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1954 Carolyn Ann FRUECHTL

Born 1 Jul 1936 at Billings MT to Frank X Jr and Dolores T (ALLEN) FRUECHTL. She became a registered nurse and worked at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. She married 23 Apr 1959 to Robert M CUZZETTO, in Spokane. Twelve years later, she married Philip WESTFALL on 14 Aug 1971 at Spokane. Phil was born 13 Aug 1934, died 5 Nov 2006. Carolyn died, age 67, on 30 Jun 2003 of lung cancer. See her obituary. Also, see a great tribute article and multimedia about her life, in the Spokesman-Review.

(1966, non-grad) Michael A FRUECHTL

Born c1948, married 20 Jan 1971 to Shelly M HAWTHORNE, in Spokane. He works at North Idaho College.

(1958? non grad) Frank Xavier FRUECHTL (III)

Born 11 Oct 1940, died 9 Aug 2007, buried in St Thomas cemetery. Obituary.

(1960? non-grad) John P FRUECHTL,

Born 7 Jun 1942, died 27 Dec 1994, buried in St Thomas cemetery.


21 Sep 1901, Franz FRUCHTL, 28, of Munich, sailed from Hamburg on the ship Patricia, to visit his aunt Terese (SCHNEIEDOR?) in NYC, arriving 5 Oct 1901 at Ellis Island.

5 Jan 1902, Therese FRUCHTL, age 25, and children Franz 4, Therese 3, and Josef 10mo, all of Munich, left Hamburg for NYC, on tickets paid by her husband, Franz. Ship Pennsylvania. Arrived NYC on 21 Jan 1902.

In 1907, Frank Sr, Therese and Frank Jr became naturalized citizens. --later censuses

In 1910, the family rented on Lakeshore Ave, Cd'A, and comprised: Frank Sr, 36 GER, bricklayer; Therese, 33 GER, 4 births; son Frank Jr 12 GER; and 3 girls: Marie, 7 ID; Margaret, 5 ID; Tracy, 2 ID. --2 May 1910 Cd'A ward 2, ED166 p25A [72]; census image (fee req'd).

In 1918, Frank and his father enrolled in the draft for WW1. Frank Jr; Frank Sr.

In 1920, Frank Jr, 22, b c1897 GER, brick mason, lived with his parents and siblings on their mortgaged farm on French Gulch Rd, near the RONDEAU family. At home were Frank Sr, 45 GER, farmer; Therese 43 GER; Frank Jr, 22 GER, brick mason; son Marvin, 16 ID; Margaret 15 ID; Therese 12 ID; son Thadeus, 7 ID. --10 Jan 1920, Kootenai precinct, ED203 p2B, census image (fee req'd).

On Monday, 10 Sep 1928, Margaret Frances FRUECHTL, daughter of Frank and Thresa (BALLER) FRUECHTL, married Frank BOWMAN of Salt Lake City, during High Mass at St Thomas.

In 1930, Frank Jr, age 32, bricklayer, was lodging at 600 State St, Boise. His parents and siblings lived on Fernan Lake Rd. The family comprised: Frank X Sr, 56, brick mason; Therese, 53; Therese E, 22 ID, hair dresser; Thaddeus H, 17 ID; Margaret F, 25 ID, married 2 years to Frank C BOWMAN, 25 OR, city truck driver; and their son, Frank C Jr, 2 mo ID. --17 Apr 1930, Lakeshore pct Cd'A, ED35 p2A [145], census image (fee req'd). Margaret (FRUECHTL) BOWMAN died 11 Sep 1952 at Cd'A.

On 2 Sep 1933 at St Thomas parish, Theresa FRUECHTL, daughter of Frank and Theresa, married Buford C HOPKINS. witness: Thaddeus FRUECHTL. Buford (electrician) and Theresa (manager, cosmetology school) lived at 2001 Lakeside (1936-1940+). In 1947, Theresa managed the Tower Inn, and was listed as widow of Buford.

A cousin, Ronald Anthony FRUECHTL, born 18 Oct 1942 Cd'A, married in Colfax WA on 15 May 1971 to Jo Ann O'BRIEN, b c1946 Butte MT. Ron served in the US Army, and died 8 Mar 2000, buried in St Thomas cemetery.

Three generations of FRUECHTL are buried in St Thomas cemetery, Cd'A, including Frank X Sr, born 19 Sep 1873 in Germany, died 1 Jun 1951 Cd'A; Theresa Elizabeth, born 20 Aug 1876 in Germany, died 14 Mar 1945 Cd'A; Frank X Jr [1897-1969] and Dolores T [1914-1963]; and Thaddeus [1912-1963], John P [1942-1994], Ronald A [1942-2000], Margaret (FRUECHTL) BOWMAN [1904-1952] and Frank X (III) [1940-2007].


Carolyn Ann (FRUECHTL '54) WESTFALL, 1936 ~ 2003

Carolyn Ann WESTFALL, 66, died in Spokane Valley on Mon 30 Jun 2003 of lung cancer. She was born 1 Jul 1936 in Billings MT to Frank and Dolores T FRUECHTL.
After graduating IHM, she graduated Sacred Heart School of Nursing in 1957 as an RN, and later graduated Gonzaga U in nursing. She worked as a nurse for more than 40 years, at SHMC, Mount Carmel (Colville) and in ICU at Valley Hospital and Medical Center. Survivors include her husband of 32 years, Philip WESTFALL; four daughters, Elizabeth BRATCHER, Julia HANSEN, Brandi WESTFALL and Michelle FROEWISS; two brothers, Frank and Michael FRUECHTL; and seven grandchildren. Memorials to the American Cancer Society or to a memorial trust at WAMU
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Francis Xavier FRUECHTL, 1940 ~ 2007

Francis Xavier FRUECHTL, 66, Spokane, died 9 Aug 2007 at the VA Hospital, Spokane. He was born 11 Oct 1940 to Frank X and Delores (ALLEN) FRUECHTL. He attended IHM Academy. He was a brick-mason [as were his father and grandfather], a history buff and an excellent cook. Frank is survived by his brother, Michael FRUECHTL, Cd'A, and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; younger brother, John; and older sister, Carolyn (FRUECHTL '54) WESTFALL. Mass at St Thomas, inurnment at St Thomas cemetery.
Cd'A Press obituary

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