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1926 Marion Esther GAUGER

Born 21 Apr 1909 in Idaho to Edward Lincoln and Fannie Esther (LAWSON) GAUGER.


Marion is apparently the only child born to this couple. Both her parents died when she was young, and she was raised by relatives.

Edward Lincoln GAUGER was born 19 Jul 1865 in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, to John William GAUGER (b 1827). The family line is traced back to Edward's great-grandfather, Jacob GAUGER Sr, who is probably a son of William GOUGHER of Northampton County PA.

Edward L GAUGER married Fanny E LAWSON on 2 Jun 1908 at Cd'A. In 1910, Edward, age 44, was listed as a miner, married 1 year, living in Mace, Shoshone county, Idaho. In 1920, Edward, age 54, was a mold man in the lead smelter, in Kellogg ID. He was a widower and lived in a hotel. Edward Lincoln GAUGER died 7 Apr 1925 at Kellogg, when Marion was 16.

Fanny Esther LAWSON was born 2 Jun 1886 in Minnesota, to Herman and Minnesota (MORSE) LAWSON. Fannie died 14 Oct 1912 at Cd'A, (when Marion was age 4), and is buried in Forest Cemetery, Cd'A.

Herman LAWSON, b 11 May 1839 in Norway, died 22 Mar 1920 at Cd'A, when Marion was 12. He married about 1869 to Minnesota MORSE, in Wabasha County, Minnesota.

Minnesota MORSE, born 7 Jan 1850 in Illinois (probably to Ezekiel and Esther () MORSE), died 24 Apr 1918 at Cd'A, when Marion was only 10.

In 1840, Ezekiel MORIE (MORSE) appeared in the census in Mercer county, Illinois. He was age 20-30, as was his wife; they had a boy and girl under age 5.

In 1850, the MORSE family lived in Wabasha, Minnesota Territory, and comprised: Edward, 52 MA, "taylor"; Esther P, 42 NY; Emily O, 8 IL; and Minnisota, 7mo MN. --17 Jul 1850, District 1, Wabasha, p63.

In 1860, Minnesota, 9, lived with her mother, Esther, 53, and sister, Olive, 18, in Reed's Landing, Wabasha county, Minnesota. Her future husband, Herman LAWSON, 18, lived in the same area. --21 Jun 1860, Twp 111, Range 11, Wabasha Co MN, p50 & 59;

In 1870, Herman and Minnesota, married about 1 year, lived in Reed's Landing with her mother, Esther MORSE, 63. Herman was a river raftsman. Esther's real estate was valued at $3500 (about $54k today).

In 1880, Herman, Minnesota and their son Wilson, 9, lived at Reed's Landing, Wabasha county, Minnesota. -- See census transcript.

In 1900, Herman, Minnesota, Marion W ("daughter, 29, b Jan 1871", must be son "Wilson"), and Fanny E LAWSON, dau, b Jun 1886, lived on Main St in Wabasha city ward 1, Minnesota. --see 1900 census image.

In 1910, Marion E, age 1, lived with her mother and grandparents at 211 Garden, Cd'A. The household comprised: Herman LAWSON, 70 NOR, immig 1858, married 41 years, owns home, no mortgage; Minnesota LAWSON, wife, 60 IL (parents b MA, NY), 4 births, 2 living; Wilson M [Marion?], son, age 29/39 MN (NOR, IL), Marine Engineer, single; Fannie E GAUGER, dau, 28 MN (NOR, IL), married 2 years, 1 birth/living. --23 Apr 1910, Cd'A, ED173, p8B.

In 1920, Marion E, 11, lived with her maternal grandpa and uncle at 211 Garden, Cd'A. The family comprised: Marion LAWSON, 40 MN (parents b Norway), sawmill engineer; his wife, Lavina M (SADLER), 22 MI; and Herman LAWSON, widow, 81 NOR. --7 Jan 1920 Cd'A, ED205, p7A, Ella P HEALY, enumerator. Herman, b 11 May 1839 in Norway, died 22 Mar 1920 at Cd'A.

Wilson M ("Marion W") LAWSON and Lavina married on 27 May 1918 at Cd'A. Marian W LAWSON, b 16 Jan 1871, died 16 Jun 1943 at Cd'A, and is buried in St Thomas cemetery. Their son, Paul W LAWSON, born 17 Aug 1920, died 16 Oct 1999.

Marion E graduated in 1926. No further information found.


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