15 April 1910 census
Academy of Immaculate Heart of Mary

Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai county, Idaho; ward 2, Coeur d'Alene precinct.
Enumeration District 166, sheets 26A and 26B
enumerated on 3 May 1910 by Herbert H BARTON

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1910 census sheet 26A (for lines 1-50)

(Religious staff, lines 1 - 10; all single, white, female)

1 Sister Mary Clement, Superior, 49 NY parents b Ireland, teacher
2 Sister Mary Xavier, co-teacher, 60 PA, parents b Ireland and New York
3 Sister Mary Dolores, co-teacher, 57 Ireland, parents b Ireland, immigrated 1869(?), naturalized
4 Sister Mary Norbert, co-teacher, 38 NY, parents b Ireland
5 Sister Mary Dometella, co-teacher, 38 NY, parents b England and Ireland
6 Sister Mary Justina, co-teacher, 32 PA, parents b Ireland and Pennsylvania
7 Sister Mary Dositheus, co-teacher, 39 PA, parents b Ireland
8 Sister Mary Dorotheus, co-teacher, 28 Ireland, parents b Ireland, immigrated 1893(?), naturalized.
9 Sister Mary Dolorita, co-teacher, 27 PA, parents b Ireland
10 Sister Mary Rosalie, co-teacher, 26 PA, parents b Ireland

Academy of IHM, about 1912

Academy of  IHM, about 1912

"Resident students of Academy Immaculate Heart of Mary", (lines 11 - 53)

[I believe the school completed these basic records (name | age | birthplace | parents' nativity), probably based on age at enrollment in Sept 1909, and perhaps guessing at some data elements, such as parents' nativity.]
Extended notes supplied through census research by Mike RANSOM '66.

(females, all white and single, lines 11 - 36)

11 Margaret McCURRY (indexed McCRARY), student, 18 VA, parents b Tennessee
12 Gladys WHITE, 18 MN parents b Vermont and Iowa. Birth name unknown; shows up on 1910 census in Spokane with mother (Leona WHITE) and her second husband (married 8 years), Herbert J WHITE, 48 VT, a hotel keeper. Gladys has one sister, Mabel E, two years younger; both girls show father b MA. --1910 Spokane, ED164 p1A [104]
13 Leila M SMITH, 16 MI, parents b NY. Graduated 1912. Married 11 Aug 1915 at Cd'A to E W FREED.
14 Dorothy M YOUNG, 16 MN, parents b England and Canada. Graduated 1912. Brother, Harold, line 47, below. more family information.
15 Ethel SWEENEY, 17 WI, parents b Illinois and NY. Also listed as age 18, living with her father [Edward, 58 IL PA OH, widow, lumber mill scaler] and brother [Chester, 15] in Sherman precinct, HH#421, next door to [Line 52, below], Walter BORO.
16 Catherine KENNEDY, 15 WI, born 4 Jun 1894 in Taylor County WI to Daniel B & Mary Teresa (McDONALD) KENNEDY, both parents b Canada. Sister of John Alexander KENNEDY [line 51, below]. Catherine became IHM Sister M Espiritu, but died in 1920, buried in St Thomas. For more family information, see her sister Frances '25.
17 Kathleen RICHARDS, 14 MT, parents b NY
18 Charlotte MASON, 15 CA, parents b Ireland. Born Oct 1893.    In 1900, appears (with brother, George, line 49 below) in census with mother (Florence, b Oct 1872, age 27 CA IL IA, married 10 years, 4 births, 3 living) and sister Pauline (b May 1891 CA). --1900 Kellogg ID, ED 101, p 10B.    Her father, Peter (b Jul 1857 IA MD Ireland, married 10 years, carpenter) is living with his brother, George M (b Sep 1867, single, mine laborer) nearby. --1900 Kellogg, ED 101, p 9B, line 59.    In 1910, the family is back together; sister Pauline m 22 Sep 1908 to Richard Lyle TALBOT, new brother Peter Chester MASON, 7 ID (b 3 Sep 1902, d 7 Nov 1914). --1910 Kellogg, ED 253 p 7A    In 1920, Peter, 65, widowed, is living with Charlotte 26, and husband Jabez THOMSON (27 PA, cigar store clerk). Charlotte has two daughters: Madaline 7, and Charlotte 18 months. --1920 Kellogg ED 166 p 30B, 807 McKinley Ave    By 1930, Charlotte and family are in Aurora, Kane county, Illinois, where Jabez B is deputy sec'y to a fraternal lodge. --1930 Aurora IL, ED 21 p 5A [49]

