Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1917

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  13 Nov 2017
Last Name First Name Notes Cemetery
BRENNAN Joseph Patrick

born 28 Sept 1898 in Wisconsin to William P [c1864 NY - 9 Sep 1939] and Mary (DION) [c1870 WI - 2 Jul 1941] BRENNAN. Died 11 Oct 1963, buried in St Thomas Cemetery. Brother of Evelyn '11. See more family information, 1910-1920 census.
In 1918, Joseph was a stenographer for the Pinkerton Agency in Spokane, living at 1509 W 4th. WW1 Draft Registration Card.

St Thomas:



born Mar 1898 in Oklahoma to Nicolas (b Dec 1859 Luxembourg) and Nellie (b Nov 1867 Ireland) LOMMEL. Siblings are John M (b Mar 1891 MT), Walter R '13 (b Mar 1896 OK) and Nicolas '12. See more family and 1900-1920 census information.
Married 15 Nov 1922 to Joseph ROGERS at Cd'A.
In 1930, Susan and Joseph B ROGERS (32 IA) live in Colville WA, where they own their home (249 Maple), and a radio, and Joe is a bank cashier. They have two children, both born in WA: Mary Ann 6, and Joseph 2yr3mo. —22 Apr 1930 Colville, Stevens Co WA, ED22 p2B.
In 1935, they lived in Yakima.
In 1940, they rented 731 20th Av N in Seattle. Joseph was a purchasing agent for an oil company.
Susan died in 1991; Joseph died in 1986. Both are buried in Bellevue WA.

Sunset Hills, Bellevue:
Joseph B
O'KEEFE Merita

Born Aug 1898 in Minnesota to Michael & Mary (QUINLAN) O'KEEFE. Siblings: Helen '12, Cornelius, and Noreen '09.
In 1930 and 1940, Merita lived in Spokane with her mother and sisters Norene '09 and Helen '12. Merita was a bookeeeper in 1930, and a stenographer at the Federal Land Bank in 1940. She died 1 Nov 1945 at Seattle. See More family information.


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