Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1917

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  11 Dec 2018
Last Name First Name Notes Cemetery
BRENNAN Joseph Patrick

born 28 Sept 1898 in Wisconsin to William P [c1864 NY - 9 Sep 1939] and Mary (DION) [c1870 WI - 2 Jul 1941] BRENNAN. Died 11 Oct 1963, buried in St Thomas Cemetery. Brother of Evelyn '11. See more family information, 1910-1920 census.
In 1918, Joseph was a stenographer for the Pinkerton Agency in Spokane, living at 1509 W 4th. WW1 Draft Registration Card.

St Thomas:



born Mar 1898 in Oklahoma to Nicolas (b Dec 1859 Luxembourg) and Nellie (b Nov 1867 Ireland) LOMMEL. Siblings are John M (b Mar 1891 MT), Walter R '13 (b Mar 1896 OK) and Nicolas '12. See more family and 1900-1920 census information.
Married 15 Nov 1922 to Joseph ROGERS at Cd'A.
In 1930, Susan and Joseph B ROGERS (32 IA) live in Colville WA, where they own their home (249 Maple), and a radio, and Joe is a bank cashier. They have two children, both born in WA: Mary Ann 6, and Joseph 2yr3mo. —22 Apr 1930 Colville, Stevens Co WA, ED22 p2B.
In 1935, they lived in Yakima.
In 1940, they rented 731 20th Av N in Seattle. Joseph was a purchasing agent for an oil company.
Susan died in 1991; Joseph died in 1986. Both are buried in Bellevue WA.

Sunset Hills, Bellevue:
Joseph B
O'KEEFE Merita M

Born Aug 1898 in Minnesota to Michael & Mary (QUINLAN) O'KEEFE. Siblings: Helen '12, Cornelius, and Noreen '09.
In 1930 and 1940, Merita lived in Spokane with her mother and sisters Norene '09 and Helen '12.
Merita was a bookkeeper for Columbia Stores (1918) in Spokane, stenographer at Ringling Offices in White Sulfur Springs MT in 1921 and 1922, when the Anaconda newspaper noted she attended her sister's (Helen) wedding (1921) and a family visit (1922), both in Spokane. She is also listed as a steno in the 1922 Spokane City Directory. Merita was a bookkeeper in 1930's, and a stenographer at the Federal Land Bank in 1940. She died 1 Nov 1945 at Seattle. See More family information.

Tower MN:


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