19 Mabel MALONE, 16 MI, parents b Ireland and Illinois
20 Bernice HILLIS, 14 IA, parents b Iowa. Bernice, b Dec 1894, graduated IHM in 1915, joined convent. more family information.
21 Elizabeth LINDAUER, 12 CA, parents b Germany and Ireland
22 Agnes KILDEA, 11 WA, parents b Canada and Minnesota. Graduated 1916.
23 Helen HAMILTON, 11 WA, parents b WA and CA. Graduated 1916.
24 Helen ELGEE(?), 11 ID, parents b Canada and NY
25 Evelyn H SLATON, 11 MI, parents b MI and NY
26 Susan M LOMMEL, 11 OK, parents b France and Ireland; brothers on lines 38-39. more family information. Graduated 1917.
27 Marnie WRIGHT, 9 MN, parents b Ireland and France
28 Eva BLESSING, 11 WA, parents b Minnesota
29 Mildred WITTMAN, 9 CO, parents b Pennsylvania and Colorado
30 Esther CRAMP, 9 ID, parents b Missouri. probably same as Ester C CRAMP, 10 ID, parents married 12 years: Jacob P, 48 NY, and Ellen C, ?4 MO; siblings Dewey C, 8 ID, and Steven V, 7 ID, found in 1910 precinct, Kootenai County, ED171 p12A. In 1900 Prairie precinct, ED60 p12A, Jacob, b Sep 1861 NY GER NY, is a miner; Ella, b Feb 1881 KS NOR MO, is 19, married 1 year, with one child, Ester b Feb 1900.
31 Agnes KREIG, 17 WI, parents b Germany. possibly related to George P KREIG 25 WI GER HOL, and his brother Thomas KREIG 23 WI GER HOL, living at 1016 Cd'A St --[ED166 p8A]
32 Irene LONG, 11 ID, parents b Missouri and Idaho
33 Agnes WRIGHT, 5 MN, parents b Ireland and France
34 Naomi WHALEN, 9 IL, parents b Ireland and Illinois
35 Margaret McLEAN, 14 MI, parents b Canada and Michigan
36 Rosa NICHOLS, 15 ID, parents b NY and Illinos

(males, all white and single, lines 37 - 53)

37 James WHITE, 17 ID, parents b Mississippi and Louisiana. Brother of Julia WHITE '09. Family lives in Clark's Fork.

38 Nicholas LOMMEL, 16 ND, parents b France and Ireland. more family information. Graduated 1912.
39 Walter LOMMEL, 12 OK, parents b France and Ireland. more family information. Graduated 1913.

40 Floyd CHARBONEAU, 12 [17?] WI, parents b NY; also found, age 17, in his family on Scott Ave, Newport, Stevens County, Washington, ED224 p5A; parents Desta 42 NY and Nellie 38 NY, married 20 years; siblings Clarence 16 WI and Roy A, 2 ID.

41 Robert McANDREW, 10 WI, parents b NY and Indiana. Born Sept 1899, Trim Belle twp, Pierce County, Wisconsin, to Thomas J [b Aug 1858 NY] and Minnie J [b Aug 1862 IN]; siblings Lucille, George, Charles, Thomas, Raymond and three others [died young] --1900 WI, Pierce, ED119 p4B. In 1910, Robert and Raymond are also found with their family in Lane precinct, Kootenai county, --ED192 p2B.
42 Raymond McANDREW, 7 WI; parents b NY and Indiana. See family information on line 41 above, brother Robert.

