting (with her father) at the Fiona Apts. —11 Apr 1930 Seattle King WA ED96 p16A [129].
Evelyn never married, and died 16 Aug 1972. She is buried with her parents and brother in St Thomas Cemetery.

St Thomas cemetery:
Richard DAWSON
McCORMICK Harry Joseph

b 7 Oct 1892 in MI to George H McCORMICK (1862 MI, lumber grader) and Annie E (KOCH) (1869 MI); sister Florence E '13 (age 16). —1910 census, Cd'A, ED166 p8B, 711 Cd'A St.

George H born Jan 1862 to Joseph (1815 Ireland, brickmason) and Elizabeth (1825 Ireland or VT). —23 Jun 1870 census, Monroe MI, p22.
In 1900, (on June 18) George 38, married 10 years, shoemaker, and his brother Frank, 40, are boarding in Priest River on 18 June. And, (on Jun 3), George (39, b Jun 1861 MI VA Ireland, shoemaker) is listed at (owned home, no mortgage) 1113 12th St, Detroit MI, with Anna (b Jun 1864 MI parents b Germany, married 11 years, 4 births / 2 living), Harry (b Oct 1892 MI) and Florence (b Aug 1894 MI). —1900 Detroit ward 8, Wayne MI, ED89 p5A [58]; —1900 Priest River, Kootenai ID, ED65 p8B.

In 1910, Harry lived with his parents in Cd'A. By 1917, he was back in Detroit, where he married (2 June 1925) Eleanor Frances JOY and had children (WW1, WW2 registrations; 1920-1940 censuses)
In 1920, the family lived at 212 Kirby Ave E, Detroit, and comprised George H, Anna, Harry 27, Florence 24, George 23, and Morris 22. George H worked in an auto factory.
In 1930, Harry and Eleanor lived with children Harry J jr, 3, and Marilyn, 1, renting at 1959 Seward Ave, Detroit. Harry was a surveyor for the city civil engineer. Eleanor immigrated from Canada in 1914. George H & Anna lived at 1702 Delaware, still working, no children.
In 1940, George age 78 & Anna age 76 rented at 1700 Pallister St, Detroit. Harry and Eleanor lived at 1623 Seward Ave, with six children: Harry 13, Marilyn 11, Ann Clair 9, Patricia 8, Gerald 4, and Maureen 3.

Harry died 21 Jan 1965. Eleanor died 11 Sept 1965. Both at Detroit.

(possibly, daughter)
SMITH Mary Agnes

Born 17 Feb 1893 in Spokane to James Clayton & Kate (PURCELL) SMITH. Entered IHM convent, became Sr M Nazarene, IHM. Died 26 Jan 1972, buried in IHM section, St Catherine's, Moscow PA. Taught at IHM. Not listed or shown on the class photo, but referenced in Laurels and St Thomas parish history book.
Sr Nazarene's mother Kate was a sister of Rev Thomas PURCELL, who founded St Thomas and got the IHM Academy established. Kate's mother, Johanna, lived with them in Spokane in 1900, and with Fr PURCELL in Cd'A in 1910.
Kate and James married 13 Aug 1890 at Spokane Falls (Gonzaga College), and are parents of a stillborn infant (19 Apr 1896, Spokane), and James L SMITH, born 20 Sep 1891 in Spokane. Kate died 24 Mar 1910, buried in St Thomas.

Moscow PA:
Sr Nazarene'11
St Thomas:

Born 30 May 1891 at Sandpoint ID to John Thomas (c1863 CAN, saloon merchant) and Mahalia Jane (SALLEE) (c1867 WA) SULLIVAN, married 20 June 1885, at Westwood, Kootenai, ID.
Dora married William C WALSH, and lived in Seattle in 1933 (father's death).
In 1930, age 38, she lived in Omaha NE, as an actress, married 8 years to William C WALSH, age 48 (Scotland), a theatrical producer. Dora told the census-taker that her parents were born in Oregon. Wm C WALSH died suddenly in Los Angeles on 7 March 1935; his wife is reportedly Dora CLEMENT. —Omaha World-Herald, 21 Mar 1935, with photo.
Dora was an actress, and appeared in more than 80 stage and screen productions, including (1944) Stage: Appeared (as "Betty Chumley") in "Harvey" on Broadway, with James STEWART. She also appeared in films like History is Made at Night (1937), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), Buck Privates (1941) with Abbott and Costello, and The Lady Eve (1941) with Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck. Dora died in 1979.

Other Family Information

In 1901, the family lived in Kootenay BC.

In 1910, the family lived at 421 Wallace, with a 50-year-old black servant, "Mary Smith". Siblings: sister Mary Irene (b 8 Jan 1893 at Hope ID -), brother Walter(1902 CAN). —1910 census Cd'A ED166 (two listings) p3A, + p31A/B, 421 Wallace St.
In 1920, John T was a truck sales manager in Portland OR, living with his kids Mary Irene (25) and Joseph T (17, was Walter in 1910).

Mary Irene SULLIVAN married Louis Edward PATERSON, born 16 Jun 1891 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They both died on her 50th birthday (8 Jan 1943) in Los Angeles. Louis previously served in the Australian Army, and lived in Portland with wife and child by WW1 (1917). In 1933, they lived in Seattle.

John T SULLIVAN died, age 70, on 3 June 1933 at Snoqualmie WA. He is buried in Calvary cemetery, Seattle. His parents are Eugene & Ellen (McINERNEY) SULLIVAN.

John T
Forest Hills, Glendale:

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