43 Charles M  OIEN, 9 WA, parents b Iowa and Michigan; see brother Lawrence below. Both boys also found with family in Prairie precinct, --1910 Kootenai ED171 p7B; parents Charles M, 40 IA, and Dottie, 39 Canada, married 12 years; siblings Charles, 10 WA, Lawrence 8 WA, and Dorothy 5 WA. Charles M, b 27 May 1900, died 22 Nov 1987, Spokane WA; SSN=532-32-2787.  In 1900, 4-day-old Charles ("un-named son") is with his parents, Charles M (b Jan 1870 IA, par b Norway; Saloon keeper) and Lettie (b Sep 1860 Canada, parents b Ireland and New Jersey, married 2 years, immigrated 1875) at 2560 Broadway, Spokane.  --1900 Spokane ED69 p20A.
In 1920, Charles Jr 19, Lawrence 17 and Dorothy 14 are living at 517 Mission, Spokane (nearby Poor Clares' Monastery) with their mother, Letta, 59, b Canada. --1920 Spokane ED262 p5B/6A

44 Lawrence OIEN, 7 WA, parents b Iowa and Michigan. In 1930, Lawrence, 28 and single, is a commercial banking credit manager in Spokane, mother born Canada. --1930 Spokane ED97 p4A. See family notes above, line 43.

45 Frederick O'TOOLE, 13 SD, parents b Minnesota and Ireland.
46 Edward O'TOOLE, 12 SD, parents b Minnesota and Ireland.

47 Harold YOUNG, 13 MN, parents b England and Canada. Sister Dorothy, above, line 14. more family information.

48 Harry McKENZIE, 10 MN, parents b Minnesota

49 George MASON, 10 IA, parents b Ireland. Born May 1900 in Idaho, father b Iowa, mother b CA. --1900 census; see sister Charlotte, line 18, above.   

50 Philias WRIGHT, 7 MN, parents b Ireland.

51 John H (Alexander) KENNEDY, 14 WI, in Taylor County WI to Daniel B & Mary Teresa (MacDONALD) KENNEDY. Both parents b Canada (English). Parents living in Coos Bay, Oregon at this census. Brother of Frances'25 and Catherine (Sr Espiritu), above.

52 Walter BORO, 10 WI, parents b Canada (French). Also listed as age 11, living with his brother [Arthur J, 29 French Canada, married] and sister [Linda, 19 WI], in Sherman precinct, HH#422, next door to [line 15, above] Ethel SWEENEY.
In 1900, Walter, b Feb 1899 WI, is the youngest child of widower Frank BORO (b May 1860 French Canada, immigrated 1877, latest marriage 11 yrs), with siblings Arthur (b Dec 1880 CAN immig 1890), Wilbright (b Jan 1883 CAN immig 1890), Delsina (b Oct 1884 CAN, immig 1890), Willis (b Apr 1890 WI), Frankie (b Feb 1894 WI), and Li(n)da (b Apr 1892 WI). --1900 Mosinee, Marathon Co WI, ED 89, sheet 198A [11A]. There are ERDMAN/Ns in the same and neighboring households, suggesting that Frank's deceased (second?) wife (and Walter's mother) may be an ERDMANN.
Brother Frank, 16, is a hotel cook/servant in Kellogg ID in 1910. In 1920, Walter, 21, is an office clerk in Kellogg ID, and his father, Frank 58, and brother Bill 30, are lumbermen in Pine Creek, Shoshone County. In 1930, Walter 31, married 6 years to Mabel --- (29, b ID), lived on W 6th, Spokane, as a telephone company traffic superintendent.    Walter, b 1 Feb 1899, died Feb 1979 in Spokane; Mabel N, b 21 Jul 1900, died 15 Nov 1992.

53 Edward ADAMS, 14 CA, parents b Wisconsin, Utah

Catholic priest assigned to Cd'A

Father Thomas J PURCELL, 44 Wales, Catholic Priest, immigrated 1871, naturalized, is living at 624 Youngs(?) St, with his mother (Joanna, 88 Ireland, widow, 7 births, 2 living), a housekeeper and a boarder. --1910 Cd'A ED166 page 20A

(end of Academy listings)

1910 census sheet 26B (for lines 51-53)